InDesign CC layout text from left to right

A few days ago, I discovered that InDesign CC now supports layout text from left to right using the paragraph/monkey composer world line, change the orientation of the text and using the kachides signs.

Back to a document today, I was surprised to see that the direction of text option disappeared from the window of a paragraph, as it had the Kashida option from the character window. I have yet the composer online world para/single.

Can I accidentally disabled these features?


You have installed the CC application? Its who you shows the applications that you have and if they have to put up-to-date and allows you to synchronize the settings, etc. It is the control center for all things creative Cloud. I have CC on this computer, so I can't send you a screenshot...

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    There is a script that does in response #13 in this thread

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    Original title: when I copy and paste into Notepad pasted text is completely off the page looks one to the left.

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    When I copy and paste into Notepad pasted text is completely off the page viewing LEFT not right.

    I don't know how to fix a right to left display, but I have never met a LEFT right poster problem.

    Its as if there is another "page" he wants to be on and I do not see where it goes to the LEFT.

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    ·         You will remember to do recent changes on the computer before this problem?

    ·         The problem is specific to the notebook?

    ·         Occur every time even if you make changes to the display from right to left?

    ·         Are you facing the same issue in Microsoft Word, Word pad?

    Follow these steps and check if the problem occurs:

    a. right click anywhere in the notebook.

    b. right click anywhere in the notebook.

    c. Select "insert a unicode control character."

    d. try to choose different options available and check if it helps.

    Thanks for the reply. The problem went away on its own. I have concluded that my Dell computer is haunted. He does the things all on its own, usually things... s ft me off. If it is upward again once I'll let you know and we can have a vigil of prayer for him just before my taking a hammer to it.

    Thank you and long life and prosperity

    Allan Walker

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    This change seems to come when I upgraded from v.4 to v. 7.1. (I'm running it under Windows).

    Your description is too ambiguous, but Status-4-Evar extension restores the use of the features of status bar in the bar of replacement modules, explicit directions in this page of mine. The arrangement of its parts is customizable.

    Please mark "resolved" a response that will better help others with a similar problem - hope it was her.

    You can make Firefox 7.0.1 look to Firefox 3.6. *, see numbered items 1-10 of the next topic difficulty Firefox 4.0 UI toolbar, problems (make Firefox 4.0 to 8.0, resemble 3.6). If you make changes, you must be aware of what has changed and what it takes to use changed or missing features.

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    Alguien sabe donde quedo los botones o funcion (table from left to right) y (table from right to left) en indesign cc 2015

    Tienes that features una version of MENA (for example Arabica).

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    "Right edge binding" can be applied to the level of Folio (properties panel Folio Builder Folio) so you would need to have two different folios for what you want to achieve, I think.

  • Get boxes from left to right

    I created a RadioGroup and added 3 radio buttons, I want to show them on the screen next to each other, rather than on the other.

    I can't understand this in C++. Here's what I have so far, but it shows them on top (I create a stackLayout from left to right first, and then add the group inside):

    Container* radioButtonContainer = Container::create();
    RadioGroup *group = RadioGroup::create()             .add(Option::create().text("Easy").image("image1.png").selected(true))

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you

    I'm not sure you can do what you ask.

    That means your code is to order the child elements of the radioButtonContainer LeftToRight and as the only direct child element that you have is the RadioGroup not Options, it behaves properly.

    Theres no translation on only Options which was my next thought, so I think that you are left with your own customcontrol implementation.

    Or a little hacky, three radiogroups away with an option each which affect others with their own logic.

  • Icons from left to right at the bottom of page

    I have a footer at the bottom of my page.

    The foot is divided into 3 div

    The first div is 2 columns wide, the second is wide from 8 columns and the third is broad 2 columns (from left to right)

    In the first div are text links. In the Middle div is my copyright logo. Where my social media icons is the right div

    The icons are by default one on the other. I want them to be on the same line, so they left and right.

    Between the doc to html and css, I can't figure this.

    If you are using Bootstrap, use built-in classes to pull to the left or drop down to the right on your icons.

    Otherwise, name of custom class to your icons and their fleet with CSS.

    . Icons {float: left; width: auto}

    Nancy O.

  • TileLayout from left to right


    I am trying to create a grid of 10 X 10 with the tileLayout points in a list.

    It works until I get to over 100 articles.

    When there are more than a 100 points, I want to add a new column and not a line, if the grid extends in width and not the height.

    When is use the property 'requestedRowCount' of the TileLayout for this, it only works the grid is now filled from top to the bottom instead of left to right.

    Someone at - it a tip of how set the layout from left to right?

    my list:

    <s:List id="ticketList"
              x="0" y="0" 
              dataProvider="{incidentModuleModel.quadrantTickets.getItemAt(quadrantNumber) as ArrayCollection}"
              <s:TileLayout id="tileLayout"                                               
                               orientation="columns"  />


    Looks like you might want to look into creating a custom layout.  Blog of Evtim has lots of good information on this subject, for example:

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    Thanks Guigs. I followed your instructions and found out it was a 'acceleration hardware problem' that was the origin of the problem. I unchecked the box and YouTube videos play very well! Thank you for taking the time to help me.

  • My window fills the entire page from left to right and covers my taskbar. I can size to the bottom of the window to remove it. Has just begun.

    I keep my taskbar on the right side. Suddenly, the FF browser window fills the screen from left to right and covers, and hide my taskbar. This just started today. How can I get my taskbar visible again. Explain it very simply to please.

    A quick way to switch between a larger and a resizable window is to double-click on the title bar (the area above the tabs). Which does nothing?

    If the tabs go all the way to the top of the screen and fill all the space, then there is not place to double-click. Then you'll need to use either the "middle button" between lower and close buttons, or Alt + bar spacing and r for restore.

  • How do cells range from left to right instead of top down?

    I'm working on a large worksheet that must be printed in several sheets.

    How to load the worksheet to get cells from left to right, i.e., by line rather than up and down, i.e. the column?

    You can try this (perhaps in a copy of your worksheet, in the case that this isn't what you are looking for).  Click in the data table and choose table > transpose the rows and columns.


  • want to make a sound move from left to right

    don't know if there is a function or I have to do it manually...

    I have a piece of his (kind of Chorus), who I want to come the song on the left side to slowly move it to the right and go back there...

    How to do?

    tried a few thing with the track of duplication and to work with the pan, but he can't get the way I like to

    Thank you!

    The pan automation curve track is that we have to move a sound from left to right and back.

    You have linked to set control points in the curve of pan automation command channel by clicking on the curve and then by sliding the control to the desired position points?

  • Locking the view from left to right on iPad, so can only scroll

    Hi all!

    Very new to all this.  I've done a few worksheets that I am very satisfied.  They consist of long lists of inventory and adjustments of table on the screen of my iPad perfectly from left to right.  All is needed is to scroll through hundreds of entries.

    But on the iPad, it is very easy to also scroll to the right while you're sliding your finger "down".  This exposes the large white area to the right of my table, and I have to drag around to get my map centered on the screen.  Is it possible to keep this locked?

    Thank you

    Best post in discussions of iWork for iOS , because this one is for the numbers for Mac. However, the general approach is the same.

    As much as I know there is no way to "lock" a table instead of a way that it does not disappear off the coast of the visible part of the Web. But maybe you don't have to worry about locking it. To move to the top of your table just wide from top left to bottom-right. To move to the bottom of the wide table from lower left to upper right. Sliding slightly to the right in both cases you can keep your table in the view.

    The movement is similar to a trackpad on Mac. It will become second nature after a while.


  • Problem: Build a VI to display a string in the table of the lights. Each letter must be posted in a separate table and letters must move from one table to the other in the direction from left to right.

    Hi all

    Problem: Build a VI to display a string in the table of the lights. Each letter must be posted in a separate table and letters must move from one table to the other in the direction from left to right.

    I did program mentioned above but it does not work. Can you tell me what is the problem?

    There is no error is indicated in the program. If someone knows about it please try to find solutions and help me out of this problem.

    I have attached my program with this message.

    Thank you in advance!

    (1) FOR loops are your friend here.  You can make a slight restructuring using loops, and then you will have less mess to deal with, the inner loop through tunnels of autoindexing to make it even simpler.

    (2) I would only treat the numeric values of the characters.  So go terminal of control of the chain, the capital letters and byte array to before the outer loop.  You can use a size of Board over there to tell how many times the outer loop to iterate.

    (3) the Index table is extensible.  So you only need over the index of the first, and it will increment itself, as it develops.

    (4) you need to finish the lookup table (table 3D)

Maybe you are looking for

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