in the range and problem forced

Nice day

I'm using labview 2009 and I have a problem with range and VI under duress. The problem is that I want to map an analog value ranging from 0 to 12 on a scale of 0 to 20 and the VI in range and under duress, but this VI is ignoring the numbers after the decimal point. I already have different values for the lower and upper limits, but it continues to be.

I posted my VI, so you can see all the hurt I feel.

Best regards.

Esteban Gonzalez

P.D. The error is easy to see when the digital indicator with the 'Current' label have a value of 9.


First of all, you probably would need a lot less code, maybe the size of a postage stamp. (index: table of threshold)

You have duplication of conditions, for example between 11 and 11.1, two LED lights.

You have gaps where it fails not right between two LEDs.

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    Could you by following the instructions on this page to enter information system to help us figure this problem out?  In addition to the DXDiag report, if you could add also the content of that message to the email (or a link to the post) would be great!

    To solve this, I would recommend two things.  The first step to try is updating your driver video card (ATI, NVIDIA, Intel.)  It has helped a number of users, and we would be very interested to know how it works for you.  It becomes even more interesting if you can run the DXDiag report before update.

    If this does not help, the next suggestion would be to disable hardware acceleration.  The steps to do this, you can find here.

  • The DV2550ee and problems of Audio drivers display

    Hi all

    I have downgraded Vista to xp because of some hard goods which was not compatible with Vista

    and I have so many hard goods such as finger, fast game, remote control etc. print but no matter

    I just need to disply and audio drivers for win xp display card is nvidia (Ver7.15.11.119 NB8M-GS)

    and the sound card is (Conexant HDA)

    Please any body help me provide accurate drivers

    If you don't have XP with SP 2, get it first:

    Intel Chipset Installation:


    NVIDIA graphics card:


    UAA MS must be installed prior to Conexant Audio:

    MS UAA for XP

    MS UAA for XP SP3

    Conexant SmartAudio 221:

    Unzip into a folder, use Device Manager.

    In Device Manager, right click on 'Audio device on Bus High and Def', choose Update driver,

    Not to communicate,

    Install from a list or specific location,

    Select don't search, I will choose the driver to install.

    For the hardware Type select 'show all devices '.

    Remove control "Show compatible hardware" and click on 'disk '.

    Next... Navigate to the unzipped folder and choose the "WiSVHe5.inf".

    Ignore XP when it complains.


    Use your Vista for Alps Touchpad, HP Quick Launch, fingerprint digital, Ricoh, Modem and Marvell LAN card reader drivers:

    .NET framework (before quick launch):

  • How to keep the colors using the tool to redefine the colors in the range

    I try to paint some pictures of complex mesh. I'm running out of problems with the Recolor tool creating colors of the range and not having not control global group, I had before using the tool.

    I have all my assigned as global color swatches, and I assured that all colors are in the range. I then lock the layers, I don't want to change and choose the ones I do. I then select the Recolor tool, select the tab edit and click to link colors. Then I play with the STL to make color changes, I want to do for the selected layers. I have create a new color group, and then click OK.

    I now have a new design. Nice, but now some of the colors may be out of gamut, and because I have not now global colors I can't easily change their return to be in the range.

    So is there a way to keep the image recolorée to stay in the range? And to create global colors that I can then edit to change my mesh?

    Thanks for any help/clues.

    I have not hink it is possible to keep the colors in the range. The only thing yo could do is limit colors resulting libraries of nuances. You could choose a big library such as the PANTONE. But that would of course still limit yourself to a smaller range of colors that may be required.

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  • Photosmart Premium C309-g: the drivers and the printer software will not be installed.

    My network all-in-one Photosmart Premium C309-g worked very well on my desk until recently, when suddenly the HP software could still see and connect to the printer, but Windows 10 could not. I tried to remove the printer and uninstall all associated software, then tried to reinstall the software. Unfortunately, the installation will not get to the point where it starts and then suddenly disappears with no trace of her still running in the background. I can deviate from the default installation and bring to the top of the page to select the components that I want to install, but when I do the button 'ok' on this page does not work. No matter how many times I click on it, the page remains open and the installation will not so fast. If I click Cancel on this page, it disappears and the installation back to the previous page, where I can choose to continue and happen almost immediately out of sight again. This happens whenever I try to install selected software and drivers. I deleted the printer from the devices page in the Panel, I made sure to this it is not is more listed in the Manager of peripheral devices (printers and imaging devices), I removed the Windows 10 print queue and I deleted all the data of the folder under the Program Files (x 86) HP folder on my hard drive. I also disabled Windows Defender and run the installer as administrator, yet none of these steps help the process at all. I have never, in my 20 + years using nothing other than printers HP, encountered a problem like this. I'm used to receive error messages during the installation of software to fail, but I have never had a process simply disappear from the computer without leaving any trace of never having run. I hope that someone out there has an idea, that I have not thought yet, transferring files to my tablet to print from becomes a pain in the rear.

    A man who took the freedom of another man is a prisoner of hatred, he is locked behind bars of prejudices and narrow-mindedness. I am not truly free if I take freedom away from someone else, as surely as I am not free when my freedom is taken from me. The oppressed and the oppressor similar are stripped of their humanity.
    ~ Nelson Mandela

    Welcome to the HP Forums @GarfieldFan1969,

    I understand the printing software will not fully installed for your Photosmart C309 on your system Windows 10, and I wanted to answer with my suggestions for trying to help! Here are my suggestions for you to try. When you are finished, please let me know the results and problems or errors that you may encounter!

    First step: clean boot, restart the PC and try the install again.

    1. start by typing "msconfig" in the search box of Cortana, and then click MSConfig (run command)
    On your keyboard press Windows + R key at same time and type Msconfig in the run window, and then click OK or press ENTER.

    2. now, choose Selective startup

    3. Remove the check of the Load Startup items

    4. click on the Services tab

    5. check "hide all Microsoft Services" and then click on disable all

    6. click apply , then OK

    7 restart the PC and temporarily disable firewalls or antivirus programs

    8 run the Installation Wizard for Windows HP printer to install the printer

    9 turn on the firewall and start services

    Second step: you unregister and re-register the Windows Installer Service:

    1. hold down the Windows key + R to fill the box "Run" and type cmd.exe, and then click OK.
    2. at the command prompt, type msiexec /Unregister , and then press ENTER.
    3. at the command prompt, type msiexec/regserver, and then press ENTER.
    4. at the command prompt, type exit and press ENTER to close the command prompt.
    5. run the Wizard for Windows HP printer installation

    Step 3: run System File Checker Scan (up to 3 times) to repair the corrupted system files:
    1. go to start
    2. type CMD
    3 right-click and run as administrator
    4. to check and repair the OS type sfc/scannow (note the space between sfc and ' / ')

    You may need to run this upward to 3 times to solve all the problems

    When finished, it will say one of three things
    Windows did not find any breach of integrity (a good thing)
    Windows resource protection found corrupt files and repair the (good)
    Windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them (not a good thing)

    Try to reinstall the printer.

    Step 4: activate the built-in Windows administrator account


    1. first of all, you'll need to open an administrator mode command prompt by right-clicking and choosing "run as Administrator" (or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Enter in the search box).

    Note that it works the same in all versions of Windows. It just search for cmd and then do a right-click on the icon of the command prompt in the start menu or the boot screen.

    2. If you are in Windows 8.x or 10 you can click on the Start button and choose to open a command prompt in this way.

    3. now type the following command:

    NET user administrator / Active: Yes

    4. you should see a message that the command completed successfully. Log out, and you will now see the administrator as a choice account.

    (Note that this screenshot is for Vista, but it works on Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10)

    You will notice that there is no password for this account, so if you want to leave it enabled, you must change the password.

    Try to reinstall the printer.

    Testify of my answer by hitting the thumbs to the top slot

    Click on the button "Accept as Solution" if I helped you reach a solution.

  • Colors of the range

    I am learning how to set colors in the range and am not having much luck. I googled 'how to fix colors in the range' and tried three different options, but none seem to work as described. If I go to select > color range and choose Gamut is selected too many image, not only the elimination of the colours of the range. I tried to use the new layers of adjustment without result. What I am doing wrong? It doesn't seem like it should be this difficult.

    It is, in fact, the Holy Grail of digital image processing. Yes, it is difficult and worth in special cases, for particularly important pictures. Most of the time, you are better off just letting profile handle it, and if she clips, so be.

    Remember you are probably looking to a lot of cutting, color range every day. If your monitor is a unit of the standard range (i.e. 99.9% of all monitors out there) - then all you see is sRGB (or something very close to it) anyway. Nothing outside of sRGB-ish is brutally cut off by the display profile, out-of-gamut of the display.

    The risk is mainly by losing the details and texture. The only way to get this texture is by some kind of desaturation and the trick then is to do it on the affected areas.

    It is useful to look at what threshold effect is really: what is so saturated that it wants to get out of 255 0 in any single channel, in this particular color space. So it clips to 0 or 255, and when you look at each of the channels, these areas are turning to the high black white solid or solid (true with true black and white). You can spot in the histogram too.

    Here's a long thread on the forum of Luminous Landscape discussing this:

  • I am facing a problem with the I have a DAQ program, which acquired the signal and compare it to a threshold value. When a signal is out of range, a Visual and sound alarm has occurred. I use the VI to generate the sound.

    I am facing a problem with the  I have a DAQ program, which acquired the signal and compare it to a threshold value. When a signal is out of range, a Visual and sound alarm has occurred. I use the VI to generate the sound. Everything works fine except the sound alarm. It gives the table 1 d of type mismatch. I tried to fix this by placing it in a box structure. But it still does not work. If someone could help? Please find attached my VI. Best wishes to all visitors to the Forums of Discussion OR.

    Ihab El-Sayed

    published here:

  • Messages of the Sierra and the problems of continuity iMessage

    I took these communities to try to resolve a problem which, for me, is as old as the first day iMessage became available for Mac.

    I can't emphasize how incredibly boring, it is completely out of sync how both are. The problems are always the same:

    (1) never are conversations in the issue of order/same on both devices. For example, for a conversation that has been exploited to iMessage on my iPhone, when I open my Mac, it appears in the notifications, like new. All the answers are there.

    (2) a conversation that has been deleted from the iPhone suddenly appears on the opening on my Mac... seriously?

    (3) the conversations that are deleted on my iPhone does not disappear in the Messages and vice versa.

    To sum it all, pretty much the case is that both apps, while they expected to work simultaneously with fluidity to do what they want when they want.

    This has been a problem since iMessage became available on Mac OS for the first time (think it was Mavericks). I've been waiting for Apple to fix this with each software update to make OSX or iOS. But guess what...?

    My Mac running OS Sierra and my iPhone 6 s more running iOS 10.0.1. Everything that could be activated in so that they can work together has been activated and triple checked. I would really like to know if anyone has a way to fix this or if there is other people are having the same problem.


    An excellent explanation of exactly how iMessages works on iPhone and Mac.

    It does the same thing, if you add in an iPad or and iPod Touch.

    iMessages are pushed, the Treaty is called, for devices that have been associated with (by adding the Apple ID on an iPhone).

    This means that it is not as Mail where are read from the server and in the case of a POP account you can choose to let the "message" on the server if other devices can read.

    IMAP accounts will be synchronized as you say but POP will be more like the Messages app with iMessages.

    The iMessages which is addressed to you are marked by the number of devices is in the opportunity to see it.

    He pushes the devices until they respond (Accept) once this device has accepted it is removed from signage and only devices that did not have a chance on seeing.

    There is a time limit on how long the iMessages is pushed to a device (such that being away from your Mac turned off everything on vacation or phone that died or was out of range of the carrier)

    Once the device have the iMessages it is removed from the server.

    A simpler view is that the iMessages is "copied" and sent to each device and that each device can not see the other "versions" and that each "copy" is deleted from the server that happens on the device.

    The news to "read" your comments, you might see comes that of the device, it was intended to (i.e. addressing a number only the iPhone to another end may, so together, to send the reply 'read').

    Same thing with sent.  This is why you get a response, when he showed even "Delivered" as someone can answer from a connected device.

    This means that the 'Sync' is really only show on all devices and nothing do you on one device will be the effect of the other.

    It is not broken, even if this isn't what you think that told you about the device.

    You can tell them

    20:31 Saturday; October 1, 2016

     iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (El Capitan)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
     Mac OS X (10.6.8).
     iPhone and iPad (2)

  • HP 15 laptop: problem with the touchpad and the key "stuck."

    Last weekend, I have an irritating problem with my HP 15 laptop. Bought two years ago and upgrades to Windows 10 a year ago.
    First of all, my touchpad started to not work properly. It "freezes" and I can't use it until I click the ESC key, but it doesn't last and "freezes" again a few seconds later. Then, everytime I open a window where there is a text box (Start menu, edge browser, Control Panel, etc.), the number 5 is entered automatically and permanently, as if the button 5 has been blocked. I did a quick check and button 5 do not seem physically stuck.
    Yesterday, I restored the system to the factory settings, so I'm back to 8.1 for Windows and then upgraded to Windows 10. Everything seems to work fine, but this morning, the problem was back. Is there something I can do? What is the problem caused by Windows 10 or the computer? Should I restore it to Windows 8.1? Everything worked great til last weekend, I don't know what that was.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Welcome to the HP support community @gouch3.

    I understand that you have a problem with the keyboard and the touchpad on your laptop from HP 15.

    Have you tried to use a keyboard external and mouse at all?

    Have you tried to go to Safe Mode to see if the problems persist in there?

    Have you tried to perform a material or forced reset Reset?

    Did you do a test of material?

    Have you updated your drivers?

    gouch3 wrote:

    ... Is there something I can do? What is the problem caused by Windows 10 or the computer? Should I restore it to Windows 8.1? Everything worked great til last weekend, I don't know what that was.

    It could be a driver problem to be able to look at that for you, I need your model number. I wish I could give you an answer or not, but at this point without the troubleshooting results and the model number, it is difficult for me to say.

    I can say that if everything works in point 8.1 of Windows without problem, the driver TROUBLESHOOTING is a great place to start. Please try to follow these steps for the keyboard and the touchpad of troubleshooting:

    • Beginning
    • Search for Device Manager
    • Search results, open Device Manager.
    • Click on display
    • Show hidden devices.
    • Click the arrow next to keyboards.
    • Right click on the name of the keyboard device.
    • Select uninstall.
    • Continue deleting the names of devices in the category keyboards until the feature of all the names have been uninstalled.
    • Restart the laptop twice.


    • Type of research, "Device Manager."
    • Click on Device Manager,
    • Expand mice and other pointing devices.
    • Right click on the TouchPad,
    • Click on uninstall.
    • Restart the computer laptop twice,
    • Reinstall the TouchPad card.

    I found a document of troubleshooting for you to try also called Portable keyboard troubleshooting. Please be sure to follow the steps described in this document.

    The best document I have for TouchPad problems is the use and troubleshooting of the TouchPad and ClickPad document. 

    Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant, if you need it. Just download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers that need to put up-to-date.

    This is a great question other clients may also be questioned. When we came to a resolution, please share what has worked for you with others by marking this post as an acceptable Solution. If you want to show appreciation for my efforts today, please take a second to click the Thumbs Up button below.

    If you need assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please re-post with the results of the resolution of the problems. Could you please also provide your model number (How can I find my model number or product number?)

    Thank you!

  • Little change in the table and little range between 2 numeric values

    Hi all

    I am a student in Electromechanics in Belgium and I do a simulation of an explosion with 48 leds for my final project.

    In the attachment, you can see the program that I have already written. I think that this can be done more easily, but I don't know how.

    I cut out 48 leds in 2 tables, with each table 24 LED.

    If you see the program you will understand actually the best way to do this is to shift bits, but I don't think it can be done in LabVIEW?

    But, the program works, so this isn't the real problem.

    Now, I have to add a new function to the program, which allows you to add a range of leds.

    So if you want to test 10 led 18 led, you can choose the "from... to..." menu and complete the range of leds.

    Also, if you want to send a linear explosion with a fork, it must be possible to leave the early explosion to run 10 and end on 18.

    I thought to do a function like this:

    1111 1111 1111 1110 0000 0000 (10)

    0000 0011 1111 1111 1111 1111 (18 reverse)

    0000 0011 1111 1110 0000 0000 (the LED range I want)

    but I do not know how...

    Can someone please help me with this, it's keep me busy for days

    I don't ask you to do the program for me, because I know it's complicated, but some advise to help me further with this.

    Thank you!

    I forgot the attachment

Maybe you are looking for

  • iMessage Timestamp - hours: Minutes: seconds

    Anyone know if its possible to get the second exactly an iMessage was sent / received?

  • Satellite A100-912 has a few screen problems

    Hello I have the Satellite A100-912 with WXP and up to today, there is no problem. I don't know what happened, but a few hours ago, screen started flashing and colors have been mixed.I tried to install the new drivers, but it did not help so I hope t

  • Please I need advice for deployment with multiple screen resolutions

    Hello Sorry for my English I am developing a project in labview with a PC (screen resolution 1920 * 1080) and I need to deploy to run on a PC with (screen resolution 1024 * 768 10 "), I use several spliters for this so I need some advice to make sure

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    My Favorites are gone. As well as my Google toolbar they were in. 'Help' says to click on the "PERSONAL OPTIONS" under the "Pencil" button I can't find a button "pencil". I think I remember seeing a "Pencil" icon, but it isn't here now. I was not del

  • Printing photos for Windows Photo Gallary

    Hello while I am trying to print a picture of Windows Photo Gallary, I couldn't find my default printer on the other, that I can find using other programs, into the Windows Photo Gallary print page I saw all other printers except my default printer t