iMessage with iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra

Before upgrading to iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, iMessages sent from my iPhone seems also in the application iMessages on my MacBook Pro and my iPad 2 Air - and the same for all three devices.

It worked very well in my opinion.  When I'm at my laptop, it is very convenient type of responses on the keyboard.

However, after the upgrades, this connection has stopped.  Each unit is not to see the iMessages of others, although all three devices are signed on the same iCloud account.

What is a reduction in function?  Or am I missing something?  I tried settings and preferences.

macOS 10.12 (mid-2014 rMBP)

10.0.2 iOS (iPhone 6s, iPad Air2)

Thank you




Sign of iMessages (the Apple ID used) on all devices

Drag the item in Messages app from green to white (close the application) on the iPhone.

Quit the application on other devices.

On the iPhone, open the application again.

Wait for the number to check.

While what happens opened the app on the Mac and the sign of return on account of iMessage.

Once the iPhone number checked send an iMessages specifically to your Apple ID (enter it manually).

If it works, add the Apple ID in Send and Receive on the iPhone version.

Accept the UPS op on the Mac.

(repeat for other signature devices in)

Set the item "send as SMS.

Check the iPhone joins the same LAN in the Mac WiFi settings is on

Reset the transmission of text on the iPhone which will cause the Code number must appear on the Mac to put on the iPhone.

Repeat for other devices.

Basically, try a reset.

21:28 Sunday. September 25, 2016

 iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (El Capitan)
 G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
 MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
 Mac OS X (10.6.8).
 iPhone and iPad (2)

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    Thank you


  • Two questions with Siri on macOS Sierra (voice quality and call sheet)

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    (1) the voice is of poor quality. I know that when you upgrade first, you get low quality voice until he had the opportunity to download the high quality voices, but I waited a week and even re-installed Mac OS several times, and I always get low quality voice. Even if I change voice in system preferences. I have macOS Sierra installed on my Macbook w/retina, and the voice quality is infinitely superior. Apple sugarcoat it on older Mac? I don't know that my 4-core i7 is well able to use the voice of the highest quality.

    (2) when I ask him to show my business address, or ask who my brother or finance is, she is confused, as if he can't read my card contact properly. The exact same contact card works fine on iOS 10. I tried turning off the Contacts in iCloud parameters and reactivated so he would be re - download, but it continues to provide partial information of the card. For example, for addresses, they go up like OTHER and display only the city and State, even though I have a full home address listed. I disconnected and connected as my fiancee, and his works fine.

    Thank you


    Post edited by: griffd2004

    Just a quick update - after deleting my contacts, reassignment to a new contact using "Make my contact" (which seems buggy btw - seems not stick) reinstall macOS Sierra twice, disabling iCloud, tilting and contacted him and Siri, etc. etc., it turns out that he was using a contact to my account (?) card, even if I didn't 'Calendar' selected in my Google account. I removed Google in my list of Internet accounts in Preferences system (along with a few others), and now it's using the new map that I created in iCloud. It's weird that it would give priority to my Google account on my iCloud account so much, especially since I have not yet activated contacts?

    Still need to understand why the high quality voices will not download.

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    I use Photos for Mac I sync via iTunes and almost all iCloud service.

    Will my library completely between Mac and iPad sync or change anything? Faces, Albums and so on?

    How will be iCloud Services as Notes and Pages run between them?

    Thank you and best regards


    iMac late 2012 (always El Capitan)

    iPhone 5 (still 9.3.5)

    3 iPad WiFi (9.3.5)

    There should no change because macOS Sierra for iCloud procedures occurred in your situation.

    If you use iTunes to synchronize with iOS10, you now have iTunes 12.5.1.

  • I have an iMac 27' 2012 with macOS Sierra and Apple Watch with watch OS 3, I can use the function "Log?" in Apple Watch

    I have an iMac 27' 2012 with macOS Sierra and Apple Watch with watch OS 3, I can use the function "Log?" in Apple Watch

    Hi John 2078 Tito.

    I understand that you have updated your iMac and Apple Watch and now you're curious about unlock your iMac using your Apple Watch. I know that it is a nice feature to be able to quickly and safely unlock your computer, so I'm happy to help you.

    This feature is available on 2013 iMacs and later versions, which means that your iMac won't be compatible. You can see more info on this feature here:
    Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch - Apple Watch user's Guide

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. See you soon!

  • How to scan a document multi-page with preview in macOS Sierra with Scanner and printer Dell network?

    Hello, I know that macOS Sierra had a big problem with PDF / scanning due to an update to the pdf engine. Here we have Dell printers / scanners Dell C3765dnf Color MFP. We usually scan with Preview app (import of the device). But with macOS Sierra, the scanner scans all pages but the first page is available after the scanning process. Maybe can someone help?

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    Invocation of manual synchronization (quit, start it again) still works correctly. However the changes on a device (for example to add a new contact) are not pushed to all devices. Usually, the change is pushed and data are synchronized immediately only to the last device configured with the account. Other devices configured with the same account are not automatically updated.

    There are certificates valid push (push works on all devices, it's just seem to depend on which is configured earlier and who later).

    The same applies to the calendar events using the Protocol CalDAV, push calendar notifications and server for macOS.

    In the newspaper of apsd, on Mac OS processes, can even be considered that push message arrived at the apsd process, he was in the process of Contacts. The difference is, however, that AddressBookSourceSync process is not upload all the changes from the calendar server and macOS Contacts. Sometimes, the push message does not seem to happen Server NPP (based on the apsctl for the apsd log tool).

    The problem has been caused with a single device by push-topic Subscribe APNS.

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