Impossible for some reason any of my use of 'groups' on my emails

Thunderbird just reorganized itself and now I can't send to groups that I've implemented on my address book
The machine requires an e-mail address in the box and all I have of course is the name of the Group

Please don't tell me that I have to enter each person separately each time? That could take hours
There must be a better solution and I would be the value of help here

This has been reported as Bug #1060901. If you have a Bugzilla account, please consider voting for this question.

Several other people have sent in the same request of support you, noting that it happened after they upgraded to version 31.1.

The exact error message is: XXXX is not a valid e-mail address, because it is not the form [email protected] You need to correct before sending the e-mail message.

This occurs when the description of your mailing list includes several words separated by spaces.

Well that isn't ideal, these workaround solutions should allow you to use your mailing lists until a proper fix is implemented:

  • All by composing an email open the address book and select the list you want to send, to highlight all the names in the list and drag them to the To: box. This example uses your existing data without changing it.
  • Replace white "" between the words in the descriptions of these lists with an underscore "_". This requires modification of your descriptions of mailing list (s).

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