INDD CS6 error: "InDesign can't open files in format 'InDesign CS5.5 Document'.

Working in CS6 on Mac OS X 10.7.5: when I double click on an INDD file in the Finder, I get the following error in InDesign:

"The 'name of the doc' document could not be opened. InDesign can't open files in format 'InDesign CS5.5 Document '. »

It started recently and I was not able to understand why. I've not updated INDD or OS X. I can't think of anything that has changed, except perhaps an update to Java. Have not updated the latest OS yet.

The I'm opening the files are files that I created with CS6 - only a few minutes ago.  I can open fine using the file > open command in InDesign, so I can open them, but I can't open them by double clicking it in the Finder or by dragging the INDD icon in the dock.

The info in the said Finder's "Get Info" window is configurΘ for dΘmarrer in CS6 CS6 files and I have permissions to read and write. They are not locked.

It is not disabling, but rather annoying and slows me down since it is one of the most common ways I open files.

Any suggestsion would be appreciated.

Probably will not work because this looks like a problem of operating system of some sort, but you can try trashing the prefs see replace your preferences

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