Installation of win 8 transfer to another PC


I have lenovo thinkpad which is preinstalled with windows 8 pro. Also, I did a recovery disk.

I want to know because I bought the hardware and I also paid for the OS, what happens if I lost the laptop and lets say that I have created an image of my hard drive system.

Can I transfer this system image on another laptop. Or put differently that I want to install my windows I got from previous OEM to another laptop. Is this possible. Let's say my next laptop is still of the same oem.

In summary, I want to know the possibilities that are available to the end user. If I lost a laptop win 8 I got OEM will be rendered unnecessary because it is related to the laptop. How can I use that?

Thank you



If the Lenovo system came pre-installed - you paid for a package, not the computer and separate BONE.  The license linked this (pre-installed) OEM copy on the mother/system board, with which he came.  If the motherboard is burning upward (and OEM will replace with the same), the license burned too.

Maybe this article can help clarify:

(End of page one, page beginning two seems to be the situation that you have described.)

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    Thanks in advance

    You need SP2 before installing SP3.

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  • Trying to regenerate my installation of WIN 8

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    When I try to run the original downloaded file (Windows8 - Setup.exe), she prays for my product key. When I give him the key, it tells me that the key is an upgrade, and I can't move forward.
    What I have going on here?

    Thank you, Mary Therese K... With the help of another forum, I managed to get a new product code. With that, I used my previously downloaded file to renew my program to WIN 8. By doing this I have now all my back drivers where they belong and everything seems to be fine.

  • Question about the installation of Win XP on Satellite Pro P200


    I have a lot of problems with Vista. First it took me a week to install my printer WiFi. (sollution: install local lpt1 as the printer, change port properties en gives a location network (computer/printername).)
    Last problem: vista give no right to copy my USB hd protable with xp files.

    Finally, I lost all hope and want to go back to xp.

    Is there anyone with experience in the installation of win xp on this laptop. And is it possible to tell me the steps that you have been taken to do so.
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    Thank you



    It's a difficult topic-> XP on Vista machines.

    First: Yes, you can install XP on it because all the important factors are available (VGA, SATA, wireless, XP BIOS, BLUETOOTH) and that should be enough.

    Because your computer has a BIOS for Vista (I guess there a) Please install the BIOS XP first and then start the installation of XP. In the case that your HARD drive is not recognized then you need to install the SATA driver during the installation of windows XP. The procedure is described in the statement of the Satellite L40-> XP installation, so if you want to install and problems SATA (HDD, not during the XP installation), you must check the installation instructions for Windows XP for a SATELLITE L40!

    If you have additional questions, I recommend allows you to place your question here before doing something that may stop your nerves later. :)

    Welcome them

  • Installation of Win 7 RC on HP Pavilion DV6-1130sa

    I have the following questions regarding the installation of Win 7. The disc is currently containing the Vista partition and the recovery partition. I want to install then I 7 RC as a new installation on drive C with the possibility to go back to Vista if you need and have the laptop works on the original factory configuration.

    (1) if I do a fresh install of Windows 7 on the hard drive with Vista Home pre. 32 bits (including the recovery partition), the recovery partition will stop working (IE from the trunk F11 option included)?

    (2) if the recovery partition does not work afterwards, if I use my restore dvd copy I ve created, it will create the restore disk partition hard like it was form the factory? and let me go back to vista home Prem

    Please let me know if there is anyone out there who have tried the above with their HP laptops.

    Thank you for your time to help me.



    First make the Vista backup. How all the information here.

    (1) If you leave parition your recovery there is work.

    (2) so it does not restore partition, it will automatically recover your system.

    You might also be interested in dual boot.

    This way you will have the possibility to use the two system on a laptop computer.

    How dual boot Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Vista installed first) information here

  • Problem using Toshiba Software Installer for Win 7 on Satellite L750-1MT

    I have the problem with Toshiba Software Installer for Win 7 on Satellite L750-1MT (PSK30E-02T002B3) with no preinstalled operating system.
    I do the following:

    1. install Windows 7 x 64 SP1.
    2 Installing the LAN driver (device was not recognized by Windows 6) (downloaded from [ MP_RESULTS_PAGE & partNumber = PSK30E-02T002B3 & serialNumber = & USER_ACTION = Serial % 20number])
    3. install all updates of Microsoft Windows
    4. run the installer of the software Toshiba for Win 7 - it installs two drivers and then asks to restart.

    Here is the log for the first test (win7update.log) file:

    12\28\2011 update started at 21:11
    TVALZ_O.inf installed
    E/s installed & memory access driver
    driver_bluetooth_TC00241200A.exe/s/log/test has been installed with the result of the PASS code
    util_tvap_TC00215000H.exe/s/log/test /wait15 was installed with the result of the PASS code
    Updated at 21:29

    After the restart I've run it again and the result is:

    12\28\2011 update started at 21:38
    Toshiba Bluetooth stack has already been installed.
    Toshiba value added package has already been installed.
    Updated at 21:40

    Any help is appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!

    Stand by.
    What are you doing exactly?
    You try to install own OS?

  • Qosmio F20-141 - cannot start the installation of Win XP PRO SP2.

    Failed to start installation of Win XP PRO SP2.

    After click on "Start of the CD" I can see for a short time only from message ~ "Install from XP Wisdows" (small white letters at the top of the black screen)

    After this computer hungs in black screen.

    QOSMIO F20-141 for the Federation of Russia
    M/N: PQF20E-02801YRU


    Have you used the Toshiba Recovery CD or did you install the operating system from the original CD of Win XP?
    As far as I know the recovery procedure is very easy to use and it should work without any problems.

    Good bye

  • We had WIN XP pro on a computer, but then uninstalled and installed Win 7. We can now use the uninstalled version of Win xp Pro on another computer? Key # {redacted]

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    The game, December 23, 2010 17:32:06 + 0000, Billy2b wrote:
    > We had WIN XP pro on a computer, but then uninstalled and installed Win 7.  We can now use the uninstalled version of Win xp Pro on another computer?  Key # [redacted]
    Since you posted your product key on a public web site, it has now
    almost certainly already been copied and used by hackers all over the
    world. This means that Microsoft disables this button so it can't be
    more used.
    Please, in the future, never publish your key like this.
    But leaving that aside for the moment, to answer your question, if
    It is a key to the retail sale, Yes, you can use it on another computer. If it's a
    OEM key, no you can't.

    Ken Blake (MS-MVP)

  • My original OS 7 Home Basic Edition (purchased): problem of Installation of Win 10

    Windows has AUTOMATICALLY upgraded to Win Ultimate who, as the replies received from your good end, has been described as false.

    To date, I had downloaded (free) Win 10, but when installing, I received a msg stating putting touches of the original VER of Win 7 Home Basic Edition (which I bought) and then click Refresh.

    Please notify: (a) I would require to REINSTALL my house 7 the CD database (since upgraded Ultimate is false since it was produced Acer OEM - SLP Win 7 Ultimate, and mine is customer built Gigabyte motherboard) before Win 10 could be installed.

    (b) if I didn't need to REINSTALL WIN 7 Home Basic, then how and where to insert the product keys (for Win 7 home basic) to allow the installation of win 10?

    Windows 7 can not auto-level to a ultimate edition. He must intentionally upgraded or a non-genuine Windows 7 Ultimate product key has been used for the Express upgrade.

    Your best option is to reinstall Home Basic, reactivate and then upgrade.

    Or, if you have basic Windows 7 Home Edition product key, you can use it to perform a new installation:

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    Hi L

    System Restore is basically a feature that allows you to restore your computer to an earlier time.  It does not affect your documents or photos etc.  But you must save them in case something goes wrong (Got to say that).  In other words, if you restore your computer to a time before you deleted your program the program will be restored on your computer. The computer will be in the same condition it was at the time wherever you restored it too.  It will effect other programs etc that you have probably changed.  The articles below will guide you in the process. The advice below refers to the creation of a restore point, well it's too late for you.  However, the system restore points are created automatically by Microsoft at times, as when your system is up-to-date. You must update your computer if you use one of these restore points.

    Please let me know if you need additional help with the restoration of the system. This is a very useful feature and you must create system restore points before making major changes to your computer.

    Read the articles below and see the video:

    Change .jpg to PNG is easy that you change simply by right-clicking on the image and choose "Rename", then you can change to .jpg. to.PNG. remember do this on a copy of the image so that if something goes wrong and the picture is damaged you always have a copy of it.

  • BSOD after fresh installation of Win 7, failure of page in the nonpaged area. Win 7 will not install

    A day at the start of a program on my computer that I used for years without incident, the computer suddenly fell down, restarted, and I got the infinite loop of system repair. No change in hardware/software, don't know if a recent Windows Update has been installed. Once again, CPU, mobo, Vid, RAM are the same for the past 4 years.

    After much frustration, I decided to just reinstall Win 7. So I deleted my partition, re-created a new partition and installed Win 7

    In the last step of the process of installing Win 7, it says Setup cannot complete. It is then stuck in a loop of reboot with a BSOD page fault in non paged area.

    I tried F8 on startup and choose Safe mode, but then he says that the installer cannot boot mode safe because the installation of Win 7 did not finish.

    I tried to reinstall Win7 by removing the disc again, but I get the same results.

    What can I do?

    HI - finally got the job. I had the computer to use only the GPU on board BIOS and was able to install. Somehow the graphics driver conflict when Windows is first installed and it kept crashing.

    Thanks for your help.

  • During the installation of Win - xp pro vmware error 10 as mentioned below

    During the installation of Win - xp pro in 10 vmware, it is showing "OPERATING SYSTEM IS NOT FOUND" how to solve. I scoured the file .iso record and properly connected to all readers. Help me solve this problem.

    I think you'd have better luck if you go to the website of VMware support.

  • Copy of complete site. I have a Web site. I would copy the entire site (complete with images) to another directory with a different name. Then, transfer to another hosting server. All ideas

    Copy of complete site. I have a Web site. I would copy the entire site (complete with images) to another directory with a different name. Then, transfer to another hosting server. Any ideas?

    Not sure that you need a different directory.

    If you are working on a local computer, create a new site with all the same settings for local files and change the remote server settings to match the second server.

    This ensures you that there is no difference between the two websites.

  • email nach neu installation von win 7 software download as photoshop 8

    email nach neu installation von win 7 software download as photoshop 8

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  • Can I transfer the Win 7 OS to another PC?


    I have two PCs, we're on Win 7, the other is on Win XP (Pro).

    Let say after 8 Win is sound, I bought the shop installation kit at the market price, I know if I can install my Win 7 to the old PC using the recovery DVD? There are two BONES are different licenses.

    Thank you



    "Do I know if I can install my Win 7 to the old PC using the recovery DVD?

    DVD recovery implies the preinstalled OEM license.

    Pre-installed Licenses OEM (HP, Acer, etc.) and the Microsoft System Builder OEM licenses are tied to the first machine that they are installed on and channels of license when this machine dies.

    OEM licenses are not transferable.

    If you have purchased your own license for sale retail of Windows and installed yourself, yes you can transfer it to another computer.

    Retail licenses are transferable.

    And if you upgrade a Windows 8 operating system, you cannot use the operating system upgraded to install another anywherer thing, because it is now part of the process of upgrading and licensing.

    See you soon.

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