Installation of IIS on Windows 7 Professional: an error has occurred. Not all features have been installed correctly.

I try to install IIS on my Windows 7 Professional machine and I get the error message "an error has occurred. Not all features have been installed correctly. »

I went to a pole, but have found no answer that applies to my laptop.

I tried this link, but no ISAPI filters are listed:

A is not installed as has been suggested by several sites.

I tried to run the control panel as administrator quick control using control - appwiz.cpl

nothing seems to work.

I solved this by
1 uninstall .net 3.5 in "characteristics on and out of the tower"
2 reset
3. install .net 3.5 in 'features turn on and outside'
4. install the IIS services

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    Hi Charles,
    Thanks for posting on the Community Forums of Microsoft Vista.
    Before answering the question, as it seems that updates are on PC CAMS, drivers. We must bear in mind that updates of hardware or driver updated by Windows updates are optional and will have to install them only if necessary. However, the priority is to get these updates/drivers from the website of the provider.
    If these updates are indeed necessary, we can try the following steps to get the problem resolved.
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    2. at the command prompt, type proxycfg-d, and then press ENTER.
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    Service, delete the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder and restart the services for the
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    Hope this can help you to take care of the issue of updates.
    Kind regards
    SAP U G - Microsoft Support

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    What is the exact full error message?

    You can try the following methods

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    Run a scan of the System File Checker, click the link below:

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    Attached 2 screenshots of my problem.

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    Hi Yin,

    Per your request, I was not able to locate any KB2871389 either, so I took the Date of reference and found the last microsoft update and deleted.
    Once I did I could get to download a new version 8.1 with success and yet once updated.
    Finally I had to wait a lot to finish the download but happy as its now updated and running great.
    See you soon,.
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    As has happened on two computers, I would look on the disc as the problem.

    "I have genuine XP service pack 1.

    What is the exact drive do you use?

    See you soon.

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    Language packs

    Method 2:

    a.Click Start and then click Control Panel.

    b. double-click regional and Language Options.

    c the languages tab, click details, and then click Add.

    d.Under an input language, add the language that you want to use.

    e.Under configuration keyboard/IME, click the keyboard layout you want, and then click OK.

    List of languages supported in Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

    Please report if you are still having the problem. I will be happy to provide you with the additional options that you can use to get the problem resolved.

  • Can't find my CD-Rom Windows XP Professional, so I am unable to run a SFC scan to correct the bad image

    Can't find my CD-Rom Windows XP Professional, so I am unable to run a SFC scan to correct the bad image. Help, please! the files are corrupted and I can't fix. Is there a website link, I can go to, to download what I need in order to access cmd sfc/scannow? Thank you very much

    Hi ferfeferferfer,

    You can see the following article for more information on the software.

    How to replace hardware or lost, broken, or missing Microsoft software

  • Installed Windows 7 Professional, Easy Transfer helped to transfer all files. Programs not listed

    I used Easy Transfer to transfer the entire selection available through transfer is including Program Files, program data and the AppData (inside the user's home directory. The program seems to be installed, but some of them are not listed in the Start Menu. None of them appear in the Uninstall list of programs. Also, some programs such as MS Office launch when I try to open the exe file in the installation directory. Other programs like winzip have been installed again when I opened the program executable in the installation directory, while others like firefox opens as if nothing was (with my already open tabs).

    This uniformity?
    What should I do if I want to use, lets say that MS Office now? Are the installed files in program files, but I can't open the executable files.
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    I'm sorry, but you have been deceived, Windows Easy Transfer does not Support Program Files, you need to reinstall those of their original installation discs.

    Can I transfer programs?

    No. Windows Easy Transfer only transfers program settings, not the programs themselves. To use the programs from your old computer, install them on your new computer, and then transfer the files and the settings for these programs. It is possible that certain types of programs, such as security and antivirus programs, may not work with this version of Windows.

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    Have you done with the updates, I never had this problem, and I have re-installed windows 8.0 and applied repeatedly its updates.

    If you say that I can safely uncheck these updates that talk to you, just install the rest, then reboot and install those, like the latest updates?


    Its ok to install everything first? Or is not serious?

    KB2877213 - very specific to a set of conditions related to the KB2822241

    As long as you did not have this mentioned scenario then the installation of the latest update would be preferable.

    KB2891804 - FTP resolves issues:

    Changed once again is very good for a new installation of Windows 8

    KB2904266:-solves the problems of time zone:

    This update cancels and replaces the update described in knowledge Microsoft (KB) 2863058 Base article, which was published in August 2013. All additional time zone changes released patch after patch 2863058 is out are included in this update.

    Note: If you have already installed KB2863058 so this update should be last.

    KB 2772501 - shouldn't matter when it is installed

    KB 2871690 - this update isn't necessary:

    J W Stuart:

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    Original title: Constanr Error Message at startup.

    When I start my computer the message appears on the screen that says "an error has occurred in the program during installation... ox80070002" How can I fix?

    Open log on to Windows as administrator or an account with administrator rights.
    Click Start | All programs | Accessories | System Tools, and then click System Restore.

    Then, in the window system restore, click on the option "Restore my computer to an earlier time" (Note: this option)

    may already be selected), then click Next.
    In her select a Restore Point window, use the calendar to select a date before the day of the change or problem o

    Note: A system restore message may appear that lists configuration changes that system restore will make. Click OK.
    In the page confirm the Restore Point selection, click Next.
    System Restore will now restore Windows XP configuration, and then restart the computer.

    Finally log on to the computer (using the same Admin account).
    The system restore restoration complete 'window' is displayed.
    Click OK.

    Your fact restore the PC to the point in time, you have selected.

    J W Stuart:

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