Import photos from my iPhone 6 s film to my Mac free of place on my iPhone? I have activate iCloud library on my Mac

Import photos from my iPhone 6 s film to my place on my iPhone free Mac (iCloud library is enabled on my Mac and iOS devices)? In addition, this import could create pictures twice in my photo library?

Yes, just we could of course to option select "Delet after importation. No, iPhoto will detect duplicates

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  • Cannot import photos from the Iphone to the computer in Windows 10

    When connecting to the computer with the new Windows 10 Iphone I no longer get the prompt to import new photos, and he disobeys automatically.  Worked fine before the upgrade to Windows 10

    Hi UJSmanager,

    I understand that you have problems importing photos from your iPhone to 10 Windows on your PC.  The resources below provide information from Microsoft that can help.

    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer

    Import pictures and videos on your Windows PC

    Before you import your photos and videos:

    When you import photos and videos from your camera to your computer, some might be turned bad. To play videos on your computer to the correct orientation, use iTunes for Windows.

    If you can not import your photos to your computer or your computer recognizes not your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a camera, learn what to do Windows XP is may not be able to import more than 500 MB of videos without iTunes installed, a third-party program, or the updated drivers up-to-date.

    Learn how to import pictures and videos to Windows 7, Windows 8or 10 Windows.

    To learn more

    Use the iCloud photo library with the Photos app to store your pictures and videos stored in iCloud and up to date on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and

    Take care

  • Hi I can't seem to import photos from my iphone since coming to el Captain please help

    Hi Please help, since the Ive upgraded to ElCapitain I can not import photos from my iphone to lightroom.  Any suggestions?

    Hi markg,.

    Please update your software was last updated Lightroom: Lightroom CC 2015.4 / 6.4 available

    Also, check if you can copy pictures from your iPhone using the viewfinder on the desktop.

    Kind regards


  • How can I remove my photos from my iPhone while keeping in iCloud? because I'm running out of space on my iPhone.

    How can I remove my photos from my iPhone while keeping in iCloud? because I'm running out of space on my iPhone.

    I want to keep all my photos in iCloud. I want to remove some of them from my iPhone 4 (IOS 8) in order to free up space on my iPhone. How can I do this? Thanks for help.

    With iCloud library enabled, you cannot delete a photo on a device (or without deleting each device which uses iCloud photo library ( In order to save space on your mobile devices (and indeed your Mac if you want to) turn on the optimization of the pictures on these devices (settings > photos & camera > optimize storage on your mobile device and Photo preferences > optimize storage on your Mac)

    Dynamic optimization, it reduces the resolution of your photos, if necessary, so that you don't notice it occurring initially. However, when necessary, it is very effective, and users have reported libraries being optimized for much less than 10% of their original size in some cases. My own library is about 9% of its original on my phone size.

  • Import photos from the iPhone to the iMac with cable USB not working not

    I can't import pictures from two iPhones different (a 4 and a 5 times in the course of running iOS 9.1) in Photos on two different accounts on our iMac cable connection using the USB.  The entire section of the pictures tool bar containing the import photos button does not appear in the attached Photos help page.  How to make part of the convening of a tool bar?

    Have you confirmed that you trust the computer to the phone? Otherwise, start iTunes, unlock iPhone, then confirm that you trust the computer on the iPhone.

    You use Dropbox?  Then ensure that the preferences in Dropbox are set in a way that Dropbox is unable to access photos on your iPhone when the iPhone is connected.

  • can I import photos from iOS iPhone 9

    I use LR5 attempt to import images from an iPhone iOs 9 ongoing. I don't see even the iPhone in the import options.

    Hi jimotto

    I forgot to mention that mobile Lightroom will only work with Creative cloud based Lightroom CC/5. just checked some devices run iOS9 and run Lightroom mobile as it should.

    When you connect your phone to Computer.Is Finder can detect your phone?

    There must be a connectivity issue

    ~ Assani

  • Import photos from 6s iPhone to Mac

    If I import film of 6 of my iPhone in the Photos of my Mac app, shouldn't these pictures already be in the Photos app if I enabled the iCloud photo library?

    If you have iCloud library enabled on the iPhone and the Mac, Yes, all photos must transfer icloud library of Photos for Mac via the network.  The download may take some time, and you need a Wi - Fi connection.

    See: iCloud Photo library FAQ - Apple Support

    When you turn on iCloud photo library on your Mac or iOS device, your photos and videos will download once you connect to the Internet with a Wi - Fi connection and your battery is charged. You can see the status and pause the download for a day, when you do the following:

    • On your iOS device, tap Settings > iCloud > Photos.
    • On your Mac, click on Photos > Preferences > iCloud.

    Depending on your Internet connection speed, the time it takes for your photos and videos to appear on the Photos app on iCloud and all your devices can vary. Make sure you put on iCloud photo library on each device.

    You need only to upload photos via the USB connection, if you do not have access to Wi - Fi for long periods.

    Why do you ask?  Are pictures showing as news, that are already on your Mac?

  • I'm unable to import photos from my iPhone in the Photos on my Mac app.

    I read that El Capitan has addressed these issues I've had for months. So I took the time to upgrade my software in an attempt to address the fact that any of the linked photo apps for refuse to recognize my iPhone more than 6.

    I poured on the many resources to find a useful solution... Troubleshooting several times. Nothing I've tried works. At least now after the update to El Capitan, it shows my phone into the online photo app. BUT, ZERO photos.

    I'm not interested in the use of the cloud... I don't care for streaming or sharing. I want simply to import pictures from my phone to my mac in order to save and save.

    Anyone has any ideas I can try?

    List of things I've already done:

    Soft reboot of the iPhone.

    Restart the Mac.

    Update the software on laptop and iPhone.

    Software of third party such as a work around for my photos.

    Checked the settings and transferred my iPhoto library in the Photo app.

    A try to access my photos via Capture of Image, iPhoto, Photo and preview.

    I am at a loss. I can't believe how difficult it is. It almost makes me want to sell this laptop and get a windows computer-driven.

    There must be a solution.

    Thus, when you connected your device to your Mac and open pictures, when you select the Import tab, what, exactly, you see?

    Here are the pictures that are in your camera roll, OK? Pictures you have taken with the iPhone?

    See you soon,.


  • Import all does not appear when I try to import photos from my iPhone to my Mac.

    I'm trying to import pictures from iPhone to MAC but "import all" is not highlighted.

    Using what application?

  • How can I remove photos from the iPhone but save on iCloud/desktop mac?

    I have an iPhone 6 and I'm constantly short of room because of my photos.  When I go to delete a picture from my pictures it says "this photo will be deleted from iCloud photo library on all your devices" and I have NO IDEA how to disable this dang thing.  So when I delete a photo that it clears too my computer then I constantly tries to free up space on my phone in other respects.

    I wish I could take a picture, saved it on my computer and iCloud and then remove it from my phone without losing.  Any ideas?  Thank you!

    You can go to settings > Photos & camera on your phone and do the following:

    1. turn off iCloud photo library

    2 turn on my photo stream

    Then on your Mac, you can open pictures and under preferences, perform the following steps:

    1. on the general tab, make sure that "Copy items to the photo library" is checked

    2. by virtue of iCloud, make sure 'My Photo Stream' is checked (you can also have shared Photo also controlled flow)

    This should cause all photos of photo stream to be shared between devices as well as to import into your photo library.

    See you soon,.


  • When I import my photos from my iPhone for Photos, delete on my iphone will remove them from the app?

    I don't know if this is a stupid question, but I'm worried and I don't want to lose my pictures after having spent hours at their organization in the Photos app.

    How you import photos from your iPhone to your photo library?

    What version of Photos do you use?

  • I pressed "do not open pictures for this device" for when my iPhone connected. Now, I can't seem to find a way to import photos from that device because my phone is not displayed. Can anyone help?

    I pressed "do not open pictures for this device" for when my iPhone connected. Now, I can't seem to find a way to import photos from that device because my phone is not displayed. I now want to import photos from my iPhone, but nothing works. Can someone, please?

    MacBook Air, OS X El Capitan (10.11.1)

    Honestly, this entire thread is a repost of this , I pressed "do not open pictures for this device" for when my iPhone connected. Now, I can't seem to find a way to import photos from that device because my phone is not displayed. Can anyone help?

    Still no answer...

    Have you tried the following:

    • Launch Photos manually once you connect your iPhone to the Mac.
    • Enter the ⌥⌘S tomato (command-option-S) key combination the sidebar visible.
    • Click on the camera in the sidebar when it appears.

    Your iPhone shows in iTunes or in the Image Capture?

    If iPhone doesn't appear at all, make sure it is properly loaded and unlocked, disconnecting, take a new photo, then reconnect it.

    • Start iTunes and confirm that you agree with the mac, the prompt on the iPhone.
    • Try a different USB port.
    • Try to force reboot the iPhone.
  • Impossible to import images from the Iphone, didn't get the message that no photos found

    Original title: I can't import photos from IPhone

    I cant't import photos from my Iphone or Ipad. When I connect the devices to my laptop, I get the message no photos found. Can you help me please

    Hi Luberta,

    Thanks to join Microsoft Community where you will find all necessary information about the Windows operating systems.

    You cannot import photos from Iphone or Ipad and the message like no pictures found.

    We need more information to work with this problem.

    1. what operating system do you use?

    2 - is the full message?

    Respond with the requested information so that we can better help you.

    I would also support site allows you to get assistance to the Apple.

    If you need assistance or if you have problems of Windows in the future, let us know and we would be happy to help you.

  • Problem importing Photos from iPhone

    When I download feature import photos from my iPhone to my laptop using the standard Windows, it creates folders separated for all my photos based on the date that they were taken - so I find myself with hundreds of files, some of them containing only a single photo. How can I change the settings so that when I transfer my photos they import it all into one folder?

    In the window import pictures and videos, click the device that you want to import pictures and videos to and then click Import.

    Then, in option: click more optionsand make the changes you want, and then click OK. Options can include where to save the files and what format to use for the names of folders and files.

    If your camera can detect whether you take pictures vertically or horizontally, your PC can automatically rotate JPEG photos to a correct orientation when they are imported. To turn off automatic rotation, clear the photos turn to import over the box.

  • How to remove photos from the iPhone after import in Lightroom on Mac

    I went back to Lightroom after opening was abandoned by Apple and I'm happy to be back. I can easily import photos from my iPhone 6 on my desk, but what to do with the pictures on my phone. With opening could easily automatically delete photos from the iPhone. I don't see anything similar in Lightroom. Do I have to remove my photos manually by selecting one at a time? I don't want to delete the folders that I created.

    I'm not stored on the cloud or automatically sending my photos in Lightroom.

    Thank you

    This function no longer exists in LR as Adobe says that it was originally people loose photos, accidentally I think, so it must be done manually. To be honest I never used no deletion automatic, I want to import and check all is well before any withdrawals!

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