Impossible to edit PDF files in Adobe Acrobat DC

I'm unable to edit a file in adobe acrobat dc I've tried with several files and whenever I click on edit pdf it get a pop-up that says adobe acrobat dc has encountered an unknown error, however I was able to change a few pdf files all tried to re download a new file to be saved in acrobat reader and nothing works please help


Hi imad,.

We have a work around for this problem. I hope that it will work in your scenario.

Print the PDF using "Adobe PDF". Edit this new PDF instead of the original one.

Steps to follow:

1. go to file-> Print. (Ctrl + P)

2. Select 'Adobe PDF' as the printer.

3. click on print. Save in any desired location when prompted.

4. open the new PDF.

5 edit.

Let me know if this helps.

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  • I can't seem to edit PDF files in Adobe Acrobat, as it says the files are protected and I need to enter a password of Permissions?

    I can't seem to edit PDF files in Adobe Acrobat, as it says the files are protected and I need to enter a password of Permissions?

    If the files have a permissions password, you must know it and delete security, before you can edit the files. That is right.

  • Is it possible to 'ring' selected numerical values easily to an editable PDF file with Adobe Acrobat?

    Hi guys,.

    I work in the film industry and we are looking to use Adobe Reader to create sheets of digital camera report that will connect the crucial information for the editors/vfx production on a highly publicized movie shooting this year. Usually this is done with sheets of paper carbon-copied, but a new trend is to make digitally in order to facilitate life for everyone.

    One of the things as facts easily on paper is the selected circle takes so the laboratory handling film knows how to treat film: this can save a lot of time and money. Shooting digitally the same thing applies, transcode only you some takes, and it makes it easier for everyone.

    My problem with design sheets is implementing in a pdf editable using popular software, the most popular of them are Adobe Acrobat. A numeric value that represents a number to take will be in a column in the pdf file, and I need a way of circling this value to basically a click of a button or similar. Is this possible to do with Acrobat?

    One of the other things it is easy to do on paper is to draw a distinct line when a roll of camera/memory card is changed, if there is a way to make a line in a table "BOLD" again, the click of a button, which would be extremely useful!

    Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

    The way to do it using the tools of comments. There is none

    built-in component that can be used to surround an element on the page, but

    There are various ways to select an item (boxes,

    Radio-boutons, drop-down menus, list boxes, etc.).

    Sunday, may 10, 2015 at 2:08, rarth_boddomy, [email protected]>

  • Edit PDF files in Adobe Acrobat X 1 Standard

    I bought acrobat standard adobe 11 after using acrobat adobe 7 for awhile and I'm unable to find certain functions that I used a lot in the past.  If all goes well, can someone give me advice regarding if the features I need were outputs from Adobe 7 or how I can find them in XI.

    There is no available tab ("paper"), which gives you options to insert, extract, and other features of doc related type.  In addition, there is a tab of the options in the old adobe to insert (and move) - arrows, lines, ovals, rectangles, etc, and also a typewriter function allowing easy movement in the document.  XI, there is a function to add text, but it is not very user-friendly (hard to move typed data).  In the old adobe, I had (7), there is also an option to turn an individual page or the whole document, then save these selections from view if you wanted to.  This program is these or am I just missing something.  It just seems like it is not much, I am able to do as with the other adobe...  Forgive my ignorance in this area because there is probably something simple, I don't see any here.

    This installs under TOOLS. Except the stuff under COMMENT. For example, insert pages is under the PAGES of TOOLS section. For some reason any Adobe thought it would be easier for us all.

  • Modify a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

    Hi, I would like to be able to edit a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader ms. I see the 'Edit PDF' option in the sidebar, but it does not it redirects me to the Adobe Web site. Can someone please help?

    You need Adobe Acrobat for that.

  • When I try to open a PDF file with adobe Acrobat reader Windows Media Center automatically appears.

    When I try to open a PDF file with adobe Acrobat reader, windows media center automatically opens. How to prevent this? I just want to open the PDF file with Acrobat reader.

    The solution I think. If you right-click on one of the files and select open the file locations it now combined the file with adobe reader.

    Yes - you simply need to change the associated file (and path) back to Adobe Reader.  (If that's your choice PDF reader.)

    If you did this:

    Press the Windows Logo and R key at the same time to bring up the dialog box RUN.
    Once you have the dialog box up, type in the following command and press OK...

    cmd /k ftype AcroExch.Document

    That he return with? Should be something like:

    AcroExch.Document = "C:\Program files (x 86) \Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe" '%1'

  • Where can I find my password to unlock pdf files in Adobe Acrobat Pro ms?

    Where can I find my password to unlock pdf files in Adobe Acrobat Pro ms?

    Hi liessep123,

    PDF password is set by the PDF Creator, only PDF Creator you can tell the password. There's no other way to get it back.

    Kind regards

  • Whenever I try to save a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat DC (Version 15.1), I get the error "the document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (21). »

    Whenever I try to save a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat DC (Version 15.1), I get the error "the document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (21). "When I click ok, an error message appears saying:"insufficient data for an image. "I tried to do a repair on Acrobat, but it has not changed anything. I also tried some updates, but nothing that is. I did hours of research on the Internet and have found nothing so far. Does anyone know why this error keeps appearing?

    Thank you!

    Hi all

    This problem has been corrected and is implemented to come or update.

    Kind regards


  • How to remove PDF files in Adobe acrobat?

    How to remove the PDF FILES in ADOBE ACROBAT?


    Please take a look at the following document to see if it answers your question.

    How to manage files Acrobat DC for iOS

    What do you think of the new app?  Please let us know what you think. Thank you.

  • How can I reduce the size of PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader (free version) ms?

    I use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free version), ScanSnap ix500 & MAC OS X.  I have many documents and statements I want to scan and would like to know how to reduce the size of the document to preserve the memory. I scanned a document, 1 page, converted to PDF format and save it to a folder on my computer.  The file size of the PDF file has been 371ko.  I can reduce the size without having to buy the standard Adobe Reader or Pro edition?

    You can not. You need Acrobat for this kind of task.

  • How to find and export video that is embedded in a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Pro?

    I need to find 2 videos embedded in a PDF document and then export them so that I can integrate them into a PowerPoint presentation.

    I use Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.

    How can I do this?

    Hi nickyc311,

    Video integrated in the file PDF can not be extracted & it won't even get exported to file Power point.

    You must have the original video file to incorporate into the Power Point file.

    Kind regards

  • When you use Internet Explorer, cannot save a PDF file.  Adobe Acrobat message "the document could not be saved.  Access denied"may be logged when you use the Google browser.

    When you use the browser Internet Explorer, PDF files saved cannont.  Message from Adobe Acrobat: "document not saved County. Access denied.  Same PDF can be saved when you use Google.


    I use Adobe Acrobat 11.0.10 - Windows 7 - Office 2013 - Internet Explorer 11.  Compatibility according to the link is OK.

    Thank you

  • Cannot create PDF files with adobe acrobat 8 professional on windows 7

    I ran acrobat 8 Professional on Windows 7 64 bit. I can only create PDF files when you are logged on as administrator. I tried to add the user to the Administrators group, but still have the same problem. The system locks just after adobe promts me to the name of the file, I provided file name, click on save and it crashes when displaying the "" print message "»

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Acrobat 8 Pro is not compatible with Win 7 - especially for the creation of PDF files.

  • Impossible to edit PDF files now

    I have Acrobat 5 and 9.4 on my machine. My work includes the duty to reframe and change PDF files on external resources. Lately, my problem is I can't open all PDFs with 5 where are all my editing tools. What do I need to get the files edit 9?

    I have Reader 9 on some machines with AA5 because AA5 cannot read a large number of recent files. If you need to change them, you're out of luck. There is a roundabout way is not that great and many wouldn't recommend it, but you can open the file in Reader 9 and then print the Acrobat Distiller printer. Don't know how this will work, but it might do the job. I'm also not what else you might lose. Tabs and such other markup will be effectively lost.

  • I cannot download a .pdf file using Adobe Acrobat module Disabling the add-on allows me to download the .pdf.

    I tried to download a .pdf file and open it with Adobe module in FF 25.0.1 and received a message that the file has been damaged and cannot be repaired. I called the Technical Support of the site, and they asked that I have try with another browser download (ugh!) and the download worked. I returned and disabled the add-on Adobe in FF and the download worked in FF also. Don't know who developed the add-on, but one who did, left a bug in the process.

    HI central_texan,

    Please upgrade to the latest version of Firefox by going on the subject of Firefox from the Firefox menu. If download hangs at the last minute (just before reaching 100%), the cause may be an antivirus software that tries to parse the file and during this process the instance of Firefox crashes. It can also occur when the download is corrupted. What I want to know is in the system requirements, which means "Firefox Extended Support Release".

    To resolve the issue, try disabling the analysis as follows:

    1. In the address bar, type Subject: config and press enter. The subject: config "this might void your warranty!" warning page may appear.
    2. Click on I'll be careful, I promise!, to continue on the subject: config page. A list of parameters must appear
    3. Filter the list by typing in the search bar at top. Enter scanWhenDone. Now you should find the preference.
    4. Double-click this preference to set the value to false.
    5. Then, try to download something and see if it still crashes.

    Please reply and let us know if this helped you!

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