Impossible to install the latest driver for Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME (SP A40)

I know that this topic is explained before by NickyNoogle and Juan28, however I need more help.
I can't install the latest driver for the graphics controller Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME (Toshiba A40 Satellite Pro). I downloaded the driver from the Intel Web site, but it has not installed and there is an error message "unable to install on this computer, please contact with the producer. I need to update the driver of version of lates version ( I know that I have to use the Toshiba drivers only. Could you be so kind and stick it to the post any link of this driver to download? I can't seem to find it on the Toshiba site anywhere.


You can not install it because of the material. AFAIK designed Toshiba drivers are slightly modified to be limited and protect the graphics card. Driver Intel can get the map on the maximum limit and destroy it. This is the reason why you can not install it.

Sorry but there is nothing to do. Try to check if a new Toshiba unit has the same graphics card and latest driver on Toshiba download page. Date of arrival:
Sat Pro L10
Satellite L10
Satellite A50 and A80 (

Good bye

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    First of all I'm really putting t understand why you start two topics with the same theme. It is often better to have a subject with good content and interesting comments. Am I wrong? ;)

    Anyway, in your case, it is interesting that Toshiba use adapted drivers because of the material. This means that this graphics card is not required to run at the maximum level. Material cooling in laptops is very problematic and high temperature can cause overheating or a material damage. All hardware components are placed on a small square. Graphics card produces a lot of heat and it is not so good for other material.

    When you use graphic driver non-Toshiba card is forced to run faster. That's any use of support laptop manufacturers don t of third party drivers. The fact is that physical protection is a priority.

    I didn t do all the experiments, but according to some reports on this forum, there is how to install the driver of non-Toshiba graphics card.

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    It is supossed to be the latest driver for the video card U300: MOBILE INTEL 965 Express chipset family.

    The problem is that when I try to install, I have an error that says: "not for this system, ask your provider manufacturer.

    How can I install or where I could find the solution?

    I have TOSHIBA Satellite Pro U300-10 with Windows Vista Business 32.
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    Thank you much in advance.


    Drivers designed for laptops are changed and adapted to provide performance fairly, but not to force a graphics card to run on the limit. As you probably know there are big difference between office and mobile graphics cards.

    Desktop graphics cards have no limits with cooling and drivers can be updated very often. Design of portable computers is completely different and all hardware components are placed on the square. The common problem with laptops is to design the system of cooling, small but effective.
    Because of all these reasons, display drivers must be tested and adapted by the laptop manufacturers. The main point is to protect the material. The same situation is with other manufacturers of graphics card. They don't offer drivers for laptops.

    If your graphics card will blow that will be responsible for this Toshiba or Intel?

    By the way: Satellite Pro U300 is for me a laptop of small business and certainly not designed for games. Do you agree with me?

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    Please help me

    Hi Milad,
    Did you get the new driver from the web site of Toshiba or others.

    The graphics card in your laptop is not necessarily compatible with the latest drivers from the manufacturer, simply because it is specially designed for your laptop. Usually only the drivers supplied by Toshiba works correctly.


  • Impossible to install the graphics driver for Probook s 4530 without blue screen or the repair mode

    Recently due to the failure of the hard drive, I replace my drive with an SSD Intel 520 180 GB. I tried to install from a DVD MSDN windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit. Everything was going fine until I had to install the drivers. All of them have been installed OK, but not for the graphics. A useful user Paul_Tikkanen guided my via different drivers and tricks, but with the same sad result. Not his fault, of course. On recommendationen of Paul, I ordered support restore disks for HP businesses. I got them today and of course happy as a kid receives his candy Saturday I put disks in the dvd player for the installation. Same thing happened again. Graphics driver has not worked here either. He me gives either a blue screen on reboot or I am se repair to restart mode.

    I tried to find auto driver from Intel, but IE crashes when you try. I also tried the generic Intel driver. If someone has an idea or can extract drivers work this would be much appreciated.  The generic Microsoft driver works well but I get a maximum of 1024 * 768 resolution.

    I also read that you need to install the chipset driver and intel

    You can see my entries a little frustrated in the following thread:

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    I have also contacted the provider here in Sweden, to check if the warranty has expired yet. The laptop is 1.5 years old.

    This problem has been resolved by manually installing the HP Intel HD graphics driver.

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    Someone at - it an idea?

    Best regards

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    where did you downloaded the driver? On the toshiba Web site? Maybe you should try the driver from realtek home page because they are native and absolutely clear things from other manufacturers. I think you should try "" and install the driver downloaded from there, once you have uninstalled the driver for your machine.

    Welcome them

  • Impossible to install the graphics driver from Intel on Satellite R630

    Hi, I downloaded the latest graphics driver from intel, but it won't install it? is there any solution for this?

    You must use the driver from Toshiba's European driver page.
    If you want to install the driver from the Intel page then you can do it at your own risk.
    This driver can be installed in Device Manager. There, you have to point to the files in the driver downloaded from Intel page by using the Advanced installation procedure and have to force the operating system select this driver.

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    I can't install the intel graphics hd on my laptop?

    Have you tried to install the Intel HD graphics driver in Device Manager?
    It works for you.

    You must download a zip package.
    Then, unzip the folder and choose the installation advanced driver in Device Manager.
    This allows you to choose the folder (unzipped) driver and the system would take the driver automatically.

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    I started the uninstall program with the hope of just uninstall the printer status s/w and then put it back.

    but the uninstall program seems to have uninstalled the entire suite of s/w...

    Before going to this one more time, I thought that I would like to ask for suggestions...

    I've owned this phone for 6 months, and it was Cap... it's the first BSOD I did...

    Thanks for any help!

    I wanted to just close this thread:

    I was out of town for a week, but just returned and recalled to HP support.

    The technician did a large manual cleaning of the pilot has failed on my machine.

    and ran two different installers cleaning MSI Windows then with temporarily disabled antivirus s/w

    (which I had also done during initial Setup) we re-installed and everything seems to work.

  • Driver is not intended for this platform (install the latest driver for Verizon Wireless WAN (UNDP))


    My Verizon Wireless WAN has worked on my T500 (2081CT 0, 4 GB of RAM, Windows Vista Business 64) since I received it last September. This morning it stopped working. Said that the card has not been activated. Ask Verizon and Lenovo have been pretty useless - each blamed the other, I so put on my own.

    -I uninstalled the driver for the Qualcomm HS USB card integrated, downloaded the latest version of the driver (transferred via CDROM since I can't connect to this laptop to the network where I work) and tried to install it. The HS-USB card is now displayed in the devices as "Unknown device" Manager (under 'other devices'), and his device status is:

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    To reinstall the drivers for this device, click on reinstall the driver. »


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    -Some additional background: I've had several accidents recently, including at least two yesterday with blue screens. Easy to believe something has become corrupted, that's why I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver.


    Thank you very much.

    Solution was to uninstall the 'unknown device', search for new hardware and follow the promts by selecting all default values.

  • Impossible to install the updated driver for printer canon


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    Canon printers software update released in April, 2012"

    This made their appearance in these last weeks, and I've had the printer for more than 12 months (reference at the time of update).

    He has downloaded and moved on the agreement (or as it seems), yet a further reboot shows he has not, as it appears again in update option.

    Canon has already recommended to uninstall all the printer drivers for the printer, then relocation including that similar issues... a very long process.

    Is there a direct link (?) I don't have access to update? Assuming that it can fix the problem.

    Looking forward to any advice or request for clarification.



    There are a number of knowledge associated with, such as KB123456, as well as a link in the right pane for "Additional information" or "information". By clicking on one of them may lead you to a download available.

    If not, go here> and look for the number + 'download '.

    If this STILL does not work, try one of these (probably one of the two for 10/04/2012, even if neither one is 18.3 MB):>

    Or (and this is what I would do), if everything works fine with the printer, the next time that he shows up, uncheck the box, right-click on it and select "Hide this update." The general rule is if the drivers are available at hardware manufacturers, then never install an update to Microsoft hardware (unless, of course, it's a MS product such as a mouse or a keyboard).

    SC Tom

  • Need to install the latest driver for Huawei EM680 w / Gobi technology

    but could not find the driver

    Hi Ikklc8888! You have a problem with your Sony product? Please provide details. Thank you.

  • Impossible to install the latest drivers for DVB - T USB TV Vista

    Hi all

    Reading the forums I noticed that this is not an uncommon problem on XP and vista now.

    The problem is that after installation, with the deleted stick and after restarting when plugged the device in Vista does not find the drivers. I manually extract the zipped file exe - zip so that the inf files are available in the drivers / x 32 or x 64 directories and selected each directory manually to nothing does not. I also tried the other usual culprits, ~ / system, ~/system32 etc.

    After doing all that I can think that I ask this question - how can I get?

    This device is known to work on another XP machine (even if I'm not sitting within 5 miles of the transmitter to be actually able to get a signal)


    Where did you get the drivers if I ask? Maybe he has the wrong drivers...

    Welcome them

  • I have installed the latest updates for my Compaq desktop computer and the DVD/CD drive bay door will not work.

    I have installed the latest updates for my Compaq desktop computer and the DVD/CD drive bay door will not work. I can get the led light will stop flashing when I open the door all the way, the machine detects the drive but do not read or close on its own, how can I get this disc surgery? Downloading updates, I installed a software disc, when I ejected the disc, the drive comes of is stopped. The computer still sees the drive, but will not read or even close on its own. I also had been using my computer in mode mute until I tried to increase the volume and now the computer tells me no playback device installed. Device Manager acknowledges the Harmon/Kardon soundsticks connected to it, but nothing does, how it works? The Control Panel also sees the soundsticks, but still when I try to move the volume the computer says there is no playback device installed.


    1. do you get any error code or error message?

    2. what day you installed recently?

    It seems to be a problem with the hardware. I suggest you try to uninstall and reinstall the CD/DVD driver and check if it helps.

    Follow the steps to uninstall and re-install the drivers.

    a. click on start toreduce this includes this im and then click Control Panel.

    b. click system and Maintenance, click Systemand then click on Device Manager.
    Note If Control Panel is in Classic view, double-click System, and then click Device Manager.

    Reduce this includes this imageIf you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click allow.

    c. in the Manager device, expand CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives, right click on CD and DVD devices and then click Uninstall.

    d. When you are prompted to confirm that you want to remove the device, click OK.

    e. restart the computer.

    If the methods mentioned above did not help, then it would be best to contact the manufacturer of the computer/CD/DVD player.

    Hope the information is useful.

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