Improve tasks for Web Center spaces customizations of to


I'm working on a project to upgrade Fusion Middleware to and our project has a number of Extensions of spaces. The application fails to work properly due to errors MDS. My question is, are there tasks will need to be made to the source code, or the other configuration, dependencies etc to run against the version? I have rebuilt the war with the latest version of JDeveloper and it patched, but it still does not work, so I'm curious to know if there are other tasks that are necessary.

Thank you

Our questions around the error of MDS-00013 are potentially resolved now. It was not something to do with patches that should be applied in our JDeveloper environment or missing files in the MDS, etc.. He seems to be aware of our library of extend.spaces.webapp.war was not deployed and active properly. I find it always strange that this has solved the problem, because our personalized spaces appeared. I expect that it is completely broken, because there was nothing to inform the server of the presence of our customizations. After we have updated our JDeveloper environment, we found that the resulting build which contained our customizations and a few jars spaces was not different from the pre-patched JDeveloper, i.e. war was a binary equivalent.

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    My intention is to create a portal on Oracle Web Center application. I have the WLS_Spaces, the WLS_Portlet and the WLS_Services running on a machine in accordance with the instructions. Now when I build a new application in JDeveloper, I realized I can run on the built-in WLS.

    I guess after that, I can create the WAR in JDev - but is this to be deployed/targeted on the AdminServer or WLS_Spaces Server?
    What is the correct process?

    For a small application portal and showing a demo - what do I need to deploy on WLS_Spaces? I'm trying to understand what was the consequence of 11g Web Center facility all for - since JDev already has extensions.
    If I want only to the JSR-168 Portlet consumer stuff, can I me WLS_Spaces?

    Your own application, I recommend that you create your own managed server. If you prefer, you can use the successful WLS_Spaces server, there are most of the libraries that you will need, but it's too webcenter spaces app and you'll be slower, if you create your own managed server you will get more performance.

  • Supported browser for the Applications Web Center?

    We will develop a Web Center Portal KDP application that contains AAU site studio and analytics integration. Could someone can tell if these things work in the following browsers constantly.

    (1) IE
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    Thank you

    They are all compatible but it should be noted that it should be IE7 or later version
    Firefox 2.x +.

    If most or all modern browsers are supported.

  • Areas of operation Web Center of JDeveloper


    I'm very big thing back to Oracle Fusion Middleware and still find my way in everything. I am trying to understand the best way to maintain an Extension of personalized spaces Web Center. I'd like to think I can work locally as much as possible, but I don't understand how to get my built-in JDeveloper to WebLogic Server to start with Center spaces Web market too. I have the following questions:

    1. This I have to have a separate server running spaces or can it operate on the webserver of built-in logic provided in JDeveloper?
    2. If I have need to a separate server, developers tend to perform this additional server locally or licensing issues it do that?
    3. Given the above points, can anyone tell me a best practice development methods when working on extensions to the space. Currently, the developers are working blind, deploy code in the hope that it works, which is not possible to develop software.

    Thank you

    So question...

    Well I'll answer a

    1. This I have to have a separate server running spaces or can it operate on the webserver of built-in logic provided in JDeveloper?

    Yes.You need a separate managed server in weblogic. You must create a new schema for webcenter to MDS.then create a new domain in weblogic and node server.see following link

    1. If I have need to a separate server, developers tend to perform this additional server locally or licensing issues it do that?

    Well, if you run in the production server. An oracle sales guy would respond better. For local use have an image of the linux kernel. Configure weblogic server with managed server and doesn't suite

    1. Given the above points, can anyone tell me a best practice development methods when working on extensions to the space. Currently, the developers are working blind, deploy code in the hope that it works, which is not possible to develop software.

    There are two ways in the workspace. One to create a workflow custom in the ADF and deploy in the areas.

    see this

    Another you can feature user webcenter portal to create the page and the use of the webcenter services.

    read these link

    Oracle & reg; Fusion Middleware for Oracle WebCenter Portal tutorial developers 11g Release 1 ( - summary

    Oracle & reg; Fusion Middleware Oracle WebCenter Portal tutorial: spaces 11g Release 1 ( - summary

    and last, you also this issue Portal WebCenter

  • Animated GIF > save for Web (legacy) ends too large

    I created an animated GIF on a work plan which is 768 x 90, but the Dimensions of the Document indicate 1456 x 416 (a lot of the images fly in and "shrink").

    When I export as a PNG or JPG image it only exports the work plan, so that it remains the size I want to (768 x 90); but when I export > save for Web (Legacy) which is the only way to create an animated GIF AFAIK, it is exported to 1456 x 416.

    How can I get to the exit of the GIF animated image to the size of the artboard? Thank you.

    New export > export as a workflow is not animated gifs, currently exporting. It's probably something that will be supported in the future, however.

    To export a gif animated image in PS using Photoshop CC 2015, do not work plans. Please use export > save for Web (legacy) option without work plans. The backup of the Web feature levels is not support work plans and probably never will be. Instead, we will continue to improve and to the export as a workflow.

  • Why 'save for web' or 'Export as... ". ' change the hexadecimal color to my image?

    I save a series of images for use on the Web site using the background color #c54a90. This is achieved my having my background layer filled with color and other images then placing on the top (see screengrab below). However, when I export the image for the web or export in JPG the hexadecimal color replaces #c64a90. Does anyone know why this is? I have my RGB working space set to sRGB and the color profile is also sRGB. When I save it for the web, I tried embedding the profile and do not incorporate the profile and I get the same result. I also tried with and without conversion to sRGB in the Save Panel for web and has also no effect. Can anyone help? He drives me crazy!

    Here is an example jpg resulting.


    Here is the version stratified showing the original hex color:

    Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 16.20.46.png

    Compression JPEG WILL change your image color values, because it is a lossy compression format.

    Visually, the colors will be close, but the exact values are supposed to change.

  • difficult to save for web

    I'm currently having problems when registering for the web in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. I've never had this problem on previous versions.

    I quite often use 'Save for Web' to create images jpg and png to my work, and since the last update to this fundamental task crashed Illustrator over and over again. I turned off the GPU performance and re-installed the program twice since the update. One more picture of 1000 x 1000 px or any attempt to save the JPG images at a high quality result in the program crashing in the box 'save for Web '. Is there something that I am missing? I'm running OSX Yosemite 10.10.3, and my computer is fairly recent, would be - that something with the graphics?

    This is a problem since the update and has prevented me from working at my normal speed. I wish I could get back to my normal work schedule now and spend less time looking for answers.

    Try to use only the export on the file menu to work around the problem. Save for Web is drizzled in CC2015.

  • 'Save for web' seems to be stuck on gif - how to fix?


    I've just updated my Photoshop CC 2014 (today) and hoped that this problem should go away.

    When I "save for web" for the past weeks, the changes that I have on the right do not affect the image. Saving to gif format and do not change size, etc. as before.

    See the screen shot comparison. Thanks in advance for any help with this.


    Your screen Capture Png leader showing save for Web in high quality Jpeg setting has a color of the monitor profile.  This seems strange to me. You wrote that with these settings save for backups of Web, an image. gif.jpg not.  You did not post the Gif, nor capture the current backup file that record the dialogue for web displays before the Save.  If indeed save for Web but one gif not a .jpg file try to reset your user ID Photoshop Settings.

    Also what color space are you publishing in?  Image png you posted has a display profile not a normal color space, changing in like sRGB, Adobe RGB or ProPhotoRGB... Image posted on the web should have colors sRGB in the and do not need a color profile.   A PNG file on the web with a display color profile is not what one would expect to see...

  • Why "Saved for Web" ProPhoto RGB files with "Convert to sRGB" show picked up as "no label" after registration?

    For years, I managed my entire workflow to sRGB, thinking if I can make a picture look in sRGB, it is gold in another color space.  Lately, however, I started shooting in Adobe RGB and control my image in ProPhoto RGB.  When I save an image for the web, using the menu item "save for Web", then check the box that says "Convert to sRGB", the images are fine, but when I check the color profile in Bridge, it says "Untagged", not sRGB IEC61966 - 2.1, as I'm used to.  I'm doing something wrong, or is this normal?

    Thank you!

    Which version of photoshop and the operating system are you using?

    In the Save dialog box for web you have embed color profile verified in addition to convert to sRGB?

  • Connecting Java with database and Web center

    Hi dear,

    As a beginner on Oracle Web center portal, I want to know how the three-tier architecture is configured. Y at - it somebody give me a link to a tutorial is on about, (an example actually)?

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards

    You can consider the ADF for your applications that you develop in webcenter.

    Tutorial of the ADF:

    There are a lot of video tutorials on ADF as well:


  • 'Save for web' and PS issues touch the color?

    Thanks to those who help on my last request.

    Another thing I couldn't see, is how I can maybe 'save for web', similar to that in the full program of the elements. A handy feature that I can't not far back in the Touch program.

    Maybe this isn't a feature included, because I do not know there had to be several Cup back to facilitate the price of the touch program.

    I use the installation of 'filler' for the background to get the color as close to my site I can get.  The problem is that when I format the following image on my list, the color, I selected previously is no longer listed, so have to use the slider to get to back to the color.

    Is there a way I can save my colors, or better yet use colors 'web '?

    I think the thing about web colors in the elements is so that the color is the same view of any monitor, for example a customer looks at one of my Web site? Or of course I could be very wrong here!

    Thanks for any input.

    Post edited by: blackleyk

    In elements I use 'Save for web' and select the background color as CC99CC - for example, it would be the same thing every time.

    Whereas it is in contact, this does not seem possible?

    Customize your color to 1

    Once finished, press 2

    Press 3 to add color to your palette. This color should be available next time. (Don't forget to type 2. This is where your custom colors are stored).

    As far as the "web safe" colors go, the best thing to do is to use the icon between 1 and 2 and specify RGB and enter the values associated with the colors of the secure web. You can then create a palette using the method above. (TIP: to get rid of colors in a palette, just off flick.)

  • Whitespace around image when you save for Web

    I have to draw a simple square in Illustrator CS6 then export it to a PNG using save for Web. The preview shows 1px thick of white space on the right side. Sometimes it's on 2 sides or more.

    No other hidden element is around the image. Clip on the artboard in not clicked.

    Why is it happening and how to get rid of him?

    For once I want to meet a good post and say somehting about snap to grid of pixels.

    Turn it on

    Your image now align with the pixel grid

    Turn the power off when you do not not web work, or will you crazy in the car.

  • Some colors change from Photoshop CS6 save for web?

    I have a picture with great color surface: #fffdfd, when I save for web (jpg) this color is changed to #fefcfd (in JPG format).

    I just can't save as jpg with #fffdfd.

    (was trying to uncheck convertir convert to sRGB, don't embed color profile - always #fffdfd becomes #fefcfd when save for web)

    However, the #fefcfd color when save for web, does not change.

    Why some colors and some not? Is this a bug?

    Window7 64 bit, Photoshop CS6

    Save for devices & Web will remove some color from the file data.

    Browsers are not color management. Most of the formats of file on browsers assume they are sRGB. While Photoshop gives you the possibility of incorporation sRGB color space of a document, it also strips data that are not relevant. It is a common phenomenon.

    PNG - 24 on the other hand will give you the exact color matching.

    In addition, save for W & D, JPG quality questions a lot - the same color quality 10,20,30,40, 50... 100 wil give you reproductions different colours on the output end JPG.

    If you are concerned that much on an offset of +/-1 hexadecimal value of RGB color space, do not save for web & devices. Do a "Save as" instead. Then use an image editing / application like ResizeMe resizing to resize the quality of your document. This, in most cases will retain information colourspace but just drop the resolution and quality of the image, giving you a smaller size.

    On a sidenote, you can also read this article on how to better manage the color spaces:

  • Photoshop CS4 Settings "save for Web".

    I have two questions - my logic/explanation can be a little hard to follow, so please check screenshots:

    1. when 'save for web', in the "presets" menu drop-down menu, I created a couple of presets and saved in the default folder name

    [C:\Documents and Settings\Shandy Elliott\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Optimized Settings]

    and I deleted those I want to use - never.


    I even navigate in Explorer in the above path and make sure that no default presets are located in this folder (with Photoshop not running). Photoshop allows re-charging the defaults when I re - open Photoshop or whenever I have "save for web". Is there another place/file in Explorer, I need to delete the default presets, or is only a function of Photoshop to again fill the predefined default settings (which I think is boring if yes)?


    2. When you save a .jpg file, there are two ways (at least in my case)-

    a. FILE/SAVE AS / .jpg (then set jpeg options)

    b. "save for web".

    I want to do is be able to use 'save for web', create a specific preset for quality absolute maximum .jpg (JPEG - 100 in the screenshot - that simulate the same result as if I performed step 2 and used "quality 12 for jpeg options" [relatively]) and for Photoshop to DO NOT put dashes between words. I know that I can uncheck the Unix box in 'Compatibility file name' in change output parameters, but which seems to affect all presets and not just a simple "Preset". I guess it's just a global setting not be changed - sometimes I wish software has been a bit more customizable.


    The reason why I want to be able to do that (in addition to the savings in step 2) in some cases, I would benefit from the extra allows parameters 'save for web' [to know be able to save a .jpg .psd in several different size simply by changing these settings].


    I'm doing this instead of initially saving a .psd as an 800 x 800 .jpg, then open this 800 x 800 .jpg, resize like, say, 600 x 600, and then save again - which I am basically destruction subsequent .jpg because I re - compress an already compressed image. Record directly from of a .psd and have the ability to resize just the result, for me, seem to be my best option.

    To conclude:

    1. How can I keep specific 'save for web' presets while eliminating the predefined default settings?

    2. How can I set a specific "save for web" pre-programmed to not put dashes between words while allowing dashes for all the other presets?


    First rename presets in "C:\Documents and Settings\Shandy Elliott\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Optimized Settings" of *.irs to * .ir$ or something like that. " Then same procedure in "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Presets\Optimized Settings"

    This will hide the unwanted presets.

    You can try to remove too - I quite like rename that in order to remove.

    :-) miss_marple

  • CS3: Having problems creating an Action to "save for Web".

    Hi all

    I am creating an Action to convert my psd. files to JPEG is suitable for the web.  I use a Mac Pro CS3 running.  My work space Adobe RGB (1998), all files start as Canon RAW CR2, are published in 16-bit and then saved as a psd.  I created an Action following an open psd. image in Photoshop:

    (1) Windows > Actions

    (2) create new Action

    (3) renamed 'save for Web' and then click on registration

    (4) image > duplicate > OK

    (5) Edition > convert to profile

    (6) changed Destination space sRGB IEC61966 - 2.1 > OK

    (7) file > save as

    (8) format > option JPEG no?  What?

    Everything seemed fine until I reached the stage of Format.  I had a lot of choices, but JPEG was not one of them.  Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?  Thank you!


    They must be 8 bits. But why do you use Save as instead of "save for web"?

Maybe you are looking for