Installation of new Power Saver

As instructed, I first removed the old Power Saver and subsequently installed a new. However this new Power Saver activation is impossible: "Fatal error, code 0x7E.
How to fix this?


It would be very interesting to know what unit you have.
Why did you remove the energy saver? As far as I know on some units must pilot Power Saver Power Saver utility. In this case, it is important to delete the two parts. Then first you need to install the driver and then the Power Saver utility.

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  • Tecra S1 - Possible to use the new Power Saver v7.11 for example?

    Hi all

    is it possible to use a more recent version of the saving on my laptop?

    I found for the Tecra S1 as the latest version of the v1.00.34M




    Of course, you can use a more recent version of Toshiba power saver, it's not a problem.

    On the Toshiba site, I can find version 1.00.33 for Tecra S1.
    However, download and install the latest version for your laptop and it will work.

    Welcome them

  • Error Installation Tecra S1 Power Saver 'Pilot' not found


    I have a toshiba tecra s1. A few days ago I formatted my laptop and installed windows xp professionell (not the oem CDS). then I tried to install the energy-saving of toshiba for the cd and the latest version of the toshiba Homepage 1.00.34M. in both facilities, I get an error called
    "Driver not found" and the installation program does not continue :-(

    pls help me to solve this problem, thank you.

    Greetings sandass


    I found the saving for Windows XP on the download site and it s a 1.00.33M version.

  • P30: I need a 32-bit version of toshiba power saver Setup


    I need a 32-bit version of the installer of toshiba power saver for the P30 please, I hope that it is possible :)

    Thanks in advance :)

    Sincerely, James.

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    I put t know why you need a gain of power in particular but I found a Power Saver for Win XP on Toshiba website. I think it's running at 32 bits.
    See the page:

  • NB205-N210 Power Saver problem


    Im having an error during the installation of the Power Saver software.
    I have Win XP SP3 (Hungarian) and when I try to install the software, it gives me this message:
    "1628: scenario based Setup fails.

    I read after that, and they say "Idriver.exe" commits the error, I tried to turn it off, but I can't
    Can someone help me know how to install this essential part of the software for my netbook, with her dough last only for about 3-4 hours (instead of 7-9)?
    Thank you very much in foreword!

    Invites you to the Microsoft Knowledge base:

    Method 10
    If you get the error message "Error 1628: impossible to install complete based on the script.
    And followed the instructions above and it didn t determine the problem and you just create fees
    installation package by using the InstallShield tool, please disable "Cache installation on the local computer.
    option during the installation package creates the process.

    So maybe it has something to do with temporary files.
    Go to c:\documents and settings\ [your name] Settings\Temp
    and delete all the files in there (close all other programs first, or do in Mode without failure).

    Also try disabling your Antivirus software. They can sometimes block facilities.

  • Re: Satellite L300 - 17l - Toshiba Power Saver gives me error after installation

    When I bought my L300 - 17l all the drivers of Toshiba drivers download pafe worked out well.
    Recently, I have reinstalled my OS XP and now I started to install all the drivers again. LAN has been authorized, WLAN was ok, the display driver has been authorized.

    But when I get to install Toshiba Power Saver (URL: []) it gives me this error (it shows the error or after I cliquerai on finish the instalation or before installation began, as you can see in this screenshot)-[]

    I later tried this - i go ot Control Panel and open Toshiba Power Saver, but then it gives me another error: "CANNOT be opened because you do not have access rights to use 'TOSHIBA Power Saver'.
    I reinstalled my XP again and it still gives me this error... I wonder what could be the problem... Please help me


    Satellite L300 - 17L belongs to the PSLBCE series.
    I chose this model number and found exactly the same energy saving that you tried to install.
    So I guess that you have chosen the right Power Saver utility for this model of laptop.

    But did you also install the common Module?
    This software must be installed first before installing other tools.
    Update you the Win XP for the State?

    Check it!

  • Error message during the installation of Power Saver on Satellite A200


    I have an error message when you install Power Saver on PSAECE A200 error-14 D: 1612 the installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and you can access it.

    What could be the problem?

    Thank you.

    Thank you for this precision...

  • A10-131: unable to find a new version of Power Saver

    I have Toshiba A10-131 and I would like to use one of the latest versions of Toshiba Power Saver (located in Russian). Should I? Where can I download it? In the download section, there are only a few old version.


    Well, you can try to check the energy that is installed on the other latest devices. Maybe you can find a newer version. But I can t understand why you want to update the energy saver? You know that if you have installed for the units of the other energy-saving, then you might have some problems. In my opinion if you n t have any problems with you old saving energy, so you shouldn't t make updates.

    Good bye

  • During installation my PC (new) power loss; How to remove a partial installation of PE and start fres

    During installation my PC (new) power loss; How delete a partial installation of PE and start again?

    I would normally do a system restore, but, given the new PC - literally old - 2 hours I don't want to go this route so avoidable

    Hi xpkrqschism,

    You must manually remove partially installed files and folders from the system.

    Please see KB:

  • Portege M300: FN + F8 does not not & FN + F2 kills Power Saver

    I recently had to reimage my M300 and reinstalled the latest version of the drivers, but find myself with two problems.

    1. even if the wireless keyboard shortcut utility is installed (and the process runs in memory), when I press Fn + F8, when the wireless switch is turned on, nothing happens. When the switch is off and I press it I get the message "wireless communication is disabled. Please activate the wireless communication switch", while the pilot is definitely running. I saw a similar error in a Satellite forum indicating that a change is needed in the registry.ini file. Any ideas anyone?

    2. the Power Saver (Fn + F2) tool works fine until I try to change profiles using the Fn + F2 key, when it blocks the tool with a fatal energy-saving, and it cannot be restarted without rebooting. New - any ideas?

    Hi Mark

    In my opinion there is no general answer to such problems.
    I guess well everything worked until you have reinstalled all the drivers. Am I wrong?

    I think that the driver installation is a key to the resolution of problems.
    Believe me, I installed the drivers on my Satellite several times and for the first time not all functions worked because I installed the drivers in the wrong order.
    After that any new installation has been correctly.

    So try to do again you downloaded the drivers from the Toshiba site? There you should find an installation instruction, I hope.
    Take a look at this document and try to follow this guide line

  • TOSHIBA Power Saver 0x7E error


    It's the short history of XP on my Satellite A200 - 14 d:

    I can't stand Vista, therefore 2 or 3 days after the purchase of my laptop and try Vista, I decided to install my WinXP Pro. At first, it was REALLY hard for me to find drivers. I even installed some Tohiba not who, by the way worked just fine. Then Toshiba began to publish its own non-experimental pilots and I was happy. Everything worked well. After almost a year I was "forced" to reinstall my OS (once again: WinXP Pro). Everything went according to plan, and after 30 minutes, I was greated by the Windows XP Welcome screen. The first task was to install the appropriate drivers.

    Well, very well. I downloaded the latest drivers before reinstalling and kept them on another partition, I was ready to go. I opened the file TXT "new facility" and began to install everything on this list (which of course I downloaded from the Toshiba site). I installed all the drivers in the line, they must be installed (although I don't really know what that some of them may be of no use to me, like a fingerprint, since I have no such thing, but fine - I can't live without a few megabytes :)) until the famouse "Power Saver Utility" has come.) I read in many forums here on this problem, but I never found a solution :(:(:(

    When I tried to install the utility, it spits out an error message with code 0x7E (?). Whenever I boot my OS, this triumph of message on my desk ruin my mood :( I tried to uninstall it (although it is not completely installed - the only thing that shows something on this subject is an icon of the control panel which, pressing on, says that I don't have sufficient rights to access the file (even IF I'm in administrative Mode) and registry keys, which does nothing (I removed it and always appear the messages that I mentioned above)).

    I tried to remove it, but once again with error 0x7E message at the beginning of uninstallation. I even REINSTALLED my OS again and again by installing Power Saver mistakes occur :(:(:( This surprises me a lot, because I've never had such a problem before even the fact that I have not followed the installation instructions. I really need a solution to this. I want to install Vista and the recovery disc. I would if I knew there was no average athor, but I'm sure there is because of the fact that I had no problems before.

    Yes, everyone throws - help. Because without energy saver, my laptop is like your desktop PC, that is--needs to stay connected with alternating current :( And it is not appropriate for a laptop.

    PS: I forgot to mention - no change in the BIOS has been done, although I don't think that this has nothing to do with my problem.


    Have you tried two versions of power saver on the Toshiba download page?

  • Re: Toshiba Power Saver fatal error. Code 0 x 0

    Hi all

    I recently received this new notebook Tecra M10 (model PTMB0A - 00M 001) replace my laptop to existing business. It came loaded with Windows XP and built by the standard portable computer generation.

    It works fine except that at startup I get the error message "a fatal error has occurred. The program will end. "Code: 0x0.

    I did some research and I think that the original version may have been compromised, because there aren't has no files in the directory C:\Program Toshiba Saver except for a TPSTrace.log that has this message inside: "a fatal error has occurred. The program will end. "Code: 0x0 rental: TPwrSave.cpp (140). The Power Saver software claims to be v7.11.00.

    I downloaded the latest version 7.11.10 (for XP) and when you try to install, the software asks you if it can uninstall the existing version and as it tries, the fatal error code: 0 x 0 occurs which always uninstall, and I suppose that reinstall it. It seems a pity to restore from CD lose all data and other software that is very good because of this software pooey to save energy. Given the original installation was probably standard, there is no guarantee that even if I do a system restore on CD the same problem not re - manifests.

    Is there a way I can do XP think software is deleted (it seems to be absent physically, but XP think it is present) by forcing an uninstall. I can then try to reinstall it to see if I can do better than what it was when it was delivered to me. Otherwise, I'd be more than happy to just work without it, for the trouble it causes.

    Thanks in advance.


    You must delete it from the registry.

    Try CCleaner first, it may be able to remove the bad registry for you keys. (google for "CCleaner")

    Otherwise, run Regedit, and then search for "to sleep". Make sure that you delete, in order to ensure the results refer to Toshiba Power Saver.

    PS. back up the registry first. You can do this by creating a Restore Point in Windows. (Panel of-> system)

  • Satellite M60: How to uninstall Toshiba Power Saver

    Anyone know how to uninstall the Toshiba Power Saver driver manually (so that should not be able to perform a clean installation of Windows)? There is no automated uninstall for the GST driver (should not be confused with the Toshiba Power Saver that can be uninstalled without problem).
    Note: the recovery CD is not an option here, because the pilot of the GST is included.

    I want to do this to check if this is the thing that messes the keyboard or not (see posts on M60 keyboard problem). I just wanted to check on a new Sat P100 which has a similar keyboard, but guess what... the GST is not enclosed with it.

    You guessed it, the keyboard problem has not resolved the Toshiba service representative.

    Hi Sammo

    Unfortunately I have no solution, how to remove the GST driver but it will be interesting to know how it works after installing the full version of Microsoft WXP. If you do a few tests please let us know.

  • Cannot re - install Power Saver on Satellite M70-169

    My laptop (Toshiba Satellite M70-169) will not properly charge my laptop battery. It will begin at the start of charging the battery, but then after awhile it stops when the battery is partially charged. I replaced the battery, but this has not solved the problem.

    To try to solve this problem, I tried to reinstall the BIOS, the Power Saver Driver then Power Save in that order.

    The first 2 steps seem to work; However after that I removed the power saving mode, I was unable to reinstall it from the version downloaded from the Web site. I extracted the installation in a folder on my c: drive, but when I tried to run setup.exe, nothing happened.

    Any ideas?

    Have you replaced new battery or the second battery is already being used?

    I have too many Satellite M70 and I think that this question is not related with software pre-installed. As much as I know Toshiba power Saver saver allows users to optimize the performance of the laptop or reduce energy consumption if the laptop is running on battery only. I put really think software preinstalled has something to with charger procedure and some influence on this.

    The fact is that each computer Toshiba laptop can work without Toshiba power saver utility on the same path using power options Windows XP Home/Vista edition. Because of this, I think that the battery must be replaced.

    What about the installation of standby power? According to the document of instructions for Installations you should install TOSHIBA Power Saver V1.36.0.1C only. try to delete the driver GST if you can find it under pre-installed software and install TOSHIBA Power Saver V1.36.0.1C only.

  • Equium A100: Cannot install Virtual Sound & Power Saver error (0x3F0)

    Hi all

    I brought a new SATELLITE A100 series laptop, during the configuration and installation of new soft, I find myself with that.

    1. I am able to install the Toshiba Virtual Sound, it gives error on install start-> "Toshiba Sound only is not supported on your virtual machine".

    2 another problem is Toshiba Power Saver, cannot start Control Panel or taskbar, it gives an error Fatel error 0x3F0, I am able to switch between the different profiles using Fn + F2 keys.

    One, can help me to solve this problem.
    I am using Windows XP Pro SP2.

    Thanks in advance.


    1.) for me the error message seems very clear. It seems that you have used fake utility Virtual Sound. It is not designed for your laptop model.

    2.) I found several assignments with power saver same fatal error 0x3F0 and in each of theses cases the installation of the Toshiba recovery CD has solved the problem.

    PS: I want to add some useful information: I checked the page of the Toshiba driver and found two different sets of satellite. Don't mix the two series. It is possible to s that the drivers will not work.
    Additional you have to follow the installation guide lines that are in the document on the Toshiba page installation instructions.
    Incorrect installation order could be a reason for the driver and the malfunction of the tools

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