in ff 4.0.1 as a new page will load, a url appears in the lower left corner. How can I change that so I don't have this popup url?

This is where the bar of State of being.
with ff 3 I had disabled the display of status bar > status bar. with fff4, this option is not available.

with every page I load, this annoying url appears in the lower left corner, where the status bar used in previous versions.
It also appears to view the url of a link that I move my mouse on.

How can I change this? I don't want the url is displayed. its very distracting.

The easiest way is to use the add-on of status-4-Evar. With it, you can choose to not display the messages State or hover url preview, or rather display them in the bar modules or the address bar.

Tags: Firefox

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