In Windows Media Player when I try to listen to a CD that I pulled it out of my computer, a new tab opens in Firefox "license cannot be downloaded because your Web browser is not supported.

I use Windows Media Player 11 and I have Internet Explorer 8 is installed on XP Pro and when I try to listen to a CD that I pulled it out of my computer, a new tab opens in Firefox (my default browser), with the following message:

The license can not be downloaded because your Web browser is not supported.
To download a license, you must install Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later.
To install the latest version of Internet Explorer, see the Windows Update page.

What do I need any type of license to, to listen to music, I ripped a CD I bought, and furthermore that the browser has to do with what ever automated procedure Microsoft Media Player must perform?

Suspecting that not having IE selected as the default browser might be interfering, I did so (something I'm not impressed about) and instead, was taken through to a Windows Media Technologies page*vUQ029QDmL5QfLzVnjGCf9din34fu*twoJQKPK0Agme7r3JqmhpZNJIHdVJ3JF20CQEtGSO6im53G7MUAjceYDRQUZXp2ghI5bYyB7kJjpvQoHFJNtNRWAvEXvv!fk7GbENwhn1K0gzMvWstLFBf3Esp9laOTsOCLqO7FqCfeYinJkeEGUevauivoM3NLAJOP4exrtgQX4zeRcujxi7W7AmLGDNRhh2qEgP1WmXh2PkzNZXwSn3QznsTK8!up58P10sX&DRMVer=1.4&embedded=false that provided some information about Licensing and Migrations and offered the opportunity to Download a License.  However, after selecting this button has encountered an error: 438 unknown error occurred when you store your license.

Where are the stored licenses and why this is happening with all the music I have on my computer?

I would appreciate an overview of this and especially a viable solution.  Thanks for your time.


Thank you.  I found my answer and solution to  Thanks for your time.

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