Import an address book from .csv will not work

I just changed from XP to Ubuntu and have saved my Outlook Express address book to a .csv on a USB flash drive file. I open Thunderbird and imported the file according to the different screens and although Thunderbird says it's successful, when I select the address book, it is empty as well as the default personal address book. Can anyone help please.

The choice referred to as view/display as long as are first name, full name name. If the imported address book contained only in the field of the display (which is usually first + last), address book appears empty if display/display name as is not set display name.

If the menu bar is hidden, you can also right click on the toolbar and select the menu bar.

The easy way to transfer to OE/XP TB/Ubuntu would have been to install TB on the XP computer, make automatic importation of OE, then copy the TB profile from XP to Ubuntu. But if you have even the XP computer or the partition, you will always find may be easier to export from OE messages to eml files and import those TB, rather than convert dbx in a format compatible with TB files.

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