Install.VGZ fails in ESXi 4.1 install on a Dell Poweredge R710

I have a cluster of ESXi 4.1 six-host running on Dell Poweredge R710.  They start from a USB key connected to an internal USB port.  I did at least 12-20 installs on the same hardware without problem.

When I try to re - install on the single ISO ESXi 4.1 host via the iDRAC, the installation fails when loading install.vgz with the error message: "Booting: MBI = 0x000100c0, enter = 0x0040024a.

I studied the two codes and the only suggestion that I get, it's that my hardware is not supported (specifically that my 32-bit processor is not supported).  I do not have a 32-bit processor, so I know that I can surrender.  I downloaded the CPU VMware ISO (file:///C:/Users/pguarco/Downloads/ compatibility, and my CPU meets all requirements.  Previous installation of ESXi host crashed for unknown reasons, where the re - install.  It is possible, that there is a hardware problem.  Any ideas on how to limit this problem?

you are doing the right thing. only thing I could thing is bad ISO, (Please make sure that the checksum is correct). and the worst case material PE firmware update.

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    I installed ESXi 4.0 Update 1 successfully, but at startup, I get the message "No. Operating System" installed Any ideas/suggestions are appreciated!

    What type of disks / RAID controller you have in your system?

    Some controllers with multiple LUNS or RAID sets configured, I saw a question where ESXi does not list the LUNS in the same order as the RAID controller, so when installing ESXi on disk0 (the first drive presented by ESXi) I found myself with "no operating system". I have not found the cause of this yet, however when I installed ESXi on the second disc it worked.


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    We currently have a Dell PowerEdge R710 with 6 SAS das drives configured in a RAID-1/RAID-5 configuration. A drive is configured as a global hot spare. I would add this spare drive in the RAID-5 table, where some virtual machines live, to recover additional space. Has someone managed to do this? Is the only way via the PERC BIOS management utility?

    Thank you!

    I'm not part "raid-1/raid-5.  But assuming that the table is raid-5, then yes it is possible and yes the BIOS utility is necessary.  The hot spare is currently set should be removed from this role, then added to the existing Bay raid-5, but without the ability to select increase.  This will create free space on the raid-5 array on which then a new logical volume can be created, which will be then seen by ESX as a new drive and therefore another data store can be added to this (or it can be added to the first as a measure).  HTH

    Please give points for any helpful answer.

    Unofficial list of transfer USB devices work

  • Install ESXi on a Dell PowerEdge R820


    I try to install ESXi on a Dell PowerEdge R820 server.  I have problems with the reason of the installation because the NETWORK adapter is not supported by the operating system (5.1 ESXi).  I did a little research and discovered that there are custom versions of ESXi out there to install on vaious systems.  That would be the problem?  If so, does anyone know a particluar website that I might be able to get the correct version of ESXi 5.1 for this server dell PowerEdge R820.
    Here are the specs:
    Dell PowerEdge R820 - RAID 5
    Interface NETWORK Broadcom 1 GB card

    Xeon processors (w / 8 cores)
    512 GB RDIMMS
    3 x 146 GB SAS hot plug hard drive

    Any help would be great!  Thank you!!

    Graduate of evil

    If so, does anyone know a particluar website that I might be able to get the correct version of ESXi 5.1 for this server dell PowerEdge R820.

    Try this site:

    Experience of VMware Front: ESXi-Customizer

    Graduate of evil

    Prepare for more fighting after obtaining the diploma

  • U1 ESXi 4.1 install on Dell PowerEdge R210

    Have no success in installation of the ESXi 4.1 U1 on the Dell PowerEdge R210? I'm unable to install ESXi and maybe someone had some advice. The Dell server comes with a RAID1 and is under the list of VMWare HCL. There a S100 for the RAID controller. Dell recommends to break the RAID1 and install ESXi on the local drive (single). This server comes with a 500 GB drive (x 2).

    What will be the best option? I think to install the 4.1.U1 ESXi on a USB key, but had no experience this and I don't know how is it sustainable. I can count on and what size of USB do I need?

    Please advice what have you done or any recommendations on how to install the server host.

    Thank you.


    I'd certainly install on a USB key. You will need a 1 GB or more large USB key. You can have an internal USB slot and I would like to check the documentation for your location. ESXi loads directly into RAM, and he has very little written on the disc. A copy of the small configuration happens once per hour.

    I don't think that your RAID controller can be used as RAID because I think it's a software RAID that is not supported under ESX (i). You will end up with two separate drives.

  • Dell Poweredge 2850 and ESXi 4.1

    I have a Dell PowerEdge 2850 with 12 GB of RAM and two CPUs, hyperthreading with 350 GB of disk space.

    This box was initially installed with Redhat Linux ES 5.4 64-bit and OS 64 bit CentOS 5.5 with no problems, so I know the processor supports 64-bit.

    I then installed VMWare ESXi version 4.1 on the Dell Poweredge 2850 with no problems.

    Then, I created a few instances VM I want to install CentOS 5.5 64 bit.  During the installation of a VMware instance, I get this:

    msg.cpuid.notLongmodeQuestionFmt:This veritual is configured for 64-bit operating systems.
    However, the 64-bit mode is not possible.
    Longmode is disabled for this virtual machine.
    For more information, see
    Continue without 64 bit support?

    Now the question I have is this: given that VMWare is problems with 64-bit OSes comments, how is it that I can install CentOS 5.5 64 bit on this Dell PowerEdge 2850 with no problems.  It seems obvious to me that the PowerEdge 2850 works well with the 64 bit OS but not ESXi 4.1.

    How can I get around this?

    Comments?  Thanks in advance.

    The dell series 8 (1850/2850) have no vt support, so not support 64-bit virtual machine, except 6850.

    The output of the processor shows the same thing, or rather, what he shows no vt in its ability.  It shows lm, long mode, so you can run 64-bit, that you are running ESX, but to succeed in this 64-bit support, you need the lm, you and vt, which you don't have.


  • ESXi 3.5 on Dell Poweredge 2950 and Dell 6 GB/s card SAS HBA?


    I'm under ESXi 3.5 u4 on a Dell poweredge 2950 machine.

    I recently bought a Dell Powervault 124 t. autoloader with a HBA SAS 6 GB/s card.

    I installed the card SAS in the PE 2950, but now I can't seem to see in ESXi.

    Can someone help me with this?

    Thank you very much.

    I'm afraid that the Dell technician is correct.

    Someone at - it a link on ESX support not directly connected devices?

    This isn't the issue. The question is: do you have a link that shows devices supported?

    Reference Dell does support the autoloader Powervault 124 t. on ESXi 3.5?

    Have you checked the VMware HCL already, if the SAS controller is included/supported for ESXi version, you are running?

    There are a few articles which have tape readers running with Adaptec SCSI controllers, I don't see anything for ESXi 3.5 with a SAS controller still...

    Maybe there's a better chance to make this work with ESX 4.x with VMDirectPath


  • OK, I NEED someone TO HELP me INSTALL LESS ESXi 5.0 on my Dell PowerEdge 1950 Server! And of course, HE IS No. TUTORIAL on this SITE FOR ME HELP!

    As I said earlier:

    OK, I am trying to install vSpere on my Dell PowerEdge 1950.

    Hardware specifications:

    4 GB FB-DIMM DDR2 memory

    x 2 processor Intel Xeon, 2 carrots, 3.00 GHz

    There a RAID BIOS, so I had to create a Raid 0 virtual disk to install anything.

    Drive hard WD 1 TB, it's the one I use for the VD.

    When I choose which hard drive I use, I select the VD, I created, I select my keyboard language, then the configuration scan my material, then he asks me if if want to install, I pressed F11. Then, when it reached 5%, it throws an error: "partedUtil failed with the message: error: can not have a partition outside the disk!

    He says that it cannot install it on a virtual drive? My server is not compatible?

    Edit: There is another error that says: cannot read the partition table for device:


    What is going on!!! Why vmware cannot have tutorials on "How to install Esxi on a server with RAID BIOS"?

    Check if the virtual HARD disk you packed is initialized. It seems that the installation is not written on this HARD drive. Back to the HARD Disk Manager (you probably PERC5 / I) to start the process I think is CTRL + R? find your virtual drive and launch. Take a look at the image as an attachment.

  • Cannot install ESXi 5.5 on Dell PowerEdge T620


    I have a Dell PowerEdge T620 server and I want to install VMW VSphere Hypervisor 5.5 on that.

    I tried 2 ways above, but they are not successful.

    Track 1:
    -Start with DVD integrated with server
    -Config for RAID 5
    -Choose the option "VMW ESXI 5.5 HDD"
    -Error: "the provided raid configuration is not supported" and force reboot me.

    Track 2:
    -L' boot using an ESXI 5.5 CD-ROM
    -Follow the step on Setup screen.
    -Scan disk step HARD to install the process is too long too long scan...

    I hope that an idea can help me solve that.

    Thank you!

    You use the ESXi Dell installation?

  • ESXi and Dell Poweredge T410 install issues...

    Hello, we just bought a spanking new beand Dell Poweredge T410 with S300 raid Card... useless day, Esxi 4.0 or 4.1 will not install on it... We get an error message during the installation:

    "Could not find a data device to decompress the image for.

    This server was prchased Feb 2011... can someone tell me how I can get installed on esxi?

    The S300 controller isn't a device supported for ESXi. You must add a supported RAID controller. There are many other RAID controllers available for this server. The Perc 5 and 6 controllers are also good choices and are available on sites like e - bay, etc.

  • How to install esxi 4.0 Update 1 on Dell PE 710 R

    How to install esxi 4.0 Update 1 on Dell PE 710 R? on esxi, we want to create virtual machines for windows 2008 r2.

    We can use Dell Open manage and it gives options to use esxi 4.0 or we need to start directly from esxi 4.0 Update 1 CD and run the installer.

    Please suggest the best way to configure esxi 4.0 on dell 710R server.

    If you are on the Dell hardware, you need at least generation 9 material, for example, a Dell PE 1850 or 2850 will not support a Windows 2008 R2 64-bit o/s. If you're on a material later, where the processor supports the technology of Intel Virtualization (VT), you can enable it in the BIOS of the host.

    Please note that R2 support is "experimental" - you will need to ESXi 4.0 Update 1 installed full support.

    Hope that helps

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    Configuration / installation error message: Windows failed to install your modem or something like that.

    operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32
    device connected to the PC: USB cable

    PC is Dell Studio 15
    technical skill level is intermediate
    First name B
    First name S


    Hi Freddy5430,

    Access the Web of Huawei site to download and install the latest software/drivers for your modem:

    I hope this helps!

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • Which hard drive is Windows 8 installed on a Dell 14z, the SSD or SATA?

    Does anyone know what disk hard Windows 8 installed on a Dell 14z? The ultrabook has two discs, a disc SSD of 32 GB and a 500 GB SATA drive to address traditional. I read all the horror stories about Windows 8 and my coming soon the new laptop will have this as the operating system. I want to exchange a 'clean' HDD and install Win 7. If I have questions, I just re - install the original physical drive.

    I prefer really do not get stuck with Windows 8, and ditching any help would be nice. My first choice would be to remove the infected drive and keep it as a fail-safe.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Stéphane of Muggy, rainy South Florida
    PS. I used Windows 8 for 20 minutes. It was too long 30 minutes...

    It would be installed on the SSD.

    What I would say do you before installing the new drive and installing Windows 7, it's your backup partition layout. This will provide at least the convenience, if you decide to go back to Windows 8, you can just restore the backup image:

    First, create a backup of your installation of Windows 8 on an external hard drive:

    Then, create a repair disk:

  • I bought Windows 7 install on my Dell Dimension 2400 currently Windows XP. I can move program Windows XP my laptop that is running windows 98?

    I bought Windows 7 install on my Dell Dimension 2400 currently Windows XP.  I can move program Windows XP my laptop that is running windows 98?  I need to access or code # s to do this and if so, how I get supplied with the printer Dell reinstallation disks have not all codes on them?

    original title: reuse of windows xp

    I bought Windows 7 install on my Dell Dimension 2400 currently Windows XP.  I can move program Windows XP my laptop that is running windows 98?  I need to access or code # s to do this and if so, how I get supplied with the printer Dell reinstallation disks have not all codes on them?

    No you can't. Given that it's a Dell and it came with Windows XP pre-installed, it's an OEM of Windows version.  The biggest drawback of an OEM version (at least in the USA) is that its license it permanently binds to the computer first it is installed on. He can never legally be moved to another computer, sold, or given to outside (except with the original computer). If the computer dies or is stolen, your license dies with him.

    And let me ask you as if you checked to make sure everything on the Dell is compatible with Windows 7, and there are Windows 7 drivers for all your hardware that requires it.

  • Reader combo CDRW/DVD GC4244 installed on my Dell Lattitude D820. XP Professional.

    I have a Combo CDRW/DVD GC4244 player installed on my Dell Lattitude D820. I ran the CARPET RUN program in order to help me solve a problem that I am facing for some time now. Previously, I could use this combo HD-DT-ST GC4244 to write CD - RW. Now, the program tells me that it is not able to do... Why? Help!

    Hi ChrisBraeckman,

    1. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    2. what happens when try to use the player?

    3. you receive an error message?

    The article below and run them the fixit tool available, if you have already run the fixit tool is then try the manual steps mentioned in the article below.

    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

    Also check the condition of the disc on the computer using Device Manager and view details in return.

    How to solve the problems of hardware with Device Manager

Maybe you are looking for

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