import audiobook CDs into the section of iTunes audiobooks

iMac late 2015 on El Capitan 10.11.4. iTunes

What is the best way to import CDs audiobook directly in the iTunes audio book section, making it appear like a book?

Are there settings in iTunes or system preferences that will help you? Audiobook all CDs are original CDs owned by me and in good shape.

So far, I imported a book on 12 CDs into iTunes. He went in the section music as 12 separate albums. I found how to go to the "Get Info" section to change the music to the Audiobook tag label to pass above the section of audio book.

Now I have 12 separate books in the audio books section. How to combine these files appear as a book, now that I have them in audio books? I'm not familiar with iTunes, but can all these combine into one? Or is what makes them all a Playlist the only option? Is there a combination to do in music before moving on to audio books? I saw the reference to attach files, but do not know, it applies?

Is there a way to make it easier on the server front end and put in place to mount directly in the end and audio books as a big book instead of 12 partial books?

Any help is appreciated... I have a large import library and would like to make things. Thanks in advance...


I use a free app called Audiobook Builder, works a treat

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  • Laptop turns off when you import CDs into itunes or Realplayer

    When I try to import CDs into itunes or Realplayer my laptop turns off. This happens sometimes after track 3-4 or 1-2 CDs.

    Any suggestions?


    [Edited by: admin on 21 January 06 11:14]

    Hi Hilary

    It will be interesting to know what model of laptop you have. When you start the import procedure is the use of the CPU to the maximum? Can you please check it in the Task Manager?

  • iTunes application for import audio CDs, makes it impossible to eject the cd.

    Whenever I insert an audio cd via the superdrive, itunes gets stuck in a loop of requesting to import the cd. This prevents me from being able to eject the cd.

    Even after saying no or leave iTunes, it keeps re - ask the question over and over again.

    I fixed it by declaring in the preferences that iTunes should not be opened automatically when you insert an audio CD.

    You can also simply import the cd into iTunes, which also works.

    However, I did want to report this problem.

    My operating system is El Capitan 10.11.3

    Boy, I had this feature disabled in my iTunes before it was even called iTunes, 15 years and more.

  • How to separate the different CDs with different titles in iTunes


    Please help me because I find that iTunes is not easy to use (to a point of departure to experience).

    Option 1:

    I have all my CDs stored on my external hard drive. In iTunes, click on "Add to library" and a drop down of my files appear. I select A folder title and songs are copied to iTunes. In the window of iTunes and under 'my music' and 'artists' (upper right corner) pieces appear with the title "unknown artist" and "unknown album" that appears.

    On my computer, I have the following:

    users > music > iTunes > iTunes media > music

    > CD A (unknown artist - nothing)

    > CD (title unknown album - showing the list of songs)

    I have manually rename the artist and album folders subfolders.

    > CD A (type the title)

    > CD A (type the title - display the list of songs)

    When I play my music in iTunes, iTunes automatically creates a new "unknown artist" under folder and subfolders "unknown album", respectively. Every song in my sub labeled folder manually moved to the new album 'unknown '.

    > CD A (my typical title)

    > CD A (my typical title - no list of songs)

    > CD A (unknown artist - nothing)

    > CD (album unknown list - view the list of songs that have been transferred)

    In any case stop iTunes from new subfolders open after you create subfolders when installing an external hard drive.

    Option 2

    I have the original purchased legally CD from I load the CD in my player and iTunes, a message appears ' do you want to import the music from the CD title: "I click on Yes and the songs are loaded. On my computer, I have the following:

    users > music > iTunes > iTunes media > music

    > Compilations

    > South Pacific (Broadway)

    > South Pacific (West End)

    > Sound of Music (Broadway)

    > Sound of Music (West End)

    I did not take it. I create 2 new subfolders in the South Pacific and the sound of music. Transfer the South Pacific CD 2 x in the main folder of void SP and transfer the x 2 sounds of music CD in the main folder of void SOM. Delete the subfolder "compilation". I ask this question because I don't want to spoil, wasting time and to find iTunes create new subfolders as he did in option 1. I don't want to redo the import of my CD

    In the window of iTunes and under 'my music' and 'artists' (upper right corner), it shows the LHS bar with compilations (4 albums - IE 2 x SOM and 2 x SP CD). On my computer, if I deleted compilations under folder and created 2 new subfolders in the South Pacific and the sound of music, titles would change in the LHS of the window iTunes as well. Would creat it too much of a problem for iTunes.


    Option 2 (re-rip your music from a CD) seems to be a pain, so go with Option 1.

    iTunes is probably do what you describe, because your song files apparently do not have "metadata" (embedded info) for things like the name of the song, artist, album, track name, etc.  When you import these files of songs in iTunes, iTunes uses "unknown artist" and "unknown album."  If you understand what iTunes does, you won't be iTunes of fighting .

    Here's a suggestion to add these songs as easy as possible.  First, open iTunes preferences Advanced Panel.  The path that you see the designated iTunes Media folder, you should not change (unless you want to store your iTunes Media also folder).  Below, there are TWO check boxes to keep iTunes Media folder organized AND Add files to the Media folder when adding to the iTunes library.  One tells iTunes to keep iTunes Media folder organized based on how the pieces appear in iTunes (this is why these files got renamed).  The other tells iTunes to make a copy of the song for the iTunes Media folder file (instead of using the file of the song where it was added).  I recommend you keep the two checkboxes are checked.

    Create a new playlist in your iTunes library.  To do this, click the button on the music at the left end of the horizontal bar (to show your music library), and then click playlists near the middle of the horizontal bar.  A side bar appears along the left side of the iTunes window.  At the bottom of the sidebar, click the Plus sign and choose new playlist.  A new playlist appears in the sidebar, where you can name; You can call it Import.  Click Import playlist in the sidebar, to show the (currently empty) reading list to the right.  Keep iTunes window open in this way.

    Open a Finder window to view your storage space of files of the song on the external hard drive.  Select one of your folders of the song ("title" in your example).  Drag this folder in the Finder window, in the iTunes window and drop it on the playlist of the import .  The songs are added to this list of reading and also in your iTunes library.  Change the 'view' of this playlist; at the right end of the horizontal bar, click on the control and select the view of songs .  The playlist is presented as a simple list, with columns, where it is easier to change the song information.  Don't worry at this stage, on the way in which the songs are stored in a warehouse of your Mac; iTunes takes care of this...

    Tips for handling the song list - to sort the list by a column, click the header of this column.  For example, to sort by song name, click the last name column heading. Click a second time to reverse the order.  You can hide and show the available columns, by clicking right on the line of the list header.  You can move a column to the left or right (on the list) by dragging the position of the column.  To select a song on the list, click on the song.  Selection of song appearing together at the same time, click the first song, hold down the SHIFT key, click the last song.  To select the songs listed separately at the same time, hold down the command and Option keys and click on the songs you want to select.

    You can change most of the entries of information of the song on the list directly, by clicking on the field you want to change a song.  However, to make a lot more quickly, you can change a set of songs at the same time, using the Info window.  For example, select all the songs on an album at the same time, right-click the selection and select information.  In the window information , Details tab, change the field Album of songs.  Do the same thing by selecting all the pieces of the same artist at the same time and change the field to the artist .  You must also add the entries of path #, so that iTunes knows the order of songs on an album (make it from the info window).  If the song name currently includes info addition, change it so that it is only the name of the song (do on the list).  If you look in the iTunes Media folder now (using the Finder), iTunes has remained things organized, based on the edit, you did in the iTunes window.  The songs are now organized into subfolders by artistand then by Album, with the song found files: the track number name more song.

    With a selection of import , you have been keeping all the songs of one of your folders set when editing the info of the song.  They were probably organized this way on your external drive for a reason.  You can create playlists to import additional for your other records with songs.  Or you can delete current songs in the playlist of import and reuse for the next record with songs.  The songs are not removed from your library of iTunes (only from the playlist) music.

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    When I tried to import songs in movie maker I opened the folder and it was empty, but I could play the song in itunes... I looked at the help section in movie maker and found no .m4a is listed as being supported. is there a way to find the song, change it and import it into movie maker?

    When I tried to import songs in movie maker I opened the folder and it was empty, but I could play the song in itunes... I looked at the help section in movie maker and found no .m4a is listed as being supported. is there a way to find the song, change it and import it into movie maker?

    Yes, google for a FREE audio converter. Change your itunes songs or songs that are not supported by the manufacturer of film in MP3, WMA or WAV... mp3 and wma are more preferable. WAV format is too large file size, not practical.
    Then import the song to movie maker. For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • Imported CDs do not appear in iTunes

    iTunes 12.3 with El Capitan on MBP. I am importing CDs, they get the checkmark, but then they don't show up.

    I'm ripping of several CD I want to add to a playlist, but it has been difficult. Initially they showed in "recently added", but now they are not found in iTunes, even after a search for them.

    If I click on the CD at the top of iTunes icon, I see the album with the Green checkmarks for each track. But I can't add it to a playlist, and when I click on 'my music', the album is not found.

    Please help, thanks.

    PS this has nothing to do with the iPhone...

    Just tried signing and in return, no luck. And if I restart iTunes, the Green checkmarks disappear, and I have to re - import. This just happened three times now: I import, notches display, but the album is not in iTunes, so I restart, and then check marks have disappeared, so I reimport. Frustrating.

  • iTunes will not import audio CDs to win 10 Pro

    Just installed iTunes 64 bit on a PC running Windows 10 Pro.  iTunes refuses to recognize that a CD is in the drive or provide options to import said tracks CD in iTunes.

    Running the diagnostics of iTunes for the CD/DVD drive, I get the following results:

    iTunes released test diagnosis (text) shows the following:

    Microsoft Windows 10.0 x 64 Business Edition (Build 9200)

    ASUS series all the


    QuickTime is not available

    FairPlay 2.9.13

    Apple Application Support 4.1.2

    iPod Updater library 12.0

    Apple Mobile Device

    Apple Mobile Device Driver not found.

    Hello (333.18)

    Gracenote SDK

    Gracenote MusicID

    Gracenote submit

    Gracenote DSP

    iTunes serial number xxxx

    The current user is not an administrator.

    The current local date and time is 2015-12-26 15:28:36.

    iTunes is not running in safe mode.

    WebKit accelerated composition is enabled.

    HDCP is supported.

    The core media are supported.

    External plug-ins information *.

    No external plug-in installed.

    iPodService (x 64) is running.

    iTunesHelper is running.

    Service Apple Mobile Device Service is running.

    CD/DVD test drive *.

    LowerFilters: PxHlpa64 (

    No driver in UpperFilters.

    B: HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH14NS40, Rev 1.03

    Audio CD in the drive.

    Found 14 songs on CD, 70: 48 hour playing on the Audio CD.

    Track 1, start time 00:02:00

    Track 2, start on time 04:23:70

    Track 3, start on time 09:25:23

    Track 4, start time 14:28:45

    Track 5, start on time 21:07:33

    Track 6, start on time 25:56:05

    Track7, start on time 31:21:25

    Track 8, start on time 36:49:38

    Track9, start on time 42:06:40

    Track 10, start on time 47:08:23

    Track 11, start on time 51:17:05

    Track 12, start on time 57:33:65

    Runway 13, start on time 62:53:48

    Runway 14, start on time 67:29:53

    Audio CD playback succeeded.

    Get the speed of successful training.

    Error correction is enabled for the import of CD audio.

    Obviously, iTunes can properly read a CD in the drive.  Then why can not read the CD or import music into iTunes?  Any suggestions for a fix would be greatly appreciated.

    Have you tried to change the drive letter associated with the CD player?  Even now, Windows has a code which can handle the drives 'A:' and 'B' differently from others, based on the use inherited from those floppy drive letters.  He pourrait be something in this part of Windows that blocks iTunes interaction with it, even if the software is grateful as an optical drive.  Because of this legacy of good old MS-DOS, recognized best practices to C: as the system drive and all other readers (except actually floppy disks) in the range D: to Z:.

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  • Since the update to iTunes I don't see my purchased music. When I try to import my old playlists I get a message saying that the library is not a valid iTunes library. Thus, thousands of songs and hundreds of films and I can't see or play one.

    Since the update to iTunes I don't see my purchased music. When I try to import my old playlists I get a message saying that the library is not a valid iTunes library. Thus, thousands of songs and hundreds of films and I can't see or play one. I see my movie library where it is stored on an external hard drive, but my music was on my iMac.

    Where all the playlists gone and why didn't appear my entire music library? I checked the preferences and iTunes points to the correct folder, BUT only my music purchased appears...

    Same thing happened to me. I tried to replace iTunesLibrary.itl with an older copy, but that has not worked. Then I tried to return a version by resetting the Time Machine's iTunes app, but it would allow me to edit or delete iTunes because it is part of Mac OS X.

    So, I can not sync my iPad or iPhone, update all apps or find my music, that is, the course of the odf, still on my hard drive. ITunes just can't see the library.

    The difficulty of this Apple.

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