iMovie 10.1.1 in quicktime?

iMovie 10.1.1 in quicktime?

Does anyone know if this is possible and if so how? Consider that the export file is not the same?

I have to export to iTunes, then doing her, if I want to give someone a movie Quicktime on DVD or USB?


Just to expand on that.

File-sharing creates a mp4 file and another file below. QuickTime player will not play one of these.

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  • Must delete audio video iMovie without Quicktime export

    Hello everyone, I am struggling to find a method to extract only the audio of an iMovie project without using the QuickTime export option because it does not exist for me.

    I've already split the audio from the video, but I can't seem to be able to share the AUDIO ONLY.

    My version of iMovie is 10.0.9 and my MacBook Pro OS X Yosemite (10.10.4).

    Help, please!

    Much appreciated!

    I fixed it. I found a way.

  • How can iMovie 10.1.1 I burn a movie to a disc

    How can I burn a movie to a disc. I have iMovie 10.1.1. Would appreciate some advice thanks.

    Hi Kenneth,

    I understand you want to burn a movie you made in iMovie on a disk. It's something I can help you with.

    The options for sharing of iMovie will be Email, iTunes, QuickTime, image and sharing in line with the first three options allowing you to share at the theatre of iMovie.

    To get it on a disc, you will need to export to a QuickTime file and use the Finder or a third party app to burn it to a disk.

    To save the video in QuickTime, follow the steps below.

    Create a QuickTime file

    1. Select a movie, trailer or clip in the browser.

    2. Click share in the toolbar and then click file.

    3. In the dialog box that appears, do one of the following:

      • Set the title of the movie shared: Click on the name above, and then type a new name.

      • Set the description of the shared film: Click in the Description field and type the new text.

      • Define the output format of the movie shared: Click the Format pop-up menu, and then choose an option.

        You can choose to export just audio and video or audio.

      • Define tags for the movie shared: Click the Tags field, and then type the names of tags separated by commas.

      • The resolution of the movie shared: Click the resolution drop down menu and choose an option.

        Not available resolutions are grayed out.

        Note: You can export a clip of 4 K or a movie in its native resolution.

      • Define the quality of the output of the shared film: Click the quality drop and select an option.

        To manually set the output of the shared film quality, click the pop-up menu quality, choose custom and made the slider to set the bit rate target.

        When you drag the slider, the estimated file size that appears below the thumbnail preview is updated.

      • Choose a compression setting: Click on the drop of the compress, and then choose an option.

      • Add your film for the cinema: Select the Add CheckBox Theater.

    4. Click Next.

    5. In the dialog box that appears, type a name in the field save slot, or keep the default name, which is the name of the movie, trailer or clip.

    6. Navigate to the location where you want to save the file, and then click Save.

      A progress indicator will appear on the right side of the toolbar. Click on the progress indicator to see the details. The indicator will disappear when the operation is complete.

      Once the action is complete, the movie opens in QuickTime Player. A "successful Action" notificationalso appears.

    Export a QuickTime file

    To burn with the Finder, what you need to do is insert a flammable blank disc. If you need to make multiple copies, I would recommend doing a folder to burn. Take a look at the following article for specific details on how to burn using the Finder.

    OS X El Capitan: create and use a folder to burn

    You don't have other options when it comes to burning a movie on a disc. The next three links are a few third-party applications that I found in the Mac App Store by using the keyword "burn dvd" you might like more customization, if that's what you need.

    Toast DVD

    Smart DVD Creator - burn videos to DVD

    DVD Maker Pro - Photo video Burn Lite

    Let me know if you need more information on specific measures of QuickTime export and burn a disc using the Finder.

    Nice day.

  • Best video format - MP4, DV, MOV...?


    I'd love your advice on the best video format for use in iMovie 10.1.1.

    In 2009, before that I migrated to Apple, I scanned some 50 family Hi8 videos. Later, when I migrated to Apple, I had to convert it into a format compatible with iMovie. Then, I don't have time to go further. Now that I'm retired I would edit the videos but I find myself with sometimes up to 4 versions of the same file, with very different sizes, and I don't know who should I choose and I should delete. For example, these are four versions, I have a video:

    Format size

    TS 1.55 GB (in the Finder, it says that it's MPEG-2)

    DV 9,55 go

    MP4 772 MB (in the Finder, it says that it's MPEG-4)

    MOV 5.53 go (in the Finder is said that it is the QuickTime video)

    Sometimes it's the MPG format.

    So my question is, what format should I keep? If I have to choose between quality and file size, I would choose quality.

    I see that iMovie recognize the DV MP4 but not TS and MPG formats. Which simplifies my choice, I think.

    To my surprise I see also that iMovie doesn't recognize the QuickTime files, even if it's an Apple software!

    I sought an answer to my question elsewhere on the Internet, but I found conflicting reports. Where did my posting on this forum.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer!

    MP4 is a delivery format, meant to be watching.   DV is a less compressed format designed for publishing.  If Mp4 files will occupy less space than DV files.  However, you can change them both.  iMovie will accept both.  I would like to keep both.

    My thought is that I edit in DV and export to Mp4 to watch.  If you burn it to a DVD, you will get the MP2, which is very highly compressed, designed for viewing, but terrible for editing.

    Don't forget to back up your movies before doing anything.

    I'm not sure that this link will work, but if this is the case it may be useful.

    Whats better dv or mpeg

  • Export .fla .mp4 or .mov without lowering the resolution

    Then... I made a flash animation, and I would put it in imovie.

    It seems to me that I can't put swf files in imovie, so I "Export using quicktime Film" do a .mov or a .mp4. But after export, the videos seem to always horrible.

    Is there a way to get around this?

    Thank you.

    I don't know, but a .swf will open in After Effects. If you create a new publication with the .swf, you can export to any type of file you want.

  • 11 PE supports AVCHD on Mac files?


    I am looking to buy Macbook pro friend (2009)

    He is letting me borrow to see if this will work for my video editing.

    Hey well yesterday when I was messing around with it, I discovered that my new Sony handycam records AVCHD files. Mac does not support the AVCHD video playback brute.

    I would like to change the EP 11 but I don't know if the EP 11 Supports AVCHD files.

    11 PE does support AVCHD files? And if she supports AVCHD files, it will support them even if the mac does not support playback?

    Is it still useful editing on mac is having to go through the conversion of files? Should I just stick with 11 PE on a PC?

    And also some of the secondary issues,

    How can I play mac files?

    What is the main difference between first elements and Premiere Pro? Thanks in advance!

    On my iMac (2010), I use 11 items to edit AVCHD video. It's a Sony Handycam to the 1080i format.

    Format of the reading mts components.

    Of course, it works the same way on my second install on a Windows 7 laptop.

    When I want to read only my clips on my Mac, I use VLC without problem. If you want to change on other Mac software,

    for example, iMovie, you must convert the mts file. I converted a video to mp4, for tests with iMovie or reading

    with Quicktime. I used the brake hand or avidemux on Mac environment to perform this conversion (don't remember which).

    On the differences between the elements and Premiere Pro, Pro is a standard of video editing for years, it has many functions.

    For example, you can do blocking edit easily.

    Elements is, in my opinion, a good tool and version 11 has a less "professional" only pro user interface.

    The important difference is of course the price between a professional tool and a simple one user.


  • iMovie 10 mp4 export will not play in QuickTime format

    Hey team. I'm running El Capitan 10.11.4, and I just finished an 11-minute film project in iMovie 10.1.2. To export the project, I went on the button share, select 'File', recorded in movies, and after finished, I found my film in the appropriate location in the .mp4 format.

    I tried to open the movie in QuickTime and it won't. QuickTime gives me a message 'conversion' and a bar for a moment and then the error message "could not open moviename.mp4 to see if there is additional software that will allow QuickTime Player open the movie in QuickTime player, click on tell me more." When I click on Tell Me More, said Apple's site I'm likely outdated and needing a third party converter.

    What Miss me? What do I need? (So ready to do!) Thanks for any help!

    Hi, Betht.friends,

    Option #1: In the dialog box share, under quality, try to select the best (res pro).  This will give you a movie with a .mov extension.   It will take more time to share and the file size will be much larger, but quality should be better.   See if Quicktime which will play.

    Alternative #2: Use Streamclip free downloads or handbrake to convert your video into Mpeg-4/AAC with H.264 codec.

    #3 solution: Download the latest version of Quicktime.   Keep your old as well.

    I hope this helps.


  • I made a video marriage on iMovie, put it on a usb key and it will not play on QuickTime. Why?

    I made a video of a girls friends wedding on iMovie. I saved on a usb key, but it won't play QuickTime.

    Why when it opens in QuickTime?

    He will play if you save it on the desktop with the same parameters of sharing?

  • iMovie + Quicktime help me!

    I NEED HELP! I recorded a video of my screen using Quicktime player, that I moved it to iMovie for editing, I did all the editing and rendering, I wanted then tried to export. It worked as I didn't have enough space. So I decided to give up and move it to the trash, now the 3 vids I want to delete are in the trash BUT IT WONT DELETE! Says that it is to use, but when I looked through my viewfinder I could find it at ALL, I searched and everything! Help me please!

    Thank you.

    Restart your Mac and empty the trash before you open iMovie.

  • iMovie cut up and down video Quicktime

    I use Quicktime for recording of the screen an opening statement.  I add music to it later.

    When I finish recording I imported into iMovie.  In iMovie, I see that the top and bottom of the video is cut.  Is it possible to adjust the format of a quicktime video in iMovie?

    Thank you!

    Looks like you have a problem of proportions. iMovie displays only in 16 x 9. Don't know what aspect of film Keynote is. What I would try is your clip in the timeline and in the tool bar, click the crop and select adjust. To display the whole clip if you have black bars.

  • Why quality does not suffer when I export from Keynote in Quicktime to iMovie?

    It looks a lot like the Keynote, but at the time wherever he gets into iMovie - the keynote presentation quality suffers.  I'm looking to import and edit in iMovie without loss of quality.  Any suggestions?

    Hi, jimandveronica,

    Preview is a display of low resolution for editing purposes.   To judge the quality, you need to visualize the final product, that is to say, after having

    share your movie.   Try sharing it as best (res pro), which will give you the best quality.

    See you soon,.


  • I have the video on a SD card and a Mac after placing the card in the Mac SD how do you get the video on the Mac it's done in iMovie or QuickTime?

    How do I get the video from an SD card and Mac

    What you want to do with the video? Just play, or modify it?  If play, drag it into iTunes. It will, of course, need to be in a format that iTunes supports.  Who will copy it to the computer and place it in the home movies iTunes folder.  If you want to change it drag the map file to a desired location on the computer.

  • Camileo S20 - won't play on MAC OS (QuickTime, iMovie, FinalCut)


    I bought a Camileo S20, a couple of days a go and I was very sad to realize that the format AVI Camileo S20 records is not • support on MAC OS. I have to convert the AVI file by using a third party program to be supported for MAC OS applications. In this process, I lose video quality: (.)

    Anyone know of any solution to this problem?

    Best regards


    The S20 records movies in H.264 format avi video.
    You need some codec that would support the format * H.264*.
    I m using the DivX 7 codec package.

    Try this out, but I don't know if this would be not compatible with OS x I use Win 7 and it works very well!

  • update problems since macOS Sierra to iMovie

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me out here because I'm starting to get really frustrated.

    I have a MacBook Pro and yesterday I upgraded to macOS Sierra and I regret it now because when I wanted to work with iMovie today he is more worked how it used to. I make youTube videos for a living and I'm already a day behind my schedule download because of this problem. Basically what is happening, it's only when I imported my video files to my SD card into iMovie files seemed normal, however when I put them in a project and began to play them I noticed that the color was distant, it almost looks like there is a misty overlay. At first I thought that maybe my DSLR camera has broken out and checked the files on the SD card (played files to QuickTime) but they seem quite normal and how they should look, iMovie for a reason any turns them... I have no idea how to solve this problem, because I'm not even sure what really is the problem. Can someone help me please?

    Hi, Anny,

    I don't know what is happening with the change of color in your timeline.   Whenever there is an upgrade of the operating system there always is the possibility of conflicts with specific applications until the bugs have been worked.  So, it is possible that your question is related to your recent update to OS Sierra - hard to say.  I'm not aware of anyone who still displays with your problem.

    Given that the problem appears only in your timeline, maybe media are complex and your computer is hard to deal with in the time line or keep in touch with your editing.

    You can see if the problem is linked project by creating a new project with the same or different media.   Is it possible to have a color filter activated inadvertently?  You can also try to reopen iMovie while maintaining the option and command keys and selecting Remove preferences.  Sometimes, it allows to launch iMovie in a different account, as your guest account, in which case there is a conflict with your current user account.  If none of the works above, you can try to create a new library on your boot drive or disk formatted Apple iMovie and see if your projects are working properly.   Another possibility is to restore your old operating system from Time Machine.

    In any case, I think that once the film is shared out he will play with his normal colors.  Try sharing file on your desktop to confirm that.   If he plays well, at least you'll be able to keep your schedule download then you want to solve your problem.



  • iMovie creates too many Clips when you import


    I'm importing old home movies and that you have run into an interesting question. When you connect an older Sony MiniDV camera via Firewire to my MacBook Pro, is to create an insane amount of individual clips - of different lengths (between one second and five seconds) - of the video that has no breaks in it. So a solid 10 minute clip (non-stop), I'll have nearly 100 small clips in iMovie.

    I actually changed computers - and cable - thinking that it could be a computer problem, but it always does. I am trying to determine where the problem is. I'm hoping to avoid importing video analog if possible.

    Does anyone have this problem before?

    Thank you!


    This problem came several times in discussions. No solution if I ever posted. Usually this is related to the time for questions on the code clip. Some people have reported success by importing to the Quicktime format and then transfer them to iMovie. You could try to import into Quicktime.

Maybe you are looking for

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