Inadmissible done locking addon - my firefox for Android

I just installed -
Addon in my browser android mobile. I put the password for the same thing. Now, after not only restart the browser - I recharge my laptop also.
Although every time I open firefox it ask password but doesn't accept correct nor rejects the wrong password and stops nothing do rather than load them when we type no matter what URL or try to go anywhere.

Tools addons and settings are disable/unable to load.
It really frustrating me.

How can I get rid of him. Also, I created my sync before add this addon in mobile. So if anyway to remove the internal/external sd memory card where firefox is installed?
If not then how we prevent this addon loading/install automatically while I set up my Firefox next time after you removed it.

Thanks in advance.


Try to Uninstall Firefox on your Android device

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    This is for technical reasons. Firefox for Android requires a feature called OpenGL ES. Open GL ES is used to draw on the screen. Android 2.2 is the first version of Android to support OpenGL ES 2.0 for applications of NDK.

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    Hello Tessmess, you use the userscript next to hide the promotion for firefox for android - use it with the stylish addon or manually copy the code under more information in your userContent.css- file:

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    Thank you

    You can go to the page settings in Firefox for Android.

    1. Press the menu three point
    2. Tap on 'Page '.
    3. Select 'Change Site settings. "

    If there is nothing listed there, it is possible to edit individual auto fill passes entries with this add on:

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    I don't have an ETA for you, but it is spoken, here is a list of bugs to integrate the UX, etc.:

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    We have a help article about why this permission is here: how Firefox for Android uses the requested permissions?

    Specifically, some sites may give you the option to attach or embed an image directly from the camera instead of going through a folder of pictures already taken. In order to support this feature, Firefox requires permissions to access the camera. However, according to this article, Firefox will ask your permission before leaving the site to use the camera. I don't think I have ever seen this in action.

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    Hi Ererer

    I have never installed an add-on third party directly to the Android operating system (only on the desktop). If you find the as in your folder Android downloads or via the Android file manager if it is in a different directory, try tapping on it and see if it will open in Firefox for Android and settle. Don't know if it will work because this cannot carry on Android and I do not see in our documentatino:

    Please let me know if the above works.

    See you soon!

    ... Roland

  • Modules not available for Firefox for android

    I was installing modules for a new phone (4.4.4 KitKat) and I noticed that almost all the additional modules (including modules recommended, such as fake, QuitNow, Adblock Plus, etc.) are 'Not available for Firefox for Android', with the grey button Firefox Add-on.

    I don't remember that I had such a problem, installation of Add-ons on my old phone. Should I wait that developers update their modules or there is something wrong with my new phone?

    Thank you.

    This should be corrected.

  • Why Flash Player does not work with Firefox for Android Beta?

    I activated the plugins (not just tap to play, enable) under display settings, but when I try for example , told me that I don't have Flash installed. Flash works fine with Firefox for Android(non-beta), I can use very well. I have a Galaxy S4 I9505 running Stock Android 4.4.2 official Touchwiz. I hope that this problem can be solved! Thank you very much!

    Hi haoyangw

    Speedtest.NET works very well on my S5 Galaxy runs Android 4.4.2 (I don't have a Galaxy S4) on Firefox (release) 30 and 31 of Firefox (beta).

    Please try:
    1. try to reinstall flash

    2. try to disable the other modules you may have

    If this does not help, you may have a bug. If you are technical please fill in a bug at

    Without worrying you please let us know if 1. and 2. above for help.

  • How to export a client certificate on Firefox for Android?

    In the process of registration on a client certificate was added to my Firefox for Android.
    Now I want to save this client certificate, but I don't know how I could export it to the mobile version.

    I would also like to use this certificate on my Firefox Desktop, is it possible?

    Thanks for any help!

    HI SumoAlex,
    Thank you for your question. I apologize for being a little late in coming in responses. If we are unable to find an answer, please post your question again once.

    I understand that you would like to know how to export the client certificate to the Android and also use it on the desktop.

    IT may not work on the desktop, but I don't know that you can turn on remote debugging in Firefox. The cert.db on the desktop stores all certificates. (is it the same on the Android device?)

    Try the Cert Manager add on for Firefox for Android. Ref

    I hope this helps.

  • Why Firefox for Android crash when I try to play any multimedia content or plugin?

    I got this ASUS MEMO Pad unit for 6 months and Firefox for Android has never been able to play any media or plugin content without crashing. I tried to play with the appropriate flash installed plugin flash and without and it crashes every time (it should not crash even without the plugin - it should do).

    Same HTML5 video and audio mp3 will cause an accident each time (with tap to play on or off).

    There is already a bug filed for this and I don't know the exact cause of it, or what to offer as a solution.

    Please do not comment in bugzilla reports until you have something constructive to add. Please read the label of bugzilla before commenting.

    I increased this thread so that the way a person of professional technical support team can get back to you and provide you with more information I know. Please wait from 24 to 72 hours for a response

  • Firefox for android crashes whenever I try to open it

    I'm pretty new on fire fox, but it was really love on my tablet of note 8 new Galaxy. However it updated during the last two days and since then, so it will not open. I have not yet tried to uninstall and reinstall because I don't know if it's the best course of action. I would be grateful for any help! Thank you.

    Awesome, Firefox for android for the win!

  • How to change the resolution of the screen in Firefox for Android?

    I have a Galaxy Note 3, which is display resolution is 1920 x 1080.
    If I go to with Firefox, I see that it shows my screen resolution 640 x 360 (even with the "ask Site Desktop" checked and tiny text size ' ").
    I tried with other browsers, and some of them were able to display 1920 x 1080.

    The question is:
    How can I use Firefox for Android in screen resolution of my screen (which is 1920 x 1080) MAXIMUM?

    Could you try to open this page:

    The script should show the screen resolution 'effective' as well as the device pixels, which gives the real screen resolution. (The page is not recalculate when you rotate between portrait and model guidelines, so you'll need to manually reload after having done this.)

    Note: There may be rounding errors for more extreme values.

    Assuming that the device pixels is closer to 3 to 1, you can try to change a hidden parameter to see if it improves things.

    Open a new tab and type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press the Enter key on the keyboard. You can bookmark this page for future alterations.

    In the search box, type css, and then press the keyboard entry.

    When you find layout.css.devPixelsPerPx press the button Edit and change the value 1.0 (in general, you simply remove the sign-). Press the OK button.

    Return to the first tab and reload.

    Did that change how make real sites do you use?

  • No Firefox for Android of Firefox desktop sync passwords?

    I do understand that my Firefox for Android is able to get the passwords stored in Firefox desktop.

    I configured on both sync and works correctly for the tabs and bookmarks.

    Passwords, I don't know: I don't seem to be able to access those that are stored on my laptop to mobile.

    Here are a few reasons why passwords are not synchronized.

    • Using the functionality of master password on Firefox for Android. If you don't know what it is you using it. If you are fairly long disable for Firefox for Android to sync once, and then re - activate the password.
    • Site is to save the password for you by using cookies. The remember check me box on the login page of many sites. Firefox Sync will not sync cookies.
    • The site has another mobile page. is another site Firefox will not share a password for a site on a different subdomain, because there is no guarantee that they are both managed by the same company.
  • If Firefox for Android has not been optimized for 4.3?

    After having updated my Nexus 10 to 4.3 Monday, everything works well except for Firefox. I have two 22.0 and Beta installed, and the problems are identical in both. Keyboard lag, characters appearing not to if I typed in the search/address, blank white bar screens well it shows the page has finished loading, the previous page always shows even if the poster address bar a new page was supposedly loaded, ugly scrolling. Chrome browser works perfectly as it is. I rebooted several times and no joy. I have not uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, but I don't know who would do good. I will try that next, but I wonder if there is a known issue with Firefox for Android is not yet optimized for 4.3.

    Hi all:

    I wrote an article of SUMO KB on the 4.3 Android and Nexus 10 questions.

    See you soon!
    ... Roland

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