Impossible to uninstall OpenApp Media and get the unwanted pop-ups while browsing

Original title: I can't uninstall OpenApp Media. I can't find it on my computer, but it continues to show on my internet upward. Can you help me please?

I use Google Chrome and on Face Book... The pop ups are driving me crazy... Does anyone know what I can do about it?


Hi Anne, Louise

Welcome to the community of Microsoft and thanks for posting questions. According to the description, you get pop ups intended to OpenApp media and cannot find the program.
1. is this problem with the Google chrome browser? Have you checked the issue with Internet Explorer?

2. are - what get you pop ups regarding OpenApp media?
Method 1:
I suggest you to check the issue by using Internet Explorer.
If the problem occurs after the use of Internet Explorer, you can check if there are some add-ons for OpenApp media.
Method 2:
I also suggest that you can scan using Windows defender to see if it is an infection by the virus.

If the problem is specific to Google chrome, I suggest you to contact Google support to get help:
To get help on how to completely uninstall the OpenApp media, you can contact OpenApp media support.
Hope this information helps. For any help about Windows, you can still post on the Microsoft Community Forum.

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