Impossible to manually configure the wireless settings.

I have an Apple Time Capsule of 7.7.7 version and no matter what I do I can't seem to accept my manual settings wireless.  My building a House requires several APs to provide adequate coverage, and time Capsule keeps selecting wireless channels that are in conflict with other access points in the House.  Does anyone know of a work around that will allow me to force the desired channels? I use a Windows PC 10 with Airport Utility for Windows version 5.6.1 configure time Capsule. Here are the steps I followed:

-Select the "Time Capsule" on the left side

-Click on the "Manual Configuration" button at the bottom

-Select the tab "wireless".

-Radio mode - menu drop down select "802. 11A / n - 802. "11b / g ' (very intentional)

-Radio channel selection - I select in the drop-down "manual."

-Select 'change... '. "and choose"36"for the 5 GHz channel and '1' for channel 2.4 GHz, then 'Ok '.

-Select "Update."

After restarting the device, I check the settings and I find...

-Radio mode is back 'automatic '.

-Selection of the radio channel is 'Automatic' and channels do not necessarily match what I selected initially.

Someone at - it advice?

The main problem is that the version of the AirPort for Windows utility is not designed to work with 802.11ac airport base stations. Unfortunately, Apple has not updated this utility since Windows 7.

The other problem is that Apple has "dumb - which crashed" AirPort Utility for Macs and the iOS devices with version 6.x. One of the things that he removed has the possibility to define patterns of radio and channels that "stick" to the 802.11ac base stations.

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  • Impossible to manually add the wireless network

    I need to manually add a wireless network to the laptop. When I click on add in the wireless connection properties window, however there is no pop-up window. If I try on a similar laptop windows wireless network properties appears. The Wireless Auto-Configuration service is started. How can I get the wireless network properties window?

    I was finally able to solve this problem and I posted the results on another forum, I used for this purpose.  Here is the text exactly as I posted on the other forum.  It answers some of your questions.
    Regarding other software that manages the wireless card, Yes, there are (Atheros), he was not managing the adapter (off a long time ago), however, to be sure, I removed it to run in the registry.

    Here is the text of how I solved the problem, I mentioned.  If you have more questions, feel free to post them.


    I am just posting this here because I could solve the problem and not able to find a reliable source on the internet on a fix for this and for a problem that is the result of my attempts to fix it.

    This is the situation and my landline.

    I was getting this error message

    "Impossible to migrate dependent packages.

    After trying to install a pacakage KB. It did not matter that one but they have been associated with the Wireless settings.

    I continued to try to install the newer packages.

    Each gave me the same message

    "Impossible to migrate dependent packages.

    I read online that I install KB937143 (update IE7) could help.

    I did this and still got the same message on dependent modules.
    I also had another problem occur.
    In the section my network places properties connection wireless adapters, whenever I clicked the Add button / PROPERTIES without window appears to allow me to change the settings, however, I was able to remove items from the preferred networks window.

    My Automatic Configuration Service wireless is running and took Windows to configure my wireless settings.

    I downloaded the updates for my driver Wlan (WiFiHP 500) and I still had the same problems.

    I restarted KB918997 using the/log option and read the log file. This is the last important lines:

    33.849: MigrateHotfix: hotfix migration KB937143
    34.129: migrating QFE KB937143 with command line: update.exe z q - B: sp2qfe
    36.783: failed 1603 Update.exe.
    36.793: MigrateHotfixes: KB937143 Migration failed
    36.793: DoInstallation: Migration failed
    36.933: failed to migrate dependent packages.
    39.597: message displayed to the user: cannot migrate dependent packages.

    I then uninstalled the KB937143 package and reinstalled KB918997 update with the newspaper of Pétion and he went along. I also tested the buttons add and PROPERTIES in the window of Favorites and those networks worked too.

    I checked the logfile KB918997 and he showed this:
    42.311: MigrateHotfix: hotfix migration KB932168 have
    42.511: migrating QFE KB932168 have with the command line: update.exe z q - B: sp2qfe
    88.768: MigrateHotfix: Hotfix KB932168 successfully migrated
    88.768: MigrateHotfixes: return code: 3010
    88.928: DoInstallation: Migration succeeded

    As a side note, I restarted the laptop frequently just to be sure.

    So, really, the option of running with the Ko log file helped me diagnose the problem.

  • How to manually configure the IP, subnet, gateway on the new NIC in ESX Server 3.5

    Hello, first let me say that I am relatively new on ESX Server and so the question I ask here may seem trivial but I looked through the documentation and other threads and that you have not found quite what I'm looking for.

    I have an ESX Server 3.5 with a number of production virtual machines running works very well.  I need to install a second NETWORK adapter because my use of the network will go through the roof, once I convert a production server used in a virtual machine on this machine.  I have a server Dell PE 2950 and I bought an Intel Pro/1000 PT dual port PCI-e adapter that is on the list of hardware supported.  In the reading I did, every reason to believe that when I set up the server, the new network cards will appear in the VIC where I can assign to a new Vswitch and so forth, so I get it.  What I don't see in the VIC is a way to specify the NETWORK adapter settings.

    The problem is that the switch I connect to, put in place by our network management staff, will not be DHCP settings of NETWORK card for me, I have to manually configure the IP, subnet and gateway until I can start talking.  When I initially installed ESX, I was able to provide all parameters of NETWORK card installation - which is not the case now with the new NETWORK card and the operating system all this up and running.  How do I do this?  Thanks for any help.

    ... BillH

    Adding another physical NETWORK card to your vSwitch will make this new Teddy to comply with policies of vSwitch.  In particular, the load balancing algorithm will determine how the additional bears will get used.  By default, this is done with switch port ID.  This means that each vm NIC that feeds, will choose the next available bear to talk about.  The virtual NIC will essentially be Robin and choose the next Teddy online to talk it through and will so remain like that until a failure condition occurs, or the virtual machine is restarted.

    If you know a particular VM is a high user of I/O, and you want to separate its traffic from the rest of your virtual machine, and then create a new portgroup on vSwitch0, assign this new portgroup 3rd Teddy and use the other two as before.  In addition, in your regular exchanges, remove or make sleep 3rd Teddy.  In this way you completely isolate the heavy vm from the rest of your systems.


    VMware vExpert 2009

  • Manually configure the client 11 essbase (without using the Installer)

    Hi all

    is it possible to install the Essbase 11 client without using the installation program?
    I tried to copy the 'bin' and 'regional settings' directory of an existing facility and put in place the variable of environment ARBORPATH - without success.

    I missed something? Maybe some registry entries? Or is it not possible to manually configure the essbase client?

    Any response would be appreciated.

    See you soon,.

    In 11.1.2.x, you can get a separate installer for essbase spread spreadsheet add-in.
    Simply, you can run that as we do in version 9.

  • I need to know how to configure the security settings for my laptop secured with a wireless router & domestic printer on a network in an apt building

    I live in an apartment bldg & want to know if my phone is secured with a wireless router & domestic implementation of a network. I have a laptop HP under Win 7 pro, a desktop computer using XP, & a wireless Canon printer? I use Microsoft Security Essentials for security. Can you tell me the right settings to ensure the safety of my business? And if I use the 'Public' library in documents others may see them outside my home network?

    Hi Tere,

    You can see this Microsoft article to strengthen the security of your computer and your network.


    Make your network more secure


    Personal information and files on your wireless network can sometimes be seen by people to pick up the signal from your network. This can lead to identity theft and other acts of violence. A network security key or password can help protect your network against this type of unauthorized access wireless. Refer to this article for more information:

    Set up a security key for a wireless network

    Public folders are a convenient way to share files on your computer. You can share files in the public folders with other people using the same computer and with people using other computers on your network. Any file or folder you put in a folder Public is automatically shared with the people who have access to your public folders.

    Share files via public folders

    Hope this information helps. If you need help with Windows, let us know and will be happy to help you.

  • Router WNDR3400 wireless Port status showing does not the wireless settings

    Hi all

    Recently my SSID name is not recognized (2.4 and 5 GHZ). These had been configured manually. Looking at the Port of Wireless Router Status indicates that it is empty. I've reconfigured the Basic and wireless settings and I still don't see the SSID, etc. in the wireless Port. Example: The name (SSID) WirelessNet2G. In the wireless Port name (SSID) and any parameters are empty.

    It wasn't a problem until a week ago, when my wireless connections said "out of range".

    Thanks for any advice.

    Please close this post. Applies the settings default, and re-installed.

    Thank you

  • Equium L10: How to configure the wireless card to pick up the router?

    Am wireless news and putting in place Broadband BT BT Voyager2091 router. Laptop wireless button in 'on', but is unable to connect or view available wireless networks. How to set up the portable integrated wireless card to pick up the router?


    First of all, I hope that your camera comes with the wireless network card and the wireless network adapter is listed in the device under network adapters Manager.

    The card must be activated first with wireless switch that you can find on the front of your laptop near the lights on the system (right). When the adapter is enabled using FN F8 key combination to activate the card. When you use the FN keys in the middle of the screen, you will see a small window. When the FN button pressed constantly, whenever using the F8 key the different symbol will be chosen.

    Go to START > Control Panel > network connections. Click with the right button on wireless network connection and choose Properties. Chose the WIRELESS NETWORKS, tab and activate the option called use Windows to set up?

    At this point the available networks are listed. Select view wireless networks. If your WLAN is listed here you must configure the connection if the password is set.

    Try it!

  • I can use my laptop with internet connection by cable, but cannot configure the wireless connection.

    Wireless Internet

    can use my laptop with internet cable is plugged in, but I am unable to set up a Wi - Fi connection, even though two other laptops in the House are Wi - Fi. Tried the convenience store who said there is a button on the front of the laptop that I push to turn on wireless on, tried that, but nothing is. I have an Acer Travelmate 2410, can someone help me?

    Hi Karldawkins,

    What operating system is installed on the computer?

    As the error message clearly indicates that the wireless switch is disabled on the computer. I suggest you consult the manual of the laptop and try to turn on the wireless switch.

    If you still experience the problem, then I suggest you to contact Acer support to enable the wireless switch.

  • I'm unable to display links to an online class in Media Player, says I need to configure the proxy settings

    I'm the unab to display links to an online class. Media Player opens, then he said that I need c alter my internet proxy settings. What should I do?


    What is the exact error message when you try to open links through Windows Media Player?

    Check your proxy server settings and check if that helps.

    (a) on the Tools menu, click Options and then click the network tab.

    (b) check your settings in the Streaming proxy settings area.


    ·         If you don't know what your proxy server settings should be, on the network tab, select a Protocol, click on configure and select

    ·         Automatically detect the proxy settings or use the proxy settings of the browser (available for HTTP protocol only).

    ·         If you are connected to the Internet via a dial-up connection, you may not be able to choose the proxy server. For more information,.

  • When I remove my computer and try to connect to a different wireless network Iget "windows cannot configure the wireless connection" what can I do?

    My "wireless connection" screen does not show available networks, but gives me the message "Windows cannot configure this wireless connection".

    Should what changes I make to connect to different wireless routers?


    You should try another network you know for sure that it is Public and open (as in the Starbucks or McDonald's).

    Wireless in general,

  • Impossible to manually reset the Windows Update KB971058 components

    System: 32 bit, Win 7 Home Premium SP1

    Problem: WU forever "check for Updates" after had to power-off because boot hung to ' installation up-to-date 68 74 "»

    History: Perform clean installation of Windows 7 Windows Update (WU) has stopped working on the last image.  This time, WU has been successful for the first days of the new facility (as long as you would expect at least 10 hours between updates).  One day after I finally got a 'Windows is up-to-date,' 74 updates popped up.  When the computer reboots, updates the procedure until I believe has been updated 68 74.  No progress for more than 24 hours has a power down.  Updated regulated PC updated incomplete on the next reboot.

    Last action/results:

    • Chkdisk is OK.
    • At ran WindowsUpdateDiagnostic in KB/971058; Has no difficulty.
      • Troubleshooting of BITS

    • Troubleshooting Windows Update tool:

    • Installed WindowsUpdateAgent-7, 6 - x 86
    • Convenience store of WU ran again; Impossible to fix:

    • Has begun the steps in article KB 971058 to manually reset the components WU.
    • In step 2:
      • BITS service is not started.
      • WUauserv service failed to stop.
      • AppIDSvc has not been started.
      • cryptsvc stopped.
    • Used MSCONFIG to disable these four services on the next reboot.  Everything stopped.
    • To KB article 971058 step 5 I got the following RegSvr32 errors:
      • "The"mshtml.dll"module has been loaded but the DIIRegisterServer entry point was not found.  Make sure "mshtml.dll" is a valid DLL or OCX file and try again. »
      • "Module"shdocvw.dll"was loaded but the entry point DIIRegisterServer was not found... »
      • "For"browseui.dll"module has been loaded but the DIIRegisterServer entry point was not found..." »
      • "The 'msxml.dll" failed to load module.  Make sure the binary is stored at the specified location, or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent file. DLL files.  The specified module could not be found. »
      • "The module"gpkcsp.dll"failed to load...". »
      • "The module"sccbase.dll"failed to load...". »
      • "The module"slbcsp.dll"failed to load...". »
      • "The module 'initpki.dll' failed to load...". »
      • "Module 'wuaueng1.dll' could not load...". »
      • 'Module 'c:\windows\system32\dllcache\wucltui.dll' failed to load... ". »
      • "The module"wuweb.dll"failed to load...". »
      • "Module"qmgr.dll"was loaded but the entry point DIIRegisterServer was not found... »
      • "Module 'c:\windows\system32\muweb.dll' could not load...". »
      • 'Module 'muwebv.dll' failed to load... ". »
    • Step 7 - reset Winsock.  ALERT receipt: «you must restart the computer to finish...» "I has not restarted since had several commands to run.
    • AtStep 9 - "appidsvc" could not be started ERROR: "because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices is associated to him."
    • Step 11 - Ran WindowsUpdateAgent - 7, 6 - x 86 install again by Ko.
    • Restarted.
    • The value of WU to never automatically check updates

    Conclusion: Windows Update always forever ' check for Updates ' Article 971058 Knowledge Base has not automatically or difficulty manually Windows Update.

    Anyone know an easier way to reset Windows Update manually?

    Has no way of resetting, as matters get triggered side server. None of the default update clients is able to manage some of the most recent updates. This has been fixed in the update of the client featured in KB3161608. Download and install it manually and make sure not to do a search of update running in the background at this time.

    Best regards, VZ

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 has more: impossible to reconnect to the wireless router

    Have had the printer for four years. Has been connected to the wireless router earlier today.

    When I try to set up the connection again, he asks for a WPA key.

    He never did that before, just asked the network password.

    From bottom of router WPA, it matched correctly, get the error message saying "authentication failure".

    Several attempts, same error.

    Reset setting factory (menu) wireless - no change.

    Restarted printer - no change

    Restarted router - no change


    WPA key is your network password.

    Kind regards.

  • Impossible to connect to the wireless network when the wireless Internet is filled to connect to the Local network

    I tried to fill the connection between my laptop Wi - Fi and an ethernet cable LAN via the connection to the Local network for my xbox 360. However, when the connections passed the wireless connection would show that it is disconnected and would not reconnect. When I tried to repeat the process sometimes the same thing happens sometimes it says that it is still connected.

    However, be that as it may, both times I could not load any page of the website from my laptop and xbox connect any.
    How can I create a network bridge and get the wireless internet to connect please?

    Any help to fix this would be appreciated,

    This Microsoft Knowledge Base article might help: bridge may not work with a Non-Promiscuous Mode network card .

    If not, I recommend to delete the network bridge and enable sharing of Internet connection on the wireless network connection. Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

  • Manually configure the listener apex via command line

    I would like to be able to configure the listener apex via the command line.
    Is there an api or method to achieve this?

    Is it possible to take an apex-config. XML as a template and make changes to this environment and place it in the config.dir directory
    According to me, placing a! in front of the clear text password cryptera apex listener reboot?

    Is the method of model above a taken way in charge of the configuration of the apex listener script languages?

    I set the value of config.dir for /apex_lsnr
    This will search the apex - config.xml in the directory above or it will search the XML in /apex_lsnr/apex?

    +/apex_lsnr + would be option 1 - who doesn'work currently.

    ++ refers to the 'context' you have deployed your APEX listener, so if you used the default value (apex) this would actually
    +/apex_lsnr/apex +.

    -Online cp apex - config.xml $DOMAIN_HOME/apex_lsnr/apex

    Note that APEX auditor records the location of the apex - config.xml, he uses actually started. If it comes to the temporary location (default), he found nothing in your configured directory.


  • Impossible to manually stop the structure of the event


    I have a machine program fully functional State to control a stepper motor.

    However, I face a problem where I'm not able to break the inbetween the delivery of the program by clicking on the stop button to loop MANUALLY.

    I don't know why he can't go out to user input.

    Uggh. I typed a response to your note here, but NEITHER website timeout kicked me and I lost everything that I typed.

    Words RavensFan is shown in the picture as an attachment, you must uncheck this option on any of your structure of events so that it does not lock to the top of the face.

    But, more important even than Lynn and other people mentioned, you have a big problem with your implementation of design.  My previous example was to show how builds to a state machine can be made clean/nice/efficient/etc.  I have two monitors 30 "on my Mac, and your block diagram extends as well in my second monitor! :-)  (I'm a bit of a clean freak so I like things to look nice and son arranged properly / in straight lines, wireless useless intersection/etc - anything that makes it easier for yourself and others to see the drawing).

    Sorry, back to the basics - you should definitely follow the advice of Lynn on the use of model of consumers/producers (events) - a simple start would be to separate your structure events in its own while loop that runs parallel to your line up.  With this, at least you run structure of events at regular intervals.  Another strong advice is to simplify your design so that you do not use nested (another inside) design of State machine. I have several decades of experience in LabVIEW and yet I stay away from this kind of complication, because it only causes more problems that you grow your design. Why not just add more cases to your state machine design existing rather than adding a nested state machine structure inside?


Maybe you are looking for