Impossible to restart my Mac Book Pro, blocked by the old printer icon

I can't reboot my mac to complete book download updates because it is blocked by the former icon of the printer that I can not delete - have deleted the program, but the icon remains open but out of order on the toolbar

can anyone help



Click on force quit command in the Apple menu (or press Command + Option + ESC) to select the program has stopped responding and get him to leave. If you cannot switch to other programs and you can not choose the order close in the Apple menu, force a shutdown by pressing the power button; do not let go until it powers off the machine.

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    I have a 2010 mac book pro 17 "with OS10.8

    I was wondering if changing my memory work, and if the limits of memory were increased
    A few years ago. I know that I can go up to 8g in total.

    I know that things are changing on 1 or 2 years

    did someone went up to
    16mg of 1067 MHz DDR3. I have now 2 locations with a total of 4 mg.

    It just seems that my computer is slower than it should be.

    Thank you very much

    MacTracker is generally successful installations of memory beyond the officially listed by Apple. For your MB Pro, they list the max as 8 GB.

    I'm sorry.

    By the end of 2012 mini Mac, OS X El Capitan 10.11.2; Apple Watch, 38 mm silver AL, Watch OS 2.1; iPad 2 & iPhone 6 + iOS 9.2 air

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    Thank you!

    Close the synchronization on the old computer!

    Restore a backup on the new.

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    Download the Super drive externally.

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    So I ask, how is it best to prepare my old MBP before transfer of ownership.?

    Is it perhaps as simple as simply format the hard drive and leaving who?. If so, how it would be able to get a copy of ElCapitan? Then would he be easy to get a free copy of Pages, Numbers and Keynote?  or maybe they are included in ElCapitan? I remember that I had to pay for them, 3 or 4 years ago.

    Questions, and is there a page I can point him that will help his PASSAGE from Windows to Apple to be as painless as possible, otherwise that I lost a very good friend!

    Later: -.

    The links below all refer them to a version PREVIOUS to Mac OS X, so I don't think they're quite accurate?

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    Post of February 2016 LINC Davis about the state machine to restore new -

    On Windows Migration Assistant - - learn more about how to use Windows Migration Wizard to migrate your files to a Windows PC on a Mac.  Download link -

    I asked this question in the wrong section, have now copied in the right place, in the hope, I can get the answer to what I ask with Elcapitan


    What to do before you sell or give away your Mac - Apple Support

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    Time Machine



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    How can I install 8 elements (on disk) on my new Mac Book Pro without disch disk?

    Copy the contents of the 8 elements in a USB (from Mac that has the ability) and then copy the contents to your drive (on the new machine that is Mac book Pro) and run the installer. If this is not possible, you can download the installer directly from here.

    Thank you


  • Mac book pro early 2011 start 2011 15 "- MC723LL/A problem"

    Hi, I have a Mac Book Pro 15 2011 beginning "-MC723LL/A, which was a problem for a few months."

    When I turn it on, it is stuck in start page: in the apple logo and stay there for a while and then restarts or shuts down. The start page is not normal and it is of low quality.

    I tried in single user mode and repair it's hard but it did not work.

    I tried to install different versions of Mac OS on DVD (Captain yosemite and el), the process is slow and sometimes work. but after using it a few times (after stop or restart) the problem is back.

    I heard a problem in these series of mac book. the link is: - trial-repair-program-3497935 /

    I'm in a country that is not being handled apple, but soon I will be in Dubai, which has the support of apple. my book mac technical support and service coverage has expired.

    I heard that apple take the problematic product and purchase offers of new products whose price reduction.

    Can someone tell me how to fix it or get a new one.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Repair your Mac must be covered until 31 December 2016. See the following topics

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  • 2008 mac book pro screen flashing folder with question mark at startup

    2008 mac book pro screen flashing folder with question mark replaced boot hard drive and cable, continues to do the same.  any ideas to fix?

    Start your Mac by holding down the button Option. The should launch the window of Boot Manager where you can select the startup disk, and then click on restart.

    How to choose a boot on your Mac - Apple Support drive

  • Mac Book Pro El Capitan won't start

    End of 2011 Mac Book Pro with OS X 10.11.2 and 500 GB SSD locked when you change an image in Lightroom 6.  Display got lines in there, then moved to the right until all the images in all programs were packaging off the screen on the left and ending on the right.  I decided to quit Lightroom and it went in her check and the safeguard of this app.  At this point the computer locked up completely with the beachball forever.  I stopped with the start key and restarted.  Desktop came, but then locked up again.  No restart in any mode after that.  Computer goes the logo Apple on a white screen with the high CPU activity as evidenced by a cooling fan screaming.

    I have a backup recovery app on a USB key, but does not know how to use it. I also still have the original hard drive that could possibly be re-installed, but he showed signs of early failure.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you very much


    MacBook Pro repair for graphics issues outreach program

  • CD of InDesign CS5. New Mac Book Pro.  Help, please?

    Used Indesign CS5 for years. Just bought new Mac Book Pro. Impossible to get CS5 to work. Help, please?

    Like to SING. See SING Removal

  • Installation of first Premium CS6 Prod on a Mac Book Pro with Parallels 7?

    I bought Adobe Production Premium CS6 for Windows first.  The computer that I bought because crashed.  I replaced this computer with a Mac Book Pro, which came with Paralells 7, a program to run Windows on my Mac.  Would I be able to install my program Adobe on my Mac Book Pro?

    If you have an Ontario for Windows can be installed only windows machine and you also use the software on Win 7 Paralells however CS6 software activation will be deleted from the wnenever reboot you your parallel machine to win 7.

    PARALLEL machine work of activation process with the ID of the Machine and every time that you restart you then id machine will reset.

    I would recommend rather than to use Win 7 PARALLEL you can use Bootcamp on Mac Machine for making your dual boot computer with Windows and MAC both where you will not face any problems.

  • How can I transfer contacts from galaxy s4 for Mac book pro?

    I recently bought a Mac book pro 15 ".

    I need to transfer contacts and some files on my new mac.

    How can I do?

    TKS for your help


    Hey ottaviob,

    If I understand correctly, you want to transfer contacts and other things to your new Mac.
    I recommend you to read this article; It has advice to transfer your contacts, music, photos, documents and more on your Android device. Once the content is on the Mac later at some point if you wish, this article is also not to transfer this content in an iOS device too.

    On a Mac, install Android File Transfer, open it,

    Move content manually on your Android device on your device iOS - Apple Support

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. Have a good.

  • Suddenly, I noticed that I have to do a larger than normal pressure on the bead of the mac book pro-retine to get an answer to the deeper click. How can I do?

    Suddenly, I noticed I do higher than the normal pressure on the pad of my Mac Book Pro 15 "retina to get a response to my deepest click. How can I do? Thank you.


    Which MacBook Pro model?

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  • Load the Mac Book Pro

    I am able to charge my Mac Book Pro, in countries outside the United States without having to buy a converter?

    The only card you need would be one that changes only

    "fitness" - just the pins make contact...

    If any travel store or electronics store to have an adapter.

    There are no additional electronics in this type of adapter.

    There are several forms for different regions in Apple Travel Kit:

    • About the Apple - Support Apple world travel adapter Kit

    When traveling, you can use the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

    to load your Apple products in different countries. This type of

    Kit does contain all the electronics, so it's a passive converter.

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