Import the SPICE model for transistor BJT BFP720F in Multisim


I'm trying to get the SPICE model for the BFP720F transistor provided by Infineon to work in Multisim.

I have attached the template as provided by the manufacturer.

If I import it as-is, I get error messages "invalid node identifier '<4>'" (I have translated that German, it might not be exactly this message in the English version).

So I tried to replace all the "<4>" with "4", which seems to help, but now the error is "adjusted temperature setting"VJC (PC)"negative" and "incorrect use of the parameters of the model. Now I don't really know what to do with it.

Is the template provided in the wrong format? I somehow can it in the right so I am able to use it?

Because I need for my project semester in College, any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi NikoNR,

When writing a detailed description of what I did exactly with the Wizard component, the component again to create in Multisim from scratch, I found that there are different SPICE models provided in the package for use with AWR MWO. They have a different file extension, but are normal text SPICE inside files.

It turns out that they actually work with Multisim. The difference is small, there is only one temperature (TNOM) setting that is absent in these models, distinct from the "general" I first tried to use. It seems that Multisim had a problem with this setting, leading to the error I encountered.

Anyway, the problem is solved now. Thanks for your help

Good day

(The now much happier) EE-student


Edit: I have attached the SPICE model, that I ended up using, in case someone at - he never met a similar problem. The only change I did this, is to replace '<4>' with '4' in the part of the diode (single occurrence here). I had to zip to download with his original extention (.mdl).

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    11:34:47 VCVS. EREF_s2: | R2 | must be greater than the minimum series, using R2 = 1e-006 Ohm resistance instead
    11:34:47 VCVS. EREF_s1: | R2 | must be greater than the minimum series, using R2 = 1e-006 Ohm resistance instead
    11:34:47 VCVS. ECM. R2 | must be greater than the minimum series, using R2 = 1e-006 Ohm resistance instead
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    While it is generally true that 1uOhm of resistance should not make a difference in a 'real' circuit, you're dealing with a behavioural model.  Modeling approach, the model may or may not be affected by small resistance added controlled sources.  A few branches inside these models can conduct current kA, amplify tensions 1000 x, etc..

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