iMovie has stopped working since iOS 10

iMovie has stopped working since iOS 10

Now, all I see is a black screen and then it throws me out of the app however does not close the app and the problem does not improve. I lost my summer and extra time making a super great way to 5 hours difficulty megaforce and now I can't watch it


Hello iMovie does not work,

After reviewing your post, it looks like the iMovie app is black and take you to the home on its own screen.
I recommend you read these articles, there are a few things that we can try to get the application running again.

Force an application to close on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support
Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

If an application you have installed unexpectedly closes, unresponsive, or will not open - Apple Support

Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. Good day.

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    My Hotmail watcher has stopped working since last week. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times different, but it did not help

    Sorry, I should have told you how to install it.

    • Click on the orange button Firefox > Modules > Extensions > click the settings next to the bar (screwdriver and key intercroisées) search, click install the module file them find the file that you downloaded and it open it. It should bring up a box that says install now. Do so if she asks you to restart Firefox, do.
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    Message that appears is: -.

    Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)


    Install the latest driver from nVIDIA:

    "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP -

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    URL of affected sites

    My old messages are deleted after 7 days, but I'm not all old messages to be deleted. This problem just started in March. How can we stop the automatic deletion of old messages on hotmail?

  • Remote Desktop Connection has stopped working since 7 for 2008


    Dears I have strange problem and I have read everything discussed here, but it's not helping

    I have asus laptop with Windows 7 Home x 64 N53SM

    everything beautiful, and up-to-date

    Remote Desktop works well also

    one problem I can't use desktop remotely from my laptop to any server that is running windows server 2008 exactly... .other version 2003 work ok

    When I try to access to any server ruin win 2008 Server and put the server ip and password user name years and hit enter I see the error message

    Remote Desktop Connection has stopped working and computer laptop freez second then back with this message

    (Remote Desktop Connection has stopped working)
    A problem caused program stop working correctly
    Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available

    This is the complete log of the event viewer

    Results for: Microsoft product: Windows operating system; Version: 6.1.7600.16385; Event ID: 1000. Event source: Application error;


    Name of the failing application: mstsc.exe, version: 6.1.7601.17514, time stamp: 0x4ce7ab44
    The failed module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7601.17725, time stamp: 0x4ec4aa8e
    Exception code: 0xc0000374
    Offset: 0x00000000000c40f2
    ID of the process failed: 0 x 1418
    Start time of application vulnerabilities: 0x01cd48bcf13be48a
    The failing application path: C:\Windows\system32\mstsc.exe
    The failed module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
    Report ID: 39102a22-b4b0-11e1-a89a-005056c00008


    Please help me to solve this problem without need format :)


    As you try to desktop connection remotely from Windows 7 to Windows Server 2008, it would be preferable to send the same in the Technet community for more help.

    Hope the information is useful.

  • WebGL has stopped working since the last update of NVIDIA drivers. Decommissioning of the pilots did not help. WebGL is enabled, but it does not compile shaders and fail.

    I use Firefox on Ubuntu 12.04 49.0.2. Until a few days ago, WebGL worked. A few days earlier, it has stopped working (one day after I installed the latest version of the Nvidia drivers). I tried the option "enable force", without success. WebGL context is created, but debugging, it looks that the shader is not compiled (so made is not possible). I already tried to change the options on the angle, without success. I tried to downgrade the graphics drivers and their modernization once again, without success.

    My nvidia drivers are version 304.132 (latest version)

    OK, solved. The problem is caused by a bug in the NVidia driver, as shown here:

    After decommissioning, everything worked fine

  • Photo editing software has stopped working since 2013 Office installed


    For years I had used Photoed to adjust images for an assignment in eBay.  Photoed is all I need and is extremely easy as the user interface is simple.  I like "simple."  But Photo Editor stopped working from Office 2013 installed you see is a momentary circular and then nothing.  There is no splash screen only, no user interface without noth'in.

    Photoed has been uninstalled from the CP/programs, more research regedit all microsoft photo editor of the prints have been removed, allowing a clean installation of Office 2010 prior or I believe, 2000; I forget now what CD Office tools are.

    Does anyone have a solution to this problem?  If you do, I would really like to hear from you.

    Thank you very much


    Hello Eric,

    Enjoy it! Keep the test now, but if not enjoy! And don't forget to mark it as your response so that we can spread the knowledge more far.

    Computer happy for you and let me know if anything else happens. Its what we are trying to do... help people!

    Kind regards


  • Why my Adobe Encore has stopped working since I upgraded to Windows 10?

    When I try to launch again through the dynamic link in Adobe Premier, I get an error message "failed to initialize the Quicktime. Please try reinstalling Quicktime. "I follow this teaching, but the error just return. Does anyone else have this problem? And, an easy solution, I hope! Kind regards.

    To the question in your title... Still is 2012, WELL before Win10, if you're lucky, it works in all the

    An idea that MAY work to install or run some programs in Windows old 10

    - 0 - a.html

    For your problem of dynamic links, simply export it to Premiere Pro using a preset that is appropriate, such as MPEG2-DVD for DVD creation and import the files again (MPEG2-DVD preset creates two files, audio & videos, that is, still takes to creating DVDs)

  • My bi-ecrans Setup has stopped working with the latest update of Windows

    My bi-ecrans Setup has stopped working since the last windows update.  The second screen is relegated to never turn on and in the part 'View' of the Control Panel, I can't change the 2nd monitor resolution of anything in addition to 480 x 640.  I installed the latest drivers for the video card and two monitors.  I have everything down, powered, entretienavec left for a few minutes and fed up, nothing.  It has been like that for a few days now.  Any advice would be very useful,

    Thank you



    PC: HP Compaq 8200 Elite

    Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6500 Series

    First monitor: ViewSonic 2030

    Second monitor: Dell 1908FP

    All pilots are underway according to Dell, ViewSonic, AMD and Microsoft.

    Latest patches from Windows Update killed my dual Setup monitor:

    Update of security for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (KB2596764)

    A security update cumulative for the stop bits ActiveX for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB2618451)

    X 64-December Windows malicious software removal tool (KB890830) 2011

    Update security for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB2620712)

    Update of security for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (KB2596912)

    Update for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (KB2596596)

    Update of security for Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 (KB2596705)

    Update of security suites for Microsoft Office 2007 (KB2596785)

    Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB2618444)

    Updated for suites Microsoft Office 2007 (KB2596651)

    Update security for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB2639417)

    Updated for suites Microsoft Office 2007 (KB2596789)

    Update security for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB2619339)

    Update for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB2633952)

    There is no update stated in your post which could have implications on your graphics card, or its driver.

    Have you installed the latest graphic driver AMD in the AMD site?

    NB this link is the 32-bit win7 driver.

  • OBIEE 11 g use followed has stopped working

    Hi all

    Monitoring of its use in our Production of 11g environment has stopped working since April 4, 13, all settings appear to be correct and there was no change.

    Can anyone suggest?

    Kind regards

    Check the BIPLATFORM tablespace, by default, the size of the tablespace is reserved for the auto grow to 1 GB. Once it hits the limit that the inserts will be silently fail (sort of, because the defective inserts will be displayed in the file nqserver.log.)

    Just came across this today...

  • iBooks has not worked since last iOS 9 update... why?

    iBooks has not worked since last iOS 9 update... why?

    With no information, it is impossible to help. What do you mean by "didn't work" (app is not open, you can not open the books within the application, books don't download from the store,...?), and what you've tried to see if that solves it (e.g. close the application via the task bar of the phone, soft-reset/reboot of the phone, backup and copy purchases through iTunes on your computer and restoring the backup library)?

  • my iPhoto has stopped working

    My iPhoto has stopped working. I did clean up. Now, when I click it shows cannot be opened because of a problem. The problem has not said.

    What version of OS X (or, if all goes well, Mac OS) are you running?

    What version of iPhoto do you run?

    iPhoto was not maintained or updated updated by Apple for about eighteen months.  Photos taken app supported since that time.

  • How to make the new version, I just installed as the old work that has stopped working?

    I used Thunderbird for many years and have always been very satisfied.

    A few days earlier, he has stopped working on my computer. I think that this was due to an update of AVG Free 2015. (When I restarted after the automatic update, Tbird and Chrome and Firefox broke everything. AVG has since been removed and replaced with Avast. Chrome and Firefox, both work very well after I installed the latest versions.) I took the opportunity to get the latest version of Tbird (I was 37) and installed it. TBird is OK, but the operation is a total disaster!

    He used to see me just like the user. Now I have to choose my Inbox by clicking, and then open it in a new tab. I could accept this pain if things worked OK. The first email that I click appears in the message pane. But I can't delete it unless I double click to open in a new tab! I can not get the following message to be displayed in the messages pane. It's used to work if I simply clicked on the message.

    How can I make Tbird work as he did? I used to love, now I hate it! Please help me before I dump Tbird and switch to Gmail!

    Thanks for any help.


    And it still works like that for me.

    First define your default account
    Account settings, mark your account, thoroughly open stock account and 'set as default '.

    To see how it works

  • Why open with photoshop has stopped working

    I use the addon 'Open with Photoshop' first of all, it has become available, but it has now stopped working since the last update of FF. I tried reinstalling etc, but makes no difference.

    Having the same problem with "view source in Dreamweaver.

    I use these features a lot of so any help would be appreciated

    Go to their site for support and updates. Ask questions.

  • How can I correct an error "Container Plugin for Firefox has stopped working"?

    Windows 7, Firefox 30

    After changing how manipulated Firefox cookies (changed by banning 3rd party cookies, ask permission to set cookies), I rebooted my system and Firefox would not - I got the error message in question. I uninstalled Firefox and then reinstalled, and Firefox ran fine. After a few hours, I closed Firefox and rebooted the system, and even once, Firefox blocks early and I get that the Container Plugin has stopped working error message.

    Since Firefox does not work on my Windows desktop, I use my Linux desktop computer to get help here. The reported details of the problem are:
    Signature of the problem:

     Problem Event Name:	APPCRASH
     Application Name:	plugin-container.exe
     Application Version:
     Application Timestamp:	53914233
     Fault Module Name:	mozalloc.dll
     Fault Module Version:
     Fault Module Timestamp:	53911393
     Exception Code:	80000003
     Exception Offset:	0000141b
     OS Version:	6.1.7601.
     Locale ID:	1033
     Additional Information 1:	0a9e
     Additional Information 2:	0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
     Additional Information 3:	0a9e
     Additional Information 4:	0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    Thanks in advance!

    First, update your Shockwave Flash.

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