Incorrect album

If you follow this link you will find a sedition impious album

There is another group of the same name. Please, fix it.

As you already know, you talk about other users on these forums, no Support of iTunes or Apple.

You can contact the Group and let them know. Get in touch with their label. Or if you want to leave a comment to Apple:

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  • How to revise information incorrect album and the song on the online database?

    Available track song information of 'Finding information' ( is incorrect. How can I revise this erroneous information on the database online?


    1 are you referring to Windows Media Player by chance?
    2. If so, what version you have?

    I wish that you follow the steps in this article and check if that helps.

    Add or edit media information

  • Windows Media Player shows the incorrect album information.

    Former title: Windows Media Player give wrong info...

    I try to rip my new recent albums but my Windows Media Player music CD it gives me the info from the bad album why is - this? clues.

    See you soon

    If you go to the All Music Guide (which is used by WMP) database, and the information is incorrect as well, you should be able to fix this here.

    Also, if you make corrections through the Find Album Info, this information could be used to correct the database in the future.

  • Walkman app display incorrect album cover

    I made an account just for this post.

    Well, my camera is Xperia Z1 C6903 and I use the Walkman software for listening to music and honestly, I love the app, it's interesting and all application, I like the functionality of the interface and surround. I don't have the idea of using any other music player like Poweramp.

    But I do not understand why all files in an album should show the same album art, I don't know if my application or system is defective, as far as I know is Walkman works like this:

    All files with the same name of Album tag, with album art or not, displays the same album art as being the first track on the album.

    So if the files in an album contains a different variety of album art, it is replaced by the album art on the first track.

    I have thoughts if I'm the only who has this problem cause not only Walkman app makes this kind of thing, even play music (music of Google app) did the same thing, is something wrong with my system? So far, I know Poweramp (Trial) display album covers correctly and doesn't have any sort of this sort of problem.

    And no, my phone is not rooted.

    This is bascially my problem is someone knows the solution, or comments, you are most welcomed to share. Honestly, I love this app and I can't be persuaded to use another application to listen to music.

    P. S.

    If you ask me if there is no improvement/new functionality that can be made to this app, and the only thing that I would like this app can have fade out effect and please, remove the block of headline with "enjoy your music anytime and anywhere" in this regard, it takes a lot of space and I look forward to having to scroll down in order to access the other shortcuts.

    Hello, for some time, but I would like to address my theory of this problem, it may be incorrect in many places and if not it will be studied by the developers of Xperia, I don't really mind if not, I just want to throw out there for everyone to see.

    WALKMAN co exist with an application called info music download this app interferes with the way in which information such as title, artist, album and all that, are displayed through WALKMAN, you can find more information, in main menu > "3 boxes of verticle" > download music info > '3 boxes of verticle' > legal. What is this app is when your music files are imported on the phone, it scans the file for all tags and all that and makes a copy of it which are stored in the cache (I could be wrong), and that copy will be what is the display through WALKMAN and to be read by you, and one of the problems is this app are not Album covers so he decides to copy only the the Album cover of the first track of an album and applies as the cover for the rest of the song in the album, so in a nutshell, WALKMAN displays no real tags which is the file, that's why, after you "Edit music info", other applications such as Poweramp will still read files as if you edit the files to all the because your edit applies only to download music info app, so WALKMAN, so playing music (music of Google Reader) and disabling Download info music settings won't work, cause, it will be reactivated again whenever you launch WALKMAN.

    It is bascially the question, you can tell DOWNLOAD music info app is a bit annoying, but don't get me wrong, it's use is that it is what he name, it download music info, while in do process a little disorder.

  • How to remove pictures of a project?

    How can I delete the unused photos of a project?

    More precisely: I created a great photo book (200 + images).  I accidentally added an incorrect album project, but I already spent hours setting up the pages as I want them so I can't simply delete the project and start over.  I now have a hundred images that are cluttering the project library.  In order to remove them, I tried to right click photos and I also tried selecting and deleting the photos individually and as a group, but I always get error message saying "cannot delete the page: blankets and components cannot be removed books."  I don't even have a page selected just a photo.   GRRRRRRRR, does anybody know how to remove the unused photos of a project, because that remove just does not work?  Thank you!

    I get this error when I select the flap. When I select the image at the bottom, it has a blue outline. I knocked and then remove and it goes.

  • Rename CD ripped with Windows Media Player titles

    I'm ripping a lot of CD on my computer using WMP. I have you encountered a problem and cannot find the answer. I have a box of 6 music CD which is a compilation of songs by various artists. After the extraction of the first CD, I noticed that the track names and album covers have been completely messed. The album art for the CD that was used was album art of another album of the artist on the CD first, and the remaining tracks were renamed to match this incorrect album. The second CD had the titles of 3 artists, but this time he split CD 3 "separate files" and used album art for each of the albums by artists. I thought I had disabled the function where the details are obtained from the internet, but the second time I tore it is the same thing. I want the Tracklisting to stay EXACTLY as it comes off the disc, and if necessary, I can add album art myself JPEG is available online.

    Try this automated troubleshooting to see if it solves the problem.

    Solve the problems of Windows Media Player video and other media or library.

  • Why don't the folder Player\Art Cache\Local MLS \windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Media have the cover art for all tracks in iTunes

    I worked on issues related to the time to do a full scan with MSE.  I discovered that the MSE scan spent 4 hours going through the files in "\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Media Player\Art Cache\Local MLS". With the information of the community, I was finally able to access these files and watch. I was more then a bit surprised to find that the cover is the cover art for tracks I have in iTunes. I deleted some files and found out that the cover for iTunes still works. Windows Media Player is not just music cover art.

    So anyone know why Windows Media Player load cover art files on my system for iTunes titles? It loads the same cover for each track in an album don't ask me there are as many files in this folder.

    I have disabled the service "wmpnetwk" and if it does not start even when I restart the computer. Once again thanks to the community. So if I just delete these files that will be the end of the matter?

    The Player downloads album art to a database online where the information is provided by a variety of non-Microsoft, as AMG data providers.

    The Player downloads album art when you rip a CD. To do this, the Player tries to match the CD for an entry in the online database. If it finds a match, the Player automatically downloads the media information that is available for the CD, including album art. In addition, the reader travels periodically your library songs lacking album art. If it can match a song that is missing from the album art to an entry in the database online, the player will download the missing album art. For information about changing how the Player downloads album art and other media information, see the question bring the player to the difficulty of the media information automatically in media information: frequently asked questions.

    Why is album art missing sometimes?

    The player would not be able to download album art from the database in the following situations:

    • You are not connected to the Internet during extraction of a CD.

    • You are connected to the Internet, but the online database is missing album art (or there is no media information at all) for the CD you are ripping.

    • Your system administrator has prevented your computer to download items such as album art from the Internet.

    • You ripped the CD using one program other than Windows Media Player; doing so could prevent the player from a match in the database online.

    Finally, if the online database contains album art wrong for a CD, the Player downloads this pouch.

    The following procedures describe the methods that you can use to fix missing or incorrect album art.

  • Album artwork are incorrect on the Iphone 6 s

    Since I bought my iphone6s everything has been working great! However in recent weeks my music started to act a little. All the songs I downloaded play perfectly fine, but when I add them to my phone the album art is completely wrong. For example - I would add a Drake song to my phone, and it would fix the Mac Miller album artwork. I tried to remove and re-add the music, but he just chose a different album cover every time. All works of art is quite well in my iTunes as well.

    Any help would be amazing!

    Same question here - but with my iPhone 6. Everything was good for 6 months. But it started a week ago. Album art are perfect in iTunes on my mac. But when I transfer to my iPhone, the new music I load has messed up work.

    Oddly, the cover of the album 'evil' is in alphabetical order of artists. In other words, I tried to add 2 new albums from my mac to my iPhone. On the phone, the work is another artist each time, starting with the letter A. I have delete and try again, same thing, but the "bad" news everytime work comes from a different artist, starting with A. Not that it really matters, but I find it odd that whenever I try, it is a different album art 'wrong' in the artists starting with A. I don't know if I try enough times, I'll get to artists starting with 'B '.

    Very frustrated because I was meticulous about my files of music, names, tags, art, etc.

  • Walkman app displaying album covers, incorrect on Xperia Z tab how to remove?

    In the title. Im getting the album art that is not using the info to download music. How can I remove those that he downloaded?

    Thank you

    eleted all files with.

  • Album songs associated with incorrect after covers Windows Media Player online download.

    Original title: Media Player

    I have been downloading songs on my Media Player (I have a Windows Vista) and in my library of songs from that album covers are on the wrong songs... How to fix this?  Do not understand why it does this... I have never had a problem before unless it's because I downloaded all my music on a flash drive awhile back when I was having problems with my computer and did not want to lose my stuff... would appreciate your comments... Thank you very much!


    You can refer to the procedure described in the following article to add or change the album art of your choice manually.

    Add or change album art in Windows Media Player.

    Information about the media in Windows Media Player: frequently asked questions.

  • The online photo album orientation incorrectly converts images in landscape mode

    My photos in photoshop online album are always converted into landscape, despite the images with a correct in the album on PSE v7.0 orientation before they are downloaded. It's frustrating when look a slide show as a large number of photos are on their side, can onyone help please, thank you

    Well, this is a known problem in the use of online Albums.

    In the desktop software, we use the indicator of Orientation EXIF whether the image should be rotated when displayed. That is the actual image is not properly turned, but we present only it swivels properly in the organizer and in the local version of the Album online.

    When he is sent to for sharing, since the original image is not really turned and is currently not honoring the EXIF Orientation flag, the image is not turned in his presentation and therefore see the evil.

    Solving this problem is indeed on the list of things to fix to

    In the meantime...

    For any photo that is showing up like evil turned to, just open this photo in PES with the editor. Turn it. Turn it back. Save it to the original. Wait for the next backup/synchronization cycle to occur and the copy to will be replaced by correctly rotated version.

    Hope that helps.


  • I bought albums by mistake

    Is it possible to exchange the two albums from the same artist for a 'collection' which have the same albums there. It costs more money if nobody loses!

    Click on the link below, then select the incorrect purchase you want refunded.

    Report a problem

  • Change the pictures in the photo album

    Need help, I have upgraded to ios10 and thought that the sweep of the face in photos was fab! Only problem is, my children alike and he put in the album of bad 'person '... I can't find a way to disable the branding or re-branding or removal of the album or anything... Please help

    See the help on the people page:

    Remove misidentified one. Press a person in the photo album, and then view all to display all the photos they appear in. Press Select, tap Show Faces, tap the misidentified face, press the Share button, then tap not this person.

    There are a lot of plays, but you can delete the incorrectly identified people in this way.

    To give them a correct name, click "Add people" and the face of the person will meet you to rename.

  • ITunes hide my albums

    First, Itunes will not be up-to-date in Windows 10 without going in circles. I usually just give up, uninstall and reinstall Itunes. This means that I have to download my entire library every time (which takes a few hours). Then the real fun begins. ITunes hide many of my albums. I don't hide them, Itunes does, and I have to go pick to the unhide them before they appear in my library once more. This is the third time I had to reinstall Itunes and show the same three albums. I tried to look online for solutions, but what I find is how to hide and show my music (including U2 albums that nobody wanted). In my case, I did not choose to hide anything. ITunes simply has it and it's always the same three albums. I have the I avoided Music and Cloud storage due to similar problems with my albums play do not at all unless my WiFi is turned on.

    Does anyone know when Apple plans to fix Itunes, if it plays well with Windows 10? I hated to day to Windows 10, but much like Itunes, I'm sick and tired of the constant pop ups telling me that I had to update.

    Download Apple iTunes only updates. Other sites offer compromised or incomplete versions.

    iTunes doesn't even have the ability to hide the titles, other than purchases on the iTunes Store. If you encounter problems with hidden titles, you use either an incorrect term, I misinterpreted, there is a problem with your system software, or you are (MIS) manage files manually, rather than let iTunes do it automatically.

    In other words, give us more information about what use Allied courses.

  • Artowrk album does not appear at all THE

    I got a 4G iPod, but he lost a few months ago. I know not album art has always been a problem (those missing or incorrect) and has never been fixed, but this one is new to me.

    Yesterday, I bought an iPod Touch 5, 32GB (in a store, unpublished) and updated to iOS 9.3.1 via iTunes (it came with 8.something). Everything is good.

    I start to sync my music and STILL get the error (-54). I'm familiar with it, click 'Ok' and let iTunes copy my music. Every now and then I get an error saying that the music cannot be copied because there is a lot of open files and leaves me not do something else before I close iTunes, change USB port and try again. I synced about 20 GB of music.

    I'm going on my iPod, open the new music app, reject the thing Apple music and go into my library. None of the work is here. It is not that a little (or a lot) is missing or wrong: 99.99% of the work is empty. The only to appear are those I bought directly from iTunes (and they are not much, I'm sort of a physical CD of gal) and even those who are on the trail of evil (3 covers about 20 songs bad). So I do what I know about it: restart my computer, restart the iPod, Resync, uninstall iTunes, re - install iTunes and so on. Nothing works. Before I do the crazy thing and delete all the songs I errased album, restart the computer, restart the iPod, copy of the album again. Still no work.

    Do I have to restore my iPod? It'll be a pain in the *, so I want to avoid if I can.

    Moreover, I am wrking with Windows 10.

    Thank you.

    If this does not work


    Next, you will need to restore the device via iTunes

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