iMovie export my video in a file?

I exported a video on iMovie last night and it worked fine.

I have just cropped down a minute 17 video, 7 minutes now. I click on click action, file, resolution 1080 p and high quality.
I then click Next and save on documents. I have no record checked theatre. Usually it takes a few minutes to record a video to my files, but now, it doesn't seem to work at all.

At the top right of the screen where it shows the circle and the progress that saves your video, the circle is left empty.

When I click it, it says...

Theater - name of my video

Name of my video - Theater (best quality)

The time beside the circle indicates the time for export can be anywhere more than two hours, but will be replacing meaning it can go up to an hour, then back up to 2 hours.

I think that iMovie is trying to save my video to the theater when I have not check marked and am simply eager to save a file?

I notice there is no loading bar that is usually available. Is there something I can do?

First thing to try when iMovie is not behaving properly is to remove preferences. Open iMovie, hold down the command and option keys and select this option to delete the preferences. Is this cut of the film that is the same as that previously shared ok?

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    I've heard of .aif files, but never used for something in my life - on a PC, the .wav is the audio format by default. Something that can help your current workflow is that, rather than burn to disc, in the Build section, you can export a PICTURE DISC or .iso file and could be easier to carry on toward the Mac for burning.

    Thank you

    Jeff Pulera

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  • 10.1.2 iMovie creates ground video

    I am trying to remove some junk of a film for my family. I understand the ethics of it, but it is only for personal use. I ripped the DVD with HandBrake 0.10.5, that creates a MP4 (I also tried the AppleTV setting that created an M4V file). Two of these formats have sound terrible in iMovie. So I open the file in quicktime 10.4 and export as 720 p... MOV file. After you import the file MOV iMovie 10.1.2 and after the processing of the file, the sound is best, but reading in iMovie and export of the file on the disc is VERY choppy.

    He did the same on my old iMac (late 2009 27 "), and he always does on my brand new iMac (late 2015, 27 inches, 4 GHz Intel core i7, 16 GB 1867 Mhz DDR3, with graphics AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048 MB). Then, makes me think that has something to do with the file itself. Maybe the cadence? Can someone edumacate me on what could happen here and how do I fix the problem? Is there a better way to get the video on a DVD and in iMovie?

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    This fixes the problem:

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    Hi Marc,

    Relaxing, personalized - export you can export video in 4K jpg or even your video resolution video source.

    Since the export settings window, change the value of the 'width' to 3840 and export. The exported jpg would be 4 k.

    Let know if it helps.

  • try to export a video clip, but it's not compatible with flash player 17. Help?

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    You cannot export the integrated H.264 video. If you try to put animations on top of some videos, do export you already, but it does not send through Adobe Media Encoder. There is also a checkbox to ignore the color of the scene and to generate an alpha channel. Do it too. You should end up with a MOV file that can sit on top of the original video, click, in After Effects or Premiere.

  • How to export my video uncompressed?

    How to export my video uncompressed?

    I guess that now you are not close enough to each other, location wise to edit one and same system. That is to say the machine.

    This little worry that it suggests a "decompressed Go Pro" file.

    For ganeri CC and FX... he actually needs the individual files for the best results and efficiency.

    You will have to work on a work/pipeline for this stream.  Maybe a hardrive and courier.

    You use the same version of first?

  • How to export a video on Premiere Pro exactly as it is in my sequence?

    I've only used Premiere Pro CS6 for a week so I'm pretty new to him. I just finished my first edition video, but when I tried to export, the video did not show videos, I used in my sequence or has extra clips that I've not used.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 11.37.34 PM.pngThis screeshot says that this video is long 2 minutes 15 seconds. Ok. That's how long I needed her to be.

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    BUT HERE. The file says its only 1 minute and 4 seconds of time and once I scrolled through it, I saw that it was not all the clips that I used and himself inserted instead I haven't used clips. This is a fan video so I used a large file as the source and the input-output to capture clips and edit and added music and transitions. That's all.

    You need the work area bar to cover what you want to export.

    You can see in your screenshot of the sequence... that the yellow tabs are missing the ends.

    Drag them to cover is a way.

    Points is another.

    The entire sequence is another

    The options in the export window.

  • Exported in MPEG2-DVD - now files have changed?

    Hi all

    I exported my video of 90 minutes for DVD last night - these were divided as I'm used to a M2V file and a WAV file - I checked and had a look last night. I then turned off my computer at night and woke to a file which is a XMP file? I'm so confused!

    So I'm now using CC have the latest Adobe Premiere and have not changed anything else that I am aware of.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you


    Hi Diana,

    Please see the link below for information about the XMP files generated by Premiere Pro. It will be useful.

    #WSB9E77393-8760 - 4a 93 - 91CF - ml 7B0C83EFFC18

    Kind regards


  • MXF video to .avi file problem

    Using Premiere Pro CS6 with Matrox MXO2 mini box and shooting with the Panasonic P2 card manufacturing. MXF file, I'll have a problelm when I put them in a file, .mxf to climb and then export as a .avi file.

    The computer on which the work is performed on plays back audio and video of the .avi into the Player Windows Media.

    However, when I play the same .avi file on another computer Windows using Windows Media Player, it plays the audio fine but no video, we see that a memo cleaf.

    When I export to .avi .mxf files first watch the avi for MATROX MPEG - 2 I - Frame HD codec.

    I can only assume this isn't the codec Windows looking for so now I you ask, what codec should I use to allow the export of avi to be played by Windows Media Player?

    When I export to a .wmv .mxf files all is well in all areas.

    Please help, much work is need to be completed.

    Thank you!

    I still think you're goals need adjustment. Instead of AVI and WMV, just give them a MP4 file.  That's what you get using the H.264 presets.

  • Flash CC, export the video w/AS & son

    Hi, I have 2 images in the scene.

    Frame 1 has a movieclip with an animation inside a loop is executed.

    Also, I have this code:




    Sound: sound var = new Music();

    var soundChannel:SoundChannel = (0,1);

    soundChannel.addEventListener (Event.SOUND_COMPLETE, complete);


    function complete(event:Event):void




    Section 2: just copy the following code:


    If I export it as a SWF file, it will play my song, show my animation looping film and at the end of the song will reach and freeze frame 2.

    If I try to export a video to upload to youtube, the video is just 2 seconds of time, no noise at all.
    If I have export it by setting a delay instead of "when the last image is reached"... it captures the animation but no sound at all.

    Use Flash CS6? or I do something wrong?


    The following link can be a great help for you

    Thank you!


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