Impossible to display the Windows Firewall GET an error due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings

OP: Problem with Windows XP service pack 3__ firewall settings

When I try to view the settings of the firewall, a dialog box appears saying "Due to a problem not identified, Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings".

I read a thread on a file to merge with the registry of XP SP2. I did not like I do not know if it would work with SP3? or should I do something else?

In addition, why is that happening? What is the problem with the Windows Firewall? If this has happened for some time is a Microsoft patch that can be downloaded instead of trying to make mergers of registry (I'm not very happy to do).

Thank you

"See if it's the same window that you see - Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings" error when you access the firewall settings in Windows XP
If this is the case, then follow the steps put in place for Solution for case 1: MowGreen Expert from Windows IT Pro - consumer safety

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