installation of window cannot find drivers (bootcamp)

First I found the problem on appleSSD.sys, someone said to use oldbootcamp 5.1.5640 (I use macbookpro 2014 middle) to fix

1 use Boot Camp Assistant, prepare the USB key. Select the first two points, then prepare the drive. Boot Camp Assistant to quit smoking.

2. in the Finder, delete the $WinPE$ and the Boot Camp of the FLASH PLAYER files.

3. spread the former Boot Camp drivers (they are a zip file) on your desktop.
4. copy the $WinPE$ and records of Boot Camp in the FLASH PLAYER.
5 open Boot Camp Assistant and only select the third option, install Windows 7.
6. sit and relax because the installation takes place.

BUT! is not working and I found new window problem installation cannot find drivers

Sorry for my bad English


Can you post a Finder of listing of the files on the USB key? Please show only the first level. Just delete the folder AppleSSD64.

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    I recently got a Buffalo Drive Station axis speed HD-LXU3. I plugged in a USB 3.0 port as suggested, and Windows did not. So I tried some things and ended up plug it into a USB 2.0 port, after which he started to work very well. I also have a webcam connected to a USB 3.0 port, which the computer does not exist. So I went into Device Manager and it shows two USB controllers that not have installed the drivers. I clicked on "update drivers" and Windows have searched, but found none. I tried looking for drivers on websites (manufacturers of motherboard and processor) Biostar and AMD, but failed to find the right one. Could someone help?


    P. S.

    Moterboard: Biostar Hi-Fi A85W

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    OS: Windows 7 64-bit

    I fixed the problem by reinstalling the software AMD Catalyst by selecting the option USB 3.0.

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    Hi nicolamitchell,

    1. were you able to use the front camera with no problems?

    You can try to connect the computer vista different camera and check if the error occurs.

    You can try to plug in the camera and check the updates of windows install the drivers.

    Install Windows updates

    You can also check the link of the manufacturer and try to download the drivers and check.

    You can also visit the following links and see if it helps:

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    Hope this information is useful.

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    We have a file server and print XP on our network that has a printer Series PCL LaserJet 3330 installed 5th (using the original installation CD and prints from the XP Server). While trying to install the printer on a remote computer, I downloaded the driver package Windows 7 64 bit for the printer on the computer remote and got the error: «Windows cannot find a driver...» "(I don't understand why the pilot was not as it should be in the installation package.) After getting this error - several times, including the re - download the package and re - try - I downloaded the XP Server installation package and I changed the printer driver it as a package to install downloaded for XP. We always get the same error. The installation of the printer worked fine before having to redo our BONES. Anyone know this problem and can help with this?

    This issue is between 64 bit and 32 bit, and there is an easy solution. Once you get back to the way it was before you downloaded the 64-bit package that you go to the machine that you want to load the printer and the printer as a local printer using load say lpt1 port. Auto not detect or print a test page and just finished the installation. Now on the windows 7 computer to join devices and printers and right click on the printer icon and scroll the properties first and left click. Go to the ports, and then add the port and in the box that comes up to put in the name of printserver and the share name of the printer by using the syntax \\printserver\sharename how save and apply and this computer will now be able to print to the printer.

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    Under windows XP when I boot, I get a message: windows cannot find the file: c:\windows\system32\drivers\prdmgr.exe and I already made a ststem restore and still get this message.

    Turn off System Restore. Use ccleaner and then go to tools/startup. Select it and click on delete. Are you sure its not the windows folder drivers? If its in the windows folder, is a worm/trojan. Looks like it belongs to the trojan.agent so sound in the drivers folder

    Use ccleaner, and then click run cleaner. First close the browsers

  • Installation file error - windows cannot find ' C:\Users\---\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE\PDapp\core\... \D6\... \D...\setup.exe'

    Whenever I try to install an adobe application, I get to the menu where you select the programs to install and install the location of the folder and when I click on 'install' an error saying "Windows cannot find ' C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE\PDapp\core\... \D6\... \D...\setup.exe'".

    (I had a problem with windows 10 where it does not recognize the file extension in the file name, so if I could find the file, I might be able to solve the problem by renaming it to "setup.exe", but there is no such thing as the folder/file in question)


    Please try to remove Adobe Application Manager to help cleaning tool and try reinstalling the product. In case this does not work, please rename the OOBE folder from both the location after having removed Adobe Application Manager to try again and cleaning tool.

    • %LocalAppData%/Adobe
    • C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\OOBE

    ehmm I just installed nokia 6600 pc suite on my computer so I can access the internet on my computer through the usb cable. Installation and drivers have been installed correctly. I can access the internet on the handset but when trying to connect to the internet via USB with the computer "I get a message that windows cannot find any additional network." Its really disturbing that I can do to fix this. Can someone help me please.

    Even if a USB device, it does not create a new network connection for you.  I fear also that you use a regular USB cable - those connections often require a crossover cable (but more on that later and I guess it should work it is how it is advertised).  Go to start / Control Panel / Network and sharing center / set up a connection or network / and choose the first option (you can also check the main page to see if the connection is listed but I doubt it).  Choose to set up a new connection and follow the instructions - ensuring that you enter the correct settings when it is required.  You should perhaps install device drivers, firmware and or software for the device to work properly - read the installation mode (and call technical assistance from Nokia to help you put in place - they know more about what we do and should be happy to guide you through the process and even to set the settings on your computer until you log - that's what I would do in your before circumstane even of) ask for help here).

    To start / Control Panel / Device Manager and check all the new drivers (double clck on them) to confirm that they say that they do not work properly.  Go to start / Control Panel / Add Haedware and have the system check new hardware devices - if it finds, install them (it is perhaps what is missing in this process).

    I hope this helps.  If nothiing suggested I bring, don't hesitate not to contact Nokia for assistance - I'm sure they'll have you place and operate at any time.  Keep me in the loop.

    Good luck!

    Lorien - MCSA/MCSE/network + / has + - if this post solves your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • Receive an error message "Windows cannot find"C:\Windows\Program Mozilla Firefox Firefox\firefox.exe"." when launch firefox without the inability to use


    It's happened since I got a virus a months ago who was preventing the computer to start. She came back from the repair shop and it begins again now. But after a few hours of using Firefox, this message pop up at random:
    "Windows cannot find"C:\Windows\Program Mozilla Firefox Firefox\firefox.exe". Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again. »

    and Firefox still work after this message appears. I already uninstalled and installed new Firefox completely, and the message still appears upward. What this mean and is it harmful to the computer?

    I'm on Windows 8

    I had the pop up ads sensation can cause the problem and talked about it to the engineer in computer science from my father. It installs Malewarebytes and there was indeed still a maleware by repair men left. The difference was, Chrome to view the full announcement page while Firefox may have in maintaining security to block this kind of page, and the result was the error message. (I didn't know that because it happened to me on my computers to the precedents and even Firefox used to show me the ad then) Thank you for warning me.

  • Windows cannot find mmc.exe

    Original title: mmc.exe

    When I download sp3 display error massege

    When I opened the Task Manager and manage the display of error messages

    Windows cannot find mmc.exe make sure you typed the name correctly

    Hey Khaki,

    This error message you get when you try to download XP Service Pack 3?

    Download the newsletter:

    Download the latest service pack Windows XP from Microsoft Download Center

    If you have problems obtaining the service pack from Windows Update, get the package of standalone update from the Download Center. See if he has any of it.

    This page will say that this installation package is intended for it professionals and developers. However, you can download this file safely. The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

    Download the Windows XP Service Pack 3 package now

    See also the following articles for your reference.


    Steps to take before you install Windows XP Service Pack 3

    Windows XP solutions Center

    MMC.exe error:

    Scan the file system (CFS) auditor. This command will launch immediately the Windows File Protection service to scan all protected files and verify their integrity, replace all the files with which it detects a problem.

    See this for more details.

    Description of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe)

    For more help with this error, please post your concerns on the following forum link.

    Kind regards

    Shinmila H - Microsoft Support

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows cannot find any additional network?

    I am currently using my laptop that can connect to my home network but my PC can't. My PC can't find no additional network. It says it is connected to the network called 'Network', but I can't use my internetor all programs using the internet. It says "windows cannot find any additional network." I clicked on "Diagnose why windows cannot find any additional network", it told me to update my drivers and my drivers he's was updated. Can someone help me?


    You can check the link below and try the advice given and check if that helps.

    Hope that information was useful

  • After download of Internet Explorer 8 I can't open all the icons in the control panel. On display is come information that Windows cannot find 'C\WINDOWS\system32\rundll.32.exe '.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Yesterday, I downloaded Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 web from Microsoft Download Center.

    After downloading Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, I can't open any icons in the control panel.

    On display is come information that Windows cannot find 'C\WINDOWS\system32\rundll.32.exe '.

    Help, please. Thanks Gene.

    Thanks Gene.

    Dear: :

    Running sfc/scannow will not replace the missing rundll32.exe file.

    Why you post methods that do not work and will be just wasting time?

    Hove you never even seen this problem before, tried to recreate it so that you can actually see, or have you never really fixed?

    Why you learn not what sfc/scannow does and does not do?

    Here is a simple test to you and all your colleagues in the technical support engineer:

    Rename or delete just your c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe file is "missing".

    Rename rundll32.exe--->

    If you started normally, before you can blink, the 'missing' rundll32.exe file quickly and quietly replace the copy in the dllcache folder.  It is the Protection of Windows file in action and you will see something like this in the Event Viewer log system:

    Event type: Information
    Event source: Windows File Protection
    Event category: no
    Event ID: 64002
    File replacement was attempted on the protected system file c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe. This file was restored to the original version to maintain system stability. The file version of the system file is 5.1.2600.5512.

    I beg you to perform this simple test to know how the sfc/scannow:

    Boot your system to Safe Mode or the recovery for the Windows File Protection Console does not run.

    For this example, we will use the system critical file rundll32.exe.

    Rename or delete your c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe.exe file so the file is now "missing."

    A critical file, is it true?  It is on the list of the file 3498 knows the Protection of Windows and SFC files, but now he isn't.

    If Windows File Protection is running, the "missing" file would be quickly and silently replaced (try to rename or delete it in normal mode and it will be quickly and quietly replaced).

    Now, with your file rundll32.exe missing, start in Normal mode and try to use something like control panel to open something like Power Options and you'll see that familiar message:

    Control Panel
    Windows cannot find 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe '.  Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click search.

    Now you have recreated a common problem with the missing file and seen the error of our own eyes.  A Microsoft Support Engineer will usually suggest running sfc/scannow for this kind of problem, but it will not work or help and you can prove it to yourself, and now you have reproduced the error.

    You follow own advice and run sfc/scannow to the end.

    The rundll32.exe is always had disappeared, right?  Did run sfc/scannow replace the missing critical system file?

    How can he be so sfc/scannow is supposed to replace the missing system files?  This is because it is not this that sfc/scannow does.

    Now you know sfc/scannow does not.  He did not replace your missing system file (don't forget to put your rundll32.exe back so you will have a).

    Now, go to c:\windows\system32\dllcache and delete or rename the file rundll32.exe from there - and it will be gone and not replaced automatically because the Windows File Protection does not seem after this record.

    Run sfc/scannow in full again.

    Replace the file rundll32.exe missing in the dllcache folder, since it handles missing files (not the system32 folder) IS the folder that sfc/scannow.

    Now you know sfc/scannow does.

    Do you need help to know too much about the corrupt system files?

    Since most people do not have a genuine XP bootable installation CD, they will not be able to develop a copy of the file that is missing from the installation CD, they have not.

    After some directions on how to replace the file when the user has no XP bootable installation CD authentic and that will be useful to all.

    If you don't know how to say "I don't know how" and I'll help you.

    You want to inform/warn the poster that SP3 is installed that running sfc/scannow will take a long time for the installation of SP3 CD?

    If you do not have a CD with the same Service Pack as your installation (most people don't), the posters are in for a rough and frustrating time.

    Of course this will help with the detachment of the Ministry of Education of the impossible to try things that don't work, but I thought I'd throw it out there for the 100th time.

  • Windows cannot find any additional network / an unexpected error has occurred

    I got this new PC Windows Vista Home Edition x 64 SP2 and I need to connect it to the network wireless in my house because that the router Netgear DG834GT wireless broadband is not very conveniently placed for wired connectivity. I have a Netgear WG111T USB wireless adapter which works fine on my other PC / laptop (XP & Vista, both 32-bit), but I can't make it work on my Vista x 64 PC.

    I have installed the version of the driver x 64-compatible for the WG111T and the device works correctly, according to Device Manager.

    When I try to 'connect', I get 'Windows cannot find any additional network . " While the other PC at home can pick up 3 wireless networks.

    Go until the network & sharing Center, then manage the networks without wire, then Add, then manually create a network profile, I get "unexpected error ."

    I spoke to Netgear who insist the player WG111T is compatible with the x 64 visits.

    I talked to my PC provider who suggested to try the adapter on another PC Vista x 64 to see if it works there. Problem is, I don't know anyone else with a Vista x 64 PC.

    I would be extremely grateful if someone can help me before on this one. Thanks in advance for all advice.

    See you soon,.


    It seems that the problem was caused by ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite hinder and prevent the correct installation of the Netgear wireless driver. My problem has been cured by following the advice of daouda wire - see

  • I started to get a red message box when trying to get updates... "windows cannot find updates" error 80070490

    I started receivine a red message box when trying to get updates... "windows cannot find updates" error 80070490.  I tried this fix only displayed in this field of the error help and have downloaded the fix - it Center, and he is unable to perform the task.  Please let know us what I can do.  Thank you


    Please see the following Microsoft KB article:

    You receive an error code "0 x 80070490" when you use Microsoft Update or Windows Update Web sites to install updates:

    Warning: Before you perform an upgrade in-place, you must be prepared for the worst scenarios that led to your existing data on your computer being deleted. These data include data personal, settings, information about the hardware and software drivers. In case of a worst case scenario, you may have to reinstall all the programs. Make sure that you back up personal data to disks or other external storage devices before performing an upgrade on the spot.

    I hope this helps.

  • Windows cannot find not (Error Message)

    Windows cannot find not (Error Message)

     Links in Windows Mail = "File not found"... "in IE9

    I use Windows Vista Home Premium; Windows Mail; IE9. -Links browser does not work in Windows Mail - IE9 opens and is left blank with an Error Message in a small window saying:

    Body says: "Windows cannot find
    ... subscription/8080/subscribeUpdate? brand... »
    "Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again."

    (details vary with each different link)

    If I have IE9 open before clicking on the link Windows Mail, everything works as it should.  This problem occurs only if IE9 is not displayed when the user clicks on the link Windows Mail.

    It worked before using clear CCcleaner on cookies and other temporary files, etc.  I think I must have messed up something in the registry.


    Method 1: I recommend you perform the clean boot.

    See the following article in the Microsoft KB for more information on how to solve a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: After a repair, be sure to set the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 in the above article.

    Method 2: Try a system restore:

    Restoration of the system of windows vista DVD:

    Put the computer to an earlier point in time when the computer was working fine.

    1. Insert the installation disc.

    2. restart your computer.

    Click the Start button, click the arrow next to the button lock and then click on restart.

    3. If you are prompted, press any key to start Windows from the installation disc.

    4. choose your language settings, and then click Next.

    5. click on repair your computer.

    6. Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.

    7. in the System Recovery Options menu, click System Restore and follow the instructions.

    I hope this helps!

  • Windows cannot find any network (unable to connect to the internet!)

    I use Vista on my laptop... All of sudden my connection to laptops is down... and when I searched for my wireless connections... I get a message indicating that Windows cannot find all the networks.

    I can find networks and connect to our wireless through other cell phones in the House.

    I am, however, not possible to connect to the same if internet I connect the cable from the laptop to the router.

    I also tried to restore the system to 3 days before the problem happened, however, I had no chance to fix the problem!

    Please... anyone know how I can fix this problem?

    Any help will be very appreciated!



    Maybe this can help.

    These steps and tell us where is the breaking point.

    Check the Device Manager for the wireless card valid entry.


    If there is no valid entry, remove any entry from fake and re - install the drivers for the wireless card.

    Check network connections to make sure that you have a network icon/entry wireless connection, and that the properties of the icon (right-click on the icon) are correctly configured with the TCP/IPv4 protocol in the properties of network connections.



    The wireless card drivers much also install utility wireless of the seller.

    Make sure that if there are teas from Wireless Utility of seller does not work with the native Windows wireless utility (Service WLAN).


    Make sure you firewall No. preventing / blocks wireless components to join the network.

    Some 3rd party software firewall continue to block the same aspects it traffic Local, they are turned Off (disabled). If possible set up the firewall correctly, otherwise totally uninstall and get rid of its remaining processes that permit the own local network traffic flow.

    If the 3rd party software is uninstalled, or disables, make sure Windows native firewall is active .

    party like Hello and NetMagic 3rd network managers can block local traffic too.


    Stack TCP/IP work should look like.

    Right-click on the wireless network connection card, select status, details and see if she got an IP address and the rest of the settings.


    Description is the data of the card making.

    The physical address is MAC of the card number.

    The xx must be a number between 0 and 255 (all xx even number).

    YY should be between 0 and 255

    ZZ should be between 0 and 255 (zz all the same number.)

    The date of the lease must be valid at the present time.

    * Note 1. IP that starts with isn't valid functional IP.

    * Note 2. There could be an IPv6 entries too. However, they are not functional for Internet or LAN traffic. They are necessary for Win 7 homegroup special configuration.


    A message in the small window that says connected wireless doesn't means that you are really a valid functional connection.

    Above everything is OK, you must be able to connect to the router.

    Connection to the router means that you can enter the IP of the router base in an address bar in one go, being able to connect and configure the router menus see.

    If it doesn't connect to the router, journal newspaper from any computer that can connect to the router wirelessly with a wire, disable wireless security, make sure that the wireless SSID broadcast is enabled and try to connect with no. wireless security.

    Enable security wireless after you eat to make a functional connection.

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

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