Indexes on columns with only "Y" and "n".

Our transaction table has about 100 mn lines. Of these latter on 60 minutes the lines are not actively used.

We have composite index on multiple columns, including dates, and these are used to regular queries.

Will be adding a status = 'y' or ' don't column and the creation of an index on this column is useful to increase the performance of the query?

For example, will add a condition like

OÙ......... AND ACTIVE_FLAG = 'Y '.

help increase the performance of queries?

Creating such a column and adding a help index?
What type of clue do you recommend?

The alternative advocated by some members of the staff is the archiving of INACTIVE lines in a separate table. This will have a big impact on business processes. But we might be able to pull it off.

Is there another solution.

I am a beginner full performance although I am familiar with PL/SQL and queries.
I'm on the constraints of very tight timetable for the first level of back. I'll have more time as soon as I know the direction in which to go.

Forgive me if I broke a tag forum. I'm new on the forum too.

Thanks for providing this information. This gives a much clearer picture of what you are facing.

I will try to give you my answer your questions afterwards.

You have indicated your data volumes have steadily increased and performance made that decline.
Even if you do not say (I forgot to ask) but it may be that the number of users increases as and.
so typical, many users use the system of the time.

For me it's indicative of a systemic problem. In other words, the problem is not due to a
a thing or a part of the system.

There are two main components of a server: the instance and the database. This link sums up the difference
between the two - and here is a link to recent forum
for reference Re: difference between Oracle Instance and Database.

To paraphrase, an instance includes background processes and structures of memory (SGA, PGA, etc.)
Oracle uses.

The symptoms you describe could mean that your instance is more configured size not set correctly
for your current workload are originally strain throughout the system. Maybe the memory is too limited.
Maybe your sorts are growing with addional data.

I suggest that you start the new thread to ask for help in the evaluation and optimization of your instance. Use this
as a starting point:
Question/title - how to evaluate the State of health / instance and tune

Our facility has a problem of increasing return.

How can we collect and provide assessment of workload and configuration information, so you can help determine
possible solutions such as: memory sizing, temp and segment again sizing, sort the issue.

Statement of the problem
1 oracle Version is? ?. ?. ?

2. gradually return was degrading with more and more data. The UI response suffers and
batch processing is also in hours. We expect volumes to only continue to grow.

3. the volumes have continued to increase over the years and gradually performance issues
accumulate over the past 2 years. Data volumes began to increase faster
last year 1 due to changes in the company.

4. the data in OLTP system is a combination of assets of 40% and 60% relatively inactive (financial history).

5. a complete system near-live replecation on several sites. In my opinion, using streams.

6. notice of the tech team is a few tables have too many lines. We know that our demands can be suboptimal.


Now to your question:
1. I do not know the index on the existing columns are not fully exploited. In the meantime can but, we still get some benefits from adding
a 'Y' and the null column? What will be improved?

It is unlikely the benefits you need. It's putting the cart before the horse. The first step is to identify a specific problem.
Only then can examine you and evaluate solutions. for example by adding a new column or index.

There are several reasons, this isn't the right solution; certainly not at the moment
A. any new column and index, BY DEFINITION, maybe even this does not use except if one or more current
queries are changed. This is obvious since no existing query could possibly refer to a column that does not exist.

(B) to try to obtain the Oracle to use the new index column / single lease request must be changed.

C. in my opinion, you should never modify a query of production without knowing which allows to obtain the amendment
a well-defined objective. You must evaluate the current execution plan to identify what changes, IF ANY,
can improve performance.

D. it can be and given your systemic problem is likely to be, some ripe fruit on the performance. That
is that there may be ways to tune the query to use existing indexes or add a new index on an existing column
improve things.

E. assuming that none of the above does the work adding a new column and an index to identify
a 40/60 split (40% of assets) is unlikely to be used by Oracle (see response of Centinui).

2. notes that this calculation 'Y' is not negligible. I can easily reproduce this with a WHERE condition on the existing columns. We can have
to run a batch on the weekend to check row groups and mark them as 'Y '. So it is not only the advantage of indexing on 'Y', but also some benefits of prior calculation.
Given this info doing now more logic to have a 'Y' and the null column?
My answer is no – there is no sense to have a Y/N Y/NULL column.

A. certainly not for reasons of performance - as noted above above it is unlikely help

Certainly not for commercial reasons.
The calculation of your "non-trivial" is to demonstrate a business rule: identify groups of lines that have earned.
If you perform this calculation, the result must be saved significantly. One way is to create a new
column called 'DATE_NETTED_OUT '. This column name have meanings, and can be used as a boolean DATE/NULL type. This
It would be much better that Y/NULL which is not really enter the business sense of the value.

3 partitioning speed up queries on the minutes 40 active and slow queries on the full 100 minutes?
Probably not to have one influence on the other. Allocation decisions are usually made to ensure easier data management and often
have little, if any, a performance impact. All existing applications are unlikely to accomplish the any
differently just because the table is partitioned. There are exceptions of course. If you partition on DATE
and an existing query has a DATE filter, but there is no index on the DATE column, it will do a full table scan
of the whole picture. If the table is partitioned on this DATE column that oracle would probably make a partition full
Scan just the 40% or 60% of the table according to the value DATE. It would be so much faster.

But if there is already an index on the column DATE I do not expect the performance to change much. It comes
just speculation since it is based on data, the factor of grouping the data, and the existing queries.

1. I still need to a particular column of partion, I do not?
Yes, you do. Unless you use HASH Partitioning that don't really benefit your use case. You too
says that "...". staff advocate is the archiving of INACTIVE lines in a separate table "."
Partitioning can be used as part of this strategy. Partition by MONTH or by QUARTER on your
new column "DATE_NETTED_OUT." Keep 1 or 2 years of data online as you do now and when a partition
becomes more than 2 years you can 'transport' it to your archiving system. This is part of the partition
management, which I mentioned earlier. You can simply disconnect the oldest partition and copy it to archive.
This will not affect your applications other than the data not being is not available.

2. "adds a column' or ' cut-and - paste lines of table created by copy" the worst idea?
I don't know what that means.


It is premature to consider alternatives until you know what the problems are. Only then you can try to
determine the applicable solutions.

I do it in this order:

1. upgrading to a newer version of Oracle you are on an older (you said 9i which is not
longer supported)

2 assess the health and configuration of your instance. You may be able to significantly improve things
by adjusting the parameters of configuration and instance. Post a new question, as previously mentioned. I don't
have the expertise to advise you in details on that and the gurus tuning of the Forum the Forum can
not to notice this thread (indexes on columns with only 'Y' and 'n') than even know you need help.

3. identify the ripe fruits for performance problems. Is this one of your batch process? An individual
request? You mentioned UI soon - that could be a problem of front end, middle tier or application
not a database one.

4. don't it make changes architecture (add columns) until you have tried everything first.

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    (Just to be sure: this is a filter that you want to use in your criteria tab in the filter box, right?)

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    Approach using TablelayoutManager display single cells and scrolling would be cell at a time.  And Yes, you will need to override navigationMovement and n of methods appropriate TouchEvent your TableLayoutManager so that he knows when to fill the cells.

    Another alternative is to have four managers, we don't the the upper left corner (the dead angle), one to make the top row (column headings), one to make the left column (row headings), and the other to do the rest (data).  Place all these in a delicate header and line manager.  Only allow the user to scroll the data part.  Have the difficult Manager to listen the scroll events.  Then have the wily Manager add and remove the dummy column and header line managers as appropriate.  Note that these topic fields would not good passes, they would be either there or they would not be displayed. That would give you your 1/2 a scroll of the cell.  And you wouldn't have to substitute anything to detect movement, you would have left the listener do scrolling for you.

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