Installation of macOS Sierra results in the error message "load installer has no signature verification.

I tried to do a clean install of Sierra several times and each time Setup reaches the end and then displays the message "the responsibility of the installer has no signature verification. This leaves the computer without a bootable Mac OS version.

I tried to recreate the USB key with a new download installer.

The first Apple support guy that I talked to said to make a recovery of the internet. The problem here is tries to install El Capitan, but never finished. The countdown reaches 0, then goes up to about 30 minutes back. It just keeps doing hours and hours.

The second Apple support guy that I talked to said to do a regular restore (CMD + R), but it always goes to the recovery of the internet. I'm guessing that there is no restore partition.

The computer has 10 Windows installed on a Bootcamp partition, and that seems to work very well. I can't installed macOS.

The computer is a mid-2015 15 "MacBook Pro. I use the disk utility installation program to format the Macintosh HD partition. I used the El Capitan terminal Installer set the hour correct system. I tried to install using another USB port.

I would appreciate help.

Video of the problem of recovery of El Capitan Internet:

Screenshot of Sierra install question:


Access the item in window Menu at the top of the screen. Select the Setup log. This should give you an idea of why it's a failure.

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