Impossible to update App Photo on Macbook Air


I tried to update the app to the photo on my mb Air.  But the dialog box indicates it cannot update the app because it has been downloaded by another user.

The story on the subject is:

  • I bought the Air MB second hand, and she was wiped out when I bought it. I bought in 2015
  • It was a factory refurbished, model 2013 and has been sold in 2014 for the first owner (of which I am the 2nd after refurbishment)
  • I have updated Photos from iPhoto and migrated all my pictures from picture.
  • I have never been able to update the Photo since the evolution of iPhoto.
  • I'm relatively new to apple products and not counted the post in discussions to fall my way through. So forgive my Nativity if you ask all the complex questions or propose a solution I should know.

Appreciate all the help I want to solve this problem.

I'd be even open to deleting the application and using another if anyone has any suggestions.


I tried to update the app to the photo on my mb Air.  But the dialog box indicates it cannot update the app because it has been downloaded by another user.

Photos for doing Mac applications part of Mac OS X and update only when you install an update to the system.

If you install the latest update of Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.11.2, your Photos for Mac will be updated to version 1.3 of Photos.

You see the error message must be trying to update iPhoto and no pictures.  IPhoto will only show on the AppStore update notifications.

Have you tried updated iPhoto to version 9.6.1 iPhoto?  Update will not work, because Apple has stopped selling iPhoto on the AppStore.  You can reinstall, if you have a version of the AppStore in iPhoto, but if you have only a CD of iLife version you'll be out of luck, see Barney user Tip: cannot be updated iPhoto because it is not available in the App Store

If you work now with the Photos for Mac News, and all your iPhoto library that libraries were migrated to pictures is not necessary to update to the latest iPhoto, however it would be nice to be able to run iPhoto on El Capitan, so try, if it works as described by Barney. But it is only possible if you have a version of the AppStore.

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    Check the compatibility of the application

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    On the MacBook Air, try to remove the current registration for the network in system preferences / network / WiFi / advanced

    Click OK, and then click on apply

    Turn off and restart the AirPort Express

    Restart the MacBook Air and try to connect to the network to see if the MBA will remember things

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  • Impossible to update app from Microsoft Store Windows 8 - error 0 x 80246007 and error 0x8001074a

    Hello community

    I can´t updated app, store, I have try all the solutions in this net.

    and still the same error 80246007 x 0 and 0x8001074a error

    I need help please, because windows 8.1 is coming and I want to update

    also I try to communicate directly with Microsoft, and when asked for the PID (ID), I insert and always gives me a server error or other problems

    I need help please. Thanks in advance

    I ran into the problem last night where I could not install, reinstall, or update all apps in the Windows store.  I'm still under Windows 8 and 8.1 not for reasons known but that is for another place.
    This problem took me a day to find and troubleshoot, ALLL and I mean about 8 solid hours.  The error codes I received kept windows pointing store of problems with Windows Update or other corruptions of system, but after all of these solutions and executed the partner checks several times nothing was wrong with my Windows Update.  I would have guessed considering how I could still download updates from MS very well.
    What solved MY problem (and I bet that most of your establishments), was actually a file permissions issue.  There are TWO, count them 2 folders that you should be sure your username has full permissions.  I saw there of the patches that speak on one or the other, but you need BOTH.  Here is the path to these files file: (remember 'C' is my root drive, is the name of each user on the system, and if you have customized your installation of windows, or the location of the user folder, you must change this path to match)
    C:\Program Files\WindowsApps
    \AppData\Local\Packages C:\Users\
    Before you follow this procedure, access the Windows store and cancel all pending installations (or omitted).
    To set the permissions: (if at any time, the system asks the permission of the administrator, you must grant it)
    1. make sure that you logged in with an administrator account.
    2. open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program FIles.
    3. Locate the file WindowsApps (all the way down)
    NOTE: this is a hidden folder, so do not forget, you go to the top of the window and click on the 'View' tab, then check the box next to "Hidden items" in the Show/Hide section.
    4. right click on the WindowsApps file and choose "Properties".
    5. click on the security"" tab.
    6. click on the button "Advanced".
    7.1 if your username is listed in the list under entity double-click on it (otherwise go to 7.2)
    7.1 a - ensure the Type: is 'Allow' and the applies to: is "this folder, subfolders and files.
    7.1 b - click the full control checkbox
    7.1.c - click OK
    7.2 If your username is not listed, click on the button "Add" below the list (you may need to click on 'Edit' to the 'Add' button to appear)
    7.2 a - click on "Select a main" link at the top.
    7.2 b-"Advanced", click on "find now".
    7.2 c - book here your user name in the list and double-click on it
    7.2d - click OK
    7.2E - ensure the Type: is 'Allow' and the applies to: is "this folder, subfolders and files.
    7.2f - click the full control checkbox
    7.2.g - click OK
    8. you should now see your username in the list of the "Advanced Security Settings for WindowsApps" with "Full control" in the access column (if you do not, go back to 7.1 or 7.2 and carefully follow the steps once again).  Click OK
    9 go to C:\Users\\AppData\Local
    NOTE: AppData is a hidden folder, so be sure you have the "Hidden items" box checked
    10. right click on the WindowsApps file and choose "Properties".
    11. click on the security"" tab.
    12. click on the button "Advanced".
    13 follow the same procedure in steps 7.1 or 7.2 to add your username to the list to this folder with full control permissions.
    . Restart your computer.
    That's it, once your computer restarts, you should be able to use the store Windows to install applications and updates.
    Once you confirm that it works for you, I recommend you to create an image of the master volume of your Windows System.  All this happened to me while I was trying to get everything set up initially, but once you do, using the image as a good quick a good known Configuration reboot is a MUCH faster way to solve many problems with Windows... SAME A WAY TO GO BACK to Windows 8 Windows 8.1 IF YOU FIND THE NEED. I KNOW I DID!
    Hope that helps everyone!
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    I have a working computer that has been used by the previous Manager and I want to update the programs, but when I do he wants me to connect with the apple of the other person ID. I connected with my Apple ID and it shows that I'm beneath me. I had the former manager to reauthorize your computer already. I read somewhere that if the other Manager bought the program then I need sound Apple ID to update, all right, but he also won't let me re - buy it no more, the only option is updated I can not do! Help I want to just update or re - buy anyway! Thank you.

    <-connected with my Apple ID

    <-have to use his, cannot change the ID field

    You must remove the Pages from the computer, or put it in a place that does not index Spotlight.


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    I went to see a few photos in an application in an email I sent and received the message from Windows Photo Gallery,... that 'library can't open this photo or video. This file format is not supported or you do not have the latest updates to the photo gallery.  I have my Windows Update to automatically install important updates and I check my updates manually every day when I get on the computer first.

    Assuming Vista SP2 is installed...

    You will find support for Windows Live Photo Gallery in this forum:

    You can find support for the installation/uninstall/upgrade / update (Windows Live Essentials 2011 to the) in this forum:

  • Impossible to update apps Sony

    I upgraded the latest firmware, my Z2 (. 314)... That is why I did not update:
    Info œil
    What's new

    Don't know why, it has been a month and no update yet... Help, please.

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the update of our applications. I will pass this internally for investigation.

  • Impossible to update app DPS constructor


    I have a problem with the update of the DPS application builder

    Firefox has detected that the server redirects the request for this address in a way that will never end.

    -This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.

    Help, please.

    Thank you

    It's fixed now, the download link works again.

  • Impossible to update app: CFBundleVersion in info.plist is false

    I want to update an application (switch WoodWing booth at DPS kiosk) and the new binary to send the message is "this set is not valid. CFBundleShortVersionString key in the Info.plist file must contain a newer version than the version previously downloaded"

    It's the old version upgrade

    Captura de pantalla 2012-11-01 a la(s) 23.33.44.png

    Contact Adobe Support Gold with your Builder/DPS Viewer builder id application and the name of the application, the required version number or you can send me a PM with all your details.

  • the Photos App in Mac Book Air how hide

    My friends:

    I want to hide the photos app on my MacBook Air (biblioteca fotos) see attached.

    OK, these pictures are in my iCloud with a security copy, allows you to delete these photos from the photos (photographs) (MacBook Air) app disappear icloud?

    Another question about it; How can put key for photo (biblioteca foto) app in my MacBook Air to access than me?

    Thank you my friends.

    You can't hide it, but you can change its location.

    If you want to keep it private use a different account for your photos and store them in the folder "Pictures" of this account so they will be inaccessible to anyone not connected to this account (unless they have administrator rights and change this folder policy)

    resource for iCloud


    third question is similar to lock the application only you can access. Short to install on a suppression device, you take with you, or install it on a folder in your account that nobody else can use you will probably need a 3rd party app like Mac App blocker, which is supported by the developer, not by Apple.

  • I have moved most of the CC apps in the trash and now impossible to uninstall my MacBook Air CC

    I did it! I did the same think that I wasn't to do: I tried to uninstall CC by putting apps in the trash. I permanently deleted and now I can not uninstall what remains, nor can I re - install CC cloud to start uninstall correctly.

    Help, please!

    I use a Mac Os 10.10.4 (Yosemite last) on a MacBook Air.

    Thank you


    If you try to remove all Adobe applications. You can perform a complete removal of files and records of Adobe.


    (1) If you had installed Adobe applications, make sure you have the serial number with you, prior to following below mentioned procedure.

    (2) take a backup of files that is needed.

    (3) restart Adobe Cleaner tool and select clean all the Option.

    Follow the procedure below.

    Step 1)

    Open the Applications folder and trash of all Adobe applications, you can exclude Flash Player.

    Step 2)

    Navigate to Applications > utilities.

    Open the Utilities folder and trash below mentioned cases.

    • Adobe utility.
    • Adobe Installers
    • Adobe Application Manager.
    • Adobe Creative Cloud.

    Step 3)

    (1) right-click on the icon in the Finder, then select the 'Go - To Folder ' option.
    (2) you will get a text box, type in the following command and then press the 'return '. (" Do not miss ~ symbol" "')


    It will open the user's library folder.

    (3) then open the folder Application Support and Adobe trash.

    Step 4)

    (1) right-click on the icon in the Finder, then select the 'Go - To Folder ' option.
    (2) you will get a text box, type in the following command and then press the 'return '.

    / Library

    It will open the folder library system .

    (3) then open the folder Application Support and Adobe trash.

    Then reinstall Adobe app according to your requirement.

    Let me know if you face any problem,

  • Impossible to find Siri on Preferences system on MacBook Air after update to El Capitan

    I upgraded my MacBook Air to OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 but should not be allowed to Siri during Assembly and can not find the option in system preferences. Any ideas?

    That's right, because it is not an option in El Capitan.

  • Two Macbook Air sharing a photo library on time Capsule

    I'm trying to set up my 2 TB time capsule to store my photo library and library iTunes music.  My wife and I have a 120 GB 13 "Macbook Air running OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.12 and backup via Wifi to the time capsule.  I want to be able to view, download, download and manage the library both of our computers and so that to use on our iTunes music library.  We have separated Apple ID as well, but we are bound by family.  We take most of our photos with our iPhones (5 and 6 respectively).  Our library is ~ 100 GB and our library of music is about the same size.  It is currently stored on a 500 GB external hard drive that is connected to a Windows PC that we no longer use.  I have several questions on how to achieve this:

    1. Is this possible?
    2. Two MacBooks see the images and the music library at the same time?
    3. Music albums and photos are available when not on our network?
    4. If I open the Capsule in the Finder and open the data file, can I create a file of data next to our backup files server and put all the data?
    5. What is the best way to get the data from the external hard drive (formatted for Windows) on the time Capsule.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Is this possible?

    Laughing out loud. at least not without great risk to your photo library. What kind of photo software is... that you are hosting it now on windows?

    iTunes isn't so bad but photos is designed by apple to be shared via the cloud. Not on the local network.

    Two MacBooks see the images and the music library at the same time?

    The two computer cannot load the library at the same time. Yet once, I guess that your photo app is the local of photos of El Capitan.

    Music albums and photos are available when not on our network?

    With the help of the CCMM it's possible... but again, it is certainly the wrong way to do things. If you try any kind of remotely change, I'd put the chances of corruption from 50% to 90% about.

    If I open the Capsule in the Finder and open the data file, can I create a file of data next to our backup files server and put all the data?

    Yes. But I think that you will have problems with permissions.

    What is the best way to get the data from the external hard drive (formatted for Windows) on the time Capsule.

    Copy directly on TC drive from your windows computer. But the fact that since the Mac, otherwise you will have permissions issues directly before you create.

    I highly recommend get advice on the specific app you use to library... Ask in the photos area. Apple did not build a server of photos or iphoto version... they have build a cloud version. That is how they intend to use it.

    They warn the risk of corruption is very high. If you try this make double sure you have good backups updated library. He's easy to corrupt if you use wireless LAN because applications are not designed for local service.

    TM cannot back up the readers of network so you can buy Carbon Copy Cloner for example or something of the sort.

    Please be double careful and triple aware of what you want.

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