Impossible to enter the URL in address bar 36.04

When I type in a URL in the address bar and press ENTER, nothing happens. I had other problems since 36.04 was presented today. Windows XP on your desktop.


This problem has been resolved by removing the Firefox compatibility property. Many thanks jscher2000!

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  • Firefox 23.0.1, update is no longer automatically highlights the contents of address bar when I open a new tab.

    The foregoing. When I opened a new tab in the past, before the new update, firefox would automatically highlight the text in the address bar, and I couldn't just start typing here the address of the site that I wanted to. I could quickly get anywhere I want in less than a second. Now, I need to drag, and then click on in the bar every time to address. I installed an add-on called "custom newtab", but it slows down just me lower due to a lag between opening a new tab and the add-on kick and highlighting the contents of address bar.
    What is happening is this:
    Click "new tab".
    New tab opens blank, and the text appears highlighted "" for about a quarter second.
    Loading the Google page and highlight the text becomes not for another second quarter.
    The module comes in and highlights the text "" Meanwhile I have already started typing and end up losing the first part of words, sending me random web pages and research.

    Why this change? Difficulty please!

    Hi ChrisYeomans, a change has been noted in other threads on

    The http URL now automatically redirects to https. Since you did not specify the Protocol in your newtab.url setting, Firefox attempts http and it is immediately redirected to the https domain. You should be able to see this happen unless your computer is much faster than mine.

    Firefox does not handle this redirect elegantly - the URL in the address bar is not enabled unless you click a different tab, and then click back.

    To work around the problem, update your newtab.url to the URL full

  • Safari crashes when entering the URL

    Ouch... I can't use safari.

    When I press the "search" bar to search or enter the URL, the application crashes and takes back me to the home screen.

    I've done several hard reboots, I went to settings > Safari and deleted all the data from my iPhone iCloud.

    When I click on links, safari is open and working fine, but to actually enter a URL that I use Chrome (ouch).

    How can I resolve this short of restoring the iPhone everything from a backup?

    Thank you


    Hi Thomas,

    try disabling Safari suggestions:

    Parameters--> Safari--> Safari Suggestions

    Regards, Sven

  • Can not enter the url in the address bar

    I can open a new tab, and the cursor is placed at the beginning of the address window. The cursor does not blink. I can't enter all the characters from the keyboard. I can open any favorite in the new tab, but the address bar is frozen.
    The same problem occurred just when I tried to fill my email address on a form in The cursor is placed in the field, but entry was frozen.
    I am running FF 13 in windows 7 64 bit.

    Sorry, I don't add to that earlier, Cor - el. I end up following your good advice because the issue seems to have resolved itself. It's magic! The only change I did was uninstall Flash 11.3 and go back to 10. I had the same problems as many others with the last Flash. As by chance, I have not had my problem since.

    TKS for you answer and offer help.

  • Version 29: Address bar is filled with static icons to Firefox. Impossible to type the URL in the address bar.

    I have never seen anything like this before and can't find a solution in support or in a general Google search.

    We have a user who has an address bar has filed with the static icons in Firefox (there's a screenshot if there is no way to predict that). If the user clicks on them, they aren't going anywhere (they shouldn't be here anyway, no?). This user is unable to type in the address bar, either. Not sure if there was an auto-update to version 29 of the next day or not, but Firefox has been uninstalled a sweet version of installed 29 - reasoning that he could be an installation problem. The question remains. This user is not having the same problem with Chrome. Have not tried to breed with another browser on that machine. Have not heard complaints from other users in the Office using version 29.

    Is there a setting being ignored with version 29? Is this a bug? Should we try to install version 28 and see if it's a question of versioning, or maybe something else? Try to eliminate possible problems and move to the next set of solutions.

    Thank you

    Hello Wudumaer, other users have reported that this error can be caused by third-party extensions like Icon RSS 1.0.6...

    Troubleshoot extensions, themes, and issues of hardware acceleration to resolve common problems of Firefox

  • Remove the Url or address

    I don't know that I asked OK. How can I delete an address or the url from the address bar or the address bar?

    Well, you need to just remove it? If that is the case, simply use your mouse to select the part you want to delete and click the Delete button on your keyboard. Or are you meaning something else?

    In addition, support for the Firefox 3.6 will end in April, which means that he will receive more than security or stability updates. To continue to receive updates, please update Firefox 11. Not only it is more secure as Firefox 3.6, it is up to 7 times faster, has many new features and improvements as well as the improvement of memory, etc.

  • How can I specify the length of the drop down address bar?

    I am referring to the drop-down menu which is accessible by pressing the arrow on the right side of the address bar. It can also be called the auto suggest list until you have typed into any character for a new URL.

    Although my laptop and desktop computer the same operating systems (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit) and the same versions of Firefox, my laptop display 10 places that my office shows only 3.

    This problem may be caused by the FastestFox extension.

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions of the origin of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

  • Bing turned Firefox (different from the rpeviously reported) address bar


    1. I am running Windows 7 64-bit with Firefox 3.6.3

    2. Internet Explorer is disable the Feautures of Windows

    3. I don't have Windows Live on my computer

    4. I've never installed a BING/MSN/YAHOO toolbars

    5. I can't find any mention of KB 982217 in my list of updates

    6. Firefox keyword.url is set for "Google I'm feeling lucky."

    7 avast and TeaTimer finds no viruses, malware, spyware

    8. all temporary files have been deleted

    9. There are no Windows Search support/Bing toolbar or any kind of modules or extensions installed for Firefox obviouss

    My problem now:

    When I type a key word in the Firefox address bar (planned for Google search), it opens a window of Bing search!

    The only way I managed to get rid of the Bing search has been completely disable Windows Search in Windows features!

    It's kinda arsh and quite annoying as I obviously can not do your research on my computer!

    Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

    (please go back through the list above and don't ask me to remove the Bing module or disableKB 982217 ...)

    Thank you!

    Very weird things happen!

    I'm tired not being able to do a regular search on my PC, so I re-abled the Windows search feature, restarted the computer and tried typing stuff randomly in my address bar!

    Oh joy...  Really do not understand what happened there, but Bing is no longer used by the FF!

    I won't try to understand!

    Thanks for your help anyway

  • I need dispay the race time of the reaction of form enter the url manually

    Hi all
    I use 10g Forms Builder,
    Database Oracle 10 g.
    IE 6, windows XP operating system...

    What I need, is that I have to view execution when I enter maually url in the browser...
    What are the steps I need to follow to get there?
    Run time is displayed very well when I run through the forms generator.
    If everyone knows this. Pls answer...

    Kind regards


    to run the form in the browser, use the following link,


    in this link replace myform by your formname and run into it. Before this start oc4j. If possible, remove from the local host and give your pc ip address.

    If it works for you then mark this question as answered.

    Thank you

  • Why are the buttons, tabs, address bar, etc acting sometimes glitch? (see details)

    I can't explain the problem with the words really... See photos attached.

    I'm using Firefox 4 for the major part of the beta and RC 1 now. This has been a recurring problem for me. This seems to happen randomly. It is virtually a daily show, although it occurs whenever I hear myself.

    I can't pinpoint the problem to any add-ons. In fact I think I disabled all at one time and it happened again.

    Sometimes when you use the address bar, sometimes when you use the drop down menu bookmarks or the Firefox button. Sometimes, the window of the whole browser it... but not as often.

    Any ideas what could be wrong here?

    Photo 1
    Photo 2

    If start you Firefox with the new profile (to be sure, follow the instructions in the last link above shortcut to a specific profile or launch Firefox from the command line, check out this link: command line arguments - sometimes I had to use -profile instead of Pei or it wouldn't work), you can try other things is to restart in safe mode ( Firefox button--> help--> restart with disabled modules) or maybe disable hardware acceleration (Options-> Advanced-> general-> uncheck use hardware acceleration when available)

  • A possible solution to the problem of address bar: disable the Safari Suggestions

    For everyone having problems with the address bar: turn off the Suggestions of Safari in preferences-> search and restart Safari has solved it for me. Maybe there is a problem with the servers providing the information for the Suggestions of Safari right now or something like that.

    Thanks – it worked for me also.

  • Is it possible to delete the shortcut to a user profile in the drop-down menu in the Windows Explorer address bar?

    We have a significant machines Windows 7 deployment, all managed by group policies.  All users have their Documents redirected to a file server as well as their other main libraries i.e. music, videos, photos, downloads, Favorites etc. - Despite this users continually save files in their roaming profile.  What I would do is, delete the shortcut to a profile of the users of the windows address bar to try and dissuade users from recording in their profile - please see the image below;

    I can't find the Group Policy settings to remove this link?

    I hope you can help

    Thank you


    Hi Ashley,

    Personally, I apologize for the delay. Because these machines are managed by group policies, my experience I cannot work on it. You can create a new post related to your question in TechNet for other members also suggest.

    I hope that there was a way I could answer your query.

  • Impossible to enter the product key

    I have a business degree in volume for Windows 8, I loaded Windows and it works but I can't enter the product key, I thought impossible to activate now, it gives me the following information. Error0x8007007b the file name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect. I tried Microsoft helpline was everywhere in the world, but no one was able to help

    Press Windows key + R

    Type: slui.exe 3

    Press enter on your keyboard

    Enter your product key and clicm next to activate via the Internet.


    Make sure you get a key activate several of your MSDN, Technet or volume license subscription

    Click with the right button on the left corner of the screen of Windows 8

    Click prompt (Admin)

    Type: slmgr.vbs - ipk

    Press enter

    Then type:

    slmgr.vbs - ato

  • I entered the wrong email address when buying Photoshop.

    I'm not entirely sure how I did it but I missed a 0 in the email address when I was buying Photoshop. I already had an account but when I was buy Photoshop I have entered the wrong email and pay for the account which is not mine. I can't use the app and the purchase does not appear in my purchase history. How can I cancel this subscription or change to my email?

    Use the chat here:

    Contact the customer service

  • PDF form: allow the customer to enter the name and address in a printable letter

    I am creating a letter in which people can:

    -Download in PDF from my Web site

    -Open in an application PDF and enter their name and address

    -Print the letter with the name and address (that they registered above) inside.

    I'm assuming that InDesign CS6 is the best tool for this because it has orders to create interactive PDF Forms.

    I created a text box for the user to enter their name and address. I then went to window > interactive > buttons and form, clicked on the box and he attributed the following values:

    -Type: Textfield

    -Event: Onfocus (PDF)

    PDF options: Printable, necessary, Multi line, scrollable

    I then export my PDF making sure to put ' the interactive elements' "of appearance."

    When I click on the text box, on the Mac or Acrobat preview, nothing happens.

    What I am doing wrong?

    Thanks for any help.

    Use file > export > Interactive

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