Installation of satellite L350D-10s WXP


I bought a Satellite L350D-10 s with Windows Vista and I'm not a very big friend of this OS.

Is it possible to install a Win Xp32/64?
There all the drivers available?

I checked the partitions with partition magic and paragon and a few partitions are not possible to get a hand on. So I think that I have zero all partitions before I can install a new system.

The problem is, there might be no way to go if I do that.

Would be nice if I could get some information before.


Hello Grobi

This new Satellite is not known to be, but I just want to write a review for you. I'm not familiar with the partitions on the new models of Toshiba laptops, but I heard something interesting from my local dealer. He told me that Toshiba in the future will lead not portable with recovery DVDs and each client must create this DVD only. Please check this on your laptop, and if the recovery image is saved to the HARD drive please create recovery DVDs before deleting all partitions. I can imagine that one of them is the recovery image.

You need this DVD for the manipulation of the Fryer. It may happen that one day want to have Vista too.

Return to Windows XP Home edition: on the Toshiba support page there are available drivers, tools and utilities for Windows XP Home edition. Select your laptop model and download it. For the installation of Windows XP Home edition, please use Windows XP SP2 home edition. It is very important. The order of the facilities is too important.

Start with the Chipset utility, display driver and so on. Before you start to install the utilities and tools Toshiba install common modules first.

I hope that you will be able to install Windows XP Home edition successfully.
Yet one thing do not hurry with the installation of SP3.

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  • Satellite L350D-10s - bootproblems USB - HD on

    * L350D-10s - bootproblems USB - HD on *.


    If I want to make a backup of my external hard drive system
    I have to start 3 or 4 times until I get behind my BACK.

    first I so wait several minutes with a "_" on the black screen until I get to the xp-bootmenue.
    If I chose the BACK, for the most part, I get a whitesceen and I have to go through the power-button.

    the HD is a 250 GB "WD my passport essential.
    formatted in fat32 ntfs and 32 GB to 200 GB

    I think it's a faulty bios

    the bios is a 1.40
    Here, I can only find a
    "28/05/08 - update BIOS - Toshiba - OS independent - _ * 1.20 * _ - WIN."

    any ideas or similar experiences?

    grobi Oxford


    I don t think that the BIOS could be faulty
    I see that you have installed the Windows XP operating system on this laptop.

    To my knowledge, this series was pre-installed with the Vista operating system and I guess that the BIOS cannot fully support the XP operating system.

    Why use the fat32 file system? XP supports NTFS also so I would recommend using NTFS on all partitions.

    I m not a L350 owner but I have another laptop series. I ve also created a backup image of my system using Norton Ghost partition.
    The image file is placed on the second partition, and if something goes wrong turn I can use this file to restore my system partition.

    Good bye

  • Re: Trying to install Win7 on Satellite L350D

    Hi guys

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L350D and I try to install the Windows7 again questioned the screen went black, I decided to format and reinstall everything, but when finishes the installation of the laptop restarts, but the screen continues black :(

    Any clews?

    Can I make an update of the BIOS without a PC and this should it fix my problem?

    Best regards



    Are you trying to install the Os using a recovery disk or windows disk copy?

  • Questions about the record HDD Recovery - Satellite L350D

    Hello everyone!

    I have a Satellite L350D with Windows Vista.
    I'm in my mind to reinstall.
    All my data from the two partitions are saved with the exception of a folder on my drive E Data "HDDRecovery" who shouldn't be modyfied or deleted, or whatever.

    I wonder if all the data are removed from the hard disk due to formatting, how does appear that this same folder HDDRecovery remains safe on the hard drive?
    Or is that the hard drive is not really formatted and data on my hard drive are always safe and hidden?

    Thank you for answers!


    I'll try to explain how it works.

    Original Toshiba designed for your laptop recovery image is recorded on the second partition in the file called HDDRecovery. This image should be used if you want to install OS and have the original state factory.

    For this installation, you can use this recovery image of the second partition or by using the recovery DVD. It is recommended to everyone to create this recovery DVDs. Have you created?

    If you use recovery DVD the whole HARD disk will be formatted and all data stored thereon will be removed.
    If you start the HARD drive recovery process only C partition is removed. This folder HDDRecovery is important if you only want to use HARD drive recovery facility. When you want to use the DVD only you can remove (I do not recommend you to do).

    I hope I could help a little, but if you have any other questions please let us know.

  • Satellite A100 and WXP - some drivers are missing

    I received a SatPro A100 and I have Windows XP installed and most of the drivers are installed and working but it is four points of question mark in Device Manager.
    Can anyone help.

    Ethernet controller
    Network controller
    Unknown device
    USB device

    Can someone tell me what drivers to use and where to find them?


    Please don't get me wrong, but I really wonder how you want to install correctly on your Satellite Pro A100 WXP.
    Last question confuses me completely. I thought that you got all the drivers of Toshiba, support and download page or maybe I misunderstood something.

    In any case, your laptop is fully supported for operating system Windows XP Home edition and all necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on > support & download
    Choose your laptop model and operating system and you will all ready to download stuff.
    A tip for you: if I well remember Toshiba also offers document Instructions of facilities with the exact order of installations.
    So please download and check this list and install all the stuff in this order.

    I assume that you lack driver chipset, LAN driver, driver WLAN and obviously more than that, but I don't know what unknown device is in the list. Can you please send device ID?

  • Dead by Satellite L350D after installing Win7


    Sorry if this has been asked before - I had a quick glance is a big big forum...

    My Tosh Satellite L350D worked very well but had Vista OS (everything is said!)

    I ran a disc to upgrade to Windows 7 (32 bit) everything seems to be okay. After installation, the first thing I did was visit the Toshiba support for the graphics driver that I found, unpacked and loaded.

    At the end of installation, I was invited to reboot (it would be the first restart of the Win7 installation).

    He stops and died. The power light lights up but no disks don't spin up, no screen, no fan, nothing. I can stick to my ear, but nothing makes a sound.

    I can put in an operating system recovery disc (known to be good) and it runs briefly for a few seconds, but that's all.

    All I can think is somehow I killed the BIOS - any ideas how I can get this person?

    Thank you

    It's really stupid situation now. All you did was just and I can't imagine that the display driver Toshiba killed BIOS even if the symptoms are the same when the BIOS is damaged.

    Please do that Akuma wrote and post comments.

  • Satellite L350D: License parameters & plant Microsoft Office Ready PC

    I'm about to restore a Satellite L350D factory settings. I know all wil programs and deleted files. I already have a backup copy of vista to al my files, but I'm worried about the office.

    I have a license of Microsoft Office Professional 2007, but an espcially for a Microsoft Office Ready PC (so not installation diskettes included). I don't remember how I activated on this laptop. When I do a factory reset can I use this license on satellite? Will there be a version of preinstalled office that I can activate with this license?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Linda

    As far as I know recovery image contains the Microsoft Office trial version and you can use it, I think, 60 days without activation. It can be activated if you have the correct activation code and you can enable it when you want.

    If you have this key should not be a problem for you, but unfortunately I can't say for sure because I use my own full version. What you can do is to contact the hotline of Microsoft and ask.

    What do we do Toshiba is to include this trial version in the recovery image, but everything else is Microsoft s question then maybe you should contact them first and ask for advice.

  • Need drivers for Windows XP (32-bit) for Satellite L350D - 12 M


    Where can I find a driver for Windows XP for Mobile Satellite L350D - 12 M?
    I did not find them on the Web from Toshiba website.

    Please help me.

    Of course, your laptop model is not supported WXP and this is the reason why you can't find the drivers.
    If you can't find on the Toshiba support page why you think you will find them elsewhere?

    What you can try is to use drivers Windows XP Home edition for similar laptops, with the same hardware models.
    It is not just, but I see it as the only solution. Maybe the drivers for A300D will work on your laptop.

  • Few questions about 2 x new Satellite L350D


    Just in 2 notebooks of Toshiba Satellite L350D - 12 m, the other is Satellite L350-170.
    I now hit that is an Intel dual core and now breath cold air on the side and still the other laptop is an AMD dual core and it still blows hot air also I have two laptops there is a lot of garbage from Toshiba.

    Buy a recovery media that will restore only Vista and not all the trial software? I wish I could install WXP. I have the CD of facilities, but cannot find the serial number.
    If anyone can give me any help on these questions on can I remove, I would be very happy.

    Things like configfree do I need and I also have on my d hhdrecovery drive. It s almost 6 GB.
    I can modify it in any way to remove the track from office and other rubbish, and one last question I paragon backup drive so if I backup c now and xp fails somehow I can just restore to vista?

    Thank you

    To be honest I don't know what you want about cold or hot air with description. The fact is that portable equipment heat and laptop be cooled properly. The heat from the laptop is depends on its use. As you probably know when you use applications heavy CPU and GPU temperature will be higher than usual.
    So in the end, I must say that there is nothing unususal. I just recommend you take care how the laptop is placed on the desk. Make sure that the cooling fan is not blocked and portable can catch its breath.

    Hmm... What about Toshiba garbage? Perhaps the word trash are not one that fits, but if you want to say there are a lot of things pre-installed that we can live without it, I would say: you have right about. Is that you don't have to use all this software pre-installed and you can remove it from the system all that you do not want to use. Simply install your favorite applications.

    Toshiba doesn't offer additional software to restore media (with or without). So you can just what you got with your laptop.
    ConfigFree is very useful tool and it is very good for LAN/WLAN monitoring. This tool doesn't need a lot of resources and I recommend you leave preinstalled on your system.

    All folder HDDRecovery I say follow: be careful about this. This folder contains original recovery image. Toshiba doesn't offer support recovery DVDs with laptop and on all new models of notebook recovery image is recorded on the second partition. What you need to do is to create your own recovery DVDs using Toshiba Recovery creator tool. Please, do so immediately before you make changes on the structure of the HARD drive (remove this folder or change the partitions).
    So when the recovery DVD is created, you can delete this folder to have more free space on the second partition.

    If something goes wrong with Vista preinstalled for other facilities, you can use this recovery media created. Usually when the laptop starts up for the first time, a reminder will be displayed with following message:

    * Important INFORMATION *.

    * your system is equipped with a hard drive recovery system. If you need repair *.
    * your computer in the restaurant to original factory State, you can do it directly *.
    * from the HDD (press F8 when you start your computer, choose 'Repair your computer' *)
    * and follow the instructions in the menu) or create a bootable recovery for this fin.* drive carrier

    * Toshiba recommends you create recovery disk medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator."
    * for Hat, you are able to restore your computer to the original state that is installed at the factory, even if your computer is seriously damaged *.

    So please be careful about this.

    Paragon is unknown to me, but when you have the recovery DVD you can do what you want with book. After using this recovery media guests to new factory settings. All trial versions can be removed from the system.

    Sorry if I forgot something, but if you have other questions please post again.

    Bye and good luck!

  • Satellite L350D - Setup Wizard and not installed corectly

    I have a Satellite L350D which came with Windows Vista installed but that you have upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium.

    Last week, I tried to install the software for a Philips VOIP151 Skype phone and the driver for the webcam built-in Chicony. In each case the installation launches, and then I get a message that the program may not have installed correctly and I would like to reinstall it with the recommended settings. I chose this; the installation starts and then everything just stops. Nothing happens, and finally, after waiting a very long time, I have to assume that it does not work. Because this sequence occurred during attempts to install two very different elements, I guess the problem is with the installation wizard.
    And, Furthermore, the software for Philips phone has already been installed successfully on this laptop, but has been uninstalled. He was also recently installed correctly on another laptop.

    Any ideas?

    Hi ax2010,

    Your ad is a little confusing. You have this problem with the driver for Philips Skype phone or is it with the Toshiba webcam driver?

  • Satellite L350D - update ATI display drivers hangs

    I tried to update my drivers to view the ATI/AMD Catalyst site because I'm trying to get better performance with 3D games and others. Toshiba USA website does not update display driver at the time for ATI radeon 3100 (on LAPTOP) because the product is discontinued. (I got it less then a year to the Canada..) So I went to the AMD and tried to install Catalyst 10.2 version.
    At the time I was running ATI Catalyst Control Center, but with a version of the microsoft 6.4.1 driver or such on Vista 64 - Edition home premium

    I've lost hours trying to follow the directions to the letter, but I got a total computer failure. I had to use the restore point to fix. I started with the 7.15.0010.0096 driver version, and after the restoration automatic, now I have the 8.479.1.4000 version and it shows microsoft in the name of the driver... probably because the update was fixed to look in one place only... so always tell my drivers are UP to DATE, when I tried to update a driver on my pc. In any case, the result is that I have no. MORE Catalyst center and I'm still using an old driver.

    I just see ATI Catalyst last bundle - with display drivers 11.2 version? But it says that I should check for Toshiba laptops, with support OEM...

    My question is: can I install the new center of ATI Catalyst + drivers on my Satellite L350D - Vista 64 - 3Gz - a lot of spare disk space with AMD Athlon X 2 dual-core QL-60?

    Or will kill my computer again?
    The view control center was really nice to have!

    Please send me e-mail if you have the answer,
    [email protected]

    Thank you

    Hi mate

    Usually, you use the page to Toshiba graphics cards drivers.
    These drivers support a GPU overheating protection, and this is the main reason why you should use this driver.

    I read here in the forum that the drivers of ATI page don t support this overheating protection and so the use of these drivers is at your own risk
    The installation of these drivers is usually possible only in Device Manager.
    This means that if you want to install the update, then you must go to the Device Manager and have to force windows choose driver graphics dll and inf files.

    Simply said; Save the package of drivers on the HARD drive. Then go to Device Manager, choose graphics card, click Update, and then click Advanced installation, and then point to the driver files and then force windows to accept this


  • Ends with satellite L350D-214 - Windows 7 Setup

    My Satellite L350D-214 will not be configured correctly.

    I looked in the manual and it says follow the on screen put in place and I do. It happens with the language so I click English and then he then returned with the installation of Windows 7, so I click Next. then he comes up with a big black square with white writing, it says press any key to continue so I did. Then, it does nothing.

    At the bottom of the screen theres boz another that I have open and also tried by pressing any key, because it also says I should.

    It is not just anything!


    You try to install Windows 7 from a Microsoft or Windows upgrade kit Toshiba disc?

    I put t know if you are level or new installation, but you should try it with a new facility.
    Check this box!

  • Installing XP on Satellite L350D - 12 M

    Hi all

    I would like to try XP on my Satellite L350D - 12M, because I think he can solve some problems I'm having with the MIDI on Vista. XP drivers are available for all material of this laptop and need the pre-installation for SATA etc drivers before you start?

    Thank you


    Satellite L350D - 12 M belongs to the series of PSLE0E.
    You can check on the European driver Toshiba page if Win XP drivers are available for this model of laptop.

    > will I need pre-installation for SATA etc drivers before you start
    Usually, you need the SATA driver for the AMD chipset but in the BIOS, you can change the option called controller SATA Compatible Mode and not AHCI.
    Then you wouldn t need the SATA driver.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L350D - 20 d - how to make ADSL Plugi work in?

    Hi again... I want to ask for some small adsl connect on my Toshiba Satellite L350D-20 back

    Well I got it and I know its not broken or sometihnk but I can not connect with cable connected to this plug... what I shud do after conecting cable adsl as plugi...? I use a long cable to plug into the wall and I am conecting it stright to plug adsl laptop... but nothink arrived... I just want to test it in coonecting to the net...

    any advise what shud i do after the connection cable?


    I think you're talking about the LAN port and connection to the local network.
    I have no idea of what you want to do, but if you want to connect the laptop to the internet, then you must use a router/modem. The laptop must be connected to the router that is configured previously.

  • Satellite L350D - overheated, motherboard fade

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L350D, I got a year ago when it overheated and stopped. It would not start, and I sent it to a technician of will be checked. According to the technician he had overheated and the motherboard is melted. It was out of warranty and the guy was going to fix it with a new motherboard for £100.

    Does this sound right? It will be ok with a new motherboard or would I better get a new laptop?

    Thank you


    First of all, I think it's important to know why it has overheated. Second, I'm not very familiar with your laptop, but I don't think you can find a new motherboard for it for 100pounds.
    Why do you have only 1 year warranty? For about 2 years, I know that they were supposed to offer minimum 2 years warranty.
    If you can fix it for 100 pounds so it is not worth investing in a new. Only if you opt for an upgrade.

    Good luck!

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