Impossible to download the Document using the service GET_FILE

I have a personalized service of custom component called from a workflow, which downloads the file in an external file whenever a recording is made with the parameters corresponding to the criteria of the workflow.
Now the question is whenever the file is checked for the first time, the file that is downloaded only the information linking with the status message as:
"StatusMessage = failed to download"ABC022257". Cannot find the latest revision for the element "ABC022257". »
Can someone indicate probable causes?

For those who might need this, we discovered this thread actually consists of two questions:

#1-comment call a sub-service from a service
#2-Comment get the results of calling the function GET_FILE

Regarding the #1, this issue has been discussed in this thread: [best practices] how to call a custom Java code service (note that the solution has been achieved by decompiling the order of idocScript of executeService )

As for #2, I happened to find which States that "this service call the sub-service GET_FILE, called using Java code for method intradoc.server.FormHandler.retrieveHtmlFormState ().", even once, I decompiled this class. ""

The end result may look like

  public void downloadDocument() throws DataException, ServiceException {

    SystemUtils.trace("system", "downloadDocumentInWorkflow starting");
    String dID = m_binder.getLocal("dID");
    String contentID = m_binder.getLocal("dDocName");
    String serviceName = "GET_FILE";
    String userName = m_binder.getLocal("dUser");

    SystemUtils.trace("system", "dID-->" + dID);
    SystemUtils.trace("system", "contentID-->" + contentID);
    SystemUtils.trace("system", "User:" + userName);

    DataBinder serviceBinder = new DataBinder();

    serviceBinder.putLocal("dID", dID);
    serviceBinder.putLocal("dDocName", contentID);
    serviceBinder.putLocal("IdcService", serviceName);
    Workspace workspace = getSystemWorkspace();

    try {
      SystemUtils.trace("system", "started");
      ServiceData serviceData = ServiceManager.getFullService(serviceName);
      workspace = getSystemWorkspace();
      Service service =
        ServiceManager.createService(serviceData.m_classID, workspace, null,
                                     serviceBinder, serviceData);
      UserData fullUserData = getUserData();
      serviceBinder.m_environment.put("REMOTE_USER", userName);
      service.executeSafeServiceInNewContext(serviceName, true);
      SystemUtils.trace("system", "succeeded");
      String path = (String)service.getCachedObject("PrimaryFilePath");
      SystemUtils.trace("system", "Path-->" + path);
    } catch (Exception e) {
      SystemUtils.trace("system", "failed");


Note that this code has been tested in a system where the documents are stored on the file system and the returned parameter contains the full path to the directory of the vault.

Tags: Fusion Middleware

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