Impossible to update of the BIOS in Satellite A300-1ID (PSAGCE) 0 error message displayed


Last weekend, I bought my laptop and I can't seem to do the update of the BIOS (from 1.30 to 1.40). I use Vista 32 Home Premium SP1 (which came preinstalled in the phone) and after downloading, unpacking and running the file provided by the TOSHIBA (PO10140M.exe) site, I get the following error message:

C:\Users\Dado\AppData\Local\Temp\iscA516tmp\insyde flash.exe could not be run.

I don't know it's the right file, because it was one mentioned, after completing all the fields in the search screen update BIOS.

I don't understand what the problem is because the laptop is brand new.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


You are an administrator?

Try right-clicking the BIOS file and select "Run as Administrator"

Also to disable your antivirus, it can block the update of the BIOS.

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  • The update of the BIOS on Satellite Pro U400?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 (PSU41E) running Windows 7 x 64 and I try to update the BIOS to version 4.70 to 4.00.

    Whenever I try to do it from Windows using WinPhlash which comes with the download on the Toshiba site it seems to freeze when you try to Flash the new BIOS.
    I connected as the local administrator, tried to use other programs flash and even tried to do from a USB flash drive with no luck.

    Can someone please help me and explain how do I update the BIOS?


    > tried to use other flash programs
    Never use other flash programs! In the worst case, you could damage the ROM module and then it must be replaced. Use only the program flash Toshiba that is tested and designed for laptop and the version of the BIOS.

    The update of the BIOS program is also designed for Windows, it s a Windows Update program.

    Satellite Pro U400 wasn t comes with Windows 7 so I guess you did your own installation. Value added package is required for the update of the BIOS program and can be downloaded on the European driver of Toshiba download page where is your laptop model: > support & downloads > download drivers

  • The update of the BIOS for Satellite Pro M70 does support TPM?


    There was an update of the bios that is specially designed for Vista... = bios-vista - on the Toshiba site...

    Although my Satellite Pro M70-113 did not support the default TPM module (BIOS verson 1.1, I always have this), is it possible that this update includes the TPM secure to enable bitlocker on vista?

    Can someone check and confirm please... :)

    And secondly, is configuration BIOS update for Windows utility saves the current state of the BIOS in some external as backup media, while if it happens with the process of update... the previous version can be restored in return?

    And a BIOS may be downgraded?

    Thank you.


    (1.) I m not 100% sure but I think the new BIOS for the M70 does not support the TPM secure. I read somewhere that all BIOS versions that support TPM on Toshiba laptops cannot be updated by a common user, but the user must contact the authorized Toshiba service provider for these updates.
    That's why I think that Toshiba would not any BIOPS version by download issue if this BIOS would support the TPM.

    2.) now something about the second question:
    The new BIOS version replaces the old BIOS and BIOS States and to my knowledge it of not possible to save the settings for a backup more later.
    Generally, you must be careful with any update of the BIOS. Bad BIOS or bad update procedure may damage the jury!

  • Where can I find an update of the BIOS for Satellite A200 - 14 d (PSAEC)


    Where can I find an update of the BIOS for this model?
    My bios is 10/23/07 Windows Vista 32bits 1.80 - WIN


    Have you checked the page European driver of Toshiba?
    Here you can find all the drivers and BIOS for Satellite A200 - 14 d (PSAEC)

    But I checked the page and 1.8 for Win 32-bit Vista BIOS is still the newest one.

    Looks like you're already up-to-date boyfriend ;)

  • How to remove the update of the BIOS of Satellite L735-11 d?

    Hey everybody

    I had recently installed the latest update of the Bios 2.50 and I try to remove and install the old version which I believe its 2.20 coz I noticed, after this update, my laptop temperature is always high and the fan runs faster than usual! And I'm not able to use my laptop keyboard coz it s too hot: S

    Please help me.

    Toshiba Satellite L735-11 d

    Problem is that Toshiba offers the latest BIOS versions only on Toshiba download page you will not be able to find the old version of the BIOS.
    What you can try is to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They have access to the database of the BIOS and can get the older version for you.

    I put t know how you use your laptop computer but use it on the desk and be sure the ventilation openings are not blocked. Laptop must be able to catch his breath. If you use the laptop for some daily use only balanced power management. This will reduce the performance of the computer laptop and laptop will run a little more slowly and produce less heat.

  • The update of the BIOS on Satellite L40 - 13G

    Hello everyone!
    I want to update my BIOS, but don't know how to do it. I looked at the instructions on a site:

    Option 2: update with CD-ROM

    1 extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a temporary folder.
    2. in the folder temporary three subfolders will be generated. "docs", 'Update - 3.5' disc', 'Update - CD - R or CD - RW"
    3. how to make a bootable CD-ROM please read the *.pdf file in the "docs" folder
    4. make sure that the laptop is plugged into the sector.
    5. turn off the laptop.
    6. place the CD-ROM containing the upgrade of the BIOS in the optical disc drive.
    7. turn on the laptop with the F12 key.
    8. the BIOS boot menu appears. Select CD/DVD or CD-ROM symbol with the arrow keys. Press "enter".
    9. the notebook starts from upgrading the BIOS CD.
    10. a boot menu is displayed. Select the point of updating the BIOS by using the arrow keys. Press "enter".
    11. the BIOS update process begins. Do not turn off the laptop during the update.
    12. If the update is complete, follow the instructions on the screen.

    Downloaded this update to the bios: bios -
    Page with the updated file:

    Then I unzipped the zip... and don't see three directories, who wrote in the statement (from above).

    Help please, I have to do. Or how can I update my BIOS?

    Thank you!

    Hi Alexey

    Can you please tell me why you need BIOS update? As far as I know Satellite L40 is the new laptop of the L series. Maybe a few days and necessary BIOS update. Why?

    Have you noticed any problems?

  • How I restore the update to the BIOS on Satellite U400-157?

    I recently updated a Tempro alert for update of the BIOS for the notebook. Now, I noticed that the screen blanks a few times at PC startup. It was't there before. How do I roll back the update of the BIOS to a previous one.

    I don't get to see the BIOS updated screen other cases other than the time I did the BIOS update.


    To be honest I don't understand exactly what your problem is.
    You said:. Now, I noticed that the screen blanks a few times at PC startup.
    Does that mean exactly? Is your black screen until Windows has started?

    To be honest, I put t think the BIOS update would be the reason for which go into the BIOS (press F2) and set the default BIOS settings (F9) and save the changes (F10).

    If you want to recover the BIOS version earlier, then you will need Flash module ROM BIOS using a basic BIOS version BACK. You will find on the European driver Toshiba page only the win versions

  • Where can I find an update of the BIOS for Satellite A100-200 (PSAA8E)


    Where can I find an update of the BIOS for this model?
    The BIOS on the download page is from November last year, is there something more recent, or does anyone know of an update that is compatible?

    Thank you


    The drivers and BIOS published on the page of Toshiba Europe are always the latest versions available.

    Toshiba page does not provide a different version then the one available is the newest ;)

  • How to recover the Bios on Satellite A300

    Recovery of the bios on the computer laptop satellite A300?


    The BIOS can be updated in Windows OS.
    What exactly do you mean be retrieve?
    You want to downgrade the BIOS?

  • Need information about the last update of the Bios for Satellite L10


    My computer is a Satellite L10-PSL10E.
    The Bios is Phoenix V1.60 dated 21/12/04.
    There is a new Bios (v2.80 - WIN dated 07/08/07) available on the Toshiba web site.
    What's new in this version?
    Allows to start on an external hard drive or usb key?

    Is it recommended to install updates if all works well on the computer?

    If everything works you don't need new BIOS. Be happy with good running operating system.

    If you want to boot from the external HARD drive to use the other operating system, it won't work.

  • Update of the BIOS for Satellite Pro U200 work do not

    BIOS 3.50 update does not work. This is for VISTA or WIN XP PRO?

    One of the users has the same problem expericenced. replys appreciated.

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    The BIOS 3, 50-VICTORY on the Toshiba page is OS independent.
    I guess that the XP and Vista OS are available for this unit, so that the update should work on both s BONES.
    By the way; You should check the Description of the Toshiba BIOS update before upgrading the BIOS.

    But why you want to update the BIOS? If everything works correctly, then I recommend not updated the BIOS

  • White screen & no start after having executed the update of the BIOS on Satellite A200-1AE

    Here's my problem with my laptop A200-1AE (PSAECE):
    I downloaded the BIOS of Toshiba download drivers library was last updated to install Win XP because pilots are realized. (Note the update clearly to run ONLY if you want to install XP on you, n. b.).

    So I unzipped the file and after hitting the .exe file, it started update BIOS on its own without giving me the freedom to do so. To halfway to the N/B froze for about 20 minutes and as I didn t know what to do, I reset.

    Result? NB does NOT start. I press the power button, the icon of the hard disk will Flash 2 or 3 times as well as the DVD player, I get a blank screen and the power cord & power constantly button icons. I removed the battery and the power cord for 48 hours, hoping he'll reset the BIOS on its own or not available.

    The BIOS battery is under the touchpad which means I have to disassemble the computer laptop everything and I'm not willing to do. I put t whether on the motherboard there is the BIOS reset jumpers and I need someone's help as to what I should do. I'm starting to think that things where back a LOT easier when I just had a desktop PC.

    THERE must be something I can do other than take it to the service center and pour half of the value of the laptop repairs... PLS HELP I m desperate...


    first of all: a laptop isn't a desktop and mobile computer of this type has no jumpers as a deskop computer. They definitely have something to remove the BIOS, but I'm not sure IF the reset of the BIOS might help you.

    I guess you will have to send your machine to a repair center, because in this case, you will have no other choice. You have always guaranteed on this machine?

    Welcome them

  • How to make an update of the BIOS on Satellite L300-19F

    Hi, here and a Happy New Year.

    I want to help me, how can I update the BIOS of my laptop? any ideas? Thanks again

    Thanks in advance.
    PS: my laptop part number is pslb8e-01200CDU case is useful.

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    You can download the new versions of BIOS on the Toshiba site. Find your model and select BIOS update

    Download the right file and follow these instructions:

    Extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a temporary folder.
    Ensure that all open files are saved and all applications are closed.
    Run the *.exe extracted to the temporary folder. Follow the instructions on the screen.
    The BIOS update will be done automatically.
    After a few minutes, the computer will restart automatically.

    Good bye

  • Problem updated the BIOS on Satellite A300

    You update the BIOS in the model of laptop A300 psagce after the update, the device to be exposed to something.

    Please help very necessary

    To be honest, I don't understand how you mean exactly.
    Can you please explain a bit more detailed what you have noticed after updating BIOS exactly?

  • Update of the BIOS on Satellite L40 works not

    My L40 PSL 48 is still running the old Bios as Manually (I think it's the version 1.70) I installed XP as it is far superior to the trash nonsense Vista. I read that there is a newer BIOS designed for XP that I downloaded and unpacked. When I try to run the winflash.exe file in Windows, the screen just flashes and nothing else happens. The bios is 1.70. I am doing something stupid.


    Try right-clicking on the BIOS file and select "Run As.." and administrator.

    Also, make sure that your virus scanner is not block it.

    Also look in C:\TEMP, perhaps it has been extracted in there.

Maybe you are looking for

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