Import notes that in SOD - how to set the last-modified Date?

We are still doing our Siebel users. We launched on-air, and therefore some users who were still using legacy systems while some worked far in Siebel. What I'm trying to do now is to take over from representatives in the old system and go to Siebel. I have the file created with the subject, external account id, note (description) and the date that the note was created in the old system. When I try to import the date cannot be set and is broken at the time of that creation of the acutal in Siebel note.

It is a problem that I have 3 years of account history that should be loaded and if I import all of this now, it will push the notes in the system to bottom of the list who will be upset representatives began uisng Siebel in the first wave.

My goal is simply to be ordered from oldest to newest on top, but I can't seem to find a way to do that using the tool of importation as a last modification Date is not an option for me to import.

Is it possible to do? If not, anyone know of a work around to achieve the same goal?

Any help is very appreciated.


It wouldn't appear in the Notes section of the retail account. Currently, it is not possible to import the date as part of an import of Notes.

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    Hi Colin,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

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    Create four new columns in your table called Created_On, Created_By, Last_Updated_On and Last_Updated_By.

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    Kind regards

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    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think, if this post can help solve your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

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    Thank you.


    Hope this will help you

    Import net.rim.device.api.ui.component.BasicEditField;

    class CustomTextField extends BasicEditField {}
    Super(BasicEditField.FIELD_HCENTER |) BasicEditField.FIELD_VCENTER);
    public void layout (int width, int height) {}
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    Now in your class that extends the screen or full screen add this class object.

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    (1) when I browse using Windows Explorer simple .png files (png with no EXIF data files, say, screenshots, or images on the Internet) and drag them in Photoshop, they are much darker and I need to make an adjustment. Which shows the Windows Explorer is about right, in Photoshop, they are much too dark.

    (2) when, after having created a PSD in Photoshop and everything seems correct, print results are bad, they are too light and I need to try to waste his time with profiles or almost to try to do things.

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    SnagIt-04032016 071728.png


    SnagIt-04032016 071835.png


    SnagIt-04032016 072910.png


    Anyone could pleasssee... to help and give me some advice on how to implement?

    i.e. the profiles to choose where so the results on the screen are the same as that of the print.

    again, I am not an expert and I do not wish to become a :-)

    There are so many profiles to select from, I don't know...

    Thank you!


    Mylenium says:

    Simple answer: none of this is important if your system is not actually calibrated. You can set the default factory profiles all day and wear yourself out, and they will always be wrong.

    Bit of a negative attitude, wouldn't you say?

    It is not as complicated as many will have it. You think, always, in terms of source and a destination profile. You still need two profiles, and each should be a precise description of the color space that it represents.

    So, what is your source? This is your file. Fine. Adobe RGB, do, don't mess with it. Do not confuse the profile document and monitor! You need both.

    Then you have two destinations, the monitor and the printer. Each profile a detailed description. The monitor profile is implemented at the level of the system (or your Stallion will do), and Photoshop will find and use it to display the image. Again, it is a source of right > conversion of destination. Once the monitor profile is set up, no further user intervention is required.

    Then, the printer. Here you have different profiles for different media, and there is no default. You must choose the correct profile for the paper that you are using in the Photoshop print dialog box. Here you will need to also make sure that Photoshop manages colors, and then you must go to the printer driver and make sure that the printer color management is turned off. Choose the right paper here, since it controls the total amount of ink.

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    Hi, experts,
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    How to set the render property of the field on one facet of panelSplitter?
    -If the panelSplitter is reduced then make some fields in the second pane. otherwise, do not make these fields.

    It is not an easy job for me to set the EL expression.
    Thank you.

    OK, just did a small test case. It turns out that the difficulty is to automatically update the fields when the separator discloses. To add a pair of earphone client/server. This sends the event to disclose to the bean to update the fields.
    Page code:

            function disclosePanelSplitter( event) {
                var inputComp = event.getSource();
                AdfCustomEvent.queue(inputComp, "myDiscloseEvent",
                {}, true);

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    package de.hahn.xyzxyz.view.panelsplitter;
    public class PanelSplitterBean {
        private RichPanelSplitter panelSplitter;
        public PanelSplitterBean() {
        public void setPanelSplitter(RichPanelSplitter panelSplitter) {
            this.panelSplitter = panelSplitter;
        public RichPanelSplitter getPanelSplitter() {
            return panelSplitter;
        public void doCustomEvent(ClientEvent event)


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    If you look at the USB-6008/6009 User Guide and specifications, you will see that the counter in these devices cannot rely as edges of entry. It cannot generate a pulse.


  • How to set the position and size of the façade using the FPRunTimePosRunCustom method in a c# application?

    How to set the position and size of the façade using the FPRunTimePosRunCustom method in a c# application?

    I found a solution! -Set the size and position of the façade with the help of the

    File > VI properties > window running Position (in category list) > custom (in position of menu drop-down).

    then just accept the current position and size (leave the boxes checked) or set values you want directly (uncheck the boxes and fill in the numbers), or physically position and size the façade and use, the "set to current location" button and press "set size" current All that is easier for you.

    OK so it does not make use of the method VI Methods (Active X) FPRunTimePosRunCustom ([Position], [Size]) but if labview want to make him difficult to use then other means must be found.

Maybe you are looking for