Impossible to copy files to the Sansa Fuze using Windows 7 (drag and drop, or Windows Media Player)


Yesterday, I bought the Sansa Fuze and I have problems copying files to the device using either Windows Media Player (Sync) or Drag and Drop (Explorer).

The symptoms are:

(1) the device is recognized and available in Windows 7 (Series USB MSC - sorry don't have it with me right now)

(2) took me to upgrade to the latest firmware, which has worked flawlessly

(3) when I try to drag and drop a file on the device (I use Windows 7, 64-bit), it starts, but doesn't seem to calculate the size of the files or waiting time to download correctly.  It is followed by a slow progressive, until the computer crashes, resulting in a constant 100% of the CPU.  The only solution is a hard reboot

(4) when you use Windows WM, the device is recognized, okay and the synchronization starts, but it then stops without reason.  Once again, the processor springs and requires a reboot

(5) using the results 3 and 4 in 1-5 files being copied across, but not more.

(6) I tried several albums and one album at a time, but cannot determine if that makes a difference.

Help, please!

See you soon,.



It may be a bug in Windows 7. But one thing to try is to go to the Device Manager (assuming that Windows 7 still has), uninstall the "rocket" (under USB controllers), and then run add hardware to find and reinstall the driver.

Use the MTP with Windows Media Player mode, MSC mode without.

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