In the incoming response, formatting of original message is destroyed - original message is not readable. How do I stop this?

In Tbird 31.4.0, I find that replies to the messages I've sent are legible and implemented form properly, but my original (in response) message has developed gaping spaces between words. It's even worse that the message string gets longer. The information contained in this original message is lost. It is a real problem for me. How can I fix? Thank you.

It isn't a snark that it is according to me, it is a pertinent question.
It lets you fine, they press on answer, and it is mangled... change that happens at the other end.
So why is he going? My Thunderbird mail comes back fine. Logically I seek something different is done at the other end.
I suggest that you ask the Seraph and you get back all huffy.

When you post a letter by mail and a recipient sends grated back you do not start the process of finding what spent looking around your office, you go to where the problem occurred.

The causes may be many, information pasted from Microsoft office products can lead to strange results and would be one of my first assumptions about a cause. Information through a few anti anti-virus programs can end up scrambled. Corrupt fonts can see something go south.

So ask the people at the other end in what they do, again, and maybe with what.

What your seeing is not something I've never seen described here... If you are looking for something quite unique to your environment.

When you send yourself and answer it yourself do you see it?
Is it only people of a certain company? or domain. Maybe they use a tool anti spam than messes upward.
Did those who responded from outlook and a specific version to this. Is that what those who use Incredimail.

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