Impossible to debug UIWebview with Safari 9.1

Recently updated to El Capitan 10.11.4, it comes with Safari 9.1. Now, I'm unable to debug UIWebview on iOS Simulator (tested on 9.2 iOS and iOS 8.4. both don't work). In the setting of safari Simulator are as follows. Inspector Web is running, JavaScript is activated. Website fraud warning is DISABLED. In Safari for Mac menu develop appear, the entrance of Simulator appear when the Simulator was launched but only show JSContext. The UIWebview embedded in our application does not appear in the submenu of the Simulator. All the web pages in safari iOS does not appear as well. Is there a setting that I missed? It worked before the upgrade to 10.11.4


Hello ahuang105,

If you are a developer, you cannot act as a user.

This means that you need to test the Apple software throughout each cycle of beta. You need to do this test on a complete ecosystem "burner" - iOS devices, Mac, Apple ID dedicated to the beta test. Along the way, so something that you develop breaks in all of this, you will be able to report a bug to Apple and to develop an alternative solution in case Apple releases with the bug.

In the same time, another complete ecosystem production - Apple ID, Mac and iOS devices all dedicated development of production - needs to stay on the most recent version has no crippling bugs. For El Capitan, your guess is as good as mine what build that can be. 10.11.3 I guess.

For now, I suggest to ask in the developer forums if this bug in particular is fixed in 10.11.5. I have seen engineers Apple recommends this build for Simulator in 10.11.4 problems.

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