include in application performance moitor profile

Hi all

I have a (maybe stupid) question about the performance of profile and monitor memory used in LabVIEW.

Is it possible to include this monitor in an application?


Heinrich Eidloth


Hello Norbert_B,

It's just an idea that came to my mind. I thought about a "hidden feature" (sort of) for developers in an application.

Thank you


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    Hey, I have this problem also.  I have a profile with just a webclip and it fails with the error code 4001 MCInstallationErrorDomain.  My supplier MDM said that the profile must be a limited user profile, but there is no option of payload web clip when I try to set up a limited user profile.  So far, my MDM said it could be a UI thing and it is available and just do not show on the page, or they just have not written the code yet.  Anyway, I couldn't make it work again.

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  • Audit report - HFM application performance


    I use HFM application and currenlty the audit report is disable in shared services. I just want to know what is the impact to enable shared services audit report. If it will affect the performance of the HFM applications? I want to know what are the impacts of the audit.

    Thank you

    Michel K

    Hi Pascal,.

    Allowing the audit report to the SSP don't directly affect performance HFM.  Audit data is stored in the HSS database in tables separate (SMA_) and the only HFM associated with options to log are retrieved and imports of LCM.  If you choose only a handful of the audit tasks, it maybe not number of records written in the database at all.  If you choose to connect everything, be sure to include serving the information as part of your ongoing process (quarterly or annually should do unless there is a significant activity HSS).

    Thank you


  • Application performance tuning


    The Oracle version:-

    I post the question in SQL and PL/SQL Forum, but have received no answer, so posting here.

    We tried to address a performance problem in our system, which is a layer of ETL to another application and receives data in the form of flat files on a daily basis. The received data are loaded into a temporary, not physically temporary table but appointed to keep the data for 2 days, after which it will be deleted. Late in the day, all the data is copied from temporary tables to the actual tables, which have a 5 days retention policy.

    Many medium-sized lines worked for each day is 1.8 to 2 million. And the number of lines for the most part remains stable in each of the two tables.

    There are 5 packages, each containing about 3 applications similar to those mentioned below (with minor differences) and there are about 5-7 jobs to execute the package at a time. This amounts to 15-20 performance of both statements.

    The AWR report

    Name of the statistic Time (s) % of time of DB
    Execute SQL elapsed time15,807.6297.12
    DB CPU9,667.99room 59,40

    This is the number of data in the two tables is as below:


    ------------------        --------------------

    8763750 5255109

    Each of these tables is Composite partition-ed, primary partition Date (range) and the partition of Sub (list) on File_Name; Each with an Index.

    Each table has partition-ed Index locally on Job_Activity_Id, STMTDATE, File_Key.

    SQL: -.

    merge into out_temp today using


    Select s.trade_id,



    of s out_table

    where s.stmtdate = to_date (: b3, 'Dd-MON-yy')

    and s.job_activity_id =: b2

    and s.trade_id <>'VS '.

    and s.file_key =: b1


    yday on


    Today.stmtdate = to_date (: b5, ' DD/MM/YYYY') and today.trade_id =

    yday.trade_id and today.job_activity_id =: b4 and nvl (today.ccy,

    'x') = nvl (yday.ccy, 'x')


    When matched then


    Set today.amount_tm1 = nvl

    put in correspondence, then setting a day value today.amount_tm1 = NVL (YDAY. NOTIONAL_AMOUNT, 0);

    After being assured, the statistics were gathered, we executed the SQL and found that it was still too much running. Below is the explain plan retrieved by running the wizard to set up the SQL (Plan 1):

    Hash value of plan: 3678662366

    | ID | Operation | Name                          | Lines | Bytes | Cost (% CPU). Time | Pstart. Pstop |
    |   0 | MERGE STATEMENT |                               | 43822.   641K |    22 M (1) | 73:52:39 |       |       |
    |   1.  MERGE                                  | OUT_TEMP |       |       |            |          |       |       |

    |   2.   VIEW                                  |                               |       |       |            |          |       |       |
    |*  3 |    TABLE ACCESS BY LOCAL INDEX ROWID | OUT_TABLE |     1.    42.  1781 (1) | 00:00:22 |       |       |
    |   4.     NESTED LOOPS |                               | 43822.  9543K |    22 M (1) | 73:52:39 |       |       |
    |   5.      RANGE OF SINGLE PARTITION |                               | 12447.  2200K |   716 (1) | 00:00:09 |   KEY |   KEY |
    |   6.       PARTITION LIST ALL |                               | 12447.  2200K |   716 (1) | 00:00:09 |     1.    22.
    |*  7 |        TABLE ACCESS BY LOCAL INDEX ROWID | OUT_TEMP | 12447.  2200K |   716 (1) | 00:00:09 |   KEY |   KEY |
    |*  8 |         INDEX RANGE SCAN | IDX_TMP_PART_1 |  8133 |       |   126 (0) | 00:00:02 |   KEY |   KEY |
    |   9.      RANGE OF SINGLE PARTITION |                               |  8852.       |   271 (1) | 00:00:04 |   KEY |   KEY |
    |  10.       SIMPLE LIST OF PARTITION.                               |  8852.       |   271 (1) | 00:00:04 |   KEY |   KEY |
    | * 11 |        INDEX RANGE SCAN | IDX_OUT_TABLE_PART_1 |  8852.       |   271 (1) | 00:00:04 |   KEY |   KEY |

    Information of predicates (identified by the operation identity card):

    3 - filter("S".") TRADE_ID ' <>'VS' AND 'Today'. " TRADE_ID "=" S ". "" TRADE_ID "AND
    NVL ('TODAY'. ("' CTL ', 'x') = NVL ("S". "CTL", 'x')) "
    7 - filter("TODAY".") TRADE_ID' <>'VS')
    8 - access("TODAY".") JOB_ACTIVITY_ID ' =: B4 AND 'TODAY'. " STMTDATE "= TO_DATE (: B5,' DD/MM/YYYY)"))
    11 - access("S".") JOB_ACTIVITY_ID "= TO_NUMBER(:B2) AND"S". "STMTDATE"= to_date(:B3,'dd-mon-yy') AND "S". "FILE_KEY"(=:B1) "

    STA, recommended to accept and apply a profile that has the hash join and the plane of the explain output looks like below (Plan 2):

    Hash value of plan: 1140122102

    | ID | Operation | Name                          | Lines | Bytes | TempSpc | Cost (% CPU). Time | Pstart. Pstop |

    |   0 | MERGE STATEMENT |                               | 43822.   641K |       |  2731 (1) | 00:00:33 |       |       |
    |   1.  MERGE                                 | OUT_TEMP |       |       |       |            |          |       |       |
    |   2.   VIEW                                 |                               |       |       |       |            |          |       |       |
    |*  3 |    HASH JOIN |                               | 43822.  9543K |  2352K |  2731 (1) | 00:00:33 |       |       |
    |   4.     RANGE OF SINGLE PARTITION |                               | 12447.  2200K |       |   678 (1) | 00:00:09 |   KEY |   KEY |
    |   3:      PARTITION LIST ALL |                               | 12447.  2200K |       |   678 (1) | 00:00:09 |     1.    22.
    |*  6 |       TABLE ACCESS BY LOCAL INDEX ROWID | OUT_TEMP | 12447.  2200K |       |   678 (1) | 00:00:09 |   KEY |   KEY |
    |*  7 |        INDEX RANGE SCAN | IDX_OUT_TMP_PART_2 |  8133 |       |       |    88 (0) | 00:00:02 |   KEY |   KEY |
    |   8.     RANGE OF SINGLE PARTITION |                               | 60775.  2492K |       |  1782 (1) | 00:00:22 |   KEY |   KEY |
    |   9.      SIMPLE LIST OF PARTITION.                               | 60775.  2492K |       |  1782 (1) | 00:00:22 |   KEY |   KEY |
    | * 10 |       TABLE ACCESS BY LOCAL INDEX ROWID | OUT_TABLE | 60775.  2492K |       |  1782 (1) | 00:00:22 |   KEY |   KEY |
    | * 11 |        INDEX RANGE SCAN | IDX_OUT_TABLE_PART_1 |  8852.       |       |   272 (1) | 00:00:04 |   KEY |   KEY |

    Information of predicates (identified by the operation identity card):

    3 - access("TODAY".") TRADE_ID "=" S ". "" TRADE_ID "AND NVL ('TODAY'. ("' CTL ', 'x') = NVL ("S". "CTL", 'x')) "
    6 - filter("TODAY".") TRADE_ID' <>'VS')
    7 - access("TODAY".") JOB_ACTIVITY_ID ' =: B4 AND 'TODAY'. " STMTDATE "= TO_DATE (: B5,' DD/MM/YYYY)"))
    10 - filter("S".") TRADE_ID' <>'VS')
    11 - access("S".") JOB_ACTIVITY_ID "= TO_NUMBER(:B2) AND"S". "STMTDATE"= to_date(:B3,'dd-mon-yy') AND "S". "FILE_KEY"(=:B1) "

    What I don't understand is, even when the cardinality of 1 Plan is higher than that of Plan 2, why should Oracle opt for a loop nested hash instead of the join? Can someone help me please point to the question and if possible a way to fix it?

    It just occurred to me that we can be deceived by a simple combination of events that links a plan generated when statistics have been exceeded with the STA capture and playback of this plan with statistics that have been updated.  My earlier suggestion on the execution of the query and capture the real plan and the workload (with or without a profile) is the key. In the meantime, however, can you check whether or not collect you statistics immediately after loading your 2 M or more data lines.

    Note: If you only have 2 days of data in the table then the statistics that speak of "yesterday" is 50% out of reach, his stats about two days ago are 100% out of reach and very likely to produce a very stupid and expensive NL plan.


    Jonathan Lewis

  • License for SOA Suite 11 g includes the application server

    I'm searching through the information about the version 11 g SOA and it does not include a license to the WebLogic Server. Can anyone confirm that I need to allow the appropriate WebLogic 11 g of basis to perform SOA Suite 11 g on separately. I wish I could find a definitive statement about this on the website of Oracle or in the documentation.

    I really disagree with you be here.

    There are two ways to buy SOA Suite according to

    A case for non-oracle middleware (essentially Websphere or JBoss now since weblogic's oracle)

    One option for the Weblogic Suite. You can't buy SOA Suite standalone, you must buy it with Weblogic Suite.

    Finally, what you say is not necessarily true about the upgrade. Yes, updates are normally included in the support budget, but more current owners of SOA Suite purchased by the Internet Application Server EE (OC4J). Running to 11g on OC4J is not an option, then they will have to migrate licenses of Weblogic Suite, which are more expensive. If you have purchased SOA 10 g recently with Weblogic Suite, you can freely move to 11g.

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    Hello, I use iphone 6, I just want to know that if I use/install Apps from 30-40, this will affect my iPhone battery timing?

    I have recently install Apps 12-15, the battery is fine now, but if I install more apps in my iPhone, is it's going to make my iPhone battery Timing?

    Thank you

    The point is not in the number of installed applications. The key is how often and how long you use these applications.

    Here you will find some useful tips on how to make the life of your device's battery more long. They work for 8 and 9 IOS iOS.


    I hope this helps!

  • The profile of my Vista won't let pitchers PC game run game applications - a fresh profile works OK. A registry problem?

    Last weekend my PC has become infected with a malicious program called 'Vista Antispyware 2012' (probably due to a problem with my Norton subscription renewal).
    I used Norton Power Eraser utility and it seems to have removed the infection, but since then I have had two problems that might be related.

    One minor thing is that when I open PDF documents in a web browser (usually from Firefox, but IE) as well, the document opens, but I also have a "Open with" box that asks me to choose a program to open the file "AdobeARM.exe" (even if this program active at startup - msconfig function). This never happened before this past weekend. I can simply close the box, but it would be nice to understand why it's happening.

    The other thing that has started happening is that pitchers game for several Entertainment Arts (EA) PC games no longer work correctly. If the game is installed, the Launcher applications allow you to launch the game, launch the configuration or the uninstall utility. If the game is not yet installed, it allows you to run the Setup utility. The games and these utilities work fine if you work around the pitcher and activate the application manually files, but it's a problem when installing the game. This problem affects several games with launcher utilities which operate according to the same principle. Before infection and cleaning, these utilities worked well.

    As part of troubleshooting with EA and Norton, the following actions were taken:

    • With the EA technical support: a new Vista user profile has been created. By using this profile, the game Launcher worked as it should and I managed to reinstall (I used the control panel to uninstall thinking that a reinstallation may solve the problem, to see that this problem affects prevents installation of the Launcher as well), then activate the game from the Launcher. Switch back to my original profile, I managed to activate the utility launcher and I could activate the game manually, but still I could not the pitcher to do. Here everything before I learned that the problem affects more than just a game.
    • With the Norton tech support: think of a Norton firewall might prevent applications Launcher to work, we have removed Norton Internet Security 2009 and tried to use the Launcher but without success. (We have then upgraded to NIS 2012.)
    • With tech support (new) EA: came to the conclusion that there must be a registry setting in my current Vista profile that prevents the applications Launcher to activate another application. We were pretty sure it was something in my registry that is causing the problem, but we did not know what to look for.

    Is this a problem with my registration? Is the problem with the relief pitcher of the question with the opening of PDF files in a web browser?
    I'm not particularly be warned when it comes to understand the registry information or change.

    If one or two questions are due to a registry setting, can someone guide me through the steps to find and fix the problem?
    If it is not due to a setting in the registry, how should I do?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.

    The registry keys used by this malware are listed in this article:

    You can also try the FixNCR.reg file that you can download from the article.

    If it was my computer, I would probably reinstall Windows. Not sure what damage was done.

  • How to get on the application performance?

    Hi guys.

    I am looking at the performance of applications such as CPU, memory utilization etc.

    In other words, I want to know how the application gets the performance itself.

    For the code, what classes use?

    Thanks in advance.

    I think that aid in the JDE has some information and find you a brief, but useful reference in this video:

  • creating mobile application with user profile

    How to create a mobile application (in the anime), where the user has if register first of all create a unique profile (username, password, and email - with the confirmation feature) where only a nickname could be visible to another user? (users can use this app only after creating user profile)

    I can then convert this app in html (in PhoneGap)?

    you will need to use fp 20 + and edit your descriptor to allow areas not secure (unless your server is secure): notes.pdf

  • Client Server application performance impact due to the strong issue of retransmission of TCP packets


    I'm having problem of performance of serious application with my vSphere environment where I deployed a couple of database SQL Server stand-alone VMs (4 x VM) to be used by some applications virtual computers servers (4 x stand alone VMs) running Oracle Forms (Java) servers. Users connect from their own workstation to various geographic locations in Asia, the data center is in Australia.

    User (150 users of workstations Win7) - RDP-TCP/3389-> Terminal Server VM pool (one of the 45 x VM available) -Oracle Forms app TCP/80-> Application Server HTTP -SQL Server TCP/1433-> SQL Server VM.

    Somehow, report of the team of the network there are some consistent event TCP retransmit the packet between the Application Server to the database, as well as between Terminal servers.

    the accident occurred in any type of scenario same ESXi host or even different ESXi


    HP BL 465c G7/G8 blades on c7000 enclosure

    HP Virtual Connect modules


    vSphere U1 5.1 for all blades HP running ESXi and VCenter server.

    All terminal Servers Server (RDSH) and the OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 STD.

    Database: SQL Server 2005 and 2008 R2

    What could cause the TCP retransmission on the virtual environment?

    wreedMH, what kind of problem you encounter on your server environment blade HP?

    What I did:

    1 perform the update firmware on blade HP, ANC and also updated the drivers of ESXi for last October 2015 using HP SPP.

    2. upgrade to the last update of VMware ESXi 5.1 3 b build number 2323236.

    3. switch to level the latest VMware tools v10.0.5 after having done both above.

    4. follow VMware KB: big packet loss at the OS level invited on the VMXNET3 vNIC in ESXi small buffers Rx = 8192 and Rx ring #1 size = 4096

    Hope that helps.

  • create the Application performance report

    pages/IAM trying to implement the analytical report / / graphic to show the performance of the application several times. What is the best way to do it? Thanks in advance.

    Take a look at the following views of apex




    Published by: Gus C Sep 6, 2012 22:29

  • Planning your application Performance

    What are the general recommendations to improve the performance of an application planning in terms of data recovery time calculations?
    Fact defining the order of evaluation in an hourglass format help?

    Please provide your inputs,

    Thank you

    It is a great topic and probably cannot be treated in a single post. You talk not only planning app performance, but also the performance of Essbase database.

    Order of evaluation is not really a performance setting. It determines how the data is displayed in a form. For example, if you have an account that is set as a percentage and a scenario which defines itself as a currency, which one wins? The cell is displayed as a percentage or a currency? This is determined by order of evaluation.

    Performance parameters (order of the sketch) can have a big impact on the performance of calculation and recovery. It's the hourglass to which you refer.

    Here are some resources that can help:

    Essbase DBA guide - improving the performance of Essbase: []

    HTTP Compression of Planning Administration - Guide: []

    Post about Java Heap settings: help segment of memory with Planning11.1.1.3 & Weblogic sizes

    There is a lot more information out there, but this should help you get started.

    Hope this helps,

  • Oracle Application Performance Tuning

    Hi all
    Please forgive me if I'm asking this in the wrong section.

    I'm an engineer s/w with 2 years exp. I worked as a tuning performance for Oracle EBS resource in my company. Jobs in question especially SQL tuning and treating indices etc. At the moment I took interest in s/n things, and I finished my TRAY in Oracle 10 g. Now, my company gives me the opportunity to move to a team of DBA of the Application and I'm totally confused about this.

    Becoming a DBA Apps means that the effort that I put in the certification in 10g will be of no use. There are other Apps DBA certification documents. I should stay put in performance tuning & wait for a chance to base DBA or I will accept the opportunity to Apps DBA.

    Also, did my exp. in SQL tuning performance hold any value as such with exposure to activities of s/n?

    Please guide me in this matter I am very confused right now.

    Kind regards

    Lucette wrote:
    Hello bigdelboy, thank you very much for your answer.

    Yes, I meant by oracle Apps DBA Oracle EBS.

    1Z0-046 clearing, is an option. However, my question is will delete both reviews the Admin I and Admin II being of any help, bypassing the expericnce practice? The EBS DBA work involves support and patching, cloning and installation of the new node etc.

    Also, is my performance tuning experience will help me somehow on the way forward as a DBA / EBS DBA?

    Thank you for your valuable time.

    Kind regards
    Lucette Sarath

    The way I read it is that.

    People notice that you are able to understand and SQL performance. And you must have some knowledge of Oracle EBS. And in fact, you also have a DBA OCA.

    So, there are 98% + chance you can be transformed into a good Oracle Apps DBA (and the core s/n). If I was in their position I want you on my team. It's the way we used to bring on DBA in the old days before approval, and he still has a lot of merit. OK you can only do tasks limited at first... but the number of taks you can do will increase substantially in recent months.

    I imagine that the Oracle Apps DBA will be pleased to have a person on board who can tune SQL which sometimes can sometimes seem more like an art than a science of performance. The application of patches, etc. can be taught in small doses. If they are a good team, they're not trying to give you all at once, they'll get to learn one procedure at a time.

    And remember, if in doubt ask. and if you do not understand ask again. And be safe and not sorry on actions that could be serious.


    If your fear on liinux: recipes of Linux for Oracle DBA (Apress) might be a good book to read but can be expensive in India
    Same: (Oracle Applications Dba field Guide) can agree, and the same (Rman recipes for Oracle Database 11 g A problem-solution approach) can have some value if you need to get fast speed in these areas.
    They are not perfect, but they sometimes have to consolidate the information carefully; However only buy if you think they are pretty cheap. You can buy them well and feel disappointed (these all is found by Apress which have produced a number of good books... they also published some waste as well)

    And review the dba examples 2 days as well and install examples n OTN linux so... they are free from books I mentioned.

    Rgds - bigdelboy.

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