In a wreath of two screens Thunderbolt, I could replace the first display with a (for example) 2012 iMac and use target Display Mode to power the two?

My Thunderbolt screens have the possibility to be connected in Garland and get their signal on a single cable Thunderbolt, an iMac in target Display Mode should not also have this capability? Is an iMac in target Display Mode capable of simulating a Thunderbolt Display not only to get a video for himself but also for a Thunderbolt Display is connected?

I've heard tell that some people used their iMac screen target with the target Display Mode while the iMac has been connected to another monitor (not a Thunderbolt Display).

The result was that internal display of the iMac switched on the target Display Mode, but doesn't have the monitor connected.

I haven't found someone who has tried this and published his experience with a Thunderbolt Display connected to the iMac.


Unfortunately, a little more research would have responded and answered my question.

Yes, I can replace one of the Thunderbolt screens in the chain with an iMac. Replaced screen should be one that is not directly connected to the mac of the source.

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    I hope that I have answered your question to your satisfaction. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

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  • Calibrate both screens thunderbolt

    Hey everybody.

    I need help on how to match the calibrations of color on the two thunderbolt screens that are right next to each other.

    I hope that I can use the calibration of Apple. I really want to spend the money on the calibration tools.

    All great advice would be most appreciated!

    Oh, they are connected to the Mac Pro (end of 2013), cards dual AMD, 16 GB of ram.

    Any thoughts?

    the screen when you open the calibration window this year this screen.

    two monitors from the same factory, same date of manufacture can and probably will not not have identical calibration profiles. profiles can vary on the same hardware.

    Calibration of Apple tools are on-site only, they do not approach the sophistication of a professional calibration or spectral analysis, but they are certainly better than "No calibration.

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    1. don't you make changes to the computer until the problem occurred?

    Method 1: I suggest you to install the updated drivers for the video card on the computer by visiting the manufacturer of the video card and check if it works.

    How to manage devices in Windows XP:

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    You can disable this in the Edit menu-> preferences-> General

    Kind regards

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    If Firefox is maximized and then minimize the window and drag the window to the correct monitor and close Firefox to save the setting.
    After the reboot, you can maximize again.

    You can check the problems caused by a corrupt localstore.rdf file.

  • Install Windows 8 on external drive Thunderbolt - Windows could not prepare the computer to begin the next phase of installation

    Hi all

    I'm at my wit's end trying to install windows 8. Let me start at the beginning: I used to have windows running on my Mac Pro ssd internal 8.1, installed via bootcamp. It worked well for a while, and then refused to start, gives me a blue screen KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE. Despite some advice from lonely T, I was unable to fix and ended up wiping the partition and relocation, again via bootcamp. Yet once again, it worked for a few months, then the same problem. I made this one last time, and it only lasted 2 days... So I gave bootcamp.

    I think that the hybrid MBR partition scheme that implements bootcamp is the culprit, but I don't really have evidence to substantiate this claim. In any case, I tried to install windows in EFI mode. (If I understand correctly, the hybrid MBR is set up to allow windows to install in legacy BIOS mode, but that windows 8 may now install efi, which supports my Mac Pro mode.) My Mac is the new Mac Pro (end of 2013, trash in shape), and I can say short UEFI 2.0 (I have the latest efi update from apple installed).

    The method I'm trying:

    1. create a new partition in HFS + on my external drive using disk utility. The drive has now it's efi partition and partition empty 750Go I want to install windows a 1.25 TB storage partition that I use with my mac. It has a GPT. I formatted HFS + and no FAT, because I think that disk utility creates the same hybrid-MBR as training camp every time a FAT partition is created.

    2. use gdisk to confirm that the disc does not have a hybrid-MBR. (sudo/dev/disk1 gdisk watch MBR: protection)

    3 restart my mac and hold the possibility to put in place to bring up the boot efi menu.

    4. Select the EFI_Boot DVD icon (that's the windows 8 install dvd that I have in my superdrive USB drive)

    5. go in the menus of the disk selection screen installation and delete the partition in HFS +, I created to install windows on (the format option is not available)

    6. now select "Unallocated space" on the good drive and click Next.

    The problem:

    Partitioning seems to go ok (there is no feedback on this basis, but it proceeds to the next screen, and all new partitions expected are there if I check diskutil list later). He said it is "copy of windows files", but then stops with the error "Windows has no prepare the computer to start the next phase of the installation." To install Windows, restart the installation. "If I restart, I can start the same process all over again and get the same result.

    The Question:

    How I get this error and get windows install?

    Extra pieces:

    • The first time it happened I assumed it was the new sip / thing "without roots" in El Capitan, causing problems, then I disabled, but I still get the same error.
    • After reviewing the diskutil list output after one of installs it without success, I found that a labeled EFI partition has been created after my storage partition (the original efi partition was still there in the upper part of the disc).
    • I have windows 8.1 installed now bootcamp on my internal ssd. It was planned to use it and winToUSB to put windows on my crush, but I found that it only works with usb2. I do not have installed could cause problems with the installation on another disk.
    • Before say you I can't run windows on an external, yes you can, and many people have. I read windows sees thunderbolt internal disks.
    • I read a few other posts on this and other sites on this problem, but could not find a pertitnant solution to my situation. I found one that suggested to remove the efi on my disk partition, but that seemed like a bad idea, so I didn't try.
    • I write this at 1 in the morning after a day spent in front of the computer trying to get this working, so please excuse typos typing or other. I am pleased to provide you with any pertinant information helping you will help me.
    • Thank you!

    The other thing I tried also almost succeeded:

    Although I prefer to get the method above works, because it seems the most promising, is something else, I've tried that I thought worth mentioning. If you offer advice pertaining to this method rather than the above, I would appreciate it if you could explicitly declare that at the top of your answer. Thank you.

    I tried to install windows on the physical disk using vmware and virtual box. The instrutctions I followed for this can be found here: (the only thing different, it's because it's on an external drive, I created the Fat 32 partition manually using disk utility). The first time (using vmware) installation seems to go off without a hitch, but I couldn't get my computer to see the windows partition as bootable with the boot efi menu hold-option regular refined or with system preferences-> startup disk. I think that I was using always inadvertently a hybrid-MBR at this stage. I tried to repeat this new beginning with the first two steps above to avoid the hybrid-MBR. But now when I try to create the virtual machine based on the gross vmdk, it starts to copy the files then says not sufficient permissions and fails. I don't know if it's a permission with the disk or the hard problem. I tried chmod 777 and chown $USER of the vmdk disk (/ dev/disk1s3) does not.

    Wow, that was a long post...

    1. when a second drive is detected by the Windows Setup program, he wants to create his own brand of EFI (104 MB) and not to mess with the Mac EFI (200 MB). You can force it to use the EFI to the Mac using Diskpart commands.

    2 instead of HFS/FAT32, create a piece of 750 GB free space and it should only get a new MSR/MSD, without the part of EFI.

    3. on your VM method, the link you have is quite old. You have a MP 2013, with references to the 2010 Mac alumni and is a bit too archaic to be useful. hout-optical-car-or - usb.1836959 / #post... seems to work for many and can be useful for a test. It also uses Winclone.

    4. you can also try html .

  • The screen is all noise in the morning


    At random times (apparently), the screen of my MBP is pixelated complete noise when I open the lid to wake up from its sleep. The only apparent workaround is to force a hard reboot. This poses a real problem for me since I was four profiles out there, two of them children who do not have as many user privileges. When it comes to them, they are not able to connect and if my wife and I are not at home, the portable computer is rendered useless because you can't go past the noisy display. It occurs when starting a shutdown state and don't happen, while only being used. It seems to happen when the lid was closed and the computer is in "sleep". It doesn't matter if the computer has been dormant since an active log in or if either of back us computer status in the connection pane.

    Joining a pictures of the screen.

    My last attempt to diagnose with local Genius Bar appt simply had me turn off FileVault Security, since I have several user profiles on the laptop. Seemed to work but this time now is back and as I began, it seems random when it happens. It came in several versions of El Cap (the system is up-to-date with the latest 10.11.6)

    Data sheet:

    MBP retina, 15 ", mid-2015

    Intel Core i7 2.8 GHz

    16 GB 1600 MHz DDR2

    Intel Pro Iris 1536 MB

    If your 2015 is under warranty, take it back to the Apple Store and ask them to do a test of stress with the GPU.

    If there is a problem found to bring to their attention you have had this feature already brought to this issue and there was a failure to identify the problem by Apple at the time that the incident was reported.

  • Replaced the cable. Now, the screen does not work. What could be?

    The cable coming out of the back of my monitor Apple Thunderbolt Display is fraying. I decided that rather than risk a short at a certain point, I preemptively replace the cable. On iFixit teardown photos, I decided to replace the cable coming out of the back of the screen myself instead of paying almost $200 to get an Apple service provider to do that here in Bangkok. Bought the cable on AliExpress for $12. It replaced. And... no dice. Screen has not come.

    My setup

    [MacBook Air]-[Thunderbolt Display]-[drive Thunderbolt]-[Cinema Display]

    with a key USB drive and Ethernet connected to the back of the Thunderbolt display

    Already tried this

    • First impressions were that the cable was defective. But then I noticed Ethernet came the USB has been mounted, Thunderbolt was mounted drive and after a reboot, the movie screen come also. Obviously, the cable has been working very well.
    • Second thought was that I'd neglected to plug some cables that connect the LCD to the main logic board. I checked. Seemed fine.
    • Third was maybe the serial number of the cable was somehow connected to the main logic board. So I put the old cable. Still no screen.
    • Tried to connect the screen with a Thunderbolt external cable, everything worked as well but still no image on the screen.
    • Tried more than 30 seconds and 3 hours disconnected as a "reset" of the screen. No change.
    • Restarted my laptop. No change.
    • Thunderbolt Display well plugged the drive and then into the MacBook, so change the sequence of the devices. No change.
    • Information reports under "Thunderbolt" the entire chain of devices, but under "Graphics/displays" system displays only the internal screen and Cinema Display.
    • Using the newly purchased cable as a Thunderbolt external cable works fine too.


    Does anyone have suggestions on what to try next?

    The logic card goes into a sort of locked mode when you replace the cable?

    Is there more than 3 flat cables connection + connection to the land between the Panel and main Board?

    Although there is no reason to think that this has been, how to test LCD screen still work given all these flat cable connectors?

    Note: There is no Apple here store.  Apple authorized service providers are without help. He suggested to replace the cable and the Panel at a cost that is almost the same as the purchase of a new screen.

    Some of the cables that connect the LCD to the main logic board, are very short. Careful lifting the LCD, because it will go away with strength cables once that raise you it more than 2 to 3 inches on the side of the camera module.

    The shorter cable of all is the LVDS cable. A short cable with gold plated connector. Although I have had reconnected the cable on the side of the logic board, I had wrongly assumed that the other end of the cable was stayed connected because all the band used on. Someone with experience of fixing these things said of his town for this cable to unravel by force and to be sure to check both ends of the cable. When I peeled back the tape, I found that he had indeed been disconnected. Reconnect, fiddling with the tiny workspace to get the logical side of Board of Directors of what properly fixed cable again and we were back in business.

    Apple authorized service providers here in Bangkok have quoted me $200 to replace the cable. I ordered the replacement cable Thunderbolt Display off AliExpress for $12.50. It was really simple to replace the cable, just to keep an eye on this darn LVDS cable opening to the top of the screen!

Maybe you are looking for

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