Impossible to copy and paste after the installation of updates

Installed the updates this morning and now unable to copy a Web page and paste it in microsoft works. Can I use another program, but I'm not a happy camper. It tells me that I should not always immediately install new updates due to problems of this kind. I got burned by updates in the past, but it has been awhile. Everyone must wait at least a week or two before you install these updates.

Hi Edw276

Thank you for visiting the website of Microsoft Windows Vista Community.

Sorry to hear that you are having problems after an update.  In order to help you further, we would require a bit more information.

What you are trying to copy and paste in the works?  What steps do you take to do this?

When you try and copy, the copy function appears if you right click on the selected text?

Do you receive an error message when you try to copy and paste?

You can copy from another application, such as Notepad in the works?

Let know us the answers and we can continue to troubleshoot from there.

Kavita M
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    It should be.

    Restart your Mac and try again.

    Other than that, make sure that OS X is updated.

    Open the App Store, and then select the updates menu.



    This extension will help you implement the security policies for access to the Clipboard.

    Allow the extended Clipboard support:

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    OS version? How do you paste copy operations? Menu, shortcut, right-click?

    Have you tried trashing the prefs? See replace your preferences

  • All the data disappeared after the installation of updates! Help!

    Hoping someone can help with this
    Last night I installed updates KB961371, 973346 KB and KB 890830 for Vista Home Premium and they seemed to have been settled... my computer turns off fine. But when I started today and connected to my usual user, I got a pop-up message from the tool bar by saying "your user profile was not loaded correctly, you have been logged on with a temporary profile, cnanges do you will be lost when you log out." Check the log of the events for more information or contact your administrator." I then found that all my data was away from all my files (music, photos, Documents, analyses)... everything was gone. I then logged out of my user every day and in my admin to have a snoop around and all the data disappeared from there too. While in admin I also looked in the update section to see if the updates have not been installed correctly, but he said that they had been installed successfully.

    I then rebooted, as I thought that it might help, but everything remained the same.

    After the reboot, I clicked through 'my computer' and hard the news here on the disc wrote I have 89 GB of 147 GB free, which I think is consistent with the amount of data I have stored. This made me think that the data is always there somewhere, but I can't access it at all thanks to my user every day or my administrator.

    As far as I can see, all the programs that I installed myself (such as Skype, open office software for my printer hp) are all present, but some of the shortcuts are out of the office. Also, when opening, they "behave" as newly installed programs. for example: Open Office writer guide me through a license agreement and registration rather than simply open a new document, and also firefox behaved in a way similar "new". Also, on commissioning today (after the installation of update yesterday), the window "welcome center" popped up, as did a window asking to save the "synaptics pointing device.

    In short, the system "behaves like new", remembers none of my settings etc, but it is still a my programs installed and most of all, I can't access any of my data! I have a Toshiba Equium P200-178 (use vista Home premium service pack 1 32-bit), I use AVG anti virus (8.5) and Ad-aware software anti spyware. These are updated every day and I run scans on a regular basis (last analysis aware ad probably about a week ago) so I'm not sure it's associated virus.

    Ask yourself what is this "temporary profile" and how to return to my old and my data! Help, please! Thanks :)

    Difficulty of a corrupted user profile

    After creating the profile, you can copy the files from the existing profile. You must have at least three user accounts on the computer to perform these operations, including the new account that you created.

    Good luck with it.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Windows 7 does not start after the installation of updates - sounds familiar!

    Apparently, I have another system that no longer starts after you install an update to Windows 7. New kick computer _ I have to disable the automatic update of windows. Twice I had to restore the system in the first week because he hung up after the installation of updates for windows 7. I have no idea what update is the cause of the problem.

    Essentially, start the screen goes black with the cursor blinking in the upper left corner of the screen. The only way out is to restore the system.

    Does anyone know what update is the culpret? HP support has no idea. Their only solution was to update windows 7 to 'never download an update from windows '. It is a terrible thing to be underestimated solution.

    Here's the resolution...

    I installed all the updates except KB2284742 954430, 973688 and 971033. So I decided to install these 1 4 at a time in the order shown. I installed successfully 228472 and 954430 and 973688 disappeared from the list of available updates. So I installed 971033 and it installed successfully and I was still able to restart.

    My conclusion is that there is a conflict between the first 3 updates when they are installed at the same time.

    Now my system is up to date with all windows updates and I'm able to restart without any problems!

    Close this message.

  • PC has not successfully restarted after the installation of updates


    I have been updated with Windows Update and asked to restart my PC after the installation is complete, however, my computer froze just at that moment, so I had to press the power button to force it to close. So I don't a not properly restart but forced my PC to stop and I have not a screen saying "Configuring updates" as usual (because there is no restart appropriate but just a forced to close). When I turned on my PC back, I thought that all updates have been lost or screwed up because I don't restart the PC correctly, however, instead, windows said it was "Configuring updates" (from 0% to 30%) and 30%, he said he has been stop and then rebooted my machine and these updates have been 100% configured/installed.

    So my question is, were all 100% installed as said windows updates or was it just a fake reviews? Because I forced my PC to stop rather than restart it when all updates to complete the installation.

    In addition, argues that all updates have been installed successfully in the "Installed updates" menu, too. Please let me know if it of a false notice or not.

    Thank you


    Since you have not stopped correctly after the installation of updates, updates could not configured correctly

    Follow these steps to see the Windows updates are installed on your computer.

    1. Open Windows update via Control Panel

    2. In the left pane, click view update history.

    Use a system restore to restore your system to a previous state before the installation of the updates


    1. click 'Start' and type system restore in the search box, and then click "System Restore" in the section programs.

    When you are prompted by the User Account Control feature, click "continue".

    2. do one of the following

    * If there is a recommended restore point, click on choose a different restore point and then click Next.

    * If there no restore points recommended in the list, simply click next to continue.

    3. Select a restore point in which you know that the operating system works and then click on "next".

    5. in confirmation of your restore point page, click on "Finish".

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  • Failed to start Windows after the installation of updates

    HI, I currently use windows 7 32-bit and have been almost half a year now, nothing was wrong with it until just recently when I installed updates for windows and it goes across restart process. Whenever it restarts after the installation of updates it now in windows could not start and is system launch of repairs etc, when it finishes I cliquerai on end to end and then he launched startup correctly, also, I realize account updates, I have install are successful, when I connect (from the option view update history) , but I get suggestions of exact same update again just after the installation of the updates mentioned only, hope, it is specific help enough, would be much appreciated

    Can you provide the names, the updates that have been installed?

    see this article for when you are offered the same update again and again:

  • Takes are silent when copied and pasted into the new track

    After recording several takes of a vocal part and a model gliding around how I like it, I decided to dub the voices and use another part of the (unused) takes.

    I created a new title in doubles (CMD - D) and pasted the vocal track (including), but the new double track is silent.  I can see the track and everything going out there and tried to remove plugins, copy and paste in different ways, but the track and just stay silent.  I can see them all here in the new track, and all that I can see, they should be heard.

    I tried this search anywhere online and cannot find any mention of this problem anywhere.  Is this just a bug?  I forgot something?

    What version of logic you use.

    It worked well here with 10.2.4

    Also how do you 'stick it '?

    After a screen capture of your page to organize with open mixer

  • Envy 17-j020us, cannot cut/copy and paste in the file Explorer

    I can cut/copy and paste the url and the text to speech, etc, but I am unable to cut/copy and paste files in Windows File Explorer. I tried malwarebytes and virus programs running. HP support has tried to access remotely to identify the problem without success. Y at - it another option in addition to a factory reset or restore point? Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hi jdavis33811,

    Have you tried the three methods of cutting and pasting? Using the keyboard shortcuts CTRL-X CTRL-V, right click on the file and selecting cut, then using the tape from the file Explorer / File menu.

    If you have tried all three, the next thing to try is a boot minimum to see if something is in the background to block the order. A clean boot loads Windows with the drivers and the minimal software. This link of Support technique Microsoft will show you how do it.

    Once you have made the clean boot try three methods of cutting and pasting. If it works the next step is to go back to msconfig (see Microsoft link above) and enable half the services you shut-off valve to the clean boot. Then try to cut and paste again. Keep half of the remaining services that allows until you cannot cut and paste, then disable half of the services that you just active. This, until what specify you what service has problem.

    If after all that you still have a problem then the next step would be to backup your files on an external hard drive or a USB flash drive and then doing a complete System Recovery.

  • Impossible to copy and paste

    I can't copy and paste, either with the keyboard shortcuts in the menu. I tried to paste it from another application, and it works when I paste in Paint, but not in the elements. I tried to copy the elements and I choose, but Ctrl + C does not everything which can be pasted into paint. In fact, all items related to the Clipboard on the Edit menu are always shaded.

    I am on Windows 7 and this is a brand new installation of Photoshop elements 14. I am a new user of items, but used Photoshop 5.5 for many years.

    You are on the Expert tab?

  • Where is the arrow to copy and paste into the reader 11 DC? I can not find and use a lot.

    Help please because I can not find the arrow for the copy and paste tool in DC. They had one in the previous version, making it easy to find. I'm totally lost and need to find it.

    Hi Robin,

    In Acrobat Reader ms, you will find the option arrow in the Dock at the rate at the bottom of the page once you open the PDF file. It gets changed to the selection tool, once you place the cursor over the text or image, after selecting it you can easily copy (Ctrl + C) & Paste (Ctrl + V) it.

    Kind regards


  • I can't copy and paste from Word to the Internet (Firefox or Chrome), but I can copy and paste from the Internet to Word

    I can't suddenly to copy and paste text from Word to the internet (Firefox or Chrome, other Web sites or e-mail), but I can do the opposite. Any ideas? Copy paste works between Word documents and it works between websites (for example, e-mail web page), but not the word to the internet. Help, please. I need to copy and paste my CV to apply for jobs online.

    Great answer. You just saved my HP to learn to go through walls.

  • Impossible to copy and paste from/to XP using remote desktop

    Due to problems, I have recently reinstalled Vista on my pc.  Before the reinstall, I could access my PC using XP, using remote desktop from work to distance and copy and paste the files from XP and Vista.

    Since the reinstallation, I'm not able to copy/paste unless I have turn off UAC.  (I have progbably had turned off before, but he didn't.)  Is there a way to copy and paste them to work without disabling UAC?  Maybe some changes in the policy or registry?

    Note: I use Remote Desktop with Clipboard selected for local devices and resources.



    I saw this thread earlier and it does not apply.  I would say the copy/paste of text works.  I can't copy and paste a file.  UAC seems to be the key here.

    I found a work around.   I connect with a local drive.  Since the remote desktop, I can copy files to the local disk, which then I have the file available locally and I can go other directions.  It's a little slow, but it works for now.

Maybe you are looking for

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