Inexplicable delay between the evolution of the tab control pages

Hello dear OR Forum.

I have a strange problem.

In my program, I use a tab control.

On a change in the pages of pc immediately once the user clicks on the other page, but on another pc it is delayed (approx. 1 second) until the new page is displayed. The rest of the program works with the same "speed".

You have an idea why this happens?

The main program includes a while loop with a delay of 25ms. In the loop, there is a case structure, cases are different pages of the tab control.

(it's the same exe file)

Thank you.


Tabs changing pages require a screen refresh if at least the graphics adapters could make all the difference.

More memory in the faster machine...

The slow mahcine there a virus check or other processes that use CPU?


Tags: NI Software

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    Hello world

    My request is to have control tab with multiple pages. I want to add Boolean Quit button in all the pages, but the functionality of the button is the same regardless of the page.

    How has one-button with multiple copies in the façade, so that we can single terminal in the blockdiagram otherwise provide your suggestion to make multiple copies of single control of the front wall.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Kumar,

    who said often before:

    Create your button outside of the tab control, and then move it with the arrow keys (!) on the tab. You can use the "order/group" button in the menu if necessary...

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    Maybe try the Restorer Classic theme to see if that works and review the CSS code that uses this extension.
    The style of the tab bar is quite complicated and also may not be stable across releases.

  • Delay between the addition of peripheral support and to be visible?

    I added a device supported in the portal provider. When I disconnect and reconnect and check, it is there in the list of devices selected for this version. However, it does not appear in the list of devices if I check in the App World. Is there a delay between the addition of new devices and them being visible/allowed to download? How long is it? Or is there something else I need to do to add new devices supported for existing versions?

    I believe that the original deadline for metadata changes is nominally a day, while there may be further delays (up to a week?) so the App World client is caching information. I don't think that there is a good description of what exactly is subject either of these delays, but it's a good bet that you will see at least one. These are probably not involved if you view App World via a web browser.

  • Property for the tab control node

    Hi, please explain the difference between the two operations explained below. For reference, I here enclose pictures of towing.

    Theoretically, according to the the help page in labview, when I have quand j' ai mis set 'allow the colors multi property' true, can I change the colors of the page in the tab control. But here, the program runs in reverse. When I set this property to false and run a program, a tab control object in front of Panel will change the color, I gave (first image with control of bule color tab). When set to true, the execution of a program, it is default (second image, control tab by default) color. I don't know how it goes. Thanks in advance

    You should get the reference of the tab Page and change the color individually if you want.

    -Set the multiple colors allow TRUE:

    -Get each reference page:

    -Then choose color you want:

  • Tab in the tab control order

    Hi all

    I found in aid and other messages that you put inside the tab order a tab control by clicking with the right button on the page and selected redorder controls in the page.

    I'm using Labview 8.0 and for the life of me I can't get this to work. I clicked everywhere: places within the tab governed, on the page tab on the label, on the legend, on the label, etc. and I can't get the menu to appear.

    Anyone know the problem?

    Hi abeaver,

    I could find to rearrange controls on the Page in LabVIEW 8 on a page of specific tabs by right-clicking its edge. You have several controls on the page for the menu option is displayed (ie. it is not there if there is one or none of the controls on the specific page you want to rearrange):

    As regards the order of tabs when running when you have a tab control, you will have to use the arrow keys to navigate between the specific tabs in the tab control when it is selected (you cannot use the tab key). This is explained with more information here:

    I hope that helps!

  • Resize the object inside the tab control


    I have problems with the design of a user interface. I need to have multiple controls resize with panel inside a tab control.

    I see it right, there is no way to have a resize done inside a tab with decorations control that separates controls?

    I have not yet checked LabVIEW 2013.

    I have attached a vi in LV2012 as an example.

    Thanks in advance.

    Yes it is a feature I've wanted also over the years.  Here's the first result that I got from the exchange of idea, but I think that there are duplicates autour.

    Basically, you can't do nativly but you can trick it work for you.  You make a tab that is false the user interacts with, changes to the value of another tab that things in it and then you fix every thing you want it is in the tab where it is demonstrated.  This works well if the thing in your tab is an element able to evolve to adapt to it, but if in a tab, you have a chart and another you have a bunch of buttons that should not change, then you will get a strange behavior.  You can tell the chart is more scope to this component, but then you lose the 'ladder while resizing objects' that make a lot more native user interface research.

  • Create a journal in the tab control tab and create tab is disabled and grayed out


    Can you helpme to solve my question about the connection in the tab control? So basically I have two pages in a tab control, page 1 contains, log in as user name, password, and login button and second page is nothing. After the user has entered the correct user name and password in the form of a string, page 1 will be disabled and grayed out and automatically will be on page 2? I also download the vi that I created and please correct me if I have a problem with my vi.

    Please help me with this ASAP, because I have assignment based on the view of any customer lab server.

    Thank you

  • The table of waveform in the tab control


    I would change the parcel number and the name of a waveform graph plotting in a tab control.

    First of all, it works fine without a tab control, but I have several cards (such as temperature, pressure, tension...) while I put every chart in the pages of a tab control.

    1077 error happened when I "add" the parcel number and change the name of the parcel.

    Here is a sample I did to describe this problem.

    Start, if the number is 20, there are 20 plots in this table on page 2.


    Do not operate the switch, replace C 3, N-18 and run that and it can be seen that the tab control will pass to page 1.

    Switch to page 2 and field names are updated, but left a relic.

    Add N 22, replace C 2, and then run it again.

    Error 1077 has arrived! Go to page 2 and the parcel number is always 20, and field names are updated at 20.

    Run it again and it works fine!

    It is very difficult for me.

    If I spend first on page 2 and run the program, it works very well also.

    (In other words, if the switch is active, then the program works very well.)

    The version of LabVIEW mine is 2011.

    I don't know I missed or misunderstanded something about this problem.

    Is someone can give me any suggestions? Thank you very much

    Step 1: Do not use tabs, use sub-panels. You can get the same user experience, but with a much simpler code.

    Start here:


  • Program switching a page on the tab control


    I use LV8.6 and I have a menu drop-down selector to choose what unit I want to test.  This allows the page that controls the unit and disables others.  What I want to do is when the unit is selected, the page is enabled (which I did) and the page to be selected and view.  Does anyone know how this is done?

    Thank you


    Simply change the value of the tab control. Send 3 and it'll show the 3rd page. If you create a constant, that it works as an Enum and will display the names of page as options.


  • Customization of the tab controls


    How to customize the tab control so that the place where we are writing on behalf of the tab must be in one color and the body of the tab control in a different color. See the image. It is the color below the black line should be one color and above should be a different color. Is this possible?

    You can also simply use a raised area (decorations) placed at each tab:


  • get rid of the shadow of the legend in the tab control


    I use LV7.0 on W2K and have encountered a difficulty.  Often when I need a text face before being modified programmatically, I'll put a control or the off indicator on the side (out of sight) and serve its legend of the label.  It keeps me from having to find a way to get a reference to a real label... which has always been a pain.  I just use a property node to edit the text in the legend.  My problem is, for the application, that I am currently in train, I need to use a tab control.  If I set the label (caption) in the tab control, it flies over, showing a shadow under it.  It doesn't know if the control is in the tab control only when the control is not in the tab control.  Is there a way to make this stop behavior?

    Thank you.


    He's going to do. It was the way it was made to show you that it is not within the tab control. You should note however that when you start your program that the shadow will disappear. The shadow is there when you are programming.

  • I am trying to perform a static check on the model. When I double click the model and go to the tab control... There is nothing to select in the knowledge module. I want to use CKM here... but nothing appearing in the drop-down menu. The global KMs are no

    I am trying to perform a static check on the model. When I double click the model and go to the tab control... There is nothing to select in the knowledge module. I want to use CKM here... but nothing appearing in the drop-down menu. The global not supposed to KMs the listed here?


    You have imported the whole CKM in modules of knowledge?

    If not, import ckm and do it.

    Kind regards


  • Navigation to a controls tabs of a tab control page returned by a server VI call


    Purpose a documentation exercise, I wish I could) 1 load a VI by program 2) determine if the tab control is present, if yes how many tablets and if it has a built-in tab control sequence sequence 3) thanks to tabs, snap the front (FP) and the icon 4) and repeat until done.

    I use "to more specific class" and the node property "Label.ClassID" to try and capture if a tab control is present in VI but nothing helps. Any suggestion, which miss me to access the complete list of controls in the VI?


    Hi Chroma,.

    In case it's useful, here's a way to list recursively tabs and "Sub Tabs" of a VI.

    See you soon!

  • How to record values of a tab control page?

    I have a question on the registration of the data to a page on the tab control.
    In my case, alarms (Boolean buttons) can be enabled, it will appear in a page called HISTORICAL (Date / / Time / / room), but when I change to another page and back to the HISTORY page, the table back to null value.

    Here are some screenshots of my program.
    If anyone can help, I will be grateful.

    In your case put structure on the 'Image' case, you have a non-use if Unwired tunnel on the right.  And I see you have some tunnels unwired on it.  If the case structure never executes one of these cases, the default value of an empty table will be passed out and put in the shift register.


    1. right click on this tunnel and disable by default so Unwired.  (In 95% of the tunnels, it should not be used.)

    2 find cases where the tunnel is unwired and pass the wire table in each of them.

Maybe you are looking for