importing photos with a screen from damage.

The screen of my iphone is not working, I can't see anything init, but it works ok, if I remember had to touch, how do I import pictures into my PC?

It is my understanding that Apple iPhones requires that you use iTunes to transfer photos.  But the good news is that, all the stuff you need to see will be on the computer screen.

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  • Importing photos with Lightroom (5.3) changes in Photoshop CS5

    I've recently upgraded to Lightroom 5.3 since the 5.2 version.  Now, I can't import photos with Lightroom edited in Photosop CS5.  It wasn't a problem in the previous version.  Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks, I d/load the file and tested.

    Everything works as expected for me, so there's something wrong with your implementation.

    Try to remove the file from'd rather with Lr closed and restarted. Preferences can get damaged a cause all types of unusual problems.

  • Importing photos with copy


    I have a question about behavior if PHOTOS during import.  I'm about to change my preferences and I want to know what to expect.

    1. my current photo library was created with NO use icloud photo library.  I'm going to leave it off.

    2. my current library had also 'Copy items in the library of Photos' taken out of SERVICE.  So the result was that I just got links in my library in the DROBO folder where the pictures actually lived.  I then invested a lot of time to faces everything works fine.   However, the Drobo is SLOOOWWWW and my hardware is changing so...

    3 I intend now to my library a new large SSD I'm about to install.  I would really now to copy every 100 GB or so images in my library to enjoy the speed and get a free backup copy in the process.  However, I really want to have to do all that FACES tuning again.

    So, now the question.  If I go to PHOTOS prefs and turn on the "copy items to the box library", this will apply to the new photos imported or it will go to seek out those for whom a link only currently.  I guess it won't, but I hope.  If I reimport them once again, I'm afraid I'll get the pics in double... one for the link that is there now and another for the import copy.

    If I have to, I'll start all over again, but here, I hope it is an easier way!  Suggestions, anyone?

    Thank you

    If I go to PHOTOS prefs and turn on the "copy items to the box library", this will apply to the new photos imported or it will go to seek out those for whom a link only currently.  I guess it won't, but I hope.

    Turn on the "copy items to the Library check box' apply only for new photos that you import.

    Copy the old originals in your select Photo library in Photos and use the command "file > consolidate."

    Who will copy the originals in your photo library and transform the photos selected in managed photos.  All changes and faces tags will continue to work. And the original files will be stored safely in your library.

    To quickly select all the photos that have to consolidate use smart albums.

    Create a smart albums with "file > new smart album ' and set the constraint of the album 'Photo is referenced. This smart album will display all photos with original image files referenced.

    You might want to take a look at this help page:

  • importing photos with video

    Using first 11 items, I have a video with audio in charge. I would like to import photos to overlay on the video, while the audio works continuously, so that the film alternates original video clips with pictures that I overlaid, but the soundtrack is not changed. Is this possible?

    Simply drag your images on a video track higher, and if they are of the same frame as the project size, they will replace the underlying video visually.

    Before you import the pictures, you can go to the Edit > Preferences and set the duration of the images fixed or you can always click on + drag on the tail of the alembic, to change the duration, according to your needs.

    Good luck


  • Import Photos with Image Capture

    Hi people, I do not know if I am posting this in the right forum. If this isn't the case, feel free to have moved him.

    I did some research trying to help this user and also to learn.

    Import all pictures (including photos from iTunes backup) iPhone to mac

    I have a Mac and a PC but I use the PC for my main photo library. When I import pictures from my iPhone to the PC using the Import Wizard, Windows 10 maintains a cache to remember photos that have been previously imported so that they don't re - import. I can post the path to the cache but it is useless, the cache is a file system, called "PreviouslyAcquired.db".  If I remove photos from my PC which have been imported and you want then re - import, I have to reset this cache (delete) so that the photos to import again. Otherwise the photos already imported are ignored and only new ones appear on the Import Wizard.

    The reason for this post is that I wonder if OS X (Photos or Image Capture) retains the same type of cache. I also wonder if this is the reason why the OP on the wire above cannot re - import the photos that have been restored from their old iPhone.

    So my questions are:

    (1) with OS X Image Capture, can a photo to reimport previously imported?

    (2) no OS X maintains a similar to Windows cache and if so where is it and how it is reset? I looked on my MBP 10.11.5 but nothing helped. It is obviously not the iPod Photo Cache - that one is associated with iTunes synchronizes only. I also started the Image Capture, but cannot see any parameter for this purpose.

    (3) I.C. will give me the opportunity to re - import if it imported the same before pictures? I could make an experience, but the bright minds here probably know the answers.

    Any info appreciated...

    I have found no Apple documentation on it, but when I use the Image Capture to import from a camera or card in a folder in the Finder, I can import the same items over and over again. There is no control for imports carried out previously.

    Only when I import using a photo app that maintenance photo library (Photos, iPhoto, Aperture) pictures will be checked for duplicates when importing.  But even with Photos, iPhoto, Aperture can I restore deleted photos by import since the device again, if I removed them from the library.

  • Problems to import photos with the Olympus EP1 art filters?

    I just purchased Lightroom 2.5 to work with my Oly PE1. I used 2 aperture for a few years with my Oly E3 before getting the Oly PEN, so I have no experience with LR.

    So... when I import my pictures from the camera in LR, the RAW files appear, but I can't access the companion JPEGs I've shot using the art filters. I admit willingly I don't know LR - I have a reference book on order - if I'm doing something obvious and easy to fix? Maybe a wrong setting that I don't know everything?

    In the preferences / Import, klick JPEGs to treat next to raw as separate photos files, then you will be able to see RAW and JPG with the same base name as part of the separated achievable in LR.

    Gossweiler beat


  • How to import photos with their attached keywords

    I'm new to Lightroom.  I have a large collection of photos which have already attached keywords.  How is - a import pictures have received assurances that key words will be imported in the catalog too?


    When LR import a photo, it also imports the metadata stored in the photo: camera and exhibition, title, caption, keywords, etc.  So if your photos have keywords stored in them, then LR will import them along with photos.

    It is quite easy to do a test to make sure that your photos are stored in the metadata keywords: start LR and just import one of your photos.

  • Replace my screen from damage. HP Pavilion dv4 14 ''

    How it will be difficult to replace my screen damaged myself. Pavilion dv4 S/N [number of Series edited by Moderator] P/N LW194UA #ABA

    Thanks team

  • iPhone 6 / Lightroom CC / can not import Photos

    I have problems to import photos from an iphone 6 in Lightroom CC on a computer Windows 10.  There seems to be no problem with the computer recognizes the device from iTunes works fine and I can access the photos on the iPhone folders in file Explorer.  However, when I try to use the "Import Photos and order of videos in LIghtroom, it seems to freeze.  The iPhone is considered to be a source in the window Import Photos and videos, but he is not pulling up from the pictures.  I have no question seeks to import photos with my CF cards or older Apple devices.   I would be very happy to hear possible solutions to fixing this problem.   Thank you!

    The last update of Lightroom CC correction of the problem.  Thank you!

  • How to change the import settings when importing photos

    Changing the settings to import photo with Windows 7

    I want to change the import for my Canon camera settings when you import pictures using Windows 7.  I had already managed to do it once but to adjust settings again.  However, when I connect my camera to my PC, it starts automatically import photos based on the current settings with no option to change.  Please help - its driving me crazy!

    Microsoft seems to be lame on answering machine bugs here and just standard information messages, which of course do not work.

    A solution has been validated, in part, to Maybe there is an easier way.

    In the Windows registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Photo Acquisition

    There are a number of subkeys. For example, there is a subkey "Camera and Portable device."

    Return the next value of AcquisitionFlags to 0 x 82 in the registry key seems to restore the Import Wizard asking you to specify an optional tag and you click again on the link "Import settings":

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Photo Acquisition\Camera and Portable device

    To make this change yourself, follow these steps (with the standard warning that change the incorrect Windows registry can completely ruin everything!):

    1. run regedit.exe
    2 navigate in the tree of the registry to find the following subkey:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Photo Acquisition\Camera and Portable device

    3. double-click on the value "AcquisitionFlags".
    4. Type "82".
    5. click "OK" and close the registry editor

    I had to scan it for my Scanner in the category.

  • Import into LR Mobile directly from an SD card on iPad

    LR Mobile directions refer to the film as a source for the images.  If I have a SD card that is attached via the connector of the lightning to my iPad, what should I do to get the map images in LR Mobile?

    I apologize for the previous post.

    Please follow the tutorial: managing collections & import photos with Lightroom on mobile | Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC tutorials

    I hope that answers the question.

    Kind regards


  • Develop the Import Preset with your car

    After the passage of the LR5 to LR CC, I think not being able to import photos with your car. I have a develop preset called "general" who uses your car and a few other settings and that was my default import preset for a certain time. Since switching to the CC, everything works except the auto tone. I tried the update the preset without change. The preset works great if I select the image and applicable after import.

    Today I tried to change the "auto Apply your adjustments" in preferences, and then later all of my photos imported with an exhibition between-5 and all the rest to zero.

    Could you please return to the previous Lightroom and then try to use the Preset to develop.

    How backwards: Instructions to restore an earlier version of update


    Can you please help me with importing photos from an external hard drive.  92 000 images transferred, then import stopped with the message: IMPORT CRITICISM: THE PERSISTER MASTER FAILURE.  EXCEPTION CODE: EXC_1386_GPFLT.  A lot of pictures in the last implant, but was very blurry.  The 92 000 that has been imported successfully are very clear.  I re-tried the import process is the same.    could answer you to *

    How the photos were initially stored on external drive? This software has been used?

    What software is used to import the photos?

    Really not post your e-mail address here on these public forums where she can by harvested by scammers. I asked that Hosts change for you protection.

  • Import photos to fix or mixture doesn't seem to work in the film. The photos are raw shot with nik0n d800 imported into the camera from an sd card

    Import photos to fix or mixture doesn't seem to work in the film. The photos are raw shot with nik0n d800 imported into the camera from an sd card


    Mix and Fix do not support the raw file format. Please try to download as a. JPEG. However, the support of raw files is an excellent idea for a future feature! If you do not want to share this idea with the team, press the icon of the product in the upper left of the application, and then click "give us your comments. I would like to know if I can help with anything else!

    See you soon


  • Import photos from Android with a LG G4 memory card

    Unlike my previous android phone, Lightroom seems to be able to import photos directly from my G4. The question I have is I store pictures and videos on the external memory card and lightroom sees only pictures on the internal phone storage. Anyone know how to point lightroom external photo directory?

    Hi ben2e,

    Yes, if your computer is showing / reading the two locations of storage of your phone then LR should also.

    Suggest you to reinstall LR

    And if possible also see another phone to make sure that it is not a problem with the phone.



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