input source indicator does not


I have a problem with the input source indicator - when I change my language (shortened KB), it changes OK, but the light stays on English.

Searched options in system preferences, but nothing helped.

You can see in the attached screenshot: I went in Hebrew, this works very well, but the indicator is in English.

Someone has any idea how to solve this problem?

Thank you


Try to set up a new user account and see if you have the same problem when logged into that.

Tags: Mac OS & System Software

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    seems that this blows away from the stuff and do it again after the first reboot. I would guess after some time, it will get fixed.

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    You might want to try seconds multiply by 1000 to get milliseconds.

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    Hello and welcome to the community!

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    I'm guessing you haven't you source patched your track.

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    I just bought my L450D-11V a week ago. I noticed today that power led (indicator on the power button / stop) does not respont or act even when I put a computer to sleep. According to the manual, it should blink orange and white in other conditions. I don't know why its not just do not at all. The battery seems fine and is in charge.

    Somone would please shed some light on this problem because otherwise I will have to replace as soon as possible.

    Kind regards

    Hi kkuk,.

    What this means you only have problems with the status LED s and everything else works correctly?

    Are you sure that this laptop is in sleep mode

  • Caps lock indicator does not not in firefox

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    Everything you just mentioned has to do with third party products.  The indicator that see you in your bar tasks is not Windows XP, the browser you are using is not Microsoft.  ;-)

    You must first contact the manufacturer who provided the application of the indicator, then Mozilla (although you will have more luck with the first.)

  • HP ProBook 4420 s: TouchPad disable indicator does not work

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    I desperately need to solution because I can't write anything in MS Word, Excel or etc. because, now, it is. When I write something, a part of my hand touched the pad and the cursor goes different places which creates difficulties.

    Would be grateful if you kindly give an easy solution for this.

    Thank you very much

    Thank you very much.

    Please note that my current operating system is windows 7, and is system type: 32-bit operating system.

    In this case, suggest you to install again to activate/solv my TouchPad disable indicator promlem?

    It will be good enough if you tell me, what is the problem of the current operating system.

    Also please tell me what is HP ProBook 4420 s Synaptics Touchpad Driver

    Waiting for your valuable advice.

    Thank you for you support.

  • Component image source tag does not work in iOS devices


    I want to put the url of the image in the source of the component of the image tag. I am currently using 12 c ( JDeveloper.

    His works very well in Android devices, but does not not in the iOS Devices.

    Here's my amx page code:

    < amx:listView var = value ' row' = "#{bindings.youtubeFeeds.collectionModel} '"

    fetchSize = "#{bindings.youtubeFeeds.rangeSize} '"

    selectedRowKeys = "#{bindings.youtubeFeeds.collectionModel.selectedRow} '"

    selectionListener = "#{bindings.youtubeFeeds.collectionModel.makeCurrent} '"

    showMoreStrategy = 'autoScroll' bufferStrategy = 'viewport' id = "lv2.

    inlineStyle = "background - color:rgba (0,0,0,0.3);" margin-bottom: 10%; ">

    < amx:listItem id = "li2" >

    < amx:panelGroupLayout id = "pgl5".

    inlineStyle = "margin: 0;"  Padding: 4%; padding-top: 2%; padding-bottom: 2%; ">

    < amx:tableLayout id = "tl3' width = '100% ' inlineStyle =" width: 100%; ">

    < amx:rowLayout id = "rl3" >

    < amx:cellFormat halign = "center" id = "NF3" valign = "middle".

    inlineStyle = "width: 45%;" >

    < amx:image source = "#{row.thumbURL}" id = "i5" inlineStyle = "width: 100%;" / > "

    < / amx:cellFormat >

    < / amx:rowLayout >

    < / amx:tableLayout >

    < / amx:panelGroupLayout >

    < / amx:listItem >

    < / amx:listView >

    I also tried with the static url from java code parameter

    youtubeFeeds.setThumbURL ("" "");

    and through binding, I showed that in listView component. But same question does not not in the iOS Devices.

    Yes, its working very well. This image is in a picture file in a project itself.

    "< amx:image id ="i121"source="/images/bg.jpg "inlineStyle =" width: 100%; " height: 100%; "/ >

    Same thing I want to do this the image url.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Kind regards


    a. you only see the image in preview if encode you this url in amx?

    b. can you try to add *. iconbug.* whitelist and try. (You can do this MAF - application.xml-> Security-> remote URL whitelist)

    Kind regards


  • I use creative cloud of Adobe Premiere Pro and it does not allow me to drag. In the line of time, only the audio files of the video MXF files. Plays in the video source, but does not allow me to change on the time line with the. MXF files.

    I use creative cloud of Adobe Premiere Pro and it does not allow me to drag. In the line of time, only the audio files of the video MXF files. Video plays in the source window, but does not to drag me and thenedit on the time line with the. MXF files. audio will slide to the time line, but not the video. Interestingly, not later than end of December 2015 it allowed me to change with .mxf files, but no, it won't. Any help out there?

    Neil, get it fixed, I do not have the video channels set correctly on the left

    side of the line of the time. Learn the new adobe; Thank you

    Monday, February 15, 2016 13:20, R Neil Haugen [email protected]>

  • 'Attach source file' does not work in Acrobat PDFMaker XI of the word 2013?

    I'm used to define the parameters of PDFMaker Conversion from Word to attach source file to the PDF output. It makes it much easier to open the Word document source and modify it if necessary.

    However, in Acrobat Pro XI & Word 2013, I can't make it work. I move to the word-> Acrobat tab, click on create an Adobe PDF file-> Preferences, then check that the "Attach a source file" is checked. but the PDF output does not seem to meet up with the source of attached file. I realize that I can attach it manually after the conversion, but with Acrobat 9 and Word 2007 it attaches automatically during the conversion (as far as I had put the option).

    Am I missing something? Or has something broken in the combination of Word 2013 + Acrobat XI?


    Just gave it a try (2013 Word and Acrobat Pro XI).
    Once I got my PDF output I clicked on the 'trombone' in the left Navigation pane to open the attachments Panel and the Word DOCX source file was present.

    Be well...

  • Get an error window, the source folder does not contain any supported camera raw files

    Use the DNG successfully for some time now thanks to the Adobe forums after that I got my new 7 d. Always with the help of CS2 and is finally managed to convert the 7 d to the DNG format.

    Just be shot in raw of marriage because he needed a little more space than the 18 MP biggy.

    Now, DNG gives me an error message that the files source on my CF cards contain no support RAW files.  That is what it is? Any thoughts on why DNG cannot read RAW files smaller the 7 d?

    Big question here because it is a marriage to work on and I can not even begin to say how to slow DOWN, it will have to use EOS Digital Photo Professional from ADobe Bridge/ACR. I can just go die.

    A little help if someone knows why worth a glance.

    Are you sure you are using the latest (version 5.6) Adobe DNG Converter?

    You can download it here:



    As far as I know, the DNG Converter supports 7 d mRAW and sRAW files to DNG conversion. If you are sure you use 5.6 and your raw files do not work, can you post them somewhere so that I can download and St them?

    Another thing, you can try it for some raw files copy manually the CF card into a folder on your desktop, and then ask the DNG Converter to convert these local copies to the DNG format. If conversion mRAWs on your office's work, but their conversion on your card does not work, then it is possible that you have selected just the right folder on your card in the DNG Converter, or there may be another problem, just read the files on your card.

    Thank you

    David Franzen

    Quality engineer

    Adobe Systems, Inc..

  • Cannot convert Server 2008 R2 Machine get error: Instant The VSS cannot be stored, because there is not enough space on the source volumes or because the source computer does not all NTFS volumes. Error code: 2147754783 (0x8004231F).

    I have a couple of server 08 R2 machines where the P to V conversion fails.  I did some research and the problem seems to be related to the system reserved Partition that has 0% available 100 MB free space.  Conversion fails with the error below.

    VSS snapshots cannot be stored because there is not enough space on the source volumes or because the source computer has not all NTFS volumes. Error code:
    2147754783 (0x8004231F).

    Someone had this problem and came to the top with a solution or to get around?

    Thanks in advance

    Guessed it.  My snapshots Appassure did not also exist with a similar error, so that's what I did to solve it.  My servers now converted without any problem.

    1. Open disk management.
    2. Look at the partition of the PRS and see if it is 100% full.
      • If Yes, proceed to step 3.
      • If this is not the case, check if there are readers who have no more of 300 MB free (minimum requirement to use VSS).
    3. Click a drive, select properties and then select the instant snapshots tab.
    4. Ensure that all shadow copies are disabled and no limit on all players.
    5. Go to the partition of the SRP and assign the B:drive letter.
    6. Open the B: drive via disk management, and then locate the folder System Volume Information. Note: if necessary, change the folder options so that you can view hidden files, folders and drives.
    7. Right-click the System Volume Information folder, and then select Properties.
    8. On the Security tab, click Edit, and then add the group with full control everyone in the folder.
    9. Open the System Volume Information folder (you should see log files are full), open a running as an administrator command prompt and then type the following commands to unload the filter driver.
      • B:
    10. Navigate to the System Volume Information folder, and then type the following commands:
      • B:\>CD System Volume Information
      • B:\System Volume Information > AALOG_ DEL * (this will remove all of the log files, and then re-create a new)
      • B:\System Volume Information > CD\
    11. Close the command prompt window.
    12. In Windows, right click on the reserve system folder and remove the Group everyone.
    13. In Disk Manager, remove the B: drive (and click Yes when prompted with a warning window).
  • Clipping indicator does not appear when I hover over boundary between layers.

    This started happening a couple of days and comes with two different images. Did not update the system for a week or more, neither added nor actions or plugins. I have a Wacom tablet that sometimes runs amok * until I have unplug and reconnect the USB cable. He did recently, but do not remember when. I peut both clip layers using opt + click on the little icon that loads one adjustment layer. Running PSCS6 v 13.0 64 bit on an iMac with OSX 10.7.4, disk storage 650 GB (639 GB, 134 GB available capacity), 4 GB of RAM. I probably did something so that this happens, but of course cannot understand what he.

    * By equips, I hear it changes randomly focus between what I installed, including the applications that are not currently active (I think...)

    To be sure, you press and hold down the Opt key, before placing the cursor between the layers? Try the trackpad or mouse on your system instead of the Wacom

    If the problem is still there, reset the workspace from now at the top right of the PS and in the dropdown under the name of workspace, "Essentials" for example, has chosen 'reset the workspace.'

    Last thought would be to reset the Photoshop preferences if all the above does not work.

    Macintosh - CMD-SHIFT-OPTION immediately after you double-click the PS icon.


  • indicator does not illuminate

    B: we expect the signal to buy.

    C. we collect data from channel 1

    D. collect US data from channel 3 and turn the led ready trigger.

    The problem is the expectation of 50 ms in A. Without this expectation, the trigger won't light.

    It could be a problem of compiler.  The way you wrote it, moving the update of the indicator outside the structure of sequence would imitate the same behavior that you have now.  You can also make a new image between A and B when you update the indicator, which is technically more correct because the trigger is not ready to have the config.  It should probably be in the frame B, but you can see the same question.

    You can also try exchanging the premises and the terminal to see if it makes a difference.  But 50ms is something like, not noticeable, it's probably not worth.

    I forgot what LV version it was (probably LV 7 or 7.1), one colleauge asked me to look at a code that did not work.  A for loop has not been updated with the expected value.  I spilled a 1ms delay in the loop and the loop works correctly.  Sometimes, the compiler does weird things.

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