in the photo library I'm wrong dates 2026 through 2030 how to change this big mistake of the apple of the foto system?

How can I change an error in the photos of apple library where records are date in 2026 to 2030 groeps?

Select the photos and use the Image menu ==> adjust the date and time command


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  • When I open the files they are always displayed as a default icons, I would like to change the default setting so my files are displayed as a LIST. How to change this default setting.

    When I open the files they are always displayed as a default icons, I would like to change the default setting so my files are displayed as a LIST.  How to change this default setting.

    Hello combat

    Open Windows Explorer/Tools/Folder Options

    On the general tab, click the options you want.

    In the view tab, click the options you want.

    On the view tab, click apply to all folders.

    Click Yes, then OK


  • When I click on a drop down menu, my options open to the left.  They used to open to the right, how to change this back to be able to open them to the right?

    When I click on a drop down menu, my options open to the left.  They used to open to the right, how to change this back to be able to open them to the right?

    Which is caused by a windows setting.

  • A Web site that I use States: this agency will support is no longer using the Protocol of internet security TLS 1.0 or 1.1 - how to change this with Firefox?

    I use a site that now has the following statement:

    Safety notice: as part of our ongoing efforts to improve security, this agency will be no longer support the use of the internet security TLS 1.0 protocol effective August 1. In addition, we will also stop the support for the Security Protocol Internet TLS 1.1 on 1 September. This means you must update your browser to use this site. For any questions about the update, please consult your browser provider.

    How do I change this?

    Unless your Firefox settings have been changed, Firefox is ready for sites that use TLS 1.2, the latest version of the SSL protocol.

    For example, if you click on the Green padlock on this site, so more information, the bottom of the Panel security in the Page Info dialog box should show that the page was encrypted using TLS 1.2. I have attached a screenshot showing where to find this information.

    Can you confirm that this works?

  • Installed new HARD drive with the new installation of XP, old HDD ShowAs saw as the active partition, how to change this?

    I installed a new HARD drive with a new installation of Windows XP Edition family. I want to keep the old HDD and reformat the drive, but I can't because the second HDD is listed as active in the management of the computer. Why? It's not the drive that contains the operating system (Windows XP) that is initialized from.  I put the BIOS such that the new HARD drive is the boot drive. The old HDD has Windows XP on it, but isn't the startup disk. I just don't understand.
    If only the new HARD drive is installed, the computer management doesn't show that it or any other of its partitions are the active partition (C drive is listed as the system partition, of course).

    How can I get an active partition and no active partition when the new HARD drive is installed on a HARD drive that is not the boot drive, when I have two hard drives installed?

    In case it is necessary, the new HARD drive is a SATA and the old HARD drive is IDE with the cavaliers as a slave.

    The system partition is the Active partition. The system volume contains the system files needed to start Windows, Windows XP, these system files are:

    Ntbootdd.sys (present/used only with older SCSI controllers)

    Windows files are not necessarily on the system volume, they can reside on another volume, when on a different volume this volume holding Windows files is called the boot volume.

    When you install Windows on a computer, playing a mixture of IDE and SATA setup discs tends to favor with IDE drives on SATA drives and tends to use the IDE drive to house the system partition, (even if Windows is installed on a different drive).

    Running the command SYSTEM SET at a command prompt may shed some light on the problem...


  • My Start button is the old man how to change this back?

    I have windows vista and my button from the task bar and start are not a new one, it looks like the old AutoScan, it was not always like this. How can I change this back?

    What's happened is that the theme has been changed from "Windows Aero" to "classic Windows". Here's how to change back: on the desktop, right click and select 'Customize' then select 'Thème' and finally, in the drop-down menu, select 'Windows Vista' and click on 'OK '.

  • Warranty recorded wrongly - wrong Dates and countries! How to fix?

    I bought a new printer C1760nw from a UK supplier - delivered to me on March 10, 2015 and I registered it on line March 12, 2015.

    Just checked the details of the guarantee on the website and found the guarantee had a registered start date of April 27, 2014 (11 months before delivery!) and end date 27 April 2015 (just one year after the bad start date).  'Country' also appears wrongly as France - although I lived in the United Kingdom.

    Can someone tell me please how to fix these details? Can't see a relevant e-mail on the Web site.  Appreciate some advice - thanks!

    The original Dell warranty applied to service Dell point-of-sale printer number still applies. If the dealer purchased from Dell on 27 April 2014 with a 2 year warranty, 2 years warranty do not "start over" when they sell 11 months later. If the seller bought UK Dell printer on 27 April 2014, then it's at the start of the guarantee. Not when you buy it from the dealer. What you bought was the "rest" of the warranty of the original purchase. If you bought the printer directly from Dell, you will receive the full warranty. You will need to continue this Dell UK team.

  • Girl just got a new Iphone6s 9.3.1 and can't access his e-mail.  Gets the message "Cannot Get Mail the username or password of"Gmail"is incorrect."  Obviously, we did something wrong... anyone knows how to fix this?

    My daughter just upgraded to an iPhone 6s.  She is not able to receive or send emails... Besides, she can't still access his Messages.  Earlier, the phone wants to switch to 9.3.5... will it solve this problem of e-mail?

    Go ahead and upgrade to same 9.3.5 so that will probably not solve the problem of electronic mail (additional security is important). Then try to reset your email account. First close your Mail application completely from the window of the selector app by double clicking the Home button and drag the email preview pane up until it disappears from the display. Then go to settings > Mail, Contacts, calendar > find your e-mail provider, click the account, and the blow to remove. Then restart the unit. Then go to settings > mail... and to add the account. Follow this:

    Set up an e-mail account on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • How to change this program opens the mail attachments?

    My mail would not open attachments "doc". So experiment, list programs to open it with, I selected Windows Photo Viewer and forgotten to uncheck the files always open with this. Cannot find out how to go back and undo it. PhotoViewer trying to open everything - well sure cant.

    If win 7 goto Control Panel > default apps > extension 'doc' to find and associate with what you use to read (that is to say the word)

    If another OS let us know what.

  • Windows Photo Gallery is very slow, deleting files or folders, how to solve this?

    I'm trying to remove the additional copy or copies of my pictures in Windows Photo Gallery and after clicking on the photo and delete it it takes 2-4 minutes to remove.  What can I do to fix this?

    Are the files being deleted archived on your drive hard master system
    or they are on external hard drives?

    It is possible that some maintenance could improve the issue.

    Windows Vista-
    Delete temporary Internet files

    Windows Vista-
    Delete files using disk cleanup

    Windows Vista-
    Check your hard drive for errors

    Windows Vista - improve performance by defragmenting your hard drive

  • I can no longer receive more photos sent from my phone to my hotmail account, how to fix this?

    I've always been able to send pictures from my phone to my Hotmail account more e-mail, and suddenly the image is not displayed.  The email is available by saying: it came from my phone, but it does not show the image I sent.  That's happened? How can I fix it? I need to be able to get photos sent from my phone. I have Windows 7 and HP.

    Hello Gaile,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I appreciate your time.

    I suggest to disable the antivirus software and check the number.

    Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    Please keep us updated.

    Thank you

  • I bought a photo of $499,99, how to cancel this by mistake!


    I use StockAdobe at work, I connect with the account of work and I used to buy images to $0.99 and I think they have a plan of the year. 2 pictures of $499,99 each, I bought by accident! and I mean by chance because if I had noticed the price I wouldn't buy these, I bought 20 images at a time and they went without me realizing it, they slide toward the top of my eyes since I'm used to the number "99".

    So now I'm really worried and I would like to know what is this charge will reflect on the behalf of my boss, and what can that do to cancel this license I bought by accident. The photos have not been used. Please help me!

    Thank you

    Answer posted here - Re: why image is $499.99 107478711?

    Thank you


  • I want to make a photo collage of 2.15 m 0.85 cm how I do this?

    Trying to enlarge a photomontage, but he won't let me. It is even possible to do or I have to use something else. I am quite new to this software.

    It is possible to make a collage manually and it is quite easy.

    Click file > Open and select all your pictures

    Who will add them to the project location

    Then select file > New > empty file

    Select the color white (or whatever you prefer) and add your width and height of your final image (setting resolution 72 for the use of web or 240 to 300 for printing), and then click OK

    In the project bin, click your first picture and drag it to the top in the main window on top of your new background.

    Click on the move tool and click the center of the photo and drag to arrange where you want on the background - you can hold down shift to maintain the original proportions while dragging the handles of corner of the bounding box for the size you want.

    Do the same with the next photo (drag it to the top in the main window) and use the move tool to position it. Then continue with each image.

    Finally click on layer > flatten image and save it in jpeg format. (Save as PSD if you want to keep the layers to change again)

    Note: when you add pictures that they removed in the Center. If you use the move tool to drag the apart. Click in the middle of one and move around and then the other until you get them positioned as desired.

    When you click again with the tool move a selection border appears around the image and you can drag the corner handles to resize your photos. Hold down the SHIFT key when you drag the angle handle, and which retains the proportions of the original.

    Finally click on layer > Flatten Image and save your collage - you may then want to use the crop tool to cut any excess white canvas and then save.

  • Update Firefox 29 I can't access to the sidebar of history with the history button. Any suggestions on how to change this? I tried to customize the toolbar

    Since the last update I can not access the sidebar of history with the history button more. I tried to customize the toolbar and download the Restorer Classic theme. Neither worked help would be appreciated.

    Does it mean that nothing happens when you click the history button and choose View history Sidebar?

    And nothing happens when you click the taskbar button side story provided by classic restaurateur theme?

    What happens when you hold the Ctrl key and press H?

    If none of the works above, restart Firefox with disabled modules and test again. Of course the button provided by the Restorer of classic theme will be temporarily unavailable.

  • When you use the new button tab is open a new tab, with a search engine that I don't want. How to change this to make it possibly open my home page?

    When I use the new button tab in the tab tool bar, it opens the Yahoo! search engine. I would like to change it to open my home page, or a search engine different. Is it possible to do it and how?

    Thanks for any help!

    I think that is changed by an extension. If you run Firefox in Mode safe search engine comes up when you open a new tab?

Maybe you are looking for

  • 9.3.2 and xfinity tv remote iOS app

    My Xfinity TV Remote App had several channels deleted after that I installed on my iPhone iOS 9.3.2 6 +. Comcast told me they had reset my account and I should delete the app and download a new one. But I can not download a new application, it starts

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    Normal0 21 fakefakefake PT - BRX NONEX NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 / * Style definitions * /.table. MsoNormalTable{mso-style-name: "Table normal";}MSO-knew-rowband-size: 0;MSO-knew-colband-size: 0;MSO-style - noshow:yes;MSO-style-priority: 99;MSO

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