Install W2K on Tecra 8100

Hi all

I am trying to install W2K on a Tecra 8100, but I think I'm doing something wrong, because it keeps failing.

If I just insert the CD it starts to start a load several files at a time when the Setup starts Windows 2000 (present at the bottom of the screen) and the installation crashes with a blue screen and the c0000221 error material unknown error \systemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll
I read that, during installation, you will need to press F5 (in the screen where you can load a SCSI or raid driver) and then choose Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC, but after doing this I get the same error.
I have no additional material attached, it's original configuration.

Any thoughts on how to solve this problem and get W2K on my laptop?



I think that this question has nothing to do with the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) or similar.

I read about the error systemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll message, and there is no particular reason for this error.
Sometimes some service packs missing cause this problem and sometimes hardware malfunction (RAM or HARD drive) could be responsible for a BSOD.

You are able to install Win XP?

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  • How do I reinstall the ACPI Modules for W2k on Tecra 8100

    I need some information on how to reinstall the Modules ACPI for Windows 2000 on my Tecra 8100. I get a message indicating that "there is missing files to use Toshiba Selectbay Service getting started. Please re - install for Windows 2000 "Toshiba ACPI Modules.

    Anyone know what this means?
    It started to happen after I tried to install the update 'Value-added logical device' on the Toshiba site.
    I suspect it was probably already on the computer, that's why the installation failed.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


    I found the description of this file.
    The value logical device is Toshiba ACPI common modules for Windows 2000 support.
    This software is the Foundation for other utilities provided by Toshiba Win2k and must be installed first!

    I put t know not in what order you have installed the driver but this ACPI support Toshiba common modules must be installed at the beginning!

  • Tecra 8100 seeing all installed memory

    I'm working on a Tecra 8100 laptop for a friend. Machine does not seem to recognize the memory installed in location B at all. Is there something in the BIOS to force her to perform a new analysis or I'm just looking at a broken slot? Everything seems OK visually and clips seem sound.

    I agree with Feliks;
    Module of RAM or housing could be faulty.
    You should try the RAM module in A slot in order to check the functionality.
    If the same RAM would work in the slot, but not in the B slot then I guess the slot B is damage.

  • Tecra 8100: Video-playing DVDs only with jerking / glisten under W2K

    I can't play a normal DVD on my Tecra 8100 (P3 600 MHz, 256 MB RAM, Windows 2000 with SP4)
    without convulsions. Already have try to copy the image of the DVD on the HARD drive and play directly from the
    HDD - same result. Therefore, it is NOT a problem with the DVD drive, may be a problem
    with the S3 S3 Savage/MX VGA-Cardinal display driver integrated V installed
    Tested with PowerDVD 6 and VLC media player. Any special DVD playback software for the
    8100 available? Please help, try several hours to solve this problem, already
    talk with toshiba customer service!


    Well, the Tecra 8100 is not a high-performance notebook and maybe it is not generally possible to watch DVDs jerking-free s.

    But I think you should check several parameters before we abandon ;)
    In order to check if DMA and not PIO mode is available and updated on the IDE controllers.

    Check if you have installed the latest version of DirectX.
    You said that you are using the latest version of the graphics driver. Well perhaps you will check this site:

    Also check if the installation of some codex will help you:

    The Nimo Codec Pack is a nice collection

  • Tecra 8100: Display of W2k driver - S3TRAY. EXE cannot be opened


    I have the same problem as the BUSSINIT user posted earlier:
    I have a Tecra 8100 but my screen resolution is only 16 colors, so I tried all the downloads on this page display driver, but:

    S3TRAY. EXE cannot be opened, nothing to do.
    This is the default or something.

    The driver is probably old or something, but what to do?
    I mean, I can't work with display only 16 colors, please help me.



    On the Toshiba page are two different Wk2 drivers listed: - 7.30.2 pilot S3 display for the wild graphics card

    7.40.29 display driver for the S3 Savage MX

    Check if you are using the correct driver!

  • Re: Tecra 8100: CD-Rom does not - W2k cannot load drivers


    I have Windows 2000 on my Tecra 8100. For two days, my cd-rom doesn't work anymore, because Windows cannot load one or more drivers.
    I did nothing special, except a game and using word and excel.

    Anyone got a solution for the problem, because I do not know much about computers.

    Additional info:
    Windows 2000 SP3


    Kind regards



    Sorry, but it will help get more info on CD/DVD drive.
    Optical drive is listed in Windows Explorer?
    What is the status in Device Manager?

  • Tecra 8100: stutters during playback of music


    After installing Win2k on my Tecra 8100 each works fine but playback of music.
    When play is a stutter, a clickening every 2 seconds.
    It is a general problem, not a problem of the music program or file that I play (mp3).
    It already starts with the beginning of Win2k jingle.

    Any ideas?

    As far as I know that the device is supported for W2K Professional and if you have used all the drivers designed Toshiba it should not be a problem (if the hardware is not faulty). Please check with a helmet. It will be interesting to see if the problem persists.

    Have you had it with previous operating system? Do you have it tested with a helmet too? Can you please post more than a few sentences? You already did some troubleshooting and what exactly?

  • You cannot change the color display on Tecra 8100

    I have a 8100 TECRA with Windows 2000 Professional installed. I tried to install "Streets and Trips" and it won't work without colorful. I can't change the view setting because it doesn't have this option (high resolution). Is there a driver available to fix this problem?


    I found on the Toshiba page two graphic drivers for W2k on the Tecra 8100.
    Just install the graphics driver and the option should be available

  • Tecra 8100 hangs up and CPU gets hot

    I updated the bios and the performance max cooling and the dynamics processor and then put in a new HD. I then installed Win XP.
    During the installation of the cooling fan was still running and completed the installation of the OS. Now, my laptop crashing all the time. The hanging of the changes of time (between 5 and 60 minutes).

    I noticed that the fan rarely during 5 s maximum, and the computer gets very hot. The fan is supposed to turn all the time by running and changing speeds according to temp or is it normal that it be turned off. Are there steps that I missed during the installation or special drivers to install.

    Hi frank.

    Tecra 8100 is a little older. Am I wrong? I checked the page of the Toshiba driver and there is not a lot of XP drivers for this Tecra series. Most of the drivers are for OS W2k Win98and.

    I recommend you to check the cooling fans. Maybe dust and debris inside prevents air flow correctly and so the laptop can not be cooled very well.

    It s a fact that stuck fans are mainly responsible for overheating problems

  • Tecra 8100 - no sound except in mic!

    I have a Tecra 8100 Windows XP.

    I can't get sound on the speakers or the headphones emitted by the computer, such as beeps, CD, etc. But if I have to reactivate the microphone, I can hear through the headset, ensure that the microphone picks up (there are a few comments without microphones, proving that the speakers work physically). All volume controls are the maximum and reactivated. All devices are enabled and correctly selected in sound control panels.

    Any help would be welcome! Is the sound card, or am I missing a driver? Could not find anything else on the web with similar symptoms. Thanks in advance.

    Here is the summary of the Everest report:

    Value of the field
    Type of computer Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC (Mobile)
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system
    Operating system Service Pack [TRIAL VERSION]
    Internet Explorer 6.0.2600.0000 (IE 6.0 - Windows XP)
    DirectX (DirectX 8.1)
    Computer name TECRA-8100 (Tecra 8100)
    User name of the user General information
    Connection domain [TRIAL VERSION]
    Date / time 2009-07-15 / 14:18

    Type of processor Mobile Intel Pentium III, 500 MHz (5 x 100)
    Name of TOSHIBA Portable PC motherboard
    Motherboard Chipset Intel 82440BX/ZX
    Memory system [TRIAL VERSION]
    Type of BIOS Toshiba (12/30/99)
    Communication communication Port (COM1) port
    Communication Port (LPT1) ECP Printer Port

    Video card S3 Graphics Inc., SavageMX (8 MB)
    Video card S3 Graphics Inc., SavageMX (8 MB)
    S3 Savage/MX (86 270) 3D accelerator
    Generic TV monitor
    Inner cover of Toshiba monitor 1024 x 768

    Yamaha Native DS1 Audio CODEC audio adapter

    Controller IDE Intel(r) 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller
    Floppy Drive floppy disk drive
    Hard drive IBM-DARA-212000 (11 GB, 4200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/66)
    Optical drive TOSHIBA DVD - ROM SD-C2402 (8 x / 24 x DVD-ROM)
    Hard disks SMART Status OK

    Total size [TRIAL VERSION]

    Keyboard Standard 101/102-key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 keyboard
    Mouse HID-compliant mouse
    Mouse PS/2 Compatible Mouse

    00-10-A4-E1-F9-30 main MAC address
    Network card Xircom CardBus Ethernet II 10/100
    Modem TOSHIBA Internal V.90 Modem

    Epson ActionLaser 1100 printer
    HP DeskJet 540 printer
    Infrared controller Infrared Port
    USB1 controller Intel 82371AB/EB PIIX4 - USB host controller
    USB device USB Human Interface Device
    Battery Microsoft AC adapt
    Battery Microsoft ACPI battery compatible control method
    Battery Microsoft ACPI battery compatible control method

    DMI BIOS Version Version 2.30
    TOSHIBA DMI system manufacturer
    DMI system product laptop
    DMI system Version Version 1.0
    DMI serial number of the system [TRIAL VERSION]
    DMI Motherboard manufacturer TOSHIBA
    DMI Motherboard product laptop
    DMI Motherboard Version Version A0
    DMI serial number motherboard [TRIAL VERSION]
    TOSHIBA DMI chassis manufacturer
    DMI chassis Version Version 1.0
    DMI serial number of chassis [TRIAL VERSION]
    DMI chassis [TRIAL VERSION] inventory number
    DMI chassis Type Notebook
    Total memory / free DMI casings 2 / 0


    A good questions and I never heard of this topic which s...

    I think the fist, you should start to update the audio driver of your laptop. Therefore, you can see the Toshiba site for an update: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Before installing the latest version, you must remove the old version first and reboot the laptop.

    Maybe a reinstall of Windows with the Toshiba recovery disc could also be useful and in the worst case, it s only a hardware malfunction and it must swap the motherboard. :(

    Welcome them

  • Tecra 8100: Advice replace please - audio card?

    My 8100 Tecra faithful and beloved which is ideal for my purposes locked up the other day, in the middle of a session.

    Restart windows resulted in blocking machine once Windows is running.
    I started in safe mode - no problem.
    I have disabled all devices useless and then through a process of elimination of selectively allowing devices and reboot.
    I found that the problem was the Yamaha audio device - that turn on the machine and it would lock up, disable that and he would normally go.
    It worked fine now for a day with the disabled Yamaha audio device.
    I tried to uninstall/reinstall the device - no change.
    I even did a fresh install of XP - no change.

    I ran XP pro for over a year without problem (so far) and I consider not audio as criticism - just a nice to have.

    My questions are:

    Is there anything else I need to do in the way of diagnosis?

    Tips for common problems?

    Can anyone with experience of fixing these machines or similar notice if replacement of all of the audio card is likely to make a repair?

    I seem to remember the last time that I opened it about two years ago to change the processor that the audio Assembly was on a separate panel but is that all?

    Note that this is a _ancient_ machine and _not_ going to be taken to a repair shop where the Bill would be more that it is worth! I am competent to replace the sound card, more than that and I will probably continue to run without audio - I don't think that it worth replacing the motherboard just for audio...

    Thank you very much in advance for any constructive suggestion.

    Well, as you know these replacements are very delicate
    However, I don t think you will be able to replace this sound card but it s my personal opinion.

    From my experience, I know that the card (audio driver) his Yamaha is not fully compatible with Win XP SP1 and SP2. Update the audio driver is necessary.

    Google for it

    I searched a bit for some instructions how to remove these boards and found this page.

    There you should find a link to the page how to disassemble the Tecra 8100.


  • Tecra 8100: vertical stripes on the screen

    I just bought a second hand Tecra 8100, who has been stripped of all its programs, OS. So I installed Windows98SE on this - now I get a screen with vertical stripes, which perch in the middle of the screen of the laptop with Windows just about visible in the background.

    I went to the display driver Toshiba and downloaded Web pages relevant windows 98se. Once on my laptop, the exe file does nothing; is neither their "graphics card" option in my device manager - everyone has ideas as to what is happening?


    Please connect external monitor to your laptop and check if the result is the same. If so, there is probably a problem with the graphics card. If this isn't the case, I presume your laptop LCD screen is defective.

  • Tecra 8100 freezes after 45 minutes to an hour of use


    Have a toshiba tecra 8100 and improved the Win98 operating system is XP Home. After installation, Windows update has installed all updates. Now, after 45 minutes of use, the computer freezes. Furthermore, it is still a Win 98 folder in the computer. Should I remove this? Could it be the cause of the problem? I would appreciate help with this. Thank you.


    I agree with asil. It is possible that your device has enough RAM and one moment is easy to much and laptop freezes simply.

    If you need info on writing RAM upgrade again.

    Good bye

  • Tecra 8100: memory slot problems

    I have a model tecra 8100 not: PT810L 12 c 42.

    I had problem with slot B mem, so collapsed to use it. Then I upgraded my RAM and inserted a 128 Mb TOSHIBA THLY6416G1FG-80 RAM PC100-222-620 slot A and used for a month. Then he suddenly went dead one day and did not boot at all.

    I took it to the point of service, they found somehow it work by sticking a piece of paper btw Aries and the cover. I used another week with ram cover duck taped it. Same story, then dead in the middle of winXP, switched off and no boot again. It took to the same service point, they tried some other RAM chipsets that it refused to start.

    The interesting thing is; When they inserted a faulty RAM in slot A and non-use slot B we get the message "memory incompatible chipset" on the screen. With the RAM mentioned above in the slot B (problem as always) and the A we get nothing, just a blank screen, DVD slot starts green lit, but nothing.


    What is the RAM causing problems? What must a chipset that is exactly compatible with the model no pls?
    Is it the two locations of memory A or B, their change could solve the problem?

    This is the machine he itself, must it be thrown away?



    I n know where you tried to upgrade the memory but as Lisa suggested this was not a serious technician. I changed and upgraded memory on multiple PCs, and you must use 100% compatible modules! You shouldn't t install the modules with a brute force or use strange things as a communication between the housing and the memory module.
    Possible slots are damage due to use this procedure. But I hope you're a lucky man and everything will work correctly.

    If you n t know which modules are right and taken in charge so you should contact the service partner authorized Toshiba for the right and the upgrade modules.

    Good luck

  • Tecra 8100 - lack of tv out cable


    I recently bought a laptop Tecra 8100. There is unfortunately no tv output cable included.
    According to the manual (ie. here: the tv out port provides a signal s-video (NTSC/PAL) 3, 5 mm mini-jack port.
    The missing cable must be a RCA conversion cable.
    Is someone can you please tell me if there are special requirements that this cable must meet to the? It is not difficult to get a mini-plug cable 2xRCA audio conversion, but of course, it does not transmit the video signal.


    I'm working on Win XP SP2, the installed graphics card is S3 Savage/MX.

    Thanks in advance for advice.

    Hi mate,

    I know cable companies; It s a rare accessory of the Tecra 8100. The problem is, that the Mini-Jack 3.5 "has it s own format, so it will fit only in 1 x 3.5" to 1 x RCA.

    These cables are either on Ebay, or contact you an ASP (certified partner) which could probably send you such cable for little money from low...

    HereĀ“s a link (if you need) to find the nearest ASP in your country:

    Good luck man

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