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I recently bought a HP Deskjet 2542 and he keeps asking me for a connected application for HP code, I tried to get this code several times without success.

I can get the code for my printer any help will be appreciated


Why, in my understanding, HP Deskjet 254 * printers do not support the ePrint. I cannot find the specs for 2542, and the 2542 is not available at the moment of ink.

Kind regards.

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  • Data for the Web service control


    I have jdeveloepr User 12.1.3, I WSDL soap, I create the data control for the web service from the WSDL, the problem is when creating data controls the separate parameter that the method, for example, below it is the method that I call the setNotificationAction name and the parameter IN (P_ACTION, P_NOT_ID, P_PASSWORD_ERP, P_TOKEN (, P_USER_ID P_USER_ID_ERP), as below, why the separate parameter that the method?

    Note that I try the binding WSDL SOAP UI and its ok and works as expected.


    Resolved by changing the typesList.add (Object.class) at typesList.add (GenericType.class)

  • change the frequency for the web service

    I'm under LabVIEW Web Service with an application following the method shown in the example of weather monitor. But my problem here is that I have to keep clicking the Refresh button, then the Web Service can only update the latest data for me. Can someone help me to set an example on how to let the page Web of the Web Service automatically update the value without pressing the Refresh button. Thank you

    First of all your customer needs to support it. If you use the HTTP Client in LabVIEW ( and so on) you cannot use this method. A normal browser should.

    Take a look at the address book example

    The help topic linked in the previous post, you should get on the way as well. The news are scattered throughout the help file, but it should be possible to understand.

    Basically, there are two output options for a web service VI: Terminal mode as used in the example weather and fashion such Stream used in the example address book VI.

    Use stream mode and build the HTML page yourself, then sends it to the browser with write. Somewhere in the top of the HTML page, you need to insert


    If you need to return a string like

    my title

    If your browser supports Refresh, this page refreshes in 5 seconds. And add some real contents here

    See also W3C .

    Good luck

  • Data control for the Web Service based filter table adf only appear not

    I have a SOAP web service I'm consumption as a web service data control.

    When I use one of the results of the web service through data to the web service in the form of a table control in the user interface with the filter and sort, I don't see the filters on the top of the table.

    It comes to JDeveloper version

    Please let me know if anyone has an idea on this issue.



    You need connect your own logic on the filtering table.

    The table doesn't actually do the filter - it does, is the data control to filter the info - for a Web service we do not know how it will actually make a sort-, so you'll need to add a filterListener on the table and call a WS that will be returned the filtered data method.

  • Update the password for the Web service fails


    OIM 11 g R2 ( does not update the user password using the web services (version 11.1) connector.

    Following Oracle instructions described in

    In fact, it works in a test environment.

    Caused by: org.identityconnectors.framework.common.exceptions.ConnectorException: org.identityconnectors.framework.common.exceptions.ConnectorException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid combination of offset/length

    at org.identityconnectors.genericws.utils.EncryptionUtil.encrypt(

    at org.identityconnectors.genericws.utils.ConversionUtil.typeCast(

    at org.identityconnectors.genericws.GenericWSConnector.update(

    ... more than 224

    Caused by: org.identityconnectors.framework.common.exceptions.ConnectorException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid offset/length combination

    at org.identityconnectors.genericws.utils.EncryptionUtil.deriveKey(

    at org.identityconnectors.genericws.utils.EncryptionUtil.initializeCipher(

    at org.identityconnectors.genericws.utils.EncryptionUtil.encrypt(

    ... more than 226

    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid offset/length combination

    to javax.crypto.spec.SecretKeySpec. < init > (

    at org.identityconnectors.genericws.utils.EncryptionUtil.deriveKey(

    ... more than 228

    Enjoy your valuable advice!

    Best regards



    Problem solved in reconfiguring connector WS with files bundle good connector - apparently, jars of installation used was not the last!

  • Changing the settings of data control for the Web Service with the company Manager

    We have different environments for the development, test, acceptance and Production. In the environment, we use different instances of the BSSV server so we have several points of endpoints for Web Services. When we move at the request of the ADF from one environment to another, we do not want to change the source code, but we want to change endpoints using configuration. We have seen that store them in Enterprise Manager, we can change endpoints and that this configuration will be saved in a MDS. But what precisely needs to be configured on the application to get this working? Now, we can change endpoints, but they are not saved.

    I found the information in this blog but it doesn´t work:



    If you want to configure deployment position of connections, it is necessary for your application to be configured with a Repository.As of MDS in writing I'd mentioned in the blog too, for that you need an entry in the adf - config.xml and that your server must have a registered MDS store. Unless you are going to do this, the connection endpoint changes you make will not be saved.
    For example, at the end of the application, adf-config.xml file, you need an entry like this:

    When you deploy this application a server with a registered MDS, the deployment repository will bring up a dialog box where you can set(select/create) a partition for this app in the mds repository. Once your deployment is done, now if you change the endpoint using EM, it will save your changes.


  • best practices for the web service call

    Can I add a web service by using the standard data connection Wizard - works fine. I can also do it in Javascript which give me a little more flexibility. Is there a guideline or wisdom for which is better?

    Everything depends on your condition...

    For example, if you know your address Web service at the time of the design itself, then it would be better to put in the tab of data connection.

    But if your webservice address changes at runtime based on the environment in that your application is deployed, then you can use the java script code to change the webservice dynamically address.

    Thank you


  • Handling of result for the Web Service

    I'm new to flex and was looking for the best way to show my web service result in AdvancedDataGrid.

    Could someone please take the time to spellout how to do this.

    I tried using the MXML approach and the code AS... I keep thinking I'm missing something.

    Basically, I went back an array of a custom object defined.  Everything in the object is a string, so it is not too complex.

    I am sure that my service returns a response that I checked with soapUI.

    So, how to map this result in an ArrayCollection collection?

    < mx:WebService id=" SRV "wsdl =" " wsDest "

    < mx:operation " name =" getGridData "

    Fault = "showErrorDialog (Event)" "

    result = "someFunction (Event)" "


    < / mx:operation >

    < / mx:WebService >

    < mx:Script >

    <! [CDATA]

    Import mx.rpc.soap.SOAPFault;



    Import mx.controls.Alert;

    Import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;


    Bindable ]

    public var myArray: ArrayCollection = collection new ArrayCollection();

    public function log(event:ResultEvent):void {}

    Managing for results.

    myArray = ArrayCollection (event.result);

    trace (event.result);


    []] >

    < / mx:Script >

    My common error:

    Error #1088: The markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed.

    If I forget something?  Should I remove SOAP headers?  Any ideas?

    I tried the above approach among others... but would like someone to state a definitive approach to this.  Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

    I'm sorry.

    I put a new Webservice usage example below.

    The first question and the problem is that creation collection ArrayCollection setting was wrong. You must specify is that this

    new ArrayCollection (e.result.toArray ());

    Example:"layout ="vertical">
        Import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
    Import mx.collections.ListCollectionView.
    Import mx.utils.ObjectUtil;
    Import mx.controls.Alert;

    private var categories: ListCollectionView = new ArrayCollection();
    private void search (): void
    service.getCategories ();
    private void result(e:ResultEvent):void
    categories = e.result as ListCollectionView;
    lack of private function (e:FaultEvent): void
    Alert.Show (e.Fault.message);
    WSDL ="" >. "
    name = 'getCategories '.
    result = "result (Event)" "
    Fault = "Fault (Event)" / > "



  • Proxy for the Web Service URL

    Hi all

    I'm building a RESTful web service in an Apex 4 application references.
    I have a requirement to incorporate different web service URLS, depending on the environment (Dev, Test, Live etc.).

    I would like for this design so that Apex can pick up the URL from a substitution variable, and I'm not able to do this.

    Anyone can help with this, or suggest a work around?

    Thank you


    The test facility certainly does not, even though this field is editable, so you can enter the actual URL under test. The substitution is done only when your application is running.

    Kind regards


  • Conversion error in CFML arguments to the Java classes for the web service call.

    Hi all.

    I'm working on writing a small application that uses a web service that is provided by our IVR ( I am able to connect, however, when I try to do something with complex objects, I get the error indicated in the title.

    He seems to have a problem with the table because when I remove it, or it becomes a simple string, I get errors on the function could not be found. I'm relatively new to web services, and especially dealing with complex data types, so any help would be appreciated.

    You can see my test page to

    I use the language WSDL can be found at

    Some examples of code that does what I want to do in Java / Apache Axis


    Here is a description of the function that I have problems with


    And my code is attached.

         <cfset email = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx">
         <cfset pin = "xxxxxxxxxxxx">
         <cfinvoke webservice="" method="login" returnvariable="login">
              <cfinvokeargument name="email" value="#email#"/>
              <cfinvokeargument name="pin" value="#pin#"/>
         <cfdump var="#login#">
         <cfset Token = login.getToken()>
         <cfdump var="#token#">
         <cfset CallItem.maxWaitTime = 100>
         <cfset CallItem.phoneNumbers[1] = "7632344306">
         <cfset CallItem.siteNumber = 100041>
         <cfinvoke webservice="" method="placeCall" returnvariable="call">
              <cfinvokeargument name="Token" value="#Token#"/>
              <cfinvokeargument name="CallItem" value="#CallItem#"/>
         <cfdump var="#call#">

    If you are not initializing phoneNumbers tabular before adjustment


    It will be passed as a structure with a key of 1.  This could cause your conversion of argument error.



    Will result in

    1 7632344306
    SITENUMBER 100041

    Will result in

    1 7632344306
    SITENUMBER 100041

    -Jason Morgan

  • Web service data control - how to use the data for the axis2 service manager


    I have the following questions:
    I consume a Web service using the web service based on axis2, MTOM data. The webservice response returns a complex response object.

    1. How can I link the (type axis2 DataHandler object) the response content to be stored in a column of data?
    2. in the response object, the name of the file is stored in a hash table structure, how can I retrieve the value of a specific key only? In an ideal world, it's a no-brainer, in ADF(newbie here) I do not know how to extract it?
    3. in addition, the display of collectibles for a response from webservice with a radio button beside each line?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Published by: 843190 on March 22, 2011 18:16

    Published by: 843190 on March 22, 2011 18:20

    Is the part of the information that you want to display available as a separate attribute in the results of the Web service in the data control panel?
    If not, and you do a manipulation of the result to retrieve content, you can consider creating a Java proxy for the Web service, in that proxy to expose a method that gives you the news you need and then expose the proxy as a data control. Then, you can call the specific method to get the specific information in the format you need.

  • URL of the Web Service, LV2013 vs LV2012 length limits

    (* CROSS POST: *)

    (* Please answer in this forum.  I scored the other thread for responses here. *)

    A that someone noticed a reduction in the limit on the length of the URL for the Web Services between the versions of LV 2012 and 2013?

    Under LV2012, a RESTful web service seems to accept URLS with lengths at least as long as 4096 characters.  With LV2013, the maximum length of URL seems to be 511 characters for RESTful web services as the project item. Unfortunately for me the project, I have converted just travel on this issue. My goal with posting this request here is my understanding of this limitation before deciding the best way to modify my code.  Certainly using POST instead of GET with a long URL is an option, but again, I am looking to understand the change in limitation before choosing a solution.

    To illustrate, I enclose three projects for the most part identical, demonstrating the issue.  In each case, the project contains a webservice consisting of a single VI, 'ComputeLength', which takes a string as an input parameter and that returns the length of the string.  The three projects are the following.

    1 LV2012 RESTful WebService.

    2 LV2013 RESTful WebService.

    3 LV2013 article project web service.

    The web service contains a single VI.  For the relaxing examples, the web service is started by selecting deploy menu of right-click Build specification.  For the example of project item, the web service is started by selecting start in right click menu position of work/WebService. The use of this example is shown with the following URL:

    (Note that the port is 8080 for both relaxing examples and 8001 for the project web service point if used in debug mode, which is the default value for the statement above.)

    http://localhost: 8080/webservice/computelength? string = 1234567890

    And the output looks like this.

    Workaround.  Apparently from 2013 of LV, there is a default limit of 512 to the length of the URL.  The default limit can be overridden as described below.


    He is Brian in the technique of applications for National Instruments. I am following up about the 511 character limit in your Web Service HTTP request after the port number. After some research, I realized that the problem is related to a web site by default, the setting of the server called "LimitUri", which limits the maximum length of a URL. The default is 512 characters long that's why we are seeing this problem.

    There are several ways to modify the URL length limit depending on how you use your web service. If you publish the web service using the Application Web Server can change "C:\Program Files (x 86) \National WebServer\NIWebAppServer.conf" and add "LimitUri 4096" at the end of the file without the quotes.

    If you run the Debug Web server simply by clicking start on the web service, and then change "C:\Program Files (x 86) \National 2013\resource\webserver\niwsdebugserver.conf" and add "LimitUri 4096" at the end of the file without the quotes.

  • IOM to the web service connector

    I need info on the IOM for the web services connector. Here is the guide of Web services connector

    All those put in place this connector with a webservice? What is the required coding effort?

    I do not know this connector IOM works very well with AD, etc. of the OID and have used it with great success. But never used the connector with the webservices. Please, share your experiences and let me know any extra info.

    Take a look at the labs to find answer to your question:

    Extending Web service connector

    This asset introduced two labs that explain how you can use the Webservice service connector to build integration with an example of target application.

  • By using the web service ActionsService to load the account data


    We are looking to automate the loading data of an EPM - HFM Application accounts.

    We wre able to charge through the front-end server. About Automation, we were able to configure GOSA strategies for the web service, create the native user in console weblogic and import and use the public key of client web service proxy.

    The URL of the wsdl file that we ask is / oracle-EMP-fm-Web services/ActionsService? wsdl

    The method we are trying to call is iActionsService.loadData ("clustername", "name the Application", "E:\\testpad\\Hyperion\\data\\DATA.txt", null, ",", DataLoadMode.MERGE, false, false);

    The errors below are found in the file log immediately after the race. Please help us find what needs to be done in the setting of these errors. Are we sending the right params to the web service?

    Do we still need to make other changes to weblogic/em to make this work? Please suggest.

    Oracle EPM-edition of Fusion

    version -

    Thank you and best regards,


    Newspapers, we find that

    We might be able to connect to the application - Session is created with the Session id: 5e95de6f-e828-4121-8765-36c186e72355

    An unexpected error has occurred- EPMHFM-65536: an unexpected error has occurred.



    Error EPMHFM-65925


    at org.apache.thrift.protocol.TCompactProtocol.writeString(


    to$ loadData_args$ loadData_argsStandardScheme.write(

    to$ loadData_args$ loadData_argsStandardScheme.write(

    to$ loadData_args.write(

    at org.apache.thrift.TServiceClient.sendBase(

    to$ Client.send_loadData (

    to$ Client.loadData (




    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0 (Native Method)

    Post edited by: 2837182

    Got it working now.

    Case of a brain freeze. The data file must be located on the server.

  • Error in creation of Control (SOAP) data to the Web Service in the ADF Mobile app

    Hi, I tried to create a Control (SOAP) Web Service data in a Mobile application of ADF in JDeveloper under Mac OS X 10.8.5

    The application has been newly created (no features) and I tried to create a Web Service data control directly.

    In the 'Create Web Service data-> step 1 control', when I entered the URL of the WSDL and left the text box, the window "WSDL Document for reading" came and I got an error message saying "invalid WSDL URL.

    The error description is given below:

    Houston-29114 ADFContext is not configured to process this exception messages. Use the code of exception stack trace and error to investigate the root cause of this exception. Root cause error code is DCA-29000. Are parameters of error message ({0 = oracle.webservices.mdds.MddsException, 1 = connection timed out})

    I have JDeveloper put in place on a Windows 8 and follow the same steps with the same WSDL URL and he accepted the URL.

    Can anyone help on how to fix this problem as I want to develop on Mac.


    We have solved the problem by asking the dev team to provide the file for the web service's .wsdl. We copied the file in the file system on the mac and then instead of provide the URL, inviting us to the wsdl file. Who does the work on the mac.

    We were able to put a URL as (a non-secure web service) and the wizard to create the Web Service data control accepted the URL on the mac. Can be to secure web services, we have the .wsdl himself file. (the web service that we were trying to access was on EBS and was a secure web service)

Maybe you are looking for

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    When I connect a device through a USB port, the system hangs. This happened with any device even something that has been used before. Example - if I turn on the printer /plug in my Blackberry to synchronize the .laptop just going so slow that I have

  • If-Then constructions in LV

    When using BT State computer for scheduling of the machine, I have a problem. There is no problem on the coding of State machine, but to get there, I need to check about 4 conditions: 1 is a condition OK? 2. If A is OK then is condition B OK? 3. If B

  • Flag 23: product not valid key TouchSmart after system reset

    Hi, Iam new here so sorry if this is in the wrong section. Bascially I had a pavilion touchsmart since 14 January it was wrong this February 2015 I had the extended warranty. We had to repair. failure of the motherboard. In may, he arrived again seco