In the browser of Muse CC edition there was a problem reading the manifest file Adobe Muse CC for the site - how to fix this?

I just uploaded the site via the built in ftp upload in muse he then uploaded successfully. When I go in the edition of the browser and enter the name of the site ( it says then this "there was a problem reading the file of Adobe Muse CC manifest for the site. Since Adobe Muse CC use file > load on the FTP host... to export the new site. ' I then exported the site again, but it still does not work also, I went my hosting provider file manager and deleted the file muse_mainfest.xml and then re uploaded still no chance. " How can I fix this thank you, james.

You need to transfer your domain to your new site. At present, the URL is a web page that encapsulates the in a frameset. This isn't how a domain is successfully transferred. He doesn't bother with editing in the browser, will prevent redirection to versions Tablet and phone of your site (if you create), and can cause other problems.

If you enter to it will not work, because this is the URL where your site is currently hosted.

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