Inspiron 7559 unusable, no BONE can install/run on it

Hello. I bought a new Inspiron 7559 [7559-1264]

I ran its own OEM Win 10 single home language well, but I'm a programmer, and which is not enough for me. I have a Linux system next to a win 10 full Pro of the system. I tried to install/run Arch, Ubuntu and official win 10 ISO (select win 10 Pro when installing)

Here are the results:
1 win 10 ISO hangs just during the"files ready for installation (67%). "and it is still 67%
-Tried to preload all of the drivers that Dell provides for this laptop during installation - same result
-Tried an ISO most former (before the infamous fall update) - cannot do, it will install just giving an error message on the screen (dialog box) during the same phase of "Getting ready files.."

2 arch Linux latest installed indeed and even run for a few 2-3 reboots, until I installed proprietary drivers NVidia, which curiously went very well but made driver touchpad MOMENTUM of Linux to prevent new boots. So not go too

3 Ubuntu hangs during the installation from the Live session or just 'Install Ubuntu'

So, I think that the material is correct as OEM preinstalled ran fine and the laptop is only 1 week old.
The sentence seems to be one of Intel, specifically the SATA driver drivers, but I got way to prove

I use the OEM Win 10 Home recovery only language on a daily basis.

Please help me make my laptop usable again. Thank you.


Error code 0 x 80070017 means generally bad media corrupted media or installer.

Check the integrity of the ISO or download another, then to burn DVD at 2 x, 4 x speed, check.

Or pay for a retail windows 10 usb flash drive.  The original version works with home, pro.

If it asks for a key word, I don't have one and proceed with the installation.

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